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Автор peacelovemickey1 (4 года)
i cant get the link to work

Автор djspiderweb (4 года)

Автор ohhowsplendid (4 года)
idk if this goes for anyone else but when i hear certain songs from
degrassi it reminds me of that episode and what was going on in my life at
that time..

Автор peacelovemickey1 (4 года)
i love this song and i've been searching for the download link.
Thanks!!!!!!! My friends will freak when they see i have it.

Автор atara raven (4 года)
does she have a cd out?

Автор DegrassiMusic (4 года)
@YouraTrainwreck Hey! Yeah! That song is called Myself by Bryan Estepa. I
can upload it in a few! (:

Автор Stephanie Cervantes (4 года)
Thiss songg is awesumm:b

Автор BrknMldy1994 (4 года)
this song gives me goosebumps, in a good way ^_^

Автор DegrassiMusic (4 года)
I just added the lyrics to the description. (:

Автор Carolina Velasquez (4 года)
@googlyeyes1000 it was in her myspace..but then again who uses that..BUT
Then Again! you could have always googled it.

Автор 0Neliel0 (4 года)
thank u so much for postin this, i've been trying to find this song weeks

Автор neonpurpleviolets10 (4 года)
love this and i love jessica but i hate her character on degrassi

Автор becca paige (4 года)
my fav. : )

Автор EvilValenStrife (4 года)
Do you have the song that was playing when Riley was looking at the list of
QB's? I don't remember which episode.

Автор Janie Sullivan (4 года)
lovvveeee this :D :D :D

Автор 2people23 (4 года)

Автор ilovebooboo64 (4 года)
i love this song soo freakin much. ever since i saw that episode with this
song on it i couldnt find itt!! but imm soo happy i did now(:

Автор Courtney Facci (4 года)
can you upload "just a girl" lyrics pleasee???? i cant find them anywhere
and your the only one i can find that has great lyric video. it would make
my day if you could. thanks

Автор HannahxROCK (4 года)
I love this song. Can you put up Mr. Perfect too?

Автор DegrassiMusic (4 года)
@TwoOfAKindSeason1 I'll put the download link in the description box! (:

Автор TwoOfAKindSeason1 (4 года)

Автор softballlovergirl6 (4 года)
@neonpurpleviolets10 I hate jenna too, i love jessica(:

Автор TwoOfAKindSeason1 (4 года)
@DegrassiMusic OMG THANKKYOU SO MUCH!!!!

Автор Reema (3 года)
I love this song , I really hated her for stealing k.c away from clare but
since she got pregnant , i feel kind of sorry for her & i forgave her but i
love her music <3 , degrassi rocks & i hope the show keeps going on ! :D

Автор Johnny C (4 года)
It's on her MySpace page too along with other songs.

Автор Rbdgirl2 (4 года)
Love this song.

Автор Erin Krausert (4 года)
Hey! Could you find the song that was playing in Eli's car in "Try Honesty"
part one? I got some of the lyrics from listening to it, but I can't find
it anywhere!

Автор ynott 0 (4 года)
i love her and her charcter on degrassi!

Автор Carolina Velasquez (4 года)
thanks for the download link!!(:

Автор Jimmy Parker (4 года)
- i freakn luv dhis song i gotta strt listen 2 Jessica More shes awesome .

Автор Giselle Bucio (4 года)
@DegrassiMusic love this sing

Автор EricaMolinaro (4 года)
I love this song <3 So glad I can finally find it on youtube :D

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