[PSP] Let's Play: Dangan Ronpa Part I: Prologue (No-commentary)


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Автор mastershrew82 (1 год)
dude slow the fuck down

Автор XXXBloodGirl (1 год)
This game is reallyyyyyyyyyyy disturbing.........

Автор joshua Paul (6 месяцев)
As I looked at that cute girl with the brown hair and dark brown skirt, I
thought about how much I wanted to hit that and how it was something I
would never regret doing.

Автор AmalgamImage0 (1 год)
Did I just hear the ringtone from One Missed Call in the chapter one title

Автор Sad Shipper (10 месяцев)
Do you have any advice for problems with the text for JPCSP?
For some reason, it keeps appearing and disappearing until there are just
white boxes where the text should be.

Автор joshua Paul (10 месяцев)
So she won the Liar Game? Dang, I was hoping Yokoya would win.

Автор theHedgex1 (1 год)
anime version not as bad xp

Автор Kurospirit07 (1 год)
Ok, i switched my rendering mode to "Read Framebuffer to Memory(CPU)", but
it still wouldn't let me click on objects.
Please help, i really want to continue playing this game !!!!

Автор Sligneris (1 год)
Can someone help me? Crosshair in my game doesn't react to anything.

Автор Cloudminty (1 год)
I think my copy is broken or something... when I move the crosshair over
the stuff I'm supposed to look at it doesn't react. *sigh*

Автор ramenlovinggirl (1 год)
Thank you :D

Автор 1987VCRProductions (1 год)
You go through the text a little fast. I keep having to pause and un-pause
the video to keep up with the onslaught of text.

Автор TheGravityhero (1 год)
I've already got the version you asked for, but whenever I turn on Read
Framebuffers and changing ToMem and CPUConvert from False to True, it just
says "PPSSPP has stopped working", strange. I've also tried changing other
options and re-downloading the entire game, but for some reason it still
crashes. It works without the framebuffers but I wouldnt be able to

Автор Patrick James Ederango (1 год)
I Do exactly what you say, but I didn't find the ppsspp.ini file in ppsspp

Автор Danicide1 (1 год)
That is fixed in my next videos. I set it to auto and I never press x, so
it fully goes :)

Автор xplodax (1 год)
Thanks for taking up the time to do this Let's Play! But you go through the
text a little too quickly bro. At least hear out the characters when they
speak (with voices) lol :D

Автор 健大 三堂 (1 год)

Автор mad max (1 год)
Can you plz tell me from where did you get the game???

Автор Dr0Bam (1 год)
the anime for this game has already started its got 6 episodes so far

Автор Mo Senpai (1 год)
Don't skipping the dialog so fast.

Автор animfreak52doe (1 год)
how did you load this??? thee Daniel

Автор twilightsanity (1 год)
I miss the "You bastards" part that Mondo'd say...

Автор Handgasm (1 год)
You are my lord and savior.

Автор Johnathon Penso (1 год)
couldn't get passed it either, the X button part where you click on stuff
didn't work :/

Автор Jurai Andou (1 год)
I did. Basically, you've got to put it on 1x resolution and switch between
ppsspp and jpcsp to play. The reason for the 1x is so you can click on the
ppsspp and the reason for switching emulators is because, on the ppsspp,
sometimes, whenever you click on one thing, it registers as you clicking
another and this tends to be the most important thing which is gay. Hope
you can play. I'm watching the anime atm.

Автор Fat Cat (1 год)
So, when I try to play this game on my PSP, I can't move the cross hair,
everything else is fine, my analog stick works just fine as well since I
tested it on other games. It's really annoying since I keep having problems
with the emulated version. Has anyone ever had this problem on the PSP

Автор MsMau Mellado (1 год)
I have never used the torrent .u. But thank you so much for the link *Q* <3

Автор Sarah AlSubayi (1 год)
hi I play Danganronpa on my pc using ppsspp but it seem like i can't
examine it .. do know what to do ?

Автор Vocarashi (1 год)
i love this video so much :3

Автор Rush Journal (1 год)
Ok the one person who complained about the translation saying "Super Duper
High School" can go fuck themselves! These motherfuckers went though an
entire fucking game and made it into English for your dumbass. Then to
repay them you complain about them changing a couple of fucking words!!! Go
fuck yourself you fucking idiot...

Автор Picky Penguin (1 год)
PSP= play station portable a handheld system by the makers of play station,
I don't know what it is available for though.

Автор Shyro (1 год)
You're lucky enough that you even found the options. Mind don't even show
up for me to even change them. Each time I try to using Dangan Ronpa so
that the files show up a problem occurs, then I have the whole thing stops
working. ._. I have no idea how Zero even got Dangan Ronpa working over
there. Did I download from the wrong link? Well, I'm a bit curious now.
Just what link did you download your emulator from?

Автор Annette Wright (1 год)
The only thing I can't appreciate about the translation is that it goes
against the already established English version of everyone's titles.
"Super Duper Highschool Bookworm"? That doesn't indicate that her talent is
actually writing extremely well... I hope they patch it and bring back
"Super High School Level" etc.

Автор Danicide1 (1 год)
Thanks! Next video is finished, just needs to be uploaded. Will be up by
the end of the day! :D

Автор AlmaHeartfire (1 год)
Yesh I tried watching the anime and the beginning is too rushed hope it
slows down or I'll just watch the let's plays again.

Автор Clark Fire (1 год)
am watching this but in anime

Автор bulbasaurZC (1 год)
How about we all just learn Japanese. It's worth it. No more subtitles, no
more waiting for translations, no more seeing it through "their" eyes. It
only takes like 3 years to really get it, then fluency comes naturally.

Автор Danicide1 (1 год)
Yeah. noticed.

Автор xXF0RGEXx (1 год)
This jackass im trying to read it but nooo im just going to skip so you
have to pause to read.

Автор ILikeCreepyPasta (1 год)
Sakura. Just. Babe. Damn. Looks like she can take down a fire-breathing
mega shark.

Автор Danicide1 (1 год)
Project Zetsubou <---google it :)

Автор Rex TheUnderdog (1 год)
he isnt the principal he's dead -_-

Автор Danicide1 (1 год)
The speed of the messages have been adressed and made slower in later
videos. Please be more observant. Thank you.

Автор Yoon Roh (1 год)
he isnt

Автор ZeroRebirthFC187 (1 год)
You can generate the ppsspp.ini after you load at least one game or change
the controller setting on the ppsspp settings, usually works.

Автор Brandon Coe (1 год)
Tis a sad fate; I'd much rather solve all these crimes myself than watch a
Let's Player do them, but I suppose the anime is fine. xD

Автор ZeroRebirthFC187 (1 год)
Download PPSSPP v0.8.1-399-gb581b73 because the game won't work on newer
version. Then Run PPSSPP, go to settings, then click on the "Audio" tab and
download the atrac+ plugin. make sure its enabled. Exit PPSSPP, open the
newly generated ppsspp.ini file, Set FramebuffersToMem = "False" to "true"
and Set FramebuffersCPUConvert = "False" to "true" and then Save.

Автор davestrider999 (1 год)
15 isn't a very 'nice, round' number :T you can't half it properly.

Автор MsMau Mellado (1 год)
One question.... How do I download it :C ? I dont understand the way I can
download it

Автор gizelbelcoot (1 год)
So fucking wanted this after translation news , keep them coming and thanks
in advance. Thumbs UP!

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