How to (NOT) Put Liquid Adhesive Between Glass and Digitizer!

Here's me taking a video during my first clear adhesive between glass and digitizer on my Galaxy S4. This should show you how to put liquid adhesive between glass and digitizer on any smartphone while learning from my mistakes.

What I learned:
I ended up with a couple tiny bubbles, when I re-saw my video I noticed there's tiny bubbles in the adhesive before I laid the glass on it.

Also see the video I learned this method from:

So, if you do this, just make sure there's no bubbles before u put the glass on the digitizer.

This is my 3rd time doing this, I am just going to live with my bubbles for now, works great. I should have a better video next time I do this. BUT all of this still cost me less than buying a new digitizer assembly, not bad for little money.

And lastly but not least, don't break your glass in the first place.

To take the glass off the phone, watch my first video here:

And also see how I used double-sided tape to get rid of bubbles in my second video here:

Stuff I used in the video:

UV lamp:

Loca Liquid Adhesive:

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Автор alan moa (27 дней)
What is Loca Glue Lamp UV for? I dont understand what it does. Cant you
just take the loca glue and replace the screen without taking that blue

Автор FATLEGOMAN (18 дней)
What is the difference if u don't use glue 

Автор vorkev1 (7 дней)
othern then to much pressure will break the glass what is the point of
adding the glue if you ever watch most people on youtube with all different
phones do you use the glue even some repair shops do not use it

Автор Siana Gearz (1 месяц)
How about a little secret: the guy you borrowed this technique from, he
probably recorded 3 or 4 takes, laying it down, seeing bubbles, tearing it
all apart, removing all the glue, and applying it all again. And then he
showed the world only the take when it worked. That's not something you do
in a hurry.

Автор paulspydar (1 день)
Dude I wanted to scream at you "stop" !!! lol stiff learning curve er?
ty for uploading though

Автор Ric Dip (23 часа)

Автор Joseph Nguyen (3 дня)
This guy sucks

Автор krisspykrapper (16 дней)
Will this loca come off with a heatgun the same as the original glue used?

Автор jrnoobzero (1 месяц)
also why wont you use a toothbrush to spread the adhesive to the screen
glass rather than the digitizer? it might prevent the bubbles.

Автор Baby Jesus (5 месяцев)
Can I just use the glue instead of getting the digitizer?

Автор jrnoobzero (1 месяц)
Can you make a video of how to root the behemoth samsung mega 6.3. Im able
to disable most of the applications but i will like to get rit off them.

Автор TheFinnich (3 месяца)
Did the UV lamp worked just fine?? my conserne is, that its 36W insted of
48w that som guys use in other youtube videos?
To your video, i can just say its great. and super great that other people
can learn from your mistakes.. the bubbles part. good job. Thumbs up

Автор optimusone1985 (6 дней)
You should have made some kind of turntable to spin coat the phone and the

Автор Jonathan Theobalds (7 дней)
If you're making a video, atleast get it done properly. 

Автор Israel Salas (8 дней)
Not bad at all. But its better to remove the lcd/digitizer from the phone,
I can imagine the mess of glue inside the phone.

Автор Marko Žutić (19 дней)
actualy i had bubbles too, and i pushed them out with force... just do
anything to avoid bubbles :D

Автор G Tek (19 дней)

Автор gamerpaddy (3 месяца)
fail, if the digitizer breaks again, you will break the screen when
removing the broken digitizer

Автор Benjamin Kaleblevi (1 месяц)
Why not just talk about what you observed in another video, and lead people
to your research where they can find some real info. You'd at least sound
intelligent. Doing a video of "your first time is pretty non-professional",
and does not make any one to come back and watch you mess up. Peace.

Автор ettore rusciano (1 месяц)

Автор Shabaz .Qureshi (1 месяц)
Don't you need to cover the edges of the lcd with some adhesive tape?
Otherwise UV glue will seep in between lcd layers damaging the lcd and
touch screen.

Автор Thaddious Echols (5 месяцев)
is the uv light the same as the black light? I really hate to buy something
i already have....

Автор TheCraney15 (1 месяц)
Thumbs up for giving it a crack. I guess if you should fail you can jut do
it again. Heat gun and remove the glass

Автор Garry Williams (2 месяца)
You say bubbles so much I thought I was watching finding Nemo !

Автор Piotr Kula (2 месяца)
Thats funny :) But great learning tips in this video :) Thanks +beer

Автор shtewps (2 месяца)
Dude, you sound like Walter. JR

Автор prodigalus (2 месяца)
OMG LOOL >_______<

Автор Paulo Duque (2 месяца)
Not sure why you attempted this repair without enough research. Good laughs

Автор Erwin Jorissen (2 месяца)
You don't really need adhesive if you use the double sided tape and if you
have removed the remaining adhesives. it just works.

Автор weinerschnitzelboy (8 месяцев)
Optical Adhesive is no joke. If there were bubbles, I would just let the
bubbles automatically get ride of themselves. I would lay the phone on its
side leaning against the wall, so the gravity would cause the liquid to
displace the bubbles. If you put it under the UV light, it will only
accelerate the hardening process and seal the bubbles in. 

Автор Garry Williams (2 месяца)
Diss-assembly is easy, club hammer and job is done

Автор mike hernandez (3 месяца)
jajajajaaj you guy make laugh a lot! with the bubles lol!

Автор Roman Piljavskij (3 месяца)
Hey got 2 bubbles on the right and the left sode. It is very near the
corner. But when i heat the screen in this area, nothing happen, the glue
doesnt meld. I used the glue Form amazon, the red torpedo.

Автор Gustavinho Ronaldhino (6 месяцев)
You need to work and your speeches cause you just didn't know what to say
in some parts and kept going like hmmmm 

Автор MrCaffebene (6 месяцев)
hello zedomax, why is not enough just to use adhesive strips (on screen
edges) instead of applying a liquid adhesive on the LCD's center surface ?

Автор leann bortner-yasay (3 месяца)
Hi my name is leann and I have a question it may sound dump but idk what to
do... I got my glass off fine and my screen works if I tpuch it with no
glass but my replacement glass wont stay on and if the new glass is on the
screen dont work so if I put adhesive on it will is make my screen pick up
my touch 

Автор david glasgow (4 месяца)
I cant understand why you would make a video doing something you clearly
cant do, you should watch videos not make them.....

Автор eshneto (4 месяца)
Greatest video ever on this subject. I laughed out loud, but it is indeed
very instructive, thanks for sharing.

Автор Gu Xz (4 месяца)
Dont remove motherboard for remove glass ? lol. Impossible to get glass
fixed without 3M Double face. (Only if you remove lcd and use module to

Автор Sam Darkling (4 месяца)
well that was entertaining

Автор Roman Piljavskij (3 месяца)
Hey got 2 bubbles on the right and the left sode. It is very near the
corner. But when i heat the screen in this area, nothing happen, the glue
doesnt meld. I used the glue Form amazon, the red torpedo.

Автор Brad Smith (4 месяца)
Id be worried of the liquid seeping behind the lcd and destroying it

Автор OTR DERINVDEKJE (4 месяца)
whats wrong without liquid. nice working. and when you put liquid you can't
replace GLASS when you broke it

Автор leann bortner-yasay (3 месяца)
Hi my name is leann and I have a question it may sound dump but idk what to
do... I got my glass off fine and my screen works if I tpuch it with no
glass but my replacement glass wont stay on and if the new glass is on the
screen dont work so if I put adhesive on it will is make my screen pick up
my touch 

Автор caleb becker (4 месяца)
i know whos not fixing my phone!

Автор Phillie Blunt (10 месяцев)
My light came in today +Max Lee no bubbles

Автор Dervi Hernandez (5 месяцев)
Theres always a first time for everything lol

Автор sellabrationsolution (5 месяцев)
what is the correct video you watched from?

Автор Pero (7 месяцев)
Your hilarious dude LOL

Автор Sebastian Tejerina (5 месяцев)
What!!!??? ahah cleary u dkn what ur doing! XD 

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