Custom made MonsterEnergy Can with speakers! UNLEASH THE BEAST!

Here you can see my worlds first custom monsterenergy can, i build some speakers into it. Now I can listen my music with my microsubwoofer!

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Автор Béla Hirmann ( назад)
N.W.A. rulez 👑
I did the same method in my car,with bigger dimensions...half meter long
PVC pipe,8" woofers,and 640W Crunch amp!
Peace from Hungary ✌

Автор Ciprian Ilie ( назад)
Wow! Awesome! Give me.... i want... i like!!!!!! Awesome!

Автор naihanchin Kempo ( назад)
hate that song god man get some taste men

Автор Jens Jore ( назад)

Автор cruzan_papa ( назад)

Автор Kevin Capretti ( назад)
red bull is better tho

Автор calvin436 ( назад)

Автор Dabzy ( назад)
That wasnt even the can playing any music...

Автор Sayeedur123 ( назад)
It's the same guy who made n*gga n*gga n*gga

Автор LAMAARLOGAN ( назад)
Rigamorti5 u r racist cunt

Автор tpc26chevy ( назад)
The song is called gangster rap by gangster rap

Автор Nicksen ( назад)
How are the speakers powered?

Автор TheClixzoom ( назад)
How did you made it passive?

Автор Max Farmer ( назад)
What speekers did you use?

Автор Dryhumpington ( назад)
shit son i heard way more nigged then this, this song wouldn't have the
street cred to chill on the porch with some of the songs I heard

Автор G. Ermers ( назад)
Song name?

Автор jacquillyn1995 ( назад)
OoO i want two make this

Автор Adrien Gulliver ( назад)
Fuck this the acoustics are shit. Im getting my self a bucket..

Автор hapihaze ( назад)
yeah thats right :D

Автор Philip Burgess ( назад)
best comment EVER

Автор SoSick1324 ( назад)
what do u use in the inside to stop the wires from screwing up with the tin?

Автор A Free Man ( назад)
Uhhh... probably sounds like shit?

Автор Gero (591 год назад)
A speaker of this has 0,5 watts

Автор Busta Rhymes ( назад)
did you expect him to make a mix of the monster energy drink, craft his own
can and then drink the energy drink from the can and THEN "tape" the
speaker to bottom of can?

Автор gizzmoa ( назад)
@Dub Heliograf what are you talken about this music is amazing i mean the
name of it is gangsta rap

Автор Helio graf ( назад)
as gay as this music? unlikely

Автор Deividas Ryckis ( назад)
do you use amp for what are using amp

Автор iRoxproductions ( назад)
this is the niggerest song I have ever heard.

Автор norbert varga ( назад)
but anyway that is cool

Автор Middelz2 ( назад)
bad joke

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
Yup... It looks cool, so whats the problem?

Автор MOStein ( назад)
all you did was tape a speaker to the bottom of a tin can that says monster
on it...

Автор stopbeingcowards ( назад)
what song is this? gansta rap?? lol this is tight

Автор 2drunk2funk 2old4school ( назад)
looool where do u think MacGyver learned all that stuff ? ;)

Автор 2drunk2funk 2old4school ( назад)
well the accoustic of a can is pretty shitty,im doing this with a coconut

Автор Dee Deedz ( назад)
I'd shit in it.

Автор TravelHungry ( назад)
How much do we have to pay for you to make one for us? d:

Автор wtfyoudontsay ( назад)
wat song

Автор mperesb ( назад)
Very nice

Автор zingerz350r ( назад)
Learn to do this in jail did ya?

Автор Mind Body Fitness ( назад)
What's the song's name?

Автор James ( назад)

Автор James ( назад)
Play it?

Автор Toni Capone ( назад)
well I honestly assume that you are only trolling around here cuz you tried
to rebuild it your own and failed badly , so you thought tearing this guys
idea apart would help your attitude ! btw if you don't like it why the hell
did you clicked on this video ???

Автор Monty Bonney ( назад)
do the speakers plug into a wall? or is it battery powered?

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)

Автор Jessica Tremio ( назад)
@tomhas5 57 people must be stupid to dislike this vid :P

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
56 people must be gay... Lol;)

Автор tomhas5 ( назад)
56 people must like redbull better

Автор WobBingZs ( назад)
Zalig , k'wil ook zo een maken, waar kun je die speakers krijgen ? :p

Автор Kevin Brett ( назад)
you should make a tiny system and put it in a box and paint the box like a
4 pack of monsters!

Автор JonBaker3 ( назад)
best video ive ever seen. not

Автор AppleManiacCZ ( назад)
how can someone listen music like this? how about Beatles,Presley....
motherfucker nigger :DDDDD

Автор DJCuerex ( назад)
why would you nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger?

Автор grimsplague ( назад)
why would you kill a nigger for a dollar ?

Автор Bert McCormack ( назад)
This music is just fucking horrible

Автор Raddison WatsonOner ( назад)
@PyroPiraat no you have an enginebike

Автор BASEBOSTED ( назад)
ive seen those shity ass i pod docks at walmart 100$ gay as hell i bet if
u make ppl pay 30 - 40 $ for custom "ipod" speakers like this u can make
lots money cheap its pritty cool

Автор Sillisify ( назад)
Do people actually listen to this...? The Lyrics are just pathetic, along
with the wierd beat.

Автор Pegasi ( назад)
First thoughts: Dumbest thing I've ever seen. Second thoughts: ... That's
actually kinda cool.

Автор juicekongen ( назад)
LMAOOO whats the song name??

Автор WhoGotTheChunk ( назад)
I bet it sounds tinny. GET IT? Tinny?! WAHAHAHAHAHHA

Автор ElixTwo ( назад)

Автор needfordylan ( назад)
@PyroPiraat lol the date of that can is expired now xD

Автор Enigma311311 (1903 года назад)
Song? Pm me.

Автор 98snakeeater ( назад)
Did you use Monster cable?

Автор Gurwinder Singh ( назад)
@PyroPiraat LOLOLOL

Автор jojuae ( назад)
But will it blend!? :D

Автор 1234 abcd ( назад)
the most fanboyish thing ever

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
@Slaterking2010 I put polyester inside the can, so crushing it wouldn't be
so easy;)

Автор FEELS GOOD MAN ( назад)
What if someone crushes the can? Or have you reinforced it?

Автор cgspeeddemon1 ( назад)
@zmane376 xboxes? LOL i was crusing thru vids about offroading trucks

Автор bassax13 ( назад)

Автор J Abbey ( назад)
How freaking Stipid and This video is a big waste of band width

Автор rocksoldier1990 (1879 лет назад)
monster sound!!!

Автор Zayman777 ( назад)
who eles got here from xboxes..

Автор alexjane11 ( назад)
monster Ripper taste like fucking shit !

Автор Fenn Linford ( назад)
Good drink, bad music.

Автор Heavy Fog ( назад)
@skythra It is not a failure if he had an idea, practical or not, and in
trying to see if he could do it, actually succeeds to a degree. It looks
like something cool he thought of one day and then made it in real life.
Perhaps the speakers can only play on a really low volume, perhaps not at
all, we can't hear if it's working. Either way I think you approached this
the wrong way..Sometimes people do things for fun, and it doesn't have to
have functional or aesthetic value..Isn't a design contest

Автор Spencer Block ( назад)
you can do that with pringles asshole.

Автор David Seastead ( назад)
@TomasBendik Why would that have to be fake it's not even difficult to do,
let alone magical.

Автор Nikolas Vaught ( назад)
I Could Probably Make A USB Flash Drive Like This.........

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
@skythra Why should I use a can if I want to have good sounding speakers? I
don't know, maybe you don't understand where these speakers are made for.
They look funny, and the principe is funny.. It's not made for quality
sound, then I would calculate everything and make a wooden box... You
dumbass, get a fucking life.. stop frustrating people and shut t fck up

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
@skythra You can put a engine on a bike in 30 minutes, copy this link:
watch?v=UcLN7V9zC9M or copy the name of the video: Man Bijt Hond - De
kettingzaag fiets And about the ''volume of air'', This speaker wasnt build
to get a nice sounding speaker.. You said I probably didnt know about
volume of air in a box, thats bullshit.. I build my own speakers, I
calculated them and they sound great. So shut the fuck up, those speakers
are built for fun....

Автор skythra ( назад)
What I like about this is there's no regard to volumetric design. I know
PyroPiraat probably doesn't understand that normally you have a specific
volume of air inside a box, too little and the cone has trouble moving, too
much and the cone has too much trouble re-flexing back to the zero point.
Well, I gave you a thumbs down because your design smells like dried syrup
and holds no functional or aesthetic value. By any metric, this is a
failure as a project.

Автор skythra ( назад)
@PyroPiraat What you did was take 3 components and put them into something.
Total time 30mins including purchase time. Probably less than 30 minutes of
work worth of materials too. Engine though, onto a bike? Well if you do the
same, put an engine which doesn't belong onto a frame designed for
something else, then you've got real problems to solve. Unlike "oh 3"
speaker fits into 3" can hur dur", how do you provide fuel, electricity,
weight, structural integrity. Prove me wrong. Build that bike.

Автор Ranen Johnson (1298 лет назад)
haha cool hope ur not playing that shit music through such cool speakers :(

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
@TomasBendik Watch the tutorial, you asshole

Автор some thick, juicy, crunchy, sweet, tangy, buttery, fragrant, succulent and luscious cheese burger. ( назад)
this musick is fucking gay -mute- better :3

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
@MrFreefonix Put a engine on a bike, and you have got a bike wow -_-

Автор MrFreefonix ( назад)
cut a hole in the can and shove spekers in there wow -_-

Автор iAmTheWinnaman ( назад)
this is just fucking sweet

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
@SionLP I already have a tutorial for this...

Автор SionLP ( назад)
can you make a tutorial for this?

Автор Fuck­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ you­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ( назад)
13 gangsters killed a nigga for a dollar

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
@rdrums89 Check out my new video / tutorial!

Автор thealchemist1111 ( назад)
this will not go viral.

Автор rdrums89 ( назад)
@PyroPiraat i bet you could sell these for 45$

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
I am busy with making a tutorial right now! Subscribe and don't miss it;)

Автор PyroPiraat ( назад)
@WaagooshTheRedFox Youre right, maybe I am going to make some new ones
about a few months later. I am going to make those ones with amplifiier,
and USB function to solve the ''battery problem''

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