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Автор alan moa (8 месяцев)
What is Loca Glue Lamp UV for? I dont understand what it does. Cant you
just take the loca glue and replace the screen without taking that blue

Автор Garry Williams (10 месяцев)
You say bubbles so much I thought I was watching finding Nemo !

Автор Henry Barracuda (4 дня)
You were doing good but you kept putting yourself down. if you felt really
bad about the outcome of your work, why post it? Thanks for sharing your

Автор Gwang-uk Lee (1 месяц)
what is the reason of using loca adhesive ? its better than attaching with
tapes ? 

Автор David James (2 месяца)
you hardly even had any bubbles... just push them out with your fingers

Автор grilledchickenwrap (1 месяц)
better technique is to remove the motherboard , front camera, sensory, this
way the excessive loca glue will not destroy your MB and Camera because
that's where the excessive glue will seep in if it cant come out. you will
have troubles with phone few days later my friend.. GOOD LUCK.

Автор Bogdan Barannik (1 месяц)
I just "replaced" my screen and cracked my lcd and digitizer. LOL.

Автор justme (1 месяц)
thanks my friend you ROCK!!!!! you show us more when you mess up!!!! i hve
been seeing ur videos and ur good, take care

Автор Björn Persson (1 час)
Boom Chakalak! That was soo pro dude! I like your bubbles!

Автор Lawrence Pearce (1 месяц)
Ok, to clarify he did a fine first job, and NOT using Loca will not cause
the screen to fall off, I'm on my 4th screen only, never had one come
loose, not the issue. The issue is that it leaves an air gap, and the
touch sensitivity gets whacked, and the screen freezes up. (hit the side
button, and it come right back, but annoying for sure) Mine is in this
state now, planning on doing this when my UV light arrives. I saw that if
you build a TAPE dam at the top and bottom edges, the loca shouldn't flow
over towards the camera.

Bubbles - Good video overall cause you can watch and learn from your
bravery. How many people would even have the guts to disassemble their
phones? Thanks for the video.

Автор o0Avalon0o (2 месяца)
On a similar project, I used small vibrations to remove left-over small
bubbles. If you don't have the professional tool already, it's cheaper to
use the vibrations from laying the phone on a clothes dryer. Handle with

Автор Tupetsi (1 месяц)
Hey zedomax,
I've done somewhat 50-60 this kind of repairs. Im no professional, but what
you should do is remove the AMOLED from the screen. Really, the glue that
doesnt get the uv-light underneath the colored part of the screen, stays as
a liquid and slowly makes it way into the screen and breaks it. In
addition, it's alot cleaner when you dont have the glue pouring out of from
the phone everytime you press it.
Your vids are great btw :)!

Автор cityboard (2 месяца)
looks like bubble trouble dude :P , thanks for sharing!

Автор Erik Cornel (20 дней)
thats not so BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA ahahhah

Автор Attila Bara (7 месяцев)
What's name this liquid? 

Автор hatem saleh (4 месяца)
I think the type of adhesive used was too thick in consistency than the
other adhesives I saw on YouTube. It would be much easier to draw out the
bubbles if the adhesive is more watery. These bubbles may even have been
trapped there inside the adhesive while it was still in the bottle. Maybe
one can thin the adhesive using some alcohol? Just a thought. Also, it
would be a good idea to practice the technique on two pieces of regular
glass b4 trying it for the 1st time, it might earn you some experience, and
save you some $$. Nevertheless, this was a nice and informative video.
Thanks man.

Автор gamerpaddy (11 месяцев)
fail, if the digitizer breaks again, you will break the screen when
removing the broken digitizer

Автор Mary Sharp (6 месяцев)
A few pointers 1) remove logic board, camera and speaker. 2) build up a
border with 3m tape keeps glue from spilling. 3) If you do get some bubbles
I put mine in a space bag vacuum and place in UV light to get a quick cure
then take it out and finish! No bubbles the first time!

Автор GIOVANNI CARBO (6 месяцев)
I saw another of your video replacing glass on cell phone but you did it
without the optical adhesive. You did it with the adhesive the screen
replacement came automatically with.
Would you recommend to do this procedure with the optical adhesive vs the
adhesive that the glass has stuck to it already??? Thanks.

Автор Steven Gerard (1 год)
I appreciate the honesty, showing the fuck-ups. Learning from mistakes is
valuable, and if they can be others' mistakes, even better! Thanks man :D

Автор pwghost (4 месяца)
just use a very simple vacuum bell ;)

Автор Ric Dip (8 месяцев)

Автор FATLEGOMAN (8 месяцев)
What is the difference if u don't use glue 

Автор Jonathan Theobalds (8 месяцев)
If you're making a video, atleast get it done properly. 

Автор Steven Gillion (7 месяцев)
lol its a tanning bed for tiny people lol

Автор Atrax2k8 (6 месяцев)
Ofcourse it doesn't want to come off, you just cured that glue under UV
light and you're trying to wipe it off with a dry cloth? I get the fact
that this was your first time doing this, but use some common sense. You
should have cleaned the screen before curing it. Also, if that bottle was
for 2 phones, how didn't it occur to you to not use it all on just one?
That amount of glue is too much for a 6.3" Mega. To everyone watching this
and thinking about doing this themselfes, do not rush it or do it in a
hurry, prep is like 99% of the job here, easy with the glue cause it will
spread thin, you don't need a lot, clean everything before curing. And even
if you F-up like this guy here, just remove the glass as you did the broken
one, clean up everything and start again (before curing ofcourse). If you
have a dummy phone or a non working one, it is a good investment to
sacrifice a tube of LOCA just for practice.

Автор Too Soon Junior (8 месяцев)
This guy sucks

Автор paulspydar (8 месяцев)
Dude I wanted to scream at you "stop" !!! lol stiff learning curve er?
ty for uploading though

Автор Robert Calderon (7 месяцев)
Where should I get my s4 fixed any recommendations

Автор vorkev1 (8 месяцев)
othern then to much pressure will break the glass what is the point of
adding the glue if you ever watch most people on youtube with all different
phones do you use the glue even some repair shops do not use it

Автор david glasgow (1 год)
I cant understand why you would make a video doing something you clearly
cant do, you should watch videos not make them.....

Автор krisspykrapper (8 месяцев)
Will this loca come off with a heatgun the same as the original glue used?

Автор Fvideos - منوعات رائعة (6 месяцев)
Thanx alot

Автор Tahir Hussain (7 месяцев)
good job

Автор jrnoobzero (9 месяцев)
also why wont you use a toothbrush to spread the adhesive to the screen
glass rather than the digitizer? it might prevent the bubbles.

Автор Siana Gearz (9 месяцев)
How about a little secret: the guy you borrowed this technique from, he
probably recorded 3 or 4 takes, laying it down, seeing bubbles, tearing it
all apart, removing all the glue, and applying it all again. And then he
showed the world only the take when it worked. That's not something you do
in a hurry.

Автор Cretu Alex (6 месяцев)
i`m glad you posted this video cause we can learn from it more that from a
video in which all went perfect

Автор Shaneel Chanderpaul (7 месяцев)
Thanks for your sacrifice mate!

Good tutorial though..

Автор Craigslist Administrator (6 месяцев)
omfg dont let this poster work on your phone you doooo notttt do this

Автор jrnoobzero (9 месяцев)
Can you make a video of how to root the behemoth samsung mega 6.3. Im able
to disable most of the applications but i will like to get rit off them.

Автор auaguirre10 (6 месяцев)
next time use less uv glue, and apply pressure near bubbles to push them
out. Also must cure for max of 5 min under uv light

Автор ettore rusciano (9 месяцев)

Автор Abe (1 год)
Can I just use the glue instead of getting the digitizer?

Автор Israel Salas (8 месяцев)
Not bad at all. But its better to remove the lcd/digitizer from the phone,
I can imagine the mess of glue inside the phone.

Автор optimusone1985 (8 месяцев)
You should have made some kind of turntable to spin coat the phone and the

Автор Marko Žutić (8 месяцев)
actualy i had bubbles too, and i pushed them out with force... just do
anything to avoid bubbles :D

Автор GTech (8 месяцев)

Автор Paulo Duque (10 месяцев)
Not sure why you attempted this repair without enough research. Good laughs

Автор Piotr Kula (10 месяцев)
Thats funny :) But great learning tips in this video :) Thanks +beer

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