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Four potty training apps in one! I Love Potty Training is the ultimate potty app for you and your child.

From interactive eBooks for boys & girls to tracking tools and rewards to tips and advice, this app has everything you need for successful potty training. It even emails you a diploma when training is complete!

What you'll find in this app:


(one for boys, one for girls)

Joy Berry's bestselling potty training books are now interactive eBooks to help your child learn to use the potty and lessen fears around it. The books are narrated by children and feature fully animated and interactive scenes showcasing the potty and how to handle using it. Each book features a main character and a cute kitten or puppy mascot that speaks when touched.

The daily potty tracking tool allows you to track and view your child's progress as he or she learns to master the potty. Start by entering the day/date you begin potty training, then drag and drop a sticker each time your child uses the potty. Choose "pee" or "poop" respectively. Save results and view them by day, week, total, and average per day.

Access the Great Job button from the tracker or main menu. You child will love to press the button and hear their doing a "Great Job" (with applause).

OOPS! That doesn't go in the potty! Have loads of fun teaching your toddler what can and cannot go into the toilet with Potty Drop.

How To Play:
Objects fall from above and players must catch only what belongs in the potty. Watch the "green/good" meter go up as toilet paper drops successfully into the potty, and watch it go down as other objects such as hamburgers and tricycles drop in by mistake. WATCH OUT! Too many "bad" objects and the potty will overflow!
Tilt your iPhone side to side to slide the potty back and forth at the bottom of the screen. When the green/good meter is full, you WIN.

The advice section in this app is based on Joy Berry's bestselling potty training books and kits. In the books you'll find everything from getting started to safety around the potty.

When potty training is complete (typically when diapers are no longer needed or the child goes consistently in the potty), simply press: "We're Done, SEND DIPLOMA" on the tracking screen. This will prompt you to enter information so the Potty Training Diploma can be E-mailed to you. Print it out and display it proudly! Please note, you'll need an Internet connection and have mail configured on your device.

The Joy Berry brand of books is dedicated to diversity and the delivery of media in many formats and languages. In this app you'll find the interactive eBook is available for both boys and girls, in English and Spanish.

Joy Berry is the bestselling author of more than 250 books (85 million copies sold) that teach children of all ages about good behavior, life lessons, and responsibility. Her pragmatic, problem-solving style has helped millions of children build life-long tools that help them make good choices and lead happy, responsible lives.

Joy Berry began her more than 30 year career teaching in the Ontario and Arcadia school districts in Southern California, and continues her work in schools and community centers in the New York area. Joy is actively writing and is currently working on new books and product lines for children ages 1-12.

You can find more from Joy Berry, including all her available book and media, at www.joyberrybooks.com

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האסלה הקסומה מפיק ד"ר ברוך קושניר אנימציה ענת צורלינג מוזיקה שמעון גפני


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on google have a look)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my
auntie got amazing results with it - just took 3 days

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Potty Training In 3 Days Flat /watch?v=R2tBvgj7KOY

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@tallmanwill Ikr? its weerd how this works

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i cant believe some of the comments i read on these things, if you dont
like it dont come here again, you dont need to ruin the experience for
other people who appreciate these videos because we have some maturity and
need people to put these sort of things up.. go to your sites you enjoy and
stop bagging the ones others enjoy or need.. grow up\

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Yes, it is confusing for a toddler who will be using their own potty and
not the adult toilet. They need to change the graphic! Use a toddler potty
instead of a toilet!

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they should take note from that Japanese bear potty cartoon. xD

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This is very disturbing

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