Thief followed FedEx and stole our package

Busted Video Contest Submission February 2013

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Автор Pluck Yew ( назад)
UK Fedex Driver steals my daughters birthday present, the dumbass doesn't
know he fucked up, and the gift is the ONLY ONE IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!

Автор Buffelz ( назад)

Автор Gregory Cercado ( назад)
Niggers fucking black shit people

Автор Dominick I ( назад)
hahahaha bitch got yo shit stolen pussys

Автор Grijano ( назад)
Im glad my country doleave parcels outside

Автор CQDBmusicrecords ( назад)
The thief has a Porsche...

Автор RAINBOWRANDOLPH28 ( назад)
This happened to me I was so pissed

Автор battleboar10 ( назад)
The only thing that makes it look real is the black guy..

Автор tcr6v1 ( назад)
It's called editing out blank space. No one would watch this with 10
minutes of nothing happening.

Автор Senor Grumpanizzle ( назад)
The picture quality is pretty damn good.

Автор Kaelyns CatCutie ( назад)
this is the best advice I can give you:get some dogs and put them back
there. thanks.

Автор ali050792 ( назад)
Why would the FedEx guy leave it there in plain sight....even though it
looks like its raining too!

Автор DestroyerOfWorlds212 ( назад)
You know its a rich neighborhood when the thief is driving a Porsche.

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