Infrared Fart Cam (EDITED)

Thermal imaging of farting.Yup. Thats what it is. People may have seen this around, we took it a step further.

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Автор ozzygeo ( назад)

Автор Jonboat Jones ( назад)
this is fake. it's funny, it's stupid, yes it's awesome...look what it did
to yall!!! it's fun

Автор Tony Lankford ( назад)

Автор Anthony Leake ( назад)
I met the FLIR guy who took this video. it was staged. he was holding a gas
cylinder on his left side.

Автор Mckenzie Thomas ( назад)
This is just so STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!😈

Автор SilenceSlayer224 ( назад)
Okay, let me explain why this is fake. In a White hot thermal camera
everything that is hot or warm will show up in a shade of white (ie skin
and body heat). In order for that cloud to be black like it was it would
have to be freezing cold and I doubt a freezing cold fart came out of his
body. I'm pretty sure that would cause massive hemorrhoids. 

Автор xSilver Phinx ( назад)
It might not be fake actually. The gas in this scenario is cooled very
quickly as it expands. Might very well be real. 

Автор 321iran654 ( назад)
Wahahaha that's smoking fart 

Автор Sir Cumference ( назад)
That doesn't add up at all, that camera seems really badly calibrated.. it
is detecting everything in the picture to be the roughly same heat and the
fart is appearing colder than the rest of the image. FAKE

Автор Selay Aktolga ( назад)
ahahhahahhaha LOL

Автор suspendmeassholes ( назад)
hahaha, nice

Автор Robert Brown ( назад)

Автор Curtis ( назад)
it's even funnier with sfx!

Автор dualismo2000 ( назад)
Farts are warm, so it should be white in the video. SO, is it a fake?
Simple solution: the man has in his left hand (the one the you don't see) a
spray can... Funny trick, but fake.

Автор Hunter Pawlaczyk ( назад)
true dat

Автор barbossamonkey ( назад)
It is common sense to figure out whether this is fake or not. If it truly
was a fart then it would appear as the same temperature as the body upon
escaping. Since this IR is set for light=hot dark=cold. A real fart would
NOT appear as dark. Last a fart consists of mostly methane and other
byproduct gases which do NOT show up on IR unless it exceeds more than 200F
degrees. Since the body cannot produce temperatures more than 112F without
shutting down then a fart cannot be picked up by IR.

Автор barbossamonkey ( назад)
1) Does your body jerk every time you fart? 2) Farts do not come out like a
jet-stream 3) Air propellant cans do however, not to mention they are
colder than room temperature. 4) Cold air will show up as darker shades on
IR 5) Methane does not register on IR even if it has been heated to body

Автор NoobyNico ( назад)
well, because it says its fake dumbass! "EDITED"

Автор Kiara Del Rey ( назад)
how would know its fake ...my cousins have done vids of infrared farting
and its pretty damn really to me becuz i was there

Автор pepperj1981 ( назад)
While you are correct in stating that IR shows heat as a lightershade...it
CAN be converted to show heat as a darker shade too., This video is fake to
be sure, all you have to do is compare the body to the rest of the "Air"

Автор Alexander Galloway ( назад)
who cares...i didnt know that...so therefore, it was funny to me...why ruin
stupid people's fun? lol

Автор whitefeather18 ( назад)
hey madden, ever think they coughed up the extra bucks to get a filter that
had a black-hot option? the crap you're spewing is worse than what came out
of that dudes ass.

Автор guitargirlUK ( назад)
LMAO of course a fart is gas and it's mostly methane (a greenhouse gas)
which will burn. Helium doesn't burn, that's why they fill airships with
it, shit isn't a gas it's solid and liquid. You should stop talking out of
your ass and get back to school!! Pay attention during those science

Автор Charles Wiggand ( назад)
farts are warm so ya

Автор luvin0 ( назад)
that doesn't make sense. Nice try though.

Автор Pandadentist ( назад)
nope its that like air in a bottle its cold so its black

Автор Kaleb Herrera ( назад)
i hate u all

Автор luvin0 ( назад)
its not showing air you idiot thats gas coming from the guys ass. Air and
fart are different things.

Автор pxrking ( назад)
Its just funny you jerk its something called "Comedy." Look it up assface?

Автор romanguard ( назад)
So fake, but it's absolutely funny! great work!

Автор celery k ( назад)
The color of the fart suggested it is a stream of cold air. If the gas is
body warm, it should be whiter. The angle of jet suggested it comes from a
horizontal outlet, more like a car exhaustion. The jet should point
downward if it fits the body anatomy. The concentration of the stream
suggests there is a hole in this guys jean. Which is not likely. So i
conclude the video is fake.

Автор Dreamlicker ( назад)
Heat is bright white on infrared.

Автор peachi93 ( назад)
ew, u saw like, the smoke of the fart.

Автор cptstubing ( назад)

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