CRAZY LATINOS | Rudy Mancuso & Lele Pons

Watch this funny scene of these crazy latinos Lele Pons, her boyfriend Ricardo & Rudy Mancuso from The Keys of Christmas special.

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Автор Juan- Rodriguez ( назад)
lele pons is fine

Автор Xx BruhItzLiv xX ( назад)
Is that his twin or something

Автор Teodor-Ioan Stanciu ( назад)
1st song? thanks

Автор Alexander Mercer ( назад)
that camera is so good

Автор Lady J ( назад)
You are whit Bebe Rexha in video!

Автор Steven Krazier ( назад)
attention whores!!!!! mount up!

Автор Leon Cloud ( назад)
His shirt has a hole

Автор Variety Videos ( назад)
i love the music in the end of the video... can someone tell me the name of
the song... ???

Автор oceans meet ( назад)
i love this😂😂😍

Автор RakRad ( назад)
outro song?

Автор Julio Urbina ( назад)
LeLe pons looks really nice

Автор Gracie Cravy ( назад)
He sounds weird with an American accent

Автор Amanda Ace ( назад)
i think lele talking way toooo fast..so the plot is confusing

Автор megablastiose booster ( назад)
Guy with beard is a shit

Автор Sheryl the gamer ( назад)
Don't those slaps hurt man

Автор Pedro Luis Ramos Martinez ( назад)
Where is the joke?

Автор Kis Kali ( назад)
i lovo you

Автор rudy v ( назад)
you stole my channel name

Автор ramy berzi ( назад)
when you have a smach

Автор Mariah Campo ( назад)
lmao hahahaha

Автор Maria Garcia ( назад)
lele and Rudy are boyfriend and girlfriend

Автор Maria Garcia ( назад)
lele looks so beautiful

Автор david perez ( назад)
you are so hot ruby

Автор Rayee Ybanez ( назад)

Автор Lornisha Bastien ( назад)

Автор Yura Shpak ( назад)
what's the song on the background?

Автор Galina Gause ( назад)

Автор evanatorsunite ( назад)
someone find me a video where lele DOESNT SAY SHES LATINA

Автор Fei Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Gaby Ciro ( назад)
I am Latina

Автор Engi Shaker ( назад)
i was the 76000 liker

Автор Bryna Crespo ( назад)

Автор Bryna Crespo ( назад)

Автор Eiran Carandang ( назад)
lele is hot

Автор Maya Alexis-jerome ( назад)
Lele looks great in this video she almost always looks good in all her

Автор Maya Alexis-jerome ( назад)
Lele looks so good in this video she allmost looks good and all of her

Автор Valentina Rivero ( назад)

Автор Melanie Barrientos ( назад)
Eh... wtf with this vid? It was pretty awful and I couldn't understand a
shit(about they acting) Le falto mucha onda loco, estuvo re feo

Автор Cool Hand ( назад)
alright I'm hooked..youre funny..glad they threw your site my way

Автор H Rosas ( назад)
Hey Rudy Mancuso Subscribers, I need your help getting this off the floor.
Its to start a Dog Shelter in Mexico!

Автор Jasmine De los santos ( назад)
Lol i laughed at this😂

Автор Sanjay Elite ( назад)
happiness is watching Lele's knockers bounce!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Bloom Sparks ( назад)

Автор Farah Montasser ( назад)
"You know how much these pants cost? Ten dollars"😂😂

Автор Dispensable David_Cr7 ( назад)
Ruby 2.0:Papa look at these expensive pants
Ruby 1.0:What?
Ruby 2.0:Like about ten dollars

Автор Rudy Mancuso ( назад)
Thank you guys for watching this weeks video subscribe and like for more
videos weekly.

Автор Justice Adams ( назад)

Автор Yesenia salcedo ( назад)
cloud city ...guess people don't know the difference

Автор hanieh Najafy Moghadam ( назад)
Am I the only one noticing a hole in his shirt at 0:44?

Автор Ruby Carranza ( назад)
I love your vids

Автор Lylia Issiridir ( назад)
I am Algerian and I love latinos 😍😍😍

Автор Timothy Ryan ( назад)
Lele sucks at acting I like Amanda Cerny. Lele is alright but after that
whole thing with her trying to sabotage Amanda I dont like her as much

Автор Wilmer Morales Rodas ( назад)

Автор viktoriadilja d ( назад)
are you and lele together?????????????

Автор Dane Pacheco ( назад)
0:16 there's a guy behind the girl with a dress on

Автор Camila Nova ( назад)
That's whith Bebê Rexha!

Автор KingMighty17 ( назад)
I'm not kidding bro. I kill you tonight. I kill you right now. that part
had me dying 😂😂😂

Автор Tania Juárez Aguilar ( назад)
hahahahaha 😂😂

Автор Juan Gallardo ( назад)
We Get it your latina but that you don' t have to mention it all the time
like if you the ñame Of this club doesn't make you latino.

Автор 7 cool Girls ( назад)
1:32 😂😂

Автор micheal manasseh ( назад)
Wondering why is there two Rudy!!😂😝

Автор Momo Ad ( назад)
😂😂 Rudy keep doing what you're doing bro

Автор Josie Lockery ( назад)
Way to short! Ily anyway😂💗

Автор Josue Ta ( назад)
Why the hell every fucking video is about Latino? We latinos and Hispanic
aren't like that. It seems to me that they still thinking the way people on
the 60's thought. It's 2017. Cut the shit

Автор Mr. mohanad ( назад)
what the actual fuck,lul

Автор udrea marcus ( назад)
hi rudy

Автор Debora Mejia ( назад)
Los latinos no son locos somos sychos😂😂

Автор Mr. Waffles ( назад)
Did Lele say Martin and Gabriel Iglesias?I love those guys!

Автор Jayde Taylor ( назад)
that wuz funny and i really didnt get it

Автор Livio Moreno ( назад)

Автор Ryan Sandi ( назад)
lele in this video looks so pretty

Автор Fiorella Mendez ( назад)
I love your videos. but you can try to put in Spanish

Автор nabilah jalil ( назад)
Ricardo sounds like Carlos.

Автор Francesca Brooks ( назад)
you both make me laugh 😂😊✌

Автор Zephyr ( назад)
Ive been a fan of rudy and lele since their early days of vine and i love
how good they are at acting. their taste in humor is awesome as well. Well
done amigos!

Автор Edith Perez ( назад)

Автор Almu Iñiguez ( назад)
"-You look like a flamingo
-A sexy flamingo" 😂😂😂😂

Автор Dontbeasheep wolf ( назад)
Is this a comedy? I'm supposed to be laughing.

Автор Deel Shehzad ( назад)
This man is something else 🙌🏻

Автор Hunnies Mellonies ( назад)
lol. i laughed so hard watching this. hahaha

Автор Casey Mckilop ( назад)
Make sure she don't delete ur videos

Автор Analía Pascua ( назад)
Qué lindo que es Rudy por Diooooooooos ♡♡♡

Автор Edis Lopez ( назад)
Everybody here taking this seriously chill god damn ya SE when esta casi no
Es verdad pero puta like god damn it's just a joke

Автор Rosa Islas ( назад)
Rudy put the song "That's My Girl" from Fifth Harmony at 1:33

Автор BurnRoddy ( назад)
Those are not latinos. Those are gringos locos.

Автор Estrella Arrieche ( назад)
ay Dios, la gente si sufre, disfruten del vídeo y ya, si no les gustó no lo
vean y punto 😌

Автор maria garia ( назад)

Автор maria garia ( назад)

Автор maria garia ( назад)
lele look's so beautiful when she has make up on💙💙💙

Автор Dubem Okoye ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks that most of Rudy and Lele's videos have the
words "crazy" and Latino" in it? No hate or anything. I absolutely love
Rudy. Just an observation.

Автор ELIO GAMER X1XX ( назад)
this was weird

Автор Jay Sar ( назад)

Автор Chris T ( назад)
You are so funny bro !

Автор Che' Rayner ( назад)

Автор Ronald Peña ( назад)

Автор Andrea Escobar ( назад)
A Brazilian and half Italian dude pretending to be Mexican, making a living
by making fun of Mexican people. Stop, just please stop. Your Italian and
Brazilian you don't know what it's like being Mexican so stop showing
racist people horrible made up Mexican stereotypes.

Автор Aziz X4 ( назад)
outro song

Автор Anna Oriana ( назад)
enrique iglesias❤❤

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