C-MUGEN: Tomoyo Sakagami WIP

The video is self-explanatory. Everything you see in this video is all the work I've done on her in the past four days. It'd be nice to have someone who can do her sprites for me, though.

I need a stronger earthquake effect to finish her super though, I just noticed . . . It's kinda . . . bleh . . .

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Автор Louis Lee ( назад)
I want to see a team match with Tomoyo Sakagami and Kanade Tachibana (Angel
Beats!) vs Yu Narukami (Persona 4) and Deadpool.

Автор Kenji Himura ( назад)
is cute and awesome the combo of tomoyo sakagami i love this girl aaa <3 i
love forever tomoyo sakagami your power is good

Автор Reisensbullet ( назад)
is her wip avaible?

Автор Animeboythelolilover ( назад)
Errmmmmm the moves are nice the colours matches but I think it be better to
redo her spriting on her clothes to give more accuracy of her uniform
furthermore lose the bag.She never fights with a bag.

Автор kikyto2008 ( назад)
hello friend, I wonder if you could pass me your char tomoyo, I so much
looking for a char, I hope to answer. bye

Автор nothingppp ( назад)
y'know, I simply fell in love with this character when the back ground song
said "From funky china town" And yuri just landed on a floor from that
Massive Tomoyo, Ultra kick attack.... Couldn't there be a attack where
Tomoya, Kicks the Victim of the Combo back, For a Combo breaker (I forget
what episode)

Автор Reno Kugler ( назад)
.....note to self, adopt this persons Mugen skills.

Автор RavenousCrucifix ( назад)
@AnumKrad Psy-phone by redalice XD

Автор AnumKrad ( назад)
@RavenousCrucifix RIIIIGHT. also, what is the title song?

Автор RavenousCrucifix ( назад)
@AnumKrad relaaaaax I'm uploading a vid right now.

Автор AnumKrad ( назад)
Wondering what is the title song for your vids and heck, she still
incomplete though.

Автор ISighZ ( назад)
Lol. Nice video. Tomoyo looks weird..

Автор A37H3R ( назад)
I was just waiting for someone to do tomoyo :3

Автор snakewynd ( назад)
i really cant wait til she is release, are you gonna do one on kotomi

Автор snakewynd ( назад)
DAMN! Tomoyo is known well for her ridiculous deadly kicks, i wouldn't want
to be caught on the danger side of those lol

Автор Beneyrie10092 ( назад)
you should add in the chain combo

Автор AnTSurEwiN ( назад)
Tomoyo from what anime ? Where can I find her ? She is a great character
... :3

Автор RavenousCrucifix ( назад)
@DevilMatrix kyeeeh, 80% of her attacks involve the bookbag . . . and
rather nice ones too . . .

Автор DevilMatrix ( назад)
I was hoping for EFZ sprites for her but at least get rid of the bag. Other
than that, I think her Super is very nice.

Автор Trainsagogo ( назад)
i see you used kisarah as a base for the sprites. nice thinking.X3

Автор RavenousCrucifix ( назад)
@PoisonedPocky I'll take you up on that whenever you like. They're not hard
at all, I did a few. There's just a lot of them.

Автор 近野皐月 ( назад)
I agree for there to be a Sunohara Toss attack. If my laptop were working,
I'd offer to do the sprites. I can't now, though...

Автор MugenJaderMugen™ ( назад)
Wow! Very nice my friend! Tomoyo Have strong combos! I lke it! 10*!!!!

Автор speedinglight459 ( назад)
I'm liking what I see here, though a little bit of advice, considering your
template that you're using, you could maybe try a different "standing"
stance with her since the current stance just...doesn't really scream
"Tomoyo" right now. Also you need a move where she throws Sunohara :V

Автор FateOfTime ( назад)
Damn...this is sick! XD Maybe you should have a Sunohara assist attack
haha. Awesome work so far

Автор Hagy Ayala ( назад)
Nice wip bro.

Автор Diego Piñâ ( назад)
so far its awesome...

Автор KaiserD ( назад)
looking good 8D

Автор Doc Meta. Sorcerer of the Lo-fi Artz ( назад)
O_o wow she's got a nice combo system

Автор asrwgm ( назад)
Well, a Clannad char would be a good addition in MUGEN

Автор DevilRaptorB ( назад)
well, atleast shes aint a kula clone

Автор Jesse Pfau ( назад)
Awesome so far.

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