Shake A Snake

Song by: Pinkard and Bowden. Digital transfer from 45. For those of you who don't understand the song and what it means.. In the south, we have what is called "Snake Handeling". Meaning, that you hold a snake and it will either bite you or not. If it doesn't then you go to Heaven but, If it does than you go to hell. But, This is one of my first creations and I made it into text form... Enjoy

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Автор James High ( назад)
this is the most catchiest tune thing I've ever heard me and my kin have been running around for the last 6 months singing and screaming shake a snake

Автор Dewey Avant ( назад)
I understand that David Carradine is part of the background vocals. Can anyone verify that?

Автор James Colvard ( назад)
Richard It's an absolute honor to have you comment on my video! I just now realized that it was commented on thanks to a friend of mine saying something.

I made this video close to 8 years ago when I just started working on video and audio editing. Obviously I've learned more since then but to see the original artist compliment the work I did is amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to comment!


Автор Man In Magenta Wig ( назад)
Says someone with "Jonas" in their name....

Автор SecretTimeWarp ( назад)
Wow! David Carradine was the last person I would've guessed!!

Автор capt777737 ( назад)

I am one of your biggest fans.

I'm a musician in my own right.
And would be willing to concerts of your songs, and Chilly Winds

Come on up we'll pick guitar.


Автор Richard Bowden ( назад)
Some interesting trivia on this song. The guy saying "oh, yeah" at the beginning and yelling "everybody" over and over at the end is the late David Carradine. Also, the high, ascending Gospel vocal lick is David Sommerfield, singer of the Diamond's "Little Darlin'. James Colvard, I've been meaning to tell you that you did a good job on the video. I appreciate the sound quality you achieved. Thanks.

Автор Judy Rushing ( назад)
no way would i hold a snake

Автор talkingprimate ( назад)
Lobster but Never Flounder.

Автор gejyspa ( назад)
1:27-1:30, it should read, "Well, they're weedin' out the hypocrites, the heathens and the fakes" (just so ya know ;-)"

Автор Mike Bregg ( назад)
I have the original 12" album, and I still love it

Автор Winston Tucker ( назад)
Riiiggght. Don't let that snake get cha!
Mostly in the beginning, Sunday go to Meeting (not Meating)
also Gospel, not Gosphel.
Sing-ing, and "small congregation "gots" a big cottonmouth".
Small stuff, just mostly spelling deals.
Otherwise a great job. I've loved this song and the whole album since the 80's.

Автор Winston Tucker ( назад)
Great video, more spellcheck please! I've always liked Pinkard and Bowden. I used to have this "live" studio album, it has some great stuff on it. Blue Hairs, Help Me Make It Through the Yard, Three Mile Island. Very funny!

Автор ladybloodrose ( назад)
XD Gota love them snbake handelin churches they are prtey much the ONLY reason we here in georgia can legaly keep native venomous snakes in our herp collections lol.

Автор blkntandogs ( назад)
I LOVE THIS SONG! I roll laughin every time I hear it!

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