HOW to tell Olsen Twins apart on Full House

But the tips is still right, MK has a thiner mouth when she smiles. It was just not the best example... xD

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Автор Donnya Jordan ( назад)
False statement on the Identical Twins song they aren't Identical but look
so much alike, I think they got in some trouble for that song for false
advertisement. But if you look at Trent and Elizabeth they both look like
the twins so genetics are beyond strong.

Автор Catharine Russell ( назад)
They are Both Very Beautiful Young Ladies ... I have Twin Boys

Автор Time Travler In Space (Leilani Trott) ( назад)
I freaked out when I heard the identical twins song lol.

Автор Santiana Adame ( назад)
full house is my favorite movie I watched it for two years.✌

Автор brenda torres ( назад)
Omg their song is adorable

Автор Mailan Jack ( назад)
the prettiest ones are michelle djay and stephanie tanner

Автор Lisa Perez ( назад)
How did I get here, I was watching skydoesminecraft??????

Автор SAMANTHA GUYSICK (1587 лет назад)

Автор daniela medina ( назад)
Oh my gosh

Автор Sabrina Munoz ( назад)
There cute

Автор Whats Chloe Up To ? ( назад)
So cute

Автор Megan Nieforth (1896 лет назад)

Автор cristina ( назад)
You forgot that Ashley's hair is darker than Mary-Kate's!

Автор Lps StarArtist Productions ( назад)
there's 60% right handed and 40% left handed. . I'm a righty

Автор Kim Crossway ( назад)
That "Identical Twins" song is cute

Автор James Ferguson ( назад)
you know it when u are watching the video but when u watch the video u
can't tell what you see on the show. And I'm only 11 and I know that

Автор Caroline Payne ( назад)
ashley has longer hair

Автор Madison Jones ( назад)
i just see who looks a little more bigger and miture

Автор Onicca Mellish ( назад)
its hard to tell who who

Автор Chloe Davison ( назад)
I am a leftie

Автор Imelda Guzman ( назад)
sometimes i dont like them they can get annoying

Автор tyler rosner ( назад)
i love fill house i watch it all the time

Автор Juvenal Lombera (1694 года назад)
The Olsen twins are my favorite twins

Автор Faith Patterson ( назад)
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen could be expeditious (both-handed)

Автор Janie Rojas ( назад)
That's a cute song at the end 😄

Автор Ro Di ( назад)
i loved it

Автор Rickylee Lester ( назад)
accept for when I'm pretending to be her!!

Автор Rainbow “princesspink1113” Dash ( назад)
i love full house

Автор Theinsiders 505 :3 ( назад)
i love the olsen twins and full house and i love your video

Автор Madeleine Peters ( назад)
That end song was so annoying. Sorry but I don't like kids.

Автор 314a1011 ( назад)
I heard that as they got older and the differences became more visible the
producers considered eliminating one of them from the cast. They got so
much backlash that they changed their minds. I could never see much
difference. I didn't know about them being different handed.

Автор Chase Cantrell ( назад)
what are you saying

Автор Nick Alexander (786 лет назад)
its time for a change. google 'the truth contest' and click the first link.
read the first entry 'the present'. it talks about how we are spiritual
beings and our mind currently controls us but we need to live in the
present. the world is balanced.

Автор CleverPetShop Productions ( назад)
what I dont get is why the didn't make the mom have twins? in stead of just
Michele ?

Автор blessing nwoke ( назад)
Am i the only one that gets excited when they see a left handed person?
Especially if their famous?

Автор Daniela Montes ( назад)
My big sis said one of them die there was a episode that there was a
grandpa and that show was old and my sis said the grandpa died and I was

Автор Jose Gallago (1041 год назад)

Автор ashrose214 ( назад)
What's most ironic is they're actually fraternal twins

Автор Janiza Bradley ( назад)
does any one know what app they use to do this

Автор Matthew Murphy ( назад)
I 💜 Michelle

Автор SpklDsh01 ( назад)
Still need to tell the Sprouse Twins apart from Adam Sandler's Big Daddy.
Not sure of Friends.

Автор chidi glo ( назад)
It sad

Автор Fiona Barry ( назад)
The music made me stop watching 😂 Even thought I could have just put the
volume down😂 Sorry

Автор Marisa G ( назад)
The hair looks just a little different. It looks like Mary Kate has blonder

Автор Cheeky Foxx ( назад)
I can't see the words in the vid.. Prob because iOS device?

Автор Pastel Games ( назад)
I loveee them ♥ They grew up so fast :(

Автор Ellen Rosee ( назад)
I was able to tell them apart from theur voices, mary-kate had a bit of a
lisp so i picked on the lisp

Автор Makaila Wade (1317 лет назад)
First off like if your watching in 2015 and I love full house but it would
be the best on the world if the twins had there own part an they didn't
switch off thats my just my opinion 😀

Автор Autumn Asters ( назад)
i was always able to tell them apart based on their ears. ashley's ears are
more pointed while mary kates are more rounded

Автор Nakhya Abram ( назад)
If people had trophies for cutest twins the Olsen would win.

Автор Nakhya Abram ( назад)
The twins are cute.

Автор Alex Kotas ( назад)
there is no freckle unless it is somehow invisible?!

Автор Brianna Pyle ( назад)
Both of them are cute

Автор lily zamora ( назад)
i don't get it

Автор kdmoone ( назад)
they are the cutest things ever

Автор Jayla Simpkins ( назад)

Автор kirsten glover ( назад)
I had never really thought of them appart becuz they are twins and now I
see it barely

Автор Maura Riblet ( назад)
That was cute and they are SSSSSSSOOOOOO cute

Автор daisy sanchez ( назад)
The identical twins song at the end was adorable!!:)

Автор Holly Dao ( назад)
They were so cute when they were little now they look so scarcy.

Автор steele4real1 ( назад)
Mary Kate and Ashly I am your number one fan

Автор homieblossom ( назад)
mary kate has squintier eyes and ashley has more bigger eyes, either way
they are beautiful talented girls

Автор In Marlee (Life) ( назад)
I can't wait until Fuller House comes out!

Автор Isiah Johnson ( назад)
They look completely different now. I hate that Mary-Kate got surgery. I
liked her the most. Ugghh not anymore.

Автор Angie Stylinson ( назад)
Fuck, I'm still gonna get them mixed up.

Автор Isaac Hernandez ( назад)
I could imagine the fat guy from gamers eating waffles made this video

Автор Rekt Nation™ ( назад)

Автор Sengdao Keomany ( назад)
I love the song

Автор Asian Unicorn Zahara ( назад)
In some clips mary_kates hair is more blonde

Автор IamsTokiWartooth ( назад)
it was proven they are chimp-human hybrids

Автор Soleil LeBron ( назад)
Also Mary Kate had curly hair and Ashely has straight hair

Автор Justanother .coolgamer ( назад)
I love them both! ☺️

Автор Melissa Gordon ( назад)
I still couldn't tell the difference. They are easily distinguishable as
adults, though.

Автор Briana Destiny ( назад)
This song is depressing 

Автор Jamming' Jazmin (Minecraftkitty) ( назад)
WOW!That was cute!

Автор Taylor Gillikin ( назад)
I think that they are the most cutest twins ever!!!

Автор Lucky Ramsey ( назад)
full house IS MY FAVRATE

Автор DaGerminator ( назад)
What up with the music?

Автор Cassie Cano ( назад)
Another trick is that Ashley is 1 inch taller than Mary-Kate :)

Автор best friends for art ( назад)
I also liked the review song to "We're twins"

Автор best friends for art ( назад)
I meant the first song "big big girl in a big big world"

Автор best friends for art ( назад)
I like the song.😊 What's the song called?😯

Автор MOVED CHANNEL ( назад)
Mary-Kate is cuter. Who agrees?

Автор Aniya Butler ( назад)
this is horrible this ruins their population i liked to see a video of you
and some one you think you look like and do the same thing

Автор Angala Irvin ( назад)
It's my favorite 

Автор Angala Irvin ( назад)
I watch full house every day 

Автор Angala Irvin ( назад)
I love the song how to take Ocean twins apart full house 

Автор monze lara ( назад)
I love the show full house

Автор monze lara ( назад)
Love song

Автор Krissy B ( назад)

Автор sierra mikulus ( назад)
Wait tell me how you found this out I need to know

Автор Angala Irvin ( назад)

Автор Alexus Diaz-Soriano ( назад)
Jamie their not fraternal their identical

Автор Grizzle Brand ( назад)

Автор Samantha Buss ( назад)
I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube showing how to tell Mary Kate
and Ashley apart on Full House, but I've always wondered how to tell Blake
and Dylan Toumy Wilhout, (who played Nikki and Alex) apart on Full House.
If anyone can make a video about them, that would be nice!! 

Автор BeautyLilya ( назад)
U are now officially a geek

Автор Fuzzing Pad ( назад)
I have watched them grow up all through my life and look at them now! I am

Автор Stough ( назад)
Cool my sister and I are twins and I'm left handed and she right 

Автор dave bella ( назад)
she is adorable
,full house is freaking awesome :]

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