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Автор mark mcguinness ( назад)

Автор Doodle Doll The Creator ( назад)
Something is wrong with pets these day O_O following children in the
I just swolled throw up.

Автор Chenadebrown@hotmail.co.uk Brown ( назад)

Автор Joe Blank ( назад)
*>> So many parents believe that if they routinely place their child on the
potty seat, they will soon learn how to use it on their own. This one could
not be further from the truth and in fact, confuses the child further.*

Автор jinan raed ( назад)
Sofia. The. First

Автор A-Jay Nyah ( назад)

Автор Willy et stéphanie ( назад)
Microbiologie voulais ihlnrriip0uý

Автор дмитрий фомин ( назад)
Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:питью

Автор untara anugrah ( назад)

Автор iman121@hotmail.co.uk dahraan1 ( назад)

Автор Cheesepizza5422 the Female Gamer ( назад)
How did I get here?

Автор belinda rogers ( назад)

Автор Reham Elbardisy ( назад)

Автор Iraqi Shaking ( назад)
hey hey! Have you thought about - banfan genie potty training (should be
on google have a look)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my
auntie got amazing results with it - just took 3 days

Автор Lena Zakharian ( назад)

Автор Abas Omar ( назад)
My brother will learn

Автор pipis tompen the learning dog ( назад)
so funny

Автор LordOFrogs ( назад)
I have one question. Why is the dog ad cat watching the child go to the

Автор Celia Gill ( назад)
TrasheD mufF ghost klzvjsdddddddddcxxbbmv

Автор julie littler ( назад)

Автор Smartlady633 AJ ( назад)
hate it

Автор Smartlady633 AJ ( назад)
hate it

Автор Maryana Mike ( назад)
Potty Training In 3 Days Flat /watch?v=R2tBvgj7KOY

Автор Potty Training Systems ( назад)
Nice video. Kids like to watch cartoons so this should be useful.

Автор nabi isa ( назад)
That awful stage when your brother (who's been a loser for all of eternity)
gets an amazing woman to fall for him in 3 weeks?! God, that occurred. I'm
aware I ought to be pleased for him however I would prefer if it was me. He
said he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I want to hide out inside of
a cave instantly.

Автор Julie J ( назад)
Potty train your child without stress Visit StartPotty. com It is to signal
when the disposable diaper use of the potty training doll to signal when
they need to your child Have potty training method in the parent is minimal
or whatever works for working well in 3 Day Method He will decide to be
accessible And then gradually teach him/her to become entrenched habits
Limited use of the practice until you get it right The Potty Training in
North America.

Автор Jennifer G ( назад)
Everything you need to know about potty training StartPotty. com is easy
to follow Tools are not likely to become entrenched habits Limited use it.

Автор Janet J ( назад)
Everything you need to know about potty training StartPotty. com is easy
to follow It is minimal or consistency from parent; therefore ideal for
your child with a potty to eliminate.

Автор SuperMarioAlex12 ( назад)
Your like 5

Автор Yvette Daly ( назад)
I hated it

Автор roshenper2 ( назад)
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mainly because 8 weeks ago he joined a website called Master Attraction
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a model.

Автор When To Start Potty Training ( назад)
You have a good video. Viewers if you want to get some good potty training
guide, check out my channel now.

Автор Jason Jeffree ( назад)
i cant believe some of the comments i read on these things, if you dont
like it dont come here again, you dont need to ruin the experience for
other people who appreciate these videos because we have some maturity and
need people to put these sort of things up.. go to your sites you enjoy and
stop bagging the ones others enjoy or need.. grow up\

Автор Mining Creeper ( назад)
I like minecraft better than this shit

Автор Mining Creeper ( назад)
U suck

Автор dogoban gurin ( назад)
the best site that I found to Grow Your iPad Skills Check out

Автор pinkshellification . ( назад)

Автор vicky ross ( назад)
nothing has worked to keep my son on the toilet but i tryed this video and
i thought it was stupid but he sat through it 5 times and went pee it was
great he loves it

Автор Sokhann Pha ( назад)
@scenicjosh yeah what the deal with the pets in this video? those animal go
poop/piss outside.. Are they trying to say my kid need to poop in the
nature ?

Автор beckrickertHowTo ( назад)
at 0:19 if they would take a sht or piss it would completely miss the toilet

Автор TOXBOX 12 ( назад)

Автор JoshS ( назад)
da fuck is wrong wit hda cat?

Автор ek mastermind ( назад)
We d-loaded the appl but was disappointed that this song was not included.
My child really likes it.

Автор Trinseratori00 ( назад)
does this make us pedo's for watching this for no reason?>

Автор lpsluver1234567 ( назад)
i should show this to my grandpa... he misses the toylet

Автор Kanade Tachibana ( назад)
the girl didnt wash her hands THATS NASTEEEEH

Автор Luke Valentini ( назад)
this should be sent onto the radio will make number 1 in the charts

Автор Uberhitman12345 ( назад)
I'm 13 and I'm watching potty training XD like wha ???

Автор Social Dela (1111 год назад)
lol I am so using this song to train my 2 yr old

Автор AStaRLuV ( назад)
@Jeennuhh Excuse you but potty training a child is the most difficult part
of raising a child and w/e helps, helps ... bitch

Автор ashton earls ( назад)
um ok....

Автор GETMETHEBEEF ( назад)
This is retarded.

Автор Ray Faiez ( назад)
OMG I got this song stuck in my head!!!! Ahhhhhh Get it out!! I know how to
use the pottieee..... LOL

Автор TheRoomat3s ( назад)
check out are potty training vid way better :D

Автор luis sorto ( назад)
i aint no kid.

Автор PiemanmuffinTV ( назад)
No more tears, and no more queers! Cause' I know how to use the potty!

Автор teamtimrox ( назад)

Автор ladygaga19ify ( назад)
@tallmanwill Ikr? its weerd how this works

Автор Stella Zsófia Donkó ( назад)
@MagePerform i think yes xDDD

Автор Queensocks ( назад)
To me it sounds like "I know how to use the party"

Автор koiiopi ( назад)
Atlast after 15 years of training i know how to use a potty.

Автор mtyler5000 ( назад)
those animals are creepers. And what's with those drums? Is it the 1980's

Автор DoctaDeez MTG ( назад)
@MagePerform yes thanks for asking

Автор Lexi Peebles ( назад)
great iam in that part of youtube where iam watching weirdness

Автор cdog25z ( назад)
WTF is this lol?!

Автор TheNoobsOfTheWorld ( назад)
im in that part of youtube again....

Автор zachboi13 ( назад)
0:38 remember girls, flush the toilet and then smell your hand

Автор Jonathan Smith (222 года назад)

Автор bloodyloch ( назад)
I have no idea what a Miley Cyrus Cake Marley thing is but this was somehow
related to an Elder Scrolls video. Did I miss the potty training skill or

Автор Doomguy2112 ( назад)
My mom potty trained me by sitting me on the toilet, drawing a picture on
the human body, and told me that if i didn't take a dump i was going to die
from my intestines exploding.

Автор MrJohnnyAwesome ( назад)
Why is there a swimming toilet paper but no poop?

Автор PREDATORJDH ( назад)
the mom looks like Lois from family guy

Автор Maude Chevalier ( назад)
Fml. .

Автор Lidia Sabater ( назад)
What do u mean no more tears?!? 0:31

Автор monkeyace12345 (1753 года назад)
I got here from rwj refering to miley cyrus , and i saw this. lolwuuut

Автор Jeennuhh ( назад)
Fuck this....parents should teach their kids how to use the damn potty
themselves. Also, I got here from a Miley Cyrus video. Lmao WTF!

Автор Gaston Nuzzolese ( назад)
any way, i dont go to the bathroom with my pets

Автор john lone ( назад)
I just learned how to poop! :D

Автор Baker72 ( назад)
. . . I just summarized everyone's reaction to this.

Автор sweetbriarx3 ( назад)
Errr.... okay ?

Автор TheMeerkittens (23 года назад)
hello wierd part of youtube, we meet again...

Автор KjHeavomatrix (237 лет назад)
That little girl put her hand to her mouth after she took a dump and before
she washed her hands. Now we need a washing your hands app

Автор TwinkleLT (407 лет назад)
the girl didn't wash her hands :P

Автор spygiovannirocks989 (763 года назад)
@MagePerform LOL i think we all did

Автор MagePerform ( назад)
Anyone get here from Miley Cyrus bob marley cake?

Автор Dounutmonster ( назад)
how did i comme here?!?!

Автор TheReaderWriter ( назад)
This is very disturbing

Автор TheElement ( назад)
But I already do know how to use the potty

Автор Sipodge ( назад)
Why is this in the related videos to some Miley Cyrus shit?

Автор MrLennykill ( назад)
:40 ewww she touch her mouth and did even wash her hands

Автор TurquioseVampire ( назад)
How did i get here?

Автор MzKeeko1 (176 лет назад)
they should take note from that Japanese bear potty cartoon. xD

Автор Timothy Dai ( назад)
i'm in the weird part of youtube now

Автор SouthernBell4Christ ( назад)
@Sunshinethefox Whatever! You shouldn't be joking around with things like
that. Don't call me narrow minded conformist.

Автор Mahbubulalam1 ( назад)
i it really good!!!! whats wrong with u guys that dont like this video and
saying bad words

Автор SF-Productions ( назад)
@SouthernBell4Christ Shut up, you narrow-minded conformist. He was only
joking, anyway.

Автор XaviorK8 ( назад)
There's this other great ebook for kids called "Nimbus Littling & the Flu
from Nebtune 2" It's beautifully illustrated and the writing is clever and
whimsical. It has received rave reviews. Definitely check it out.

Автор Butterflyfries ( назад)
howd i get here from commericials

Автор XaviorK8 ( назад)
Another great ebook you may like is the Nimbus Littling series. Check out
the trailer on YouTube.

Автор SouthernBell4Christ ( назад)
@makennarenaer Your sick! Pervert! Stop watching these videos!

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