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Автор nightlightabcd (5 месяцев)
I think that in times to come, that India will wish that they had save a
few more of these wonderful steam engines. In time they will find that
there is money to be made for the old steam excursions. if not that then
maybe some in a museum.

Автор rajan k (2 месяца)
Indian railways

Автор Daniel DePasquale (3 месяца)
Id love to see another great indian railway documentary now in 2015

Автор A Singh (6 месяцев)
I become emotional when ever I see this video.

Автор kosopet (6 месяцев)
Awesome shot 1:05:30...

Автор kosopet (6 месяцев)
This a great documentary ..Indian Rlys should get this from Natgeo and
archive this and show it to future recruits.

Автор Nilesh Tambe (8 месяцев)
awessom video,emotional in the end

Автор Julia Limpin (2 месяца)
beautiful educational video--it sadly moved me--and wat sooo despaired me
is how those steam locomotives vanished without even any sense of
sentimental value!!!..i'd rather see them in some tourist parks..or
permanent exhibit--for their years of incomparable services!!!..GODBLESS u
for this video..thanks

Автор Shishir Dhruva (11 месяцев)
Thanks for posting in Hi-Res. I had watched and recorded the original
broadcast on VHS, later digitized it. Grew up with steam locomotives and
lovingly observed them until I left India in 1981. Still passionate about
them and will always be. The show bring backs fond memories travelling by
Gujarat Mail from Bombay to Ahmedabad every summer.

Автор Albera Cid (11 месяцев)
Nice hospitable!

Автор Naveen Sharma (1 год)

Автор Ganapati Hegde (1 год)

Автор Vishal Mandhare (1 год)
First i thought i will watch it only for 5 minutes just to check what it is
but what a marvelous documentary, watched it without any break. It touched
me as i am kid from 80's and 90's.

Автор Upendra Varma (1 год)

Автор Jitendra Balmiki (1 год)

Автор baban unstoppable (1 год)
check this....
INDIAN RAILWAYS:Rail Neer Advertise

Автор Abhilash Vadassery (1 год)
WOW.....Such a beautiful Documentary! True life of INDIA. Cheers!

Автор pullinthelateshift (1 год)
What a pleasant surprise this documentary was!! Thanks for sharing!

Автор Jesus Yanez (1 год)
Absolutely stunning and moving.. Cried throughout

Автор Jitendra Balmiki (1 год)

Автор Nayakam Murugesan (1 год)

Автор Akshara Naitik (1 год)

Railway jobs is more secured and comfortable to everyone that's why people
are interested to join railway..Thanks for sharing such a useful video..it
helped us..now a days Indian Railway announced their latest notification at
various department and i found more latest notification @ bit.ly\1jiEMXb

Автор Naveen Sharma (1 год)

Автор Britt Unculus (1 год)
Are there any Indian Loco. preservation groups?
Do something; get together; you have the skills; you have the motivation.
Act. Organize. Empower yourselves. 

Автор evil crusher (1 год)
A royal blood in this video hmmmmm good not bad

Автор Davinder Kumar (3 года)

Автор indus valley civilization (3 года)
@binoyrakesh enjoy it full screen on your large TV :)

Автор ROHIT BHAT (2 года)
;( .... :)

Автор Rumpelsrtoss Franz (2 года)
i got emotional by the end. but now i wanna ride the toy train, so we will
take our next journey to india.

Автор 84wolfcat (2 года)
Folks, don't get me wrong. I grew up riding the New York City's subways,
Long Island Railroad and New Jersey Transit to visit relatives and the PATH
[between New York & New Jersey] trains to go to college. I have nothing
against new and improved transit. However, hold on to the old. Do not
disregard it just to make money. Use the old steam trains as living
history. If one does not know the history, how will one understand the

Автор Kunal Ghosh Roy (1 год)
same video shots are from bangladesh!! pathetic NatGeo..

Автор indus valley civilization (2 года)
this feature was produced in 1995 by national geographic

Автор 2311971 (2 года)
i m a pakistani and felt negative about india all my life. i think, videos
like this can change the perspective about india. i must say, i was wrong,
INDIA is amazing and indians must be proud of their homeland.

Автор Manu Jose (2 года)
This is very old video and you western pepole are stil intersted only in
visualise india as a third world country.......open your cameras widely and
go to our metro cities and medium grade cities where you can see and
experiance the emerging india and metro and mono rail systems which
european and american cities still does'nt have......

Автор Conducter49 (2 года)
Anyone else notice the swastika in the cab of the Himalayan steam

Автор Jadu Bhatta (2 года)
Excellent documentary. One should not see only the negatives. It's no doubt
a good production.

Автор Saurabh Kumar (2 года)
this video is very old at that time mumbai was bombay

Автор indus valley civilization (2 года)
yes i understand it is old and that is the entire point. it is a
celebration of indian railway history. we will never again see the power of
steam engines and hear that sound of raw power coming from the engine car.
there are plenty of videos that show the monorails or new transport systems
but what fun is that? you can't see or sense the power of electricity. it's
completely invisible. with steam, you see and hear it. it is overwhelming.
it's a more sensual experience.

Автор Prakhar Sharma (2 года)
Greatest Video on The Great Indian Railways. This is fabulous

Автор indus valley civilization (2 года)
i think indian directors and producers aim for emotional cinema. western
cinema (well in this case) is a bit more realistic and a lot more
"journalistic" where technical details are discussed "emotionally" if you
know what i mean. i just saw batman the dark knight rises two hours ago and
comparing it to raone by shahrukh khan, i can see that bollywood compared
to hollywood is just different. not better or worse. just a different
approach. i enjoy both styles. variety is good in life :)

Автор indus valley civilization (2 года)
i love your comments

Автор Len Hummel (1 год)
India: a fascinating country of many extremes. but grinding poverty is the
worst and the saddest of it all.

Автор debasishroy (2 года)
I would like to see an electric engine made up to look like a steam engine.
It could play pre-taped sounds just as a DSLR camera does when clicked and
also not pollute. Pollution is not romantic at all

Автор dennis jacob (2 года)
see buddy im not cmparing it with tsunami.. its like no one liked to do
accidnt for fun...it smetimes hppes.. nd we are helpless.... if u hve so
much problem. den stop the railways.... India is ZERO without railways...
INdia can still survive without airways... bt without trains... NO WAY...

Автор dusty visor (2 года)
thank you very much the share. i love the indian railways. more so the ones
that run on the mountains!

Автор kgsved (1 год)
I like snooty ooty and the steam loco up to Darjeeling town... Would love
to ride all the steam trains!

Автор evil crusher (1 год)
Xinyuan dont be a fool use ur brain this doc is bout train fool first wash
ur countries ass then wash other countries ass

Автор Kunal Ghosh Roy (1 год)
same video shots are from bangladesh!! pathetic #NatGeo..

Автор Satindra Chakrabarti (2 года)
A great documentary. We get a glimpse of not only the railway and the
network but the people as well. A very touching presentation indeed. I
deeply appreciate to the person who made it possible for the world to see
Indian Railway and its people

Автор indus valley civilization (2 года)
the video is not visualizing india as a third world country. it is
MARVELING at the amazing beauty and overall fascination of the steam engine
and steam railroad power. india as a subject country in the video happens
to be an afterthought. i know it says india boldly in the title but that's
not what this is about. it could be any land. it couldn't be any train(s).
many european cities and especially new york city and london have advanced
transit systems far ahead of india. you are wrong.

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