HOW to tell Olsen Twins apart on Full House

But the tips is still right, MK has a thiner mouth when she smiles. It was just not the best example... xD

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Автор Andy Suchanko ( назад)
now i knowthat they are twins 2:03

Автор Tajae Sidney ( назад)
This music tho

Автор emzizme ( назад)
Well now I can tell them apart but I don't remember which twin has which
attributes... lol

Автор MattyBenny Waggoner ( назад)
How do u know which 1uns do which

Автор MattyBenny Waggoner ( назад)

Автор family guy is bae ( назад)
Could you have chosen a worse font pattern

Автор Variety13 Lolz ( назад)
what's up with the sad/ love song?

Автор Evey _Robux21 ( назад)
I got it

Автор Evey _Robux21 ( назад)
what is the song called

Автор CoolTube Girl ( назад)
ashley likes cookies and mary kate likes "ouce cream"

Автор Nicole Conley ( назад)
Ashley wears the same clothes but darker

Автор GoldenDiamonds AJ And more! ( назад)
whats the last song?

Автор ToyStoryCollector ( назад)
I'm same hand as Ashley

Автор memorystar 72 ( назад)
MemoryStar thanks!

Автор Phillip torres ( назад)
Bad music

Автор Daniella Tutani ( назад)
Do both Olsen Twins played Michelle

Автор WITHxRxED ROSx GAMING ( назад)
It's funny how identical twins can have many differences, especially with
exactly the same genes, save for a few tiny, little, differences.

Автор lele. the plug ( назад)
I see the difference now

Автор Maria Perez ( назад)
yea didn't help still can't tell them apart but u tried lol

Автор Jeff the unicorn who farts rainbows ( назад)

Автор Rach Marie ( назад)
not at all cuz, I'm left-handed too 😆

Автор George ( назад)
So sad they became terrible drug addicts

Автор WizBiz | Clash Of Clans ( назад)
Idk why, but this video made me cry. I wasnt born when this show endedn,
but I started watching re runs last year. Such a good show

Автор Catherine Chialtas ( назад)
hahaha hr dance is sooooo cute :)))

Автор onceuponapotterhead7 ( назад)
Props to you for figuring this all out!

And where did you get the last song??

Автор Rebecca Soto ( назад)
both look like monkeys..faces

Автор Rj Epps ( назад)
and right handed

Автор Rj Epps ( назад)
I'm left handed

Автор Amanda Toms ( назад)
I'm left handed

Автор Carmen Todd ( назад)
Why so cute

Автор tahir mustafic ( назад)
im a leftie, too!

Автор Jill Hearts ( назад)
actually mar-kate has the freckle not ashley

Автор RainBowSkateGirl/ Toni ( назад)
ashley lookes older than mary kate

Автор Juni Valenzuela ( назад)
i am left

Автор Caitlyn Allan ( назад)
Omg I can't unsee

Автор Kayla O'Aku ( назад)
I love mary -Kate and Ashley series😱😱😱😱😍👑👑💝😇😇😇😇

Автор Paulina S ( назад)
i'm a leftie

Автор Fatima Yousaf ( назад)
I meant I love full and fuller house

Автор Fatima Yousaf ( назад)
Adds I love full AMD fuller house solo much more than any thing

Автор EmpressOfWyoming58 ( назад)
Their chins are different. One has a longer chin.

Автор Aulbreauna Allison ( назад)
Ashley is dead

Автор Sinead Butler ( назад)
ashleys ears are pointy and mary-kates are round.

Автор April Garcia ( назад)

Автор Teresa Almanzar ( назад)
i love the song

Автор Kirssi Heisinger ( назад)
This was a huge help!

Автор Aiga Tuliau ( назад)
I still watch watch your show the twins cute

Автор Dave Hawk ( назад)
I just want to know if you could tell a difference in their Vagina's???

Автор Ken Oneto ( назад)

Автор nikki mayes ( назад)
mary kates head is square and ashleys is round

Автор Kevin Bobb ( назад)
a kid in my class is left handed

Автор Donna Dewedoff ( назад)
So cute wow now i know better

Автор Emerson white ( назад)
What song it this

Автор Jkerious Colquitt ( назад)
they are so cute I wish I can be famous like them🚺🚺

Автор Roberto Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Claudia Rodriguez ( назад)
People mary kate and ashley are FRATERNAL TWINS meaning instead of one egg
splitting it was 2 separate eggs that they were conceived from. Fraternal
twins are exactly like any other pair of siblings only difference is that
they shared the womb.

Автор Victoria Corley ( назад)
they are identical they look just alike don't u know their song identical

Автор helene6641 ( назад)
you can also tell by looking at their ears, ashleys ears looks like elf

Автор Ingrid Gazo ( назад)
Uncle Jesse is into paedophilia as always kissing Michelle , Alex and Nicky
on the lips .

Автор Lilia Arami ( назад)

Автор Alejandra Perez-Hughes ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks they look sick now?

Автор Cookie2003 Monster ( назад)
And also Ashleys ears are pointy and Mary-Kates ears are round

Автор Jdjdjd Ududjd ( назад)
you got it dued

Автор FrenchBullDog Lover83 ( назад)
I cried cuz I miss them on the new show fuller house😢 Or Mabey it's the
song because I'm scared of growing up

Автор SelenaGomez 16 ( назад)

Автор JackDaniels (965 лет назад)
the biggest thing is Mary Kate has baggier eyes

Автор Levi Cochran ( назад)
You see Mary Kate more

Автор RewindSlayer ( назад)
also my mom used to tell me to tell them apart, Mary kate's nose is wider
than Ashley;s

Автор Kia Mllr ( назад)
Is it weird that I find this song depressing

Автор Star96 ( назад)
what song is playing in the background

Автор Joanne Fink ( назад)
On point! Thanxx

Автор Cortnico95 ( назад)
The entire point was to not be able to tell the twins apart, because the
show at first didn't want viewers to know that they had to use twins.
Something about laws and regulations with camera lights. It wasn't until
later seasons that they had started recognising them as two separate
people. And it's ironic, because they're actually fraternal twins.

Автор leviticus5000 ( назад)
thay are twins?

Автор leviticus5000 ( назад)
haha so funny i know that show

Автор Donnya Jordan ( назад)
no they are not identical if you are identical first off you write with the
same hand. one is a lefty and one is a righty. then they both said they
were fraternal. . their parents even said so as well I dont think their
parents would lie. please do your research before assuming that they are
something they arent.

Автор Jerry Velez ( назад)
never knew Michelle was 2 twins playing roles in a show, and uts weird how
it shows fraternal twins as boys but howcome not the girl

Автор Kmich Sanchez ( назад)
mary Kate is cuter than ashely

Автор Marcell Bell ( назад)
2:13 is both

Автор Heavyn Grady ( назад)
you who don't like this that's bad this is sad

Автор Jennifer Campbell ( назад)
If you search it up. Mary-Kate played upstairs and backyard scenes. While
Ashley played downstairs scenes and scenes not in their home.

Автор Avery Bressel ( назад)
It looks like Mary Kate invented twerking

Автор BEWARE OF TREX ( назад)
I see it

Автор Mylee Thomas ( назад)
Do you miss her I miss my brother

Автор Dusty hard money ( назад)
Great video and love the music choice.

Автор Kristi Stevens ( назад)
Sorry but these TERRIBLE songs ruin the videos. The ending with MK & Ashley
got some points. Just some advice for next time.

Автор Kristi Stevens ( назад)
They say that the vast majority of twins: 1 ends up being right handed,
while the other one left handed.

Автор Minecrafter101 ( назад)
The left and right handed thing is the easiest for me . The dance is funny

Автор Yalda Matin ( назад)
wow i can't believe i ever even thought about those thing and how did u
find out which was which like that mary kate is the one thats left handed

Автор Sir C ( назад)
I don't know what's freaking creepier. The fact that you made this video...
or the fact that I watched it all the way through.

I figure that the freckle is the easiest thing to spot, from here-on-out.

Also, "Thin smile and larger head" is my new favorite put-down.

Автор iEmily Hall ( назад)
the song was sad to me I'm right handed

Автор Donnya Jordan ( назад)
False statement on the Identical Twins song they aren't Identical but look
so much alike, I think they got in some trouble for that song for false
advertisement. But if you look at Trent and Elizabeth they both look like
the twins so genetics are beyond strong.

Автор Rachel Russell ( назад)
They are Both Very Beautiful Young Ladies ... I have Twin Boys

Автор Hermione Granger ( назад)
I freaked out when I heard the identical twins song lol.

Автор Santiana Adame ( назад)
full house is my favorite movie I watched it for two years.✌

Автор brenda torres ( назад)
Omg their song is adorable

Автор Mailan Jack ( назад)
the prettiest ones are michelle djay and stephanie tanner

Автор Lisa Perez ( назад)
How did I get here, I was watching skydoesminecraft??????

Автор SAMANTHA GUYSICK (1587 лет назад)

Автор Daniela Medina ( назад)
Oh my gosh

Автор Sabrina Munoz ( назад)
There cute

Автор Whats Chloe Up To ? ( назад)
So cute

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