HOW to tell Olsen Twins apart on Full House

But the tips is still right, MK has a thiner mouth when she smiles. It was just not the best example... xD

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Автор nicolelylewis (1 месяц)
it's funny cuz they are actually fraternal twins! lol

Автор Jaylynn Roberts (6 месяцев)
when you just read the things you wrote it doesnt sound like they much like

Автор Apulux (5 месяцев)
ones bigger thou ?

Автор Rick Rivera (2 месяца)
full house is on nick at night

Автор Rachel Lozano (5 месяцев)
Reply if you watched more than 3 times

Автор Baileys Cool (3 дня)
last song?xD

Автор MandySlazer (11 месяцев)
Good to know! Of course, I never remember all the facts! But it is funny, i
just watched the last episode of full house and both the twins were on the
episode standing next to each other and i was like omg, the one twin has
way bigger eyes then the other! Thank goodness I wasn't the only one who
noticed! Whoever made this video noticed too! 

Автор jennifer22b (5 месяцев)
I miss that show so much

Автор rpl luv (6 месяцев)
gee I wish fll house can come back on I own all 8 seasons on dvd I don't
see why they cant do it with their kids and danny could be the granpa

Автор Laura Parker (7 месяцев)
I have tried so many times trying to tell them apart, but I couldn't. They
say their not identical twins, but I have never seen twins look so much
alike like Mary Kate and Ashley. They were beautiful from the time they
were born and still amazingly beautiful to this day.
I am old enough to be their mom and I have to say, when I watch Full house
at times and I see them, I want to eat em up. They were just tooooo cute.
Now they are just two beautiful women. God bless them.

Автор Deja Kennedy (11 месяцев)

Автор melissa christodoulou (1 месяц)
Where did you find the identical twins song?

Автор Jillian Rachel (1 месяц)
this made me cry.

Автор Randy Martin (7 месяцев)
i thought it was just one persen

Автор Kat g (4 месяца)
They are fraternal twins...there are many types of fraternal twins...and
these two are "mirror twins" so it would be like looking in a mirror.

Автор Aisha Powell (5 месяцев)
I Love the twin

Автор Angelina Arceneaux (1 месяц)
and if you didn't no marykate plays the happy one and Ashley plays sad

Автор Destinee Andrews (6 месяцев)
how can you tell them apart

Автор nikyra bennett (1 день)
I never knew Michelle had a twin I that Mary Kate Ashley Oslen was her full
name i am suprised they look so much alike I would've never known that
until I watched the the and now video

Автор Adrian Soto (1 день)
lol on the first part

Автор Keyonna Moore (22 дня)
Its useful for me :)

Автор norimar ortiz (1 месяц)
Those are helpful tips

Автор Taelor Jones (16 дней)
lol i didnt know they shared the same part 

Автор Aneesa Khan (22 дня)
That dance is adorable!

Автор Danae Delange (4 месяца)
The eyes will help me now, I can see the eyes to help me tell them apart. I
have been basing it off of their ears, Ashley's is more pointier

Автор Swagga Muffin (7 месяцев)

Автор SophiaIsWise (1 месяц)
That's interesting. I also heard that they used Mary-Kate for most of the
funny scenes and Ashley for most of the serious scenes.

Автор Megan Boulden (2 месяца)
It's always been really easy for me to tell them apart. Mary Kate has a
different smile and her eyes are a different shape, Ashley has very big

Автор supersqueak (3 месяца)
Liars!!! You are not identical and you know it. Lol sorry.

Автор ashley deal (3 месяца)

Автор SIcknessxoxo Momo (7 месяцев)
i think one then have dimples...

Автор vavine rachel (20 дней)
nope they're identical but they aren't they same same. everyone is
differnent so your wrong. and one is taller than the other. they are not

Автор Linda Gallant (16 дней)
Have you seen their younger sister, Lizzy? she is almost 3 yrs younger,
born in Feb...twins born in June...she looks just like them! a
sister...that is what the twins are....sisters born at the same
time...fraternal...they really should go out as triplets lol

Автор Kennedy Musick (7 месяцев)
you forgot one id taller

Автор Brandi Woosley (22 дня)
nice I saw one and the one I saw is better sorry.

Автор Katie Matthews (1 месяц)
how did you edit this? because it's amazing!!

Автор PowerPuffCRAZE (4 месяца)
MK can't speak clearly, as Ashley can. :)

Автор Madison Lemmons (6 месяцев)
its ok

Автор Catie Authier (4 месяца)
how about one is taller than the other I think ashleys taller

Автор Michael Costello (5 месяцев)
i like your video camz

Автор gloria delgado (2 месяца)

Автор Karlene Mason (1 месяц)
some are right and some are wrong

Автор ichetou ba (4 месяца)
I love those two

Автор Ifa T (5 месяцев)
that Is so cool

Автор angela doe (7 месяцев)
bad choice of red color for the writing can not c anything ,,,think about
it the next time was a waste of time...angie

Автор Corbin Ball (8 месяцев)
The main way I can tell the Olsen twins apart are their eyes. Look at their
eyes. Ashley's eyes are closer and bigger. But Mary-Kate's eyes are farther
apart and smaller.

Автор Kaitlyn Tambasco (6 месяцев)
1:22 was an awesome episode

Автор XxShineOlsenTwins MichelleTanner (4 месяца)

Автор Prettygirl Aj (1 месяц)
Umm can someone explain to me why they used both of them in a couple
episodes and not 1? Sorry im sorta confused. But other wise i love full

Автор Katie Matthews (1 месяц)
wow! Awesome observations!

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