Eleventh Doctor Meets The Tenth Doctor - Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor - BBC

The Doctor and Clara have been called to the National Portrait Gallery to investigate some very strange paintings, but instead the Doctor runs into, well, himself. Taken from the 50th anniversary special 'The Day of the Doctor'.

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Длительность: 3:58
Комментарии: 3386

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Автор Hatice Gözde Çömez ( назад)
which part and season ?

Автор Tomboy2510 ( назад)
The only thing I didn't like about this episode was davids hair it was lacking its... wackiness!

Автор EyeFlyerRoy ( назад)
I guess the 11th doctor will never solve the painting mystery

Автор TheNicholasDWolfwood ( назад)
1:31 the one on the left has a better corset pushing those up

Автор Your Lie in Kentucky ( назад)
I absolutely love this!

Автор aotrudell ( назад)
It's nice to see a video that doesn't tell you to subscribe at the end.

Автор miraclesoflaughter ( назад)
honestly i think they should make a whole season where the two of them travel together that would be amazing!

Автор Tumnus 06 ( назад)
What series was this?

Автор HelloItsMe ( назад)
well if when the doctor was the tenth doctor he remembered he'd have to go back in time to his future self, which version of the doctor came up with the idea?

Автор nadesco chan ( назад)
Why "silence" is at the end of the video indicating subscribe? So ..... mmmm .. what do I do here? Mmmmmmm..I had to do something but I do not remember.,...mmmm ok bye

Автор DalekWindmill ( назад)
Though i did love this film, it could've been done a lot better, like using the other doctors as well, not just these two (three).

Автор Theory Time ( назад)
10 and 11 are hilarious each in their own way but together they're unquiet

Автор K. Wolf ( назад)
Oddly I want Gerard way as a doctor

Автор rabbitfishtv ( назад)
I could watch this 50 times in a row and not get tired of it.

Автор Lewis Osolinski ( назад)
I seem to be the only one who thinks doctor who died with Matt Smith.

Автор Ange Kenos ( назад)
Tenant is a mega talent

Автор Skye Collins ( назад)
Love 11,10 Doctor

Автор Thomas S. ( назад)
"one of them is a zygon"
"ewwww.... I'm not judging you"

Автор SaiNgunMang Singhson ( назад)
I love I love doctor film

Автор Blossom Zhang ( назад)
Why were the last few seconds of the video blank?

Автор Angus Maxim ( назад)
3:15 is the best part.

Автор Trevor Philips ( назад)
who is the old man at the end

Автор Nulono ( назад)
For a moment, I wondered what special effect they used to get the doctor to stand next to himself.

Автор Mrafa 121005 ( назад)
is this a movie or an episode

Автор lilahk95 ( назад)
They should've brought back human timelord hybrid who lives with rose

Автор Thatguy Man ( назад)
Wasn't the 10th dr a host on top gear

Автор Naturjoghurt1996 ( назад)
Usually at the end of the Video, there is an advise to subscribe to the channel.
Missed it here ...

Автор Mitch S ( назад)
Why isn't David more like "hold on, you're me in the future?"

Автор Danny Read ( назад)
2:17 the time portal disapared ?

Автор Tyler Bailey ( назад)
Love this episode! Finally my favourite Doctor and my favourite companion are in one episode!

Автор Steven Ramsey Games ( назад)
I cannot be the only one who wants a full episode where 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th all come together to work together. That'd be an amazing "coming together for the future generation" kind of thing. But, I'll be honest. I just want to see 11th and 10th together, again. Mainly because they're quite good friends in reality, and that'd work so well in a full episode together.

Автор Jessie H. ( назад)
I like the eleventh doctor because he looks like Brenden urie😂 sort of

Автор Shion ( назад)
Wait where the hell came this? O-O
It's a special episode isn't it? Where can I watch it??

Автор Isobel Duncan ( назад)
"Oops, I'm wearing sand shoes!"

Автор CAPTAINPRICE79 ( назад)
"Compensating?" "For what?" "Regeneration. It's a lottery." *LOVED THAT SCENE SO MUCH*

Автор dragon8tag ( назад)
I'd like to start watching Doctor Who, but i don't know where to start, because i kinda don't want to watch all of the seasons... So, does anyone know where to start, so i get a nice introduction into the series?

Автор Nosheen Zahir ( назад)

Автор Thomas S. ( назад)
I think there should have been a subscribe thing on the end... wait.... what do these lines mean?

Автор Niki Groeger ( назад)
"How very skinny. That is *proper* skinny. I've never seen it from the outside." Uh... doesn't Eleven remember Tentoo/Handy whatever you want to call him? So yeah, he's seen that from another angle before.

Автор Ernesto Tani ( назад)
RIP John Hurt.

Автор 94830 086436 ( назад)
This scene is cool and all (not really), but it will never match up to the scene in The Three Doctors when Troughton and Pertwee meet.

(Don't kill me NuWho fanboys/fangirls.)

Автор Michael Thorpe ( назад)
... I just wish all of the doctors were there in future 😥if they were ☺😇😊😀😁😂😃😍😘😄😅😏😉😚😙🚸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

Автор Michael Thorpe ( назад)
that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор yvonne catgren ( назад)
I like the 11th Doctor veryyy much 😍 but the 10th Doctor to

Автор harley evans ( назад)
This is how I see it lol
Matt - *flops*
David - WHAT- Oh.
Matt - *is confused*
David - *is confused*
Matt - *pulls out screwdriver*
David - *pulls out screwdriver*
Matt - I'm cooler Cx
David - Oh my god shut up
*portal opens*
Both - *puts on glasses*
Matt - OOOO

Автор The Doctor ( назад)
It was nice meeting me for a change

Автор Bobby Lange ( назад)
I wish I could have watched this out of order when David Tennant was still in his run.

Автор McMadnessGaming ( назад)

Автор Lewis Moreton ( назад)
Its so funny seeing the doctor argue with himself

Автор MendesArmyGirl ( назад)
I like this so much😂

Автор Holly Wood ( назад)
When 10 and 11 both put on the glasses and then make the little noises of praise at each other it's so cute. <3

Автор RavenTheGoddess ( назад)
The fez tho...

Автор Dr. Woah ( назад)
I love how Tennant is so impressed with Smith's , looks worried, and extends his to look cool XD

Автор Praetor 98 ( назад)
Two adorable nerds.

Автор Emma-rose lees ( назад)
I miss them both 😔

Автор #1 StarWars Fan ( назад)
Best part of this entire doctor who special

Автор Nao a killer ( назад)
oh of course this is where I come in me: GEROMIMO

Автор Pancakes are Awesome ( назад)
2:00 "Heh Mines longer!"

Автор kittyface27 ( назад)
I cried when I heard John Hurt died. I loved him as the doctor.

Автор Wee Scottish Nutter ( назад)
I like Peter Capaldi cause he's Scottish

Автор Swaggy Bob ( назад)
No outro thats sad

Автор Sacha Van den Bossche ( назад)
what episode is this?

Автор Екатерина Проничева ( назад)
Аууу! Здесь есть русские?

Автор OWSH 21 ( назад)
What season and episode is this

Автор SimplyMilka x ( назад)
2:31 😂😂😂😂 I DIEDDD

Автор Gethin Jones ( назад)
One think that keeps bugging me. Where did the fez come from?

Автор Gamer Girl1763 ( назад)
I thought that the Doctor was 1 person, not all separated from his other regenerations

Автор ReddAlexander ( назад)
The best

Автор DEWG Gaming ( назад)

I nearly died. xD

Автор steam punker ( назад)
what movie is this

Автор Scott Myth ( назад)
Rest In Peace John Hurt :'( will be remembered <3

Автор Strawberry Clorox ( назад)

Автор Paul Meneer ( назад)
Rest in peace John Hurt

Автор magicalmrwest ( назад)
R.i.p sir john hurt

Автор Salil Bhatnagar ( назад)

Автор Weeping Angel ( назад)
Ignore me humans. I am *NOT* getting information on the doctor.

Автор unstoppablechief ( назад)
R.I.P John Hurt you beautiful person

Автор arpan Dutta ( назад)
shes sooo hot!

Автор Matt Touma ( назад)
Rip John Hurt :(

Автор Jerry To ( назад)
Rest In Peace, Granddad. We're gonna miss you very much.

Автор Cooldoesminecraft ( назад)
I remember it. Wait why did I type this?

Автор Musette Steger ( назад)
lol. With the Fezz.

Автор PookieBern :) ( назад)
Soooo... i am watching the last seconds of this little clip and now i can see why we all forget about them... its the silence!!! Oh wait, someones knocking my door...

Umm... i dont know what i'm doing.... guess i forgot... so where was i... oh yes: BARCELONA! <3

Автор Endhog ( назад)
3:52 //

like if you get it

Автор dont cry, craft! ( назад)
imagine if they made a whole series of 10th with 11th,it would be awesome!!!

Автор Henry Johnston ( назад)
I love how tennant immediately puts on the fez

Автор fluofire ( назад)
this is prope briliance...

idk how people doesn't like it...

Автор Pandora Neko ( назад)
The face plant! i can't!

Автор turquoiseapple57 ( назад)
If only nine was there

Автор EmilyDiCaprio17 ( назад)
My two favourite Doctors together 😍💕

Автор cameliaac ( назад)
10th Doctor meets Clara in this episode, but he doesnt remember her when he meets her again....

Автор Kaarel Habakukk ( назад)
what episiode is the day of the doctor

Автор garet abenoja ( назад)
Where can i watch this?

Автор tyna ( назад)
i love doctor who

Автор Anna Setyarini ( назад)
At 23 seconds he sounds like pertwee

Автор Dar Doctor Danger ( назад)
I got dragged into doctor who by the 12th doctor and 11th even the daleks

Автор Dominick Gonzalez ( назад)
Anyone else notice how it just kinda faded to black at the ending

Автор Josh Likes To Play ( назад)
I remember seeing this for the first time and I was so overwhelmed by how amazing this was, the best crossover ever (I know they're in the same show, but it still counts!)

Автор Poppy Walker ( назад)
guys help what happened in the last bit of the video I can't remember

Автор EggyExpert01 ( назад)
You mean the tenth doctor meets tge eleventh doctor because the eleventh doctor already knows his past life while the tenth does not know its future self

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