HOW to tell Olsen Twins apart on Full House

But the tips is still right, MK has a thiner mouth when she smiles. It was just not the best example... xD

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Автор Micah Cross (7 месяцев)
question, you say that Mary Kate is Left handed and Ashley is right handed
how are we suppose to know it is not backwards where Ashley left handed and
Mary Kate is the one who is right handed? I mean everything you said about
Mary Kate COULD be Ashley and everything that you said about Ashley COULD
be Mary Kate. Have you meet them?

Автор Jamie Avila (4 месяца)
This might make me sound stupid but I just started watching full house and
I never even knew they were fraternal twins!!! :-(

Автор BeautyLilya (23 дня)
U are now officially a geek

Автор henry danger (2 месяца)
I love the song what is it called 

Автор Rick Rivera (10 месяцев)
full house is on nick at night

Автор Samantha Buss (18 дней)
I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube showing how to tell Mary Kate
and Ashley apart on Full House, but I've always wondered how to tell Blake
and Dylan Toumy Wilhout, (who played Nikki and Alex) apart on Full House.
If anyone can make a video about them, that would be nice!! 

Автор n8rm (2 месяца)
Why the hell did youtube recommend this to me???

Автор Rachel Lozano (1 год)
Reply if you watched more than 3 times

Автор nikyra bennett (7 месяцев)
I never knew Michelle had a twin I that Mary Kate Ashley Oslen was her full
name i am suprised they look so much alike I would've never known that
until I watched the the and now video

Автор Fuzzing Pad (23 дня)
I have watched them grow up all through my life and look at them now! I am

Автор Frenchie séverine (6 месяцев)
Sorry but the freckle under the nose is invisible...i just noticed
that Ashley has bigger eyes than her sister right but the freckles,you
cannot see them..Mary kate was thinner than Ashey right and Ashley was
prettier for me..

Автор Stough (25 дней)
Cool my sister and I are twins and I'm left handed and she right 

Автор dave bella (26 дней)
she is adorable
,full house is freaking awesome :]

Автор Linda Gallant (7 месяцев)
Have you seen their younger sister, Lizzy? she is almost 3 yrs younger,
born in Feb...twins born in June...she looks just like them! a
sister...that is what the twins are....sisters born at the same
time...fraternal...they really should go out as triplets lol

Автор Miss Amanda's world (1 месяц)
While both have bluey green eyes Ashley's lean more green while Mk's more

Автор tara cirotti (29 дней)
the twins are cute when they were little

Автор Grizzle Brand (16 дней)

Автор Darianna Balkaran (27 дней)

Автор Angelina Arceneaux (8 месяцев)
and if you didn't no marykate plays the happy one and Ashley plays sad

Автор Trinity Fanelli (1 месяц)
What is the song at the end of the vid? I love it

Автор Funny Bunny (1 месяц)
um one looks older than another

Автор Sarah Alkeisi (27 дней)
also Ashley is taller

Автор Wiktoria Swiader (1 месяц)
I love there movies and the twins there amazing

Автор Leila Sanchez (1 месяц)
Thanks now I know how to tell them apart

Автор shannice stephens (2 месяца)
I use to love full house growing up. Watched it every after noon after

Автор DeShawn Veney (1 месяц)
It funny to tell them apart

Автор Kenya Wilson (2 месяца)
They sooooooooooooooo cute♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Автор Angelina Arceneaux (8 месяцев)
and one thing to say left is this way <<<<<< right is this way >>>>>>>
NOTICE: im right and ur wrong :p

Автор Cesar Zavala (2 месяца)
No they r identical

Автор ourworld mrs mango (6 месяцев)
i used to be addicted to this show!

Автор pamela clark (1 месяц)

Автор LaTasia Brown (3 месяца)
I never knew they were twins until yesterday

Автор Kimberly Binnion (1 месяц)
Full. House

Автор funnybbb221 AJ (8 месяцев)
Why didn't they just use one of the twins for the show instead of both?

Автор Emily Wagner (3 месяца)
This makes no sense is Michelle Mary Kate or Ashley

Автор SophiaIsWise (8 месяцев)
That's interesting. I also heard that they used Mary-Kate for most of the
funny scenes and Ashley for most of the serious scenes.

Автор Lydia Fielding (2 месяца)

Автор Milton L (5 месяцев)
Thanks for the upload i would have never known :)

Автор Rickey Allen (3 месяца)
Hey I am so that one

Автор Briana Pan (8 месяцев)

Автор Mackenzie Loomis (6 месяцев)
they pretty much look exactly alike, axcept for very small differences....
like the freckle under the nose..... i mean really?? whos ever gonna notice
that unless they are weirdos, no offence

Автор Megan Boulden (9 месяцев)
It's always been really easy for me to tell them apart. Mary Kate has a
different smile and her eyes are a different shape, Ashley has very big

Автор Tomos Jones (6 месяцев)
TWINS twins TWINS twins TWINS twins TWINS twins. IDENTICAL TWINS identical

Автор Jade Davis (6 месяцев)
they were not suposed to be twins but one person the doctors dont know what

Автор JoggingPsychology (6 месяцев)
Good eye. Thanks!

Автор Alexie Petal (6 месяцев)
Mary- Kate's hair is lighter as well. Plus her hair is thinner then

Автор Corea Ball (1 месяц)
Emilia its a big big world

Автор josalyn alvelo (6 месяцев)
Also Mary-kate's ears are round and ashley's are pointier

Автор Joe Harris (1 месяц)
HOW to tell Olsen Twins apart on Full House: http://youtu.be/Da8h0acneE4

Автор Maddy Pardo (6 месяцев)
right now im like is it 7 yet I wanna watch full house lol

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