The Great Indian Railway

This was produced in 1995. A great film to watch with family. More than trains, it's about India! Skip to 1:30 to start the feature program right away. I left the commercials in at the beginning of the video to show you how videos were produced back then. It seems like such a short time ago but it's almost an entire generation already...The railways are changing by the decade in India. This takes you back into the past in small bits...what was it like when the railway system was introduced by the British? What is it like now?

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Автор Jack P. ( назад)
I recorded this on VHS tape about 20 years ago and transferred it to DVD. I
love this documentary on the Indian Railways. It really lets you feel the
culture of the country

Автор Vijayan Reddy ( назад)
@9.54-9.56, is the man walking into the frame Kamalhassan?

Автор Vinu S ( назад)
thanks alot awesome

Автор Jagannath Annepu ( назад)
Diesel engine exhaust fumes can cause cancer in humans and it belong to the
same potentially deadly category as asbestos,arsenic and mustard gas -
World Health Organisation(WHO) June 2012)

Автор rajan k ( назад)
Indian railways

Автор Julia Limpin ( назад)
beautiful educational video--it sadly moved me--and wat sooo despaired me
is how those steam locomotives vanished without even any sense of
sentimental value!!!..i'd rather see them in some tourist parks..or
permanent exhibit--for their years of incomparable services!!!..GODBLESS u
for this video..thanks

Автор Daniel DePasquale (1103 года назад)
Id love to see another great indian railway documentary now in 2015

Автор rcherag ( назад)
Rajdhani Express full Throttle on Mumbai Tracks:


Автор nightlightabcd ( назад)
I think that in times to come, that India will wish that they had save a
few more of these wonderful steam engines. In time they will find that
there is money to be made for the old steam excursions. if not that then
maybe some in a museum.

Автор A Singh ( назад)
I become emotional when ever I see this video.

Автор kosopet ( назад)
Awesome shot 1:05:30...

Автор kosopet ( назад)
This a great documentary ..Indian Rlys should get this from Natgeo and
archive this and show it to future recruits.

Автор resculptit ( назад)
At 1:25 + Minutes into - discussing the ball to indicate an open way ahead
for the locomotive... The Narrator omits that the "Token" machines used by
the Station Master, was developed by British engineer with the Indian
trains in his spare time. He developed what is know by "The Neale's Ball
Token" machine. There is a lot of history in this design by Mr. Neale, and
it has been in use over 100 years. It is, essentially, a flawless system.
It has been replaced in most modern train systems with direct communication
with the locomotive and stations. So don't expect to see a guy passing a
loop with a small bag onto the locomotive before you board AMTRAC for your
home journey from NYCity to Boston.

Автор resculptit ( назад)
The woman at 38 to 39 minutes into - talking about the beggars being such
"Pests" is a perfect example of her personality. You'll notice her husband
keeps his head down and speaks very little. He must be SO embarrassed at
her talking as if she's so much Better than the lowest of the people in
India. It's embarrassing even for me. It is this feeling of Superiority
from the British that gave the Indians a need to carry on with their
"status" of some better than others. 

Автор resculptit ( назад)
I love these train travel videos. I could do with a lot of the rhetoric
which is said with such certainty. Facts are the items travelers really
need. The "romantic" rhetoric is really useless. But a Great video. I do
with there were more scenery shots from the windows and a description -
either by maps or by insets or narration - of the locations. It's as if
we're popping from one locale in one train to another and back again. 

Автор Nilesh ( назад)
awessom video,emotional in the end

Автор Shishir Dhruva (1613 года назад)
Thanks for posting in Hi-Res. I had watched and recorded the original
broadcast on VHS, later digitized it. Grew up with steam locomotives and
lovingly observed them until I left India in 1981. Still passionate about
them and will always be. The show bring backs fond memories travelling by
Gujarat Mail from Bombay to Ahmedabad every summer.

Автор Albera Cid ( назад)
Nice hospitable!

Автор Vishal Mandhare ( назад)
First i thought i will watch it only for 5 minutes just to check what it is
but what a marvelous documentary, watched it without any break. It touched
me as i am kid from 80's and 90's.

Автор Upendra Varma ( назад)

Автор Akshara Naitik ( назад)

Railway jobs is more secured and comfortable to everyone that's why people
are interested to join railway..Thanks for sharing such a useful video..it
helped us..now a days Indian Railway announced their latest notification at
various department and i found more latest notification @ bit.ly\1jiEMXb

Автор baban unstoppable ( назад)
check this....
INDIAN RAILWAYS:Rail Neer Advertise

Автор Ganapati Hegde ( назад)

Автор Abhilash Vadassery ( назад)
WOW.....Such a beautiful Documentary! True life of INDIA. Cheers!

Автор J ( назад)
Absolutely stunning and moving.. Cried throughout

Автор pullinthelateshift ( назад)
What a pleasant surprise this documentary was!! Thanks for sharing!

Автор Jitendra Balmiki ( назад)

Автор Jitendra Balmiki ( назад)

Автор Britt Unculus ( назад)
Are there any Indian Loco. preservation groups?
Do something; get together; you have the skills; you have the motivation.
Act. Organize. Empower yourselves. 

Автор Kunal Ghosh Roy ( назад)
same video shots are from bangladesh!! pathetic NatGeo..

Автор Kunal Ghosh Roy ( назад)
same video shots are from bangladesh!! pathetic #NatGeo..

Автор Kunal Ghosh Roy ( назад)
same video shots are from bangladesh!! pathetic #NatGeo..

Автор Максим Алексеенко ( назад)
супер индия жд

Автор Ramon Freeman ( назад)
We all know how much Indians care about the poor, I think because of people
like you India is a backward country. In India on the road govt and private
vehicles run and airport and the skies both govtt and private airplanes fly
so why not Railway. UK rail contracts are given to different private co's
which retain the same staff so theory is falsified. . It is the duty of a
normal citizen to criticize working of a GOvt because it is run by my money
ie the TAXPAYER, I who fill the govtt treasury.

Автор nikcool1 ( назад)
oh hello phokat baithe aadmi(Freeman) the privatisation baba, can u arrange
for a million jobs which will be layed off after this very proposed
privatisation! jara socho kuch!private entities will run it for profit only
govt can run it as cheap for the poor man! non-sense, go and give your hate
speech somewhere else!

Автор nikcool1 ( назад)
1. my sympathies for your loss no one or nothing can compensate it with
anything. 2. but i dont think it was the "Dangerous Railway", accident
happen, on road, on plane and every sphere of life, it is the risk of life.
in this particular case it might be human error, but even that is a part of
life. even sitting in the safety of your home is not safe for that matter.
IR has pulled of a brilliant feat, the largest railway under one
management, it has carried the burden of people, the economy.

Автор Bodhisattwa Ganguly ( назад)
Indian Railways have improved a lot from the date this video was made in
1990's, Today most of Indian railways is electronically controlled and the
trains and coaches are much better


Автор kgsved ( назад)
I like snooty ooty and the steam loco up to Darjeeling town... Would love
to ride all the steam trains!

Автор Naveen Sharma ( назад)

Автор Naveen Sharma ( назад)

Автор evil crusher ( назад)
Even now ooty runs steam 2013

Автор evil crusher ( назад)
And finally 01:23 south india

Автор evil crusher ( назад)
Below 95 video

Автор evil crusher ( назад)
A royal blood in this video hmmmmm good not bad

Автор evil crusher ( назад)
Old documentry maybe 90s thats below 97 maybe

Автор evil crusher ( назад)
Xinyuan dont be a fool use ur brain this doc is bout train fool first wash
ur countries ass then wash other countries ass

Автор muralitharan venkataraman ( назад)
Being a Rly servent I am proud of this video

Автор Len Hummel ( назад)
India: a fascinating country of many extremes. but grinding poverty is the
worst and the saddest of it all.

Автор Steve Varghese ( назад)

Автор choochoo3985 ( назад)
Thank you for the experience of India, her people, traditions and trains.
An entertaining and educational experience I truly enjoyed.

Автор electropart01 ( назад)
Indian meter gauge and narrow gauge lover on facebook plz join..

Автор Dr.Alim Siddiqui ( назад)
Very true !

Автор Dr.Alim Siddiqui ( назад)
Agree 100 %

Автор Sushil Kumar Sharma ( назад)
Last 10 minutes were so hard to see :-((

Автор M Mitra ( назад)
im 62 and.....well...i remembered the time when as a kid coal partcles used
to irritate my eyes! And we had to have that through scrub after reaching
home......those were the days! Thank you NG

Автор Kizhakke Thankachan ( назад)
Udhamandalam Train ( Oooty) and Shencottai - Kollam might have been
included They are the best eye catching ones

Автор Ivan Dsouza ( назад)
Simply the best...if you watch it as an INDIAN - Jai Hind

Автор Torrarosa ( назад)
Thank you for posting this great documentary.. This is a lesson about an
Indian Railway as well as showing the great culture at its raw.. Thank You..

Автор Xinyuan12345 ( назад)
It still is a developing nation, that's undeniable. You can't change that
fact. But yes, I do sympathize with how you feel when certain parts are
highlighted (such as the poverty that a massive portion of Indians are in,
or the underdeveloped areas) and other parts are forgotten (the flashy and
modern cities). However, this video was not made with the intent of
revealing the "truth" of India. One can never really know much at all about
a country until they have lived/been there for a long time.

Автор siri kiran ( назад)
excellent documentary....

Автор ROHIT BHAT ( назад)
;( .... :)

Автор chudary tahir ( назад)

Автор Munish Malhotra ( назад)

Автор Munish Malhotra ( назад)

Автор Valluri Pramod ( назад)
I don't think you and we .we all are one

Автор TruthProvider ( назад)
Fantastic documentary. Thank you for sharing it.

Автор athmakur01 ( назад)
very nice documentry....

Автор Sona Mu ( назад)
The Great Indian Railway

Автор dusty visor ( назад)
thank you very much the share. i love the indian railways. more so the ones
that run on the mountains!

Автор Conducter49 ( назад)
Thanks now I know the reason behind it. I figured It wasn't a reference to

Автор indus valley civilization ( назад)
the swastika is used to this day in hinduism for many purposes. hinduism
has been here for thousands of years before hitler came and used it as a
symbol for evil purposes. it is like saying anyone notice the jesus christ
cross in a home. sure, people used it during the crusades to wage war and
kill scores of millions. so what? it's a religious symbol in its purest
sense. hitler does not own the sole right to use it. he made it into a
negative image for the ignorant and uneducated.

Автор 2311971 ( назад)
i m a pakistani and felt negative about india all my life. i think, videos
like this can change the perspective about india. i must say, i was wrong,
INDIA is amazing and indians must be proud of their homeland.

Автор Shabbir Sikandar ( назад)

Автор Jadu Bhatta (1855 лет назад)
Excellent documentary. One should not see only the negatives. It's no doubt
a good production.

Автор Conducter49 ( назад)
Anyone else notice the swastika in the cab of the Himalayan steam

Автор Mike Yen (618 лет назад)
Good documentary, the changing face of India.long live India

Автор Squalestang92 ( назад)
I remember watching this as a kid, I found it fascinating...does anyone
know how much the railroad has chamged since this documentary...Im curious

Автор aproopjoshi ( назад)
I cant say anything now. Well, HATERS WILL HATE BUDDY. Ask any1 they ll
tell u tat IR is d lifeline. U stop IR and India will never develop. Feel
sorry for ur sister.....

Автор Ramon Freeman ( назад)
What proof can I give you man, its just sheer personal experience, Ticket
checker expecting a bribe to give you a reserved seat - this has happened
to every decent individual. have you ever heard the wordss how may I help
every seen a station attendant on the station if you need any information !
. Brother Indian railways has the lowest customer service standard in the
world. . I lost my sister to a train accident a collosion so I know how
dangerous it is to travel on Indian railways !!

Автор aproopjoshi ( назад)
Proof to this comment?.. Railway employees take prided in serving
customers. but they dnt thnk d way u said...

Автор aproopjoshi ( назад)
Dennis Bhai!!! (Y)

Автор Satindra Chakrabarti ( назад)
A great documentary. We get a glimpse of not only the railway and the
network but the people as well. A very touching presentation indeed. I
deeply appreciate to the person who made it possible for the world to see
Indian Railway and its people

Автор theRealCrazyOne ( назад)
OMG! I remember food on the railways when I was a kid. Soooooo good!

Автор Suprit Roy ( назад)
Thanks for uploading! Brought back memories of long train journeys during
student days!

Автор lukebccb ( назад)
Sorry the term "metro" is actually the term and name of the underground
system in San Francisco AND "metro" IS the term used in the urban rail
industry to describe "heavy rail" in urban transit. Also monorails are
absolutely useless as urban transit. 1) the structures for monorails take
just as much room as the elevated structures for metro rail but they cannot
travel anywhere near the speed of steel wheel metros AND can't hold
anywhere near the passenger load of metros.

Автор Roger Williams ( назад)
metro (BE) subway (AE), monorail = a system of overhead rail links that are
usually built in overcrowded cities where space is limited. They are very
expensive. BE = British English AE = American English

Автор 300610028 ( назад)
most touching railway documentary ever......very touching by the end i felt
like those engines were a part of my life that passed away and i never
missed it untill now ...steamers were undisputably the most beautiful
creatures ...alas! they are gone

Автор Tapan Ashar ( назад)
Greetings Luke, U mean to say that the largest Railway in the World under
single management stretching forty thousand miles and connecting over seven
thousand stations and still making profit is not good... I appreciate your

Автор indus valley civilization ( назад)
this feature was produced in 1995 by national geographic

Автор Saurabh Kumar ( назад)
this video is very old at that time mumbai was bombay

Автор MrWilliamFu ( назад)
When that WDM3A? pass through that 'hero', his face looks very funny. =)

Автор indus valley civilization ( назад)
the video is not visualizing india as a third world country. it is
MARVELING at the amazing beauty and overall fascination of the steam engine
and steam railroad power. india as a subject country in the video happens
to be an afterthought. i know it says india boldly in the title but that's
not what this is about. it could be any land. it couldn't be any train(s).
many european cities and especially new york city and london have advanced
transit systems far ahead of india. you are wrong.

Автор lukebccb ( назад)
European and American cities don't have metro systems? You mean like the
New York City subway or the London Tube or the Paris Metro that were all
built starting in the end of the 1800s? As far as monorails that the
Europeans and Americans "don't have"? You mean like the one in Disneyland
in Anaheim that was built during the late 1950s?

Автор DivaysHome ( назад)
lol India is still a third world country. Stop living in dream world.

Автор Anubhab Dey ( назад)

Автор Gaurav Bhardwaj ( назад)

Автор Kannan Ramalingam ( назад)
A well made documentary. But its disappointing that the Nilgiri Mountain
Railway (NMR) was not shown. Though NMR is an extension of Darjeeling
Himalayan Railway (DHR), NMR has its own pride and beauty that its the only
train in India that runs on abt rack and pinion system.

Автор Krishna Murthy ( назад)
This is 50 years old recording. Nowadays there is no steam engines in
Indian railways except a small portion of Nilagiri Rly.

Автор indus valley civilization ( назад)
i love your comments

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