I can't believe it's not an Alpha S3 handkey!

New improved model now available: http://www.detacher.co/products/security-tag-removal/portable-detachers/alpha-s3-style-handkey/

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Автор Trey Thomas ( назад)
amazon sells the same type of key for only $30 instead of $50 from the
above website

Автор Jose Cruz ( назад)
if i give it a good jab with a knife will it go off? what if i pour water
inside after I jab it?

Автор William Turner ( назад)

Автор Frank Castle ( назад)
this music sucks!!!

Автор SECRET WiNS ( назад)
so what if you see some that do have a blinking red light but also ones
that appear dead, without the red light whatsoever????? I would assume that
it wont sound the alarm or do anything at all (unless there was even more
hidden tags in the box) but you would think that would be a really easy
question to answer yet hours of googling how these things work got me just
1 single sentence in one forum from 1 dude that simply said "its not gonna
do anything if the there is no blinking light" do u know? because my local
target has about a 70-3- split 70% of there spider wrapped merchandices has
no light and appears to be dormant but the same product on the same shelf
may have a few blinking lights. my first impression is that the employees
are doing the wrapping and are either laze, untrained, or its just known to
them that the company doesnt care enough to even do it right. i swear im
bout to just run in grab a dormant one and chuck it over hand through the

Автор HAUNTED Alders ( назад)
Hey guys, I hear newer model towers will now detect magnets (like the s3
key) and booster bags. Does anyone have any advice? And YES, Rolando
(comment below)...these are used for shoplifting, because that is what we
do. We shoplift. And it's fun.

Автор Rolando Rodriguez (Rlongori7810) ( назад)
Perfect for shoplifting 

Автор Isaiah Johnson ( назад)
do you think theres a way to strip a bit of the plastic off the wire and
use 2 alligator clips to make a new circuit, then cutting the wire? just a
wild idea

Автор stenmk2AC ( назад)
If you don't have a S3 Key, you can always use an automatic center punch,
which you jam through the speaker and then make it strike a couple of
times, which destroyes the circuit board inside, and then cut the wire. It
dies without a sound. Way # 2. Go Get A set of Channel Lock Pliers, the
next size up from the normal, and put it in your buggy, and when in a blind
spot, reach into the buggy with the pliers set in the right groove and
SQUEEZE LIKE HELL on the side with the blinking light, and it crushes the
living shit out of it, and the wire just falls away. Ditch the spider wrap,
and pliers, and make sure there isn't an internal RFID tag, usually located
below the bar code, and you're home free.

Автор Spliffmaster1 ( назад)
What if there is still an alarm inside the box? I think some mobilephone
boxes has an alarm putted inside it from factory. How can you be sure that
there is no alarm inside. Or is there a way to take it out whitout alarm
goes off??

Автор abdul Mcclane ( назад)
What will happen if I run water over it

Автор PhoneDog ( назад)
Hi is it possible to review your s3 Handkey generic one I wanna start
reviewing some stuff on my channel if this is possible please write me back

Автор Vichet Ing ( назад)
cant you just throw water over it then cut the wires...

Автор Joe Hernan ( назад)
they still selling that key?

Автор luis villegas ( назад)
does the spider alarm goes off if you work out the door with it.?

Автор jwn5 ( назад)
yeah but it don't mean shit if you got a good throwin arm 

Автор Gen0 ( назад)
The wires have a small current running through them and breaking that
current whilst the lock is closed (which completes a circuit) triggers an

Автор AutumnAsh81 ( назад)
i believe u just need neodymium magnets. you need four. two inches in
length, and 1/4 across and thickness doesnt matter though you want them
small so another 1/4 in will do. place two next to each other on a door
hinge, another two about a half inch or so below the first ones. you got
the key. if you look up on youtube those magnets, anti thieft added, youll
find avideo on exactly how to make one.

Автор jwn5 ( назад)
chunk that mother fucker after you cut it

Автор Lawrence Cheung ( назад)
They're screamers. Cut the wire, it rings by itself.

Автор jwn5 ( назад)
i dont get it, why not just cut the wires? 

Автор Kristoffer Jenneklint ( назад)
Oh forgot to tell you that u need 4 for this magnets.

Автор Kristoffer Jenneklint ( назад)
Sure its just magnets but still they are not easy to build cuz you need a
very very strong magnet/megnets to get it to work. Anyway if someone want
to build a own S3 handkey to play with you should align the magnets in this
configuration: [+ -][+ -] [- +][- +] Must be Neodymium Magnets with atleast
25.22 lbs of pulling force (12kg pulling force). Good luck.

Автор lvlover58 ( назад)
all those things are is magnets.... thats it.. all you need to get off any
of these stupid alarm tags is magnet.... don't people ever just look at how
the store clerks get off the tags... 

Автор TheBkdot ( назад)
What did you get? Private message me.please

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