Custom made MonsterEnergy Can with speakers! UNLEASH THE BEAST!

Here you can see my worlds first custom monsterenergy can, i build some speakers into it. Now I can listen my music with my microsubwoofer!

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 1:11
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Автор cruzan_papa (1 месяц)

Автор skythra (2 года)
@PyroPiraat What you did was take 3 components and put them into something.
Total time 30mins including purchase time. Probably less than 30 minutes of
work worth of materials too. Engine though, onto a bike? Well if you do the
same, put an engine which doesn't belong onto a frame designed for
something else, then you've got real problems to solve. Unlike "oh 3"
speaker fits into 3" can hur dur", how do you provide fuel, electricity,
weight, structural integrity. Prove me wrong. Build that bike.

Автор 0indigo0 (4 года)
@PyroPiraat ja das waar,, ga ik denk ik ook wel doen xD bedankt voor je
inspiratie! ;)

Автор Gurwinder Singh (2 года)
@PyroPiraat LOLOLOL

Автор Chaze_Power (1 год)
what is the name on the song? it was cool

Автор DrawerPro (1 год)
I want 2 you made me ?? ha hhhaaaa

Автор xEpicGamerx (2 года)
song i think 4 the homies or gansta rap

Автор ModaIitsu (2 года)
LMAOOO whats the song name??

Автор Sayeedur123 (1 год)
It's the same guy who made n*gga n*gga n*gga

Автор Pegasi (2 года)
First thoughts: Dumbest thing I've ever seen. Second thoughts: ... That's
actually kinda cool.

Автор GERTIEMAN1 (3 года)
Hij's Nice :)

Автор PyroPiraat (3 года)
@ssteefansayslol How much do you want to pay for it?

Автор needfordylan (2 года)
@PyroPiraat lol the date of that can is expired now xD

Автор donnei1992 (4 года)

Автор David Seastead (2 года)
@TomasBendik Why would that have to be fake it's not even difficult to do,
let alone magical.

Автор PyroPiraat (3 года)
It is;)

Автор RusticDusty (11 месяцев)
That wasnt even the can playing any music...

Автор wtfyoudontsay (2 года)
wat song

Автор PyroPiraat (2 года)
@WaagooshTheRedFox Youre right, maybe I am going to make some new ones
about a few months later. I am going to make those ones with amplifiier,
and USB function to solve the ''battery problem''

Автор WhoGotTheChunk (2 года)
I bet it sounds tinny. GET IT? Tinny?! WAHAHAHAHAHHA

Автор bmogan23 (2 года)
lol gangsta rap is hella funny, look up nigga nigga nigga by gangsta rap!
shits funny!

Автор PyroPiraat (2 года)
@skythra You can put a engine on a bike in 30 minutes, copy this link:
watch?v=UcLN7V9zC9M or copy the name of the video: Man Bijt Hond - De
kettingzaag fiets And about the ''volume of air'', This speaker wasnt build
to get a nice sounding speaker.. You said I probably didnt know about
volume of air in a box, thats bullshit.. I build my own speakers, I
calculated them and they sound great. So shut the fuck up, those speakers
are built for fun....

Автор PyroPiraat (3 года)
@NKOTBvideos Klopt, eerst was het ook zo als jij net zegt. Alleen ik
overtrad de Youtubecommunity rules ofzo dus daarom moest ik een nummer erin

Автор Kevin Capretti (11 месяцев)
red bull is better tho

Автор PyroPiraat (2 года)
@SionLP I already have a tutorial for this...

Автор MrFreefonix (2 года)
cut a hole in the can and shove spekers in there wow -_-

Автор Guido Isaack Peralta (1 год)
well the accoustic of a can is pretty shitty,im doing this with a coconut

Автор toxxiful (2 года)
oh nice :D

Автор Enigma311311 (2 года)
Song? Pm me.

Автор Helio graf (1 год)
as gay as this music? unlikely

Автор stopbeingcowards (1 год)
what song is this? gansta rap?? lol this is tight

Автор chicken477 (2 года)

Автор teamcoalhapcharcoal (2 года)
the most fanboyish thing ever

Автор Sajt Vagyok (9 месяцев)
What a creativity!

Автор EddieEdge777 (2 года)
Kill a Nigga for a dollar. Gangsta Rap. haha i just bumped this song like
an hour ago hahaha

Автор PyroPiraat (2 года)
@rdrums89 Check out my new video / tutorial!

Автор PyroPiraat (4 года)
@DkzFilmz Vergelijk het maar met cheap ass speakertjes voor MP3 zoals bij
blokker of kermis xD Heb ze daar ook uitgesloopt en in een blikje
ingebouwd... Is niet zo lastig, een beetje creativiteit en je bouwd het zo

Автор jacquillyn1995 (1 год)
OoO i want two make this

Автор Nikolas Vaught (2 года)
I Could Probably Make A USB Flash Drive Like This.........

Автор lucasm191 (2 года)
new monster beats by dr dre?

Автор gizzmoa (1 год)
@Dub Heliograf what are you talken about this music is amazing i mean the
name of it is gangsta rap

Автор BASEBOSTED (2 года)
ive seen those shity ass i pod docks at walmart 100$ gay as hell i bet if
u make ppl pay 30 - 40 $ for custom "ipod" speakers like this u can make
lots money cheap its pritty cool

Автор DJCuerex (2 года)
why would you nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger?

Автор Deividas Ryckis (1 год)
do you use amp for what are using amp

Автор Dee Deedz (2 года)
I'd shit in it.

Автор freed0m77 (3 года)

Автор ijunkie10 (2 года)
an iphone with aux out at the underside? its fake like this "micro
subwoofer" if it should louder then the speaker from the iphone you need an
amp an then ne power source!!!!!

Автор Tommy Vercetti (2 года)
@PyroPiraat no you have an enginebike

Автор yesiamanalien (2 года)
Need to have some vent holes and a tiny amp in there. Give it some thump.

Автор mperesb (2 года)
Very nice

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