M135 1954 GMC 2.5 ton duece and a half 6x6 ARMY truck

SOLD-- for $1000.00. 302 cu in straight 6 cyl engine with automatic transmission. See Boise, ID craigslist ad for more details.

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Автор K Leary (2 года)
Nice looking cattledog

Автор HotRodHound (4 года)
whats the top speed on one of thees trucks

Автор chris2339500 (4 года)
is this truck still for sale ?

Автор tstaggs25 (4 года)
The 302 in these will hum happily along all day at 50MPH but one can go 55
if need be. These are fantastic trucks and always getting harder to find in
unmolested condition. This one looks all original aside from the bed and
cab top, as a collector I'd buy it in half a heart beat if I had an extra
$1000 on me.

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