Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Truck And Trailer Mods

These are some of the trucks and trailers downloadable onto your san andreas game. If you want a request of gta mods i can do it if you want just message me!.

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Автор Harvey Wilson ( назад)
can you make some to bruh

Автор luna nation (1042 года назад)
help me bro

Автор richard haggett ( назад)
Can u make some truck mods for ios

Автор Thundercracker ( назад)
009 sound systems?

Автор 112ps3gamer ( назад)
The truck at 0:47. I have the front part but I dont have the rear oart.
Could you please give me the link

Автор kyle curtis ( назад)
can i have a copy on the mod please send it to kyle19981@live.com

Автор TYLER COLLINS ( назад)
just wondering can u get a mod where u can open the trailer to transport

Автор hirseljus589 ( назад)

Автор mercs200 ( назад)
how I install trailers in gta san andreas ?

Автор Виталий Сталин ( назад)
what's the truck name here 00:45

Автор MaddJoeGames ( назад)
download link please?

Автор MrSpeltips ( назад)
I will have links to all truck and trailer mods fix it Thanks!

Автор christianbangs ( назад)
same here man .. but SCANIA trucks which is from Germany really impress me

Автор TheCitycruser ( назад)
i love american trucks but i don't like german trucks :S

Автор Sagfører Storhagen ( назад)
where do you find a trailer in san andreas?

Автор Raven Tristan ( назад)
Ford truck with the flames

Автор davis28905 ( назад)
i like the monster truck ford semi.

Автор TheKereltje ( назад)
only scania!!

Автор xxtravisxxify ( назад)
The song?

Автор 777mirza777 ( назад)
no mercedes and scania are the best

Автор Manish Nagi ( назад)
nice mods at 00:20 AWSMMM

Автор 152jay ( назад)

Автор 152jay ( назад)
@Joshuaemo8 so do i....Enterable Kentworth with custom, enterable
trailer..i have a vid with me towing it:P

Автор karl marx ( назад)
can you give me the link? please?

Автор widyasenaputu ( назад)
hy can u give me link for trailer at 0:26 please

Автор Jaskaran SH SD ( назад)
Sir can i request you for a new mod for me.....plz contact me

Автор justLuca94 ( назад)
can u give me link ?

Автор Jayjay Rice ( назад)
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so cool mods

Автор XDWILL4Q ( назад)
how do install the trailers ??

Автор Farmer Ash ( назад)
yes it do cost 500$ every download tomigoescs haha

Автор Mike Litoris ( назад)
If you want Truck mods go to GTA inside, they got loads!

Автор joey lenseigne ( назад)
hey uh could u give me link for the truck at 3:05

Автор joey lenseigne ( назад)
i hate 009 sound system its gay why do people play it its fag music and
quer music if u denie and like it ur a faggot quer

Автор joey lenseigne ( назад)
can u give me link for the kentworth dump truck please

Автор MikeEustis (761 год назад)
3:57 -3

Автор Marius ( назад)
that intel trailer and the aldi track and trailer and cola truck is best

Автор mozes478 ( назад)
i like trucks in gta sa real what si your favorite vechicle bike, truck;
car; say it

Автор cschultz1711 ( назад)
Idk if you can do it on ps2 ha man but hey can you give me the car carrier
link I have pc

Автор Colin Blackwell ( назад)
yes can i have some of them mods pease and how do i put them on grand theft
auto san andreas please and buses on it but it is on ps2 but how do i do it

Автор Colin Blackwell ( назад)
yes can i have some of them mods pease and how do i put them on grand theft
auto san andreas please

Автор timothytt547 ( назад)

Автор janeau123 ( назад)
how to instal the mods

Автор trucker44100 ( назад)
@pbpbc Dude you are toayally right

Автор MrMrmike2010 ( назад)
can you give a link for the trailer from 1:07 ?

Автор YouAreEverything2011 ( назад)
can you mod them so that they are like the semi in that one mission where
the knock the shit out of cars??

Автор ZBecicka ( назад)
2:28 what the hell happened 2 the tires on that truck?

Автор Noah Miller ( назад)
@butcheredwards Look up "GTA SA how to downgrade PC" And "GTA SA how to
install car mods sami" (if u have a 64bit pc ur gonna have to go to OS(c),
programe files (X86) and Rockstar games and GTA san andreas when u
downgrade (confusing i know easy yes) just pm me or if u have a ps3 add me
(Racerdude96_ i have an xbox but not live right now but its RaCeRX967

Автор butcheredwards ( назад)
tell me how 2 do that plz ,is it on the special edition of gta sa?

Автор Trucker06660 ( назад)
@pbpbc no sir you are wrong, its the peterbilts that are the best. but
really u cant differ from them much. most of them use the same diesel
enigne as the other.

Автор TheSVB1904 ( назад)
Can you give me the link from the truck+trailer at 1:05?

Автор Delusional Thomas ( назад)

Автор xX3movamp1reXx ( назад)
@gzzimberisha download the sami installer from gtainside and ull need the
img tool aswell most mods have instructions but for vehicals u can install
the mod by the sami without having to unzip the files

Автор Chuggaacola ( назад)
the trucks at 0:47 and 3:56 plz

Автор Chuggaacola ( назад)
@MrRatty68 heres what alot of people dont realize, you CAN mod your ps2
game, ive done it, heres what you do: 1- have the skinny version of the
ps2, this one has the mod player. 2- burn a copy of the game onto a blank
cd disk. 3- have your computer to edit the disk where you replace game
codes with mod codes 4- enjoy the mods on your ps2, if this wasnt clear
enough, just ask me to explain it more

Автор AntDan ( назад)
can you tell me where to get these mods ??

Автор MrFlyersfan12 ( назад)
3:50 was the best truck!!

Автор Lazy Youmu ( назад)
why does it look like a 0:04, 0:36, 3:34, 3:48 look like they were
converted from 18 Wheels of steel haulin and is the first truck a
International or a Western Star.

Автор jerry ostermyer ( назад)
does this have to be pc or can it be ps2

Автор JoNniixD ( назад)
@gzzimberisha download the GTA SA mod installer (only for vehicles) named

Автор arjantopper1 ( назад)
There is the gay song again!

Автор metallicachannel1 ( назад)
were did you find the Scania truck at 0:32 ??? please tell me!!!!!!!!! :P

Автор Sambrero44 ( назад)
kleine frage.......kann ich die namen von den lkw beim instalieren ändern?
freue mich auf antwort(auf meine pinni):-P

Автор felipe123546789 ( назад)
where i can donwload this mod?

Автор m0mbuster ( назад)
can you tell me where did you download this? plz plz plz :D

Автор Ronnie Domino ( назад)
how do u download a trailer idk how plzz tell me

Автор Joshuaemo8 ( назад)
I got a truck mod that you can get inside with bed, Tv, sofa and etc.

Автор LuKaG96 ( назад)
give me the mod link;please.

Автор Truckaholic123 ( назад)
good video man 5 *****

Автор maiereanh ( назад)
how the f* u cna chance ur trailer i download a trailer mod but then i need
put it on a car but then its does freaky please tell how i can chance a
trailer to a other trailer

Автор gtaman08 ( назад)
where do you get those mods

Автор onionman113 ( назад)

Автор TomiGoesCs ( назад)

Автор onionman113 ( назад)
no b/c i downloaded one yesterday

Автор TomiGoesCs ( назад)

Автор onionman113 ( назад)

Автор Benjamin Cole ( назад)
some of those were cool

Автор Arch Elion ( назад)
dud nice dud i have that mode 2 aswome and u look kool and nice i got the
same things and trucks and every thing :)

Автор thedeadman1029 ( назад)

Автор TomiGoesCs ( назад)
no, its costs 500$ every download

Автор jennytoofohe ( назад)
is it free

Автор roadwolf2 ( назад)
only the pc version is moddable

Автор Dan Salisbury ( назад)
is this pc or xbox ?

Автор Jeffhardy3698 ( назад)
I like it to but the problem is that i got the ps2 and you cant put mods on
it =(

Автор mitchelman03 ( назад)
the blue and white peterebilts the best how do u get these

Автор daddy0786 ( назад)
How do u do it?

Автор SaddleClubRocks11 ( назад)
The John Deere trailer is my favourite

Автор Edward West ( назад)
what is the website to get this???? Anybody know?

Автор DontMissAlex (938 лет назад)
ok i have two problems at some truck mods i have only the txd files and for
the dff i don t know where to go to take them and second i don t know where
to find the arctic trailer can somebody help me pls??

Автор 4chanhatesyoutodeath ( назад)
i love all of the trucks

Автор zumm1212 ( назад)
the first truck is my favourite

Автор jakey cowen ( назад)
were do u get them from ???

Автор GTAGAME ( назад)
We dont tell it you

Автор PolandBoy14 ( назад)
After you put the mod where do you find the trucks????!!!

Автор hitchhiker38 ( назад)
why is there still no gta4 truck & trailer mods. They should be shot, who
ever thought it would be ok to take trailers out of gta4!

Автор VaccinesFan ( назад)
Go to GTA.inside,de it has a tutorial

Автор gzzimberisha ( назад)
can you tell me how to install them and where to download please i love
trucks like Scania & MAN TGA

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