How to Drive a Pontoon Boat

http://www.destinvacationboatrentals.com demonstrates how to drive a pontoon boat.

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Автор Rigo Alvarado ( назад)
if i rent a pontoon do you have some person who speak spanish for the

Автор AmarNathan ( назад)
Im thinking to rent a pontoon for the family but none of us never really
drove a boat, and renting a driver is 440 an hour. So can we just wing it?
or will they ask for like a permit or something in order to drive?

Автор HamRadioConcepts ( назад)
never once told me how to drive a pontoon boat..only how to backup, and
where to look when backing up.. poor.

Автор Matthew Farquhar ( назад)
2:37 left hand side there is a shadow of a shark :-)

Автор Jason Cain ( назад)
good stuff....thanks for the post.

Автор pete moore ( назад)
for you

Автор sean walker ( назад)
FYI one pilots a boat, boats are not cars...

Автор Destin Vacation Boat Rentals ( назад)
Pontoons are not constructed for open waters. I would recommend only using
one in protected waterways.

Автор MARIO ZUPPARDI ( назад)
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Автор SoundOfSilenceWolf ( назад)

Автор Destin Vacation Boat Rentals ( назад)

Автор SoundOfSilenceWolf ( назад)
your instructions were not clear enough, my boat is holding up traffic on
the interstate

Автор pontoonboatsupply ( назад)
Great video. Nice tutorial for those that have never driven a pontoon.

Автор skyeric875 ( назад)
Do not use a pontoon in the ocean, the hull is made to only take chop less
than 4-3ft. Not recommended, how i know is that I rent out pontoons and
people think they can take these things in the ocean. Then they come back
completely we wondering why there wet. Think of a Deep V-hull boat with
high gunnels and auto bidge. I'd say a motor more than 150 is good for
ocean fishing. Just stay safe on the water, happy fishing!

Автор WishIwasFishin1 ( назад)
I use my pontoon boat on Lake Roosevelt, big body of water. It works great
for the family pulling tubes and fishing. I really found a great product to
help me steer the big boat. Uncle Norms Marine products Orca fin mounted to
my 150hp Yamaha. It sure helps in the wind and helps to plane the boat, I
would recommend this fin to anyone with a pontoon boat.

Автор KsAdventures ( назад)
@NickGallardo520 the first 2 1/2 years of my 24 years of CG experience was
spent at a SAR station. Do not buy a pontoon boat for the ocean. Boats with
keels should be used on the ocean. It's just a disaster waiting to happen

Автор Nick L ( назад)
@DestinBoatRentals all right thanks you for your help

Автор Destin Vacation Boat Rentals ( назад)
@NickGallardo520 Sorry, I wouldn't buy one for use just in the ocean.

Автор Nick L ( назад)
@DestinBoatRentals all right thanks, because my dad and i are planing to
buy a pontoon boat, and we will be only on the ocean, so like my main
question was, are they durable in waves higher than 4 feet?

Автор Destin Vacation Boat Rentals ( назад)
@NickGallardo520 Hi Nick, pontoon boats are really designed for use in
intracoastal and protected waterways (like lakes). We rent our pontoon
boats for use in the Choctawhatchee Bay, Santa Rosa Sound, and Destin
Harbor. Thanks for the question! -Chris

Автор Nick L ( назад)
so are pontoon boats good, for the ocean, because many people say that they
are mainly for lakes

Автор itscloudyagain ( назад)
nice the water is sooo beautiful i wanna get a small boat for me

Автор Getsen42 ( назад)
Dude, you better hope that the rest of the way out the water looks like
glass as it does there, because if you hit any chop at all you're going to
lose the fishing rod not secured behind you ;-).

Автор HnEhonda ( назад)
i agree with yokid414 id rather our 440 searay

Автор Kevin Tran ( назад)
i rather take my searay 540 anyday i just sold my 280

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