Skidder Dragging a Stuck Log Truck!

After a few showers, the log trucks couldn't make it up the little hill... and had to get some help from the skidders!

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Автор william davidson ( назад)
I'm always amazed that you guys can log without chains on the skidders.
Around here with the mud, rocks, snow, ice and hills we run chains all year
long. Many times even in summer you can't get a skidder off the landing
without chains.

Автор Jan “Nekoroms Random” Andersson ( назад)
Nobody ever said "maybe the trucks get stuck in tiny hills cause too much
load trying to haul the whole forest out in one load" ;)

Автор Christopher McCormick ( назад)
he is not pulling with the boom grapple skidders have a winch to which is
what he is pulling with

Автор tank2449 ( назад)
where are the chains on the skidder?

Автор nd20443 ( назад)

Автор samuel delacerna ( назад)
Nice truck

Автор buckhornboy94 ( назад)
maybe he did it for extra traction on his rear wheels.

Автор BernadetteBLL ( назад)
Sensible towing.No spewing and rorping,just a gentle touch on the gas when
needed.You kids learn from these guys

Автор Rapture2k1 ( назад)
Contracted with Weyerhaeuser?

Автор nd20443 ( назад)
we do this all the time here in Wisconsin

Автор Jordan Newport ( назад)
In Oregon we put rock down every time

Автор Jeff .Geist ( назад)
As a Forest Engineer from Oregon State I wish you more rock on the next job

Автор Mitchell Miche (1244 года назад)
email: mittchell.miche@hotmail.com

Автор Mitchell Miche (1414 года назад)
Hello I want to learn new, technical things in forest area of extraction
machines skidder. I am operator and handling heavy truck, I'm studying
forestry and environmental engineering career, I know quite the sale of the
Peru skidder My concerns go to the Americas is thus always eh had the dream
of America go to work with you and I support to compensate support with
what it can do for you. I am a person with healthy principles. worker,
educated, Best regards.

Автор Mitchell Miche (1489 лет назад)
Hola deseo aprender cosas nuevas, técnicas en tema forestal de extracción
con máquinas skidder. soy operador y manejo camión pesado , estoy
estudiando carrera de Ing. forestal y ambiente, conozco bastante la venta
de skidder en el Perú Mi inquietud de ir a Américas es por lo que siempre
eh tenido el sueño de ir América para trabajar con apoyo de ustedes y yo
poder compensar apoyar con lo que pueda hacer por ustedes. Soy una persona
con principios sanos .trabajador, educado, saludos. 

Автор TeamGorilla18 ( назад)
North Louisiana!

Автор Tyrell Cullars ( назад)
Where are Y'all? 

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