DIY Protein Skimmer

Here is my DIY Protein Skimmer. Using a whisper 40 air pump and a Limewood Air Stone. Two way chamber. First start up and adjusting it.

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Автор duromega ( назад)
very impressive
and very cheap!

Автор MrGassRight ( назад)
how do you get the bubbles to do that?

Автор Asianleful ( назад)
@pengxiong675 Does the air stone keep moving or something?

Автор AweSomo84 ( назад)
Dude that looks excellent!!!!!

Автор pengxiong675 ( назад)
Do not do this DIY Skimmer. I junked it lonnnnng ago...You constantly have
to adjust the air stone. Don't waste ur time.

Автор Asianleful ( назад)
Do you HAVE to use a limewood air stone?

Автор Tony Goose ( назад)
did the microbubbles go away after a while?

Автор Quake120 ( назад)
@anynamenotused No, that is not how a 'protein skimmer' works. A protein
skimmer works by a process known as foam fractionation. Put simply, the
proteins bind to the bubbles and are brought out of solution and deposited
into the reservoir. Check out the article 'protein skimmer' on Wikipedia
for more information.

Автор YouWrasse IsMine (347 лет назад)
Thing ain't doin shit!

Автор homebrewgod ( назад)

Автор allSaLTwater ( назад)
Way size pump did u use and wat is the gallon rating on the pump

Автор BigNastyreborn ( назад)
@sk81514 skimaide

Автор sk81514 ( назад)
@vanhalenman60 whats it called

Автор Anastiana1 ( назад)
how about some narration? seriously, what's the point?...

Автор BigNastyreborn ( назад)
@sk81514 you know its not called protien right

Автор irenedanny618 ( назад)
the bubbles are good! what is your pump? how many watts of your pump?

Автор sk81514 ( назад)
thats a bitch load of protein

Автор abaneyone ( назад)
I like it but I'll put it in my refugium tank if I follow your idea, not on
my display tank. Thanks!

Автор BLKBRDTA ( назад)
Nice video, thanks for sharing! I am thinking of whipping up one of these
for my 24g JBJ.. I don't have a wooden airstone but I do have a cork one..
First I will try a prototype to see if it produces sufficient bubbles, if
so I will put together a DIY vid!

Автор TranJamie100 ( назад)
why is your limewood stone soooo good compared to mine......... mine has
larger bubbles but still work but graaa i want your one...

Автор liv4daoutdoors ( назад)
did this work and if so can u make a video on how u made it plz

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