Pokemon Shiny Gold X - How to get Treecko

So I was playing Shiny Gold X, and I saw something unusual. In National Park I saw what looked like a gap in the trees, and I was right. It led me to some secret meadow where this girl is holding an injured Treecko, battle her and she will give it to you.

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Автор legitchinese2 ( назад)
wooha you said this 3 year ago lol

Автор wedgeff7 ( назад)
@zoroarkcity This isn't Heartgold or Soulsilver. This is Shiny Gold X. Feel
dumb yet?

Автор zoroarkcity ( назад)
@wedgeff7 pokemon heartgold and soulsilver are not hacked gaes,and they are
for NINTENDO D.S!!!!!!!

Автор xXinsaneboyXx ( назад)
Does anyone know the diff between shiny gold and shiny gold X?

Автор Jockelite2 ( назад)
No you dont.

Автор Artreex ( назад)
do u pay for this when u download it?

Автор kirauchiha10 ( назад)
i seem to have the old version of pokemon shiny gold X where can i
dowwnload the newer version of it?

Автор DM-3003 ( назад)
Does this game cost money?

Автор p0lterpup ( назад)
i downloaded the game but i dunno how to use run it please help me?

Автор Jimmy Zhu ( назад)
Shoot, I forgot to mention it was the gap in the fence, not the gap in the

Автор Jimmy Zhu ( назад)
This was in the original, but it was helluva lot harder to notice. Hope
it's the same in Heart Gold & Soul Silver.

Автор lucifun ( назад)
no the buyed in game store is nothin like this because this is a hack

Автор Chilloa ( назад)
I have no idea, I've only played X.

Автор Chilloa ( назад)
Google is your friend.

Автор Tsukiakari4 ( назад)
Is this also in the normal Shiny Gold Version?

Автор Chilloa ( назад)
Shiny Gold X is the harder version of Shiny Gold.

Автор modest123 ( назад)
zigzagoon is findable in first field of grass. the one where you can find
Sentrets, Rattatas and Pidgeys ;] right after you leave new bark town

Автор Skawt ( назад)
it is just a fake remake that i can't figer out how to work ......

Автор penguin1375 ( назад)

Автор wedgeff7 ( назад)
Yeah, but mark my words: Don't Buy Hacked Games. Don't get me wrong: I love
hacks, but if you buy them, they're badly copied onto GBA carts, and your
save files always get corrupted. Just get them on the VBA and use its save

Автор Chilloa ( назад)
I don't remember, I found it in a forum on pokecommunity. They probably
deleted it because it was unfinished or just broken. I'll see if I can dig
it up and make a video.

Автор Chilloa ( назад)
Yeah, but the only versions I found would freeze up when, you get your
starter or start your first battle.

Автор Chilloa ( назад)
It's not a game it's a hack. Meaning you can't get it on a GBA or DS, you
have to play it on your computer. Google it and you'll have tons of
results. There's also more hacks than this, there's one where you play as
Team Rocket but I never found a working version of it.

Автор hidajua ( назад)
good eye man i wouldnt have noticed that

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