The Fray - How to save a life (lyrics)

Step one, you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
'Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God he hears you
And I pray to God he hears you


As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you've followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came


How to save a life
How to save a life


How to save a life
How to save a life

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Автор Amber Dorward ( назад)
cri its 2017

Автор meka stowell ( назад)
R.I.P Mom

Fuck YOU CanCer

Автор Eli Smirnov ( назад)
so the song is about a guy who used to be addicted to drugs, but it sounds
more like lame relations between 2 twinks. and somehow lot's people find
themselves in these lyrics... where is my Sabaton?!

Автор Thomas Parkinson ( назад)
all you suicidal fuckers you are all bark and no bite, fucking do it if
your going to you selfish bastards

Автор Hasie ( назад)
this song reminds me of my cat i lost back in september

Автор Corey Starr ( назад)

Автор Cutewolf7000 Animations ( назад)
I cried listening to this song. I had a friend that I hanged out with all
the time in late 2013 to halfway through 2014. We moved while I was in a
different state during summertime. I haven't seen her since.

Автор Johnny Hemphill ( назад)
I Feel Sorry For All

Автор Phanicatthefallout theorist ( назад)
So is this song about how he could not save his friend from susiside

Автор Emma Rogowski ( назад)
these comments are so depressing I'm sorry to everyone going through stuff

Автор Jennifer Olivas ( назад)
derek shepherd, you will always be loved 😞💔😭

Автор tina:D ( назад)

Автор Tumbling Ava ( назад)
My grandma's heart stopped beating on her half-birthday. It was really
sudden and it was almost Christmas. It was almost my first gymnastics meet
she could go to. My grandpa did CPR on her then called 911. It was scary
and I didn't find out until she was at the hospital. She was in a breathing
tube then died right after they took her off it. Luckily, it was just after
my 11th birthday. She didn't have anything wrong with her. She was the
healthiest 59 year old I knew and will ever know. It was a terrible loss
for my dad and grandpa because she was the nicest person I knew by far.
About 2 weeks later, my great grandma died from lukemia. It wasn't sudden
since she had cancer for 6 months already, and we knew about it. It was a
really hard month for everyone, especially my grandpa, who lost his wife
and mom in the same month. Only the people who care will read up to this
point. If you are one of them, live life to the fullest and never take it
for granted. For tragedies can happen suddenly. My grandpa still cries a
lot. We all do. My grandma wasn't just my friend or my grandma. She was a
piece of me. And that piece is not gone, but it's invisible, like her. I
can't see it, but I know it's there...forever

Автор Lpscupcakes12 ( назад)
Rest In Peace Derek Sheppard

Автор Tysk Nick ( назад)
Stegi :^(!

Автор MeganandMinstral ( назад)
I am a third year student currently working on my dissertation based on the
use of attractive animals in politics. If anyone has a spare few minutes
could you please fill out this survey for me:
It takes 5 mins max, is totally anonymous and will help me loads with my

Автор Toby TV ( назад)
This song is my childhood lmao

Автор A KITTY KAT ( назад)
But he did know how to save a life (not talking bout song... if u need
something to cope for a lost or someone to be there for you go talk to your
best friend... they always know what to do)

Автор Craig Della Penna ( назад)
Remember Phillip K Dick's comment:
"Suicide is the attempted murder of everyone around you."

Автор Melody Headburn ( назад)
still waiting for step two

Автор Little_BlueNinja ( назад)
You spelled choice wrong

Автор Hope XD ( назад)
Who's peeling onions!? God dammit I will call the police

Автор Jessica Williams ( назад)
rest in peace mommy. .

Автор Connor Young (Connorbub) ( назад)
/pol/ was right again

Автор Ninjago Update ( назад)
I've lost my best friend
correction my sister
I'm all alone now....
I cry every night
thinking of suicide 😭😭💔

Автор Sans the Comic ( назад)

Автор MatrixGamer 000 ( назад)
.......blanket rave........

Автор hennisey weitzel ( назад)
this song is amazing

Автор robo extreme ( назад)
for all of rhose who think that suicide is the best option : it is not.
there is always a way to restart and get happy again, you just need to put
it all out to someone you love

Автор Tetsukami ( назад)

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Grey's Anatomy :(

Автор Nafeel Badar ( назад)

Автор Bondoc Ivan Paul ( назад)
I'm listening this song while crying

Автор Kim Ousley ( назад)
I listen to this song often because I'm often helping someone through their
depression and trying to work through my problems. Plus I ask myself how
I've lost almost everyone in my life. I've become cold since almost
everyone has walked out on me so I listen to this song so I can feel
something again.

Автор DNgamer 96 ( назад)
This song is so old but I still like

Автор SomeNewYorker ( назад)
she left alone

the real question is why? :'(

Автор NobodyWhos ImportantAnymore ( назад)
I feel like a ghost in a crowded room, I want to die.

Автор crawfordcollins fans ( назад)
i just miss my dearest bestfriend #aidan

Автор ahmad fitri ( назад)
this song really touched me. recently, my friend just shun me off for no
reason. he did not say anything. just quiet and went off like i'm not exist
in his life... it quiet sad but my other friend comforting me that someday
we will go back as usual.

Автор Jøshleris real ( назад)
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend. I know where I went wrong...
I cut

Автор ricky ayala ( назад)
I'm 16 years old and over the past 3 years I was able to help 36 people out
of suicide and depression there were the nights when things got rough but I
never gave up on those people but....sometimes you can't save everyone and
losing just one life that darkness dims the good I've done and I wish I had
just a few more minutes with you because I miss you....but I feel tonight
may be where we unite again....thank you for reading this if you have and
if anyone responds....hopefully I'll still be breathing... so if this is it

Автор KruTubeNBN ( назад)
Anybody comment they're thinking about committing suicide, don't even think
about it! Comment your Instagram if you need to talk to someone. I'll be
there to help

Автор Nayely Chavez ( назад)
me to

Автор P Diddy ( назад)
R.I.P brother..
Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson

Автор Twin Turbos ( назад)
I listen to this song every night I want to kill myself. It usually works
but I'm not to sure about this time. 

Автор Shaylee Hesselrode ( назад)
RIP nana you were my mother figure I love and miss you 💜

Автор Valeria Lamejor ( назад)
soy la única que vino por after?

Автор Gracie Fabry ( назад)
This song is upsetting :( I'm trying to not to tear up :( it reminds me
when my friend moved... I hate when people move and I'm scared I'm going to
do that with my friends soon cause I'm going to Texas :,(

Автор Harriet Wilkinson ( назад)
RIP to the gorgeous bestfriend I lost 2 hours ago I love you so much ellie
fly hight my angel

Автор Bob Dylan ( назад)
Has more views than the official...

Автор RIPHunter “RIPHunter” ( назад)
Rip mum when I was 11 fuck cancer

Автор Regan Duck ( назад)
life's a game and it's not fare #Stolen Rip Uncle

Автор Mollie AndLeah'sLife ( назад)
This song is sad and deep and really makes me think, and when I think too
much. Damn. It hits me hard

Автор Mollie AndLeah'sLife ( назад)
My sister died of cancer. RIP everyone who has lost someone to cancer💗

Автор Brooke Rugg ( назад)
this song gets to me because my best friends little brother committed
suicide. My uncle also did and he told me he was going to but I didn't say
anything. I have also tried up to 32 times. Only 2 of those times though
were actually counted because I told what I did. The other 30 times was
just because my blood sugar would go to low.

Автор Smaug The Dragon ( назад)
My Nan died on Christmas day, it ruined the whole day and the rest of the
year,Merry Christmas

Автор vicky billi ( назад)
R. I. P my lovely mother... Fuck you cancer.

Автор Odeza Jaiwolf (Jade Silverpaw) ( назад)
I feel as if I'm losing my fiance from bitterness... it puts the whole
message of the song in sharp relief.

Автор Amy haineault ( назад)
I won't to die so much I am a loser 🙍🔫 my mom🙅🏻👎🏻💔😔😞

Автор Glitchy Goat ( назад)
R.I.P my sweet little carmal. She was the sweetest hen i ever had.....she
died today from a dog..... Dog bit her head off :'(

Автор James Mclarnon ( назад)
My grandfather died when I was born
I love you

Автор Alexis O ( назад)
I'll miss you forever

Автор god guthix ( назад)
just came here to watch this and fucking did not even think about all the
greys spoilers in chat xD

Автор AJ TV215 ( назад)

Автор Raghad Shalash ( назад)
I cry when I here this song and as well as you found me

Автор Madison and Mariah ( назад)
who else is here because of the louis tomlinson video?

Автор itsconnorstime ( назад)
I just dropped my fucking spoon in my soup.

Автор Sadie Hafen ( назад)
The meaning behind this song is amazing! So obvious once you find out

Автор sweety glasgow ( назад)
I tried suicide and I lost my 2 bff's 2 it life sucks

Автор Saiko - Chan ( назад)
My friend died because a cancer, he was 13, it was 3 year ago, I'm really
sorry for him and his family, I didn't went to the funeral and I'm really
contrite for that, I miss him a lot, he was 2-3 older than me, but he
always played with me, and if his friends where there, he play with me no
matter what, he never leave me alone... I hope he is happy... <\3

Автор Xander “Dank ninja” Patterson ( назад)
usually i'm happy.
but now I found out something
back in elementary everyone hated me and I had 1 friend. then I had another
one who helped me.
then a girl made everyone like me by TALKING to me. I was truly happy when
people would talk to me without giving me looks.
then my new goal was set.
making sure everyone was happy
that goal is now broken
over the years after that I gained girlfriends and they left me for someone
then I found out people like me for the stupid things I do.
eventually my crush (the girl that helped me) hated me, despised me.
she hated me
which caused me to self hate more
then I had a girlfriend leave me for a 11 year old.
then another one leave me for someone out of the area
i made new friends this year that appreciate who I am truly.
my old friends stayed with me.
new friends are females and I enjoy speaking to them.
They took me bowling past week and I was happy.
my new friends and old ones are amazing. they help me feel better.

Автор SoldierSword Jamaa ( назад)
All of these comments are like RIP Goldfish he served me well

Автор Albert Aziz ( назад)
Rip to Yuri who will die on January 21 2017 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Автор sup it's liv ( назад)
Greys anatomy vibes

Автор I ship phan Dil with it. ( назад)
what's the song about? I have always wondered. is it about like suicide?
cuz thats so sad. and if it's about that then I'm going to cry harder
because my best friend killed herself

Автор A P ( назад)
This song really does something to your feelings. I just got out a 4 year
friendship I miss her so much and she hates me.

Автор Stunned Studios ( назад)
This one is not as sad as these other ones but i lost my best friend who is
a dog shes been with me the day i was born i feel lost now i don't know
where to go what to do i just feel like everything is lost she was my only
friend now shes gone it feels so wierd without her i just feel lost...So
lost and alone. Now i have No friend anymore....i heard her crying but i
was tired and i let her go i'm such an idiot Now shes dead Never coming
back Never ever...

Автор jfelect4 Edwardo ( назад)
For all of you out there that can relate to this,, God Bless you and the
spirit of the person(s) that you are thinking of.. There are many songs of
laughter, love, and Loss ,, But this one hits home.. Good song , sad @
times, but emotion is a part of humanity.. So it's healthy to listen and
sometime celebrate life.. JFElectric Austin, Texas,, .

Автор Zerox HD ( назад)
R.i.p stegi varo 3

Автор b less ( назад)
My best friend attempted suicide and told me about it weeks afterwards when
I kept questioning her about certain.. symptoms she had. Now, we're three
hours away in different colleges but I make sure to sit on the phone with
her every day. Listening to this song makes me think about the "what if"s,
and makes me extremely grateful. I know there are other people in this
comment section who couldn't be there for their loved one(s), or didn't
have the good luck they should've.. but it just makes me remember to treat
everyone with respect, because they mean something to someone how my best
friend means a lot to me, and to make the most out of the people you have
around you while they're still there.

Автор Connor L ( назад)
Rip a dear friend, James, heroin overdose

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
worse though the dude knew he was a kid cause he said "ur young this is new
to u".Then says how he looks sad n is tryn to use the post for self serving
attention?!This dude must b in the 3 pplss beating me up crew.There just
can't b any other way 3 replying c@n put me on hot seat logically.N dude
who posted callous,unsympathetic post.I know what loss is,n personally what
sm1 killing themselves does to ppl around them.N personally what
suicide/death of peers or a loved 1 in a young persons life can lead them
to think feel n make even act on.He was reaching of t for help when he was
down.N all that prick did was push him further in all his negative vibes.So
yea a person like that doesn't need b around,let him fall off the earth for
all i care.N u an ur pals can like it,not,agree,not.Reply n browbeat me
w/out knowing all the facts.Report me to whoever,say,do whatever. Ill get n
Von through my day real carefree over what I said n feel about what that
guy replied.My prayers,thoughts,n any personal advice help or talk of
experiences I went through will b for that kid suffering n not coping well
w/his losses.U should all get ur priority's str8.What r u guys a circle
jerk of ignorance?!Birds

Автор The Deadfalt ( назад)
i lost a friend pratically my best friend and for some reason I didnt cry
like i didnt feel any emotion :/

Автор COYADD ( назад)
There's four lines in which a word is rhymed with the same word.

Автор Brijkk Burg7yn ( назад)
doest help with just a talk 😧

Автор Jonas Yellowback ( назад)
R.I.P old man, you showed me no matter how many times life pushed you down
and drags you through the dirt, you showed me that there is always a light
at the end. You had showed me how to survive and to appreciate whatever
we've been given.

That old man survived 5 strokes, a vehicle crash, TB, and won a losing
battle against cancer. In the end he died peacefully in his sleep, you gave
me hope when I was surrounded in darkness and inspired me to push through
my obstacles, I am happy you went peacefully, but I still need your
guidance. Goodbye and may you seek peace on your journey.

Автор JJ 86 ( назад)
I heard this a long time ago, I finally found it, so beautiful :c

Автор River Greystoke II ( назад)
To this day, I still blame myself for the death of my sister, despite
knowing I had nothing to do with it.

Автор Lori Williams ( назад)
ride in paradise, you left us all too early and we miss the hell out of

Автор Wer Bac ( назад)
I killed a kitty, it was cool, it was jumping later for its life XD

Автор Milly M ( назад)
I cry 😭

Автор taehyungs wife roro ( назад)
RIP taehyungs grandma

Автор Cece Sherman ( назад)
I love this ❤️❤️❤️

Автор florentino valdez ( назад)
I want these in my funeral

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