Beware of the Bull ! Holstein sweeper with cows

try to get most of the cows in-calf with sexed semen (AI) But it is difficult to get them all. Will run this British Friesian x Holstein with the cows for for 3 weeks
Bull is for sale - A Home bred out of a Kendall dam (2000 gallon 4% fat) Used him last year as a sweeper Great at getting the cows in-calf . 2.5 years old. Good calves but seems to throw a very high % of bull calves :(

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Автор Cody Mcgonagill ( назад)
can't stand holsteins stupidest bovine breed ever

Автор Convoy81 ( назад)
Where's his horns

Автор DoubleDogDare54 ( назад)
Dairy bulls are real @$$holes. All of them.

Small wonder they have been replaced with frozen semen.

Автор eren mori ( назад)
The bull is so lucky, most are killed for veal and castrated.

Автор Theroaringlion ( назад)
Ya shouldn't have that fella in with the cows how do you manage when you're
milking. I'd get rid of him

Автор apocratos ( назад)
0:16 scary as fuck

Автор Daniel Alpert ( назад)
I don't know what is about the dairy breed bulls, they all have an
attitude. We had beef bulls that were wild when we got them but eventually
tamed down to the point you could walk up to them pretty much anywheres and
they were just fine with it. They do love eating grain and will tolerate
you as long as the grain lasts. We found out they do like a good back
scratching. Taking the pitchfork and scratching it along their spine where
they can't reach will turn them into kittens. They love that.

I used to work with a diary a few miles from our farm, and they had hand
raised one bull from a calf, and he was pretty well behaved. I treated him
just like I treated our beef bulls, and him and I got to be good buddies,
in fact, the owner of the dairy, when he sold the bull, he had me go in and
bring him out. The guys that bought him couldn't believe how tame he was
for a holstein bull. Only had 1 time where I was concerned about him, and
that was during a blizzard. The change in the weather made him very feisty.
He was even being a bit mean to the cows. I threw a big feed bowl out into
the lot with him, he went after the bowl, and I high tailed it for the
gate. Never had any other trouble with him.

Автор wize oldfart ( назад)
Never get between a Bull and a hard place. Bulls kill by gentle crushing.

Автор Gabriel Allen ( назад)
a bull were I live

Автор Grumpy Pig ( назад)
Sounds like a load of Bull shite to me. Bloody big gonads on that thing
though, a humping we will go.

Автор Irene Kenneally ( назад)
cross 1

Автор Gretchen Stormer ( назад)
That's mild I've had a bull that kept his eye on me while I irrigated the
pasture. Charged me while gathering, he went to sale after breeding season!

Автор mattbod ( назад)
never heard a bull bray like a donkey before.

Автор hummer reyes ( назад)
how old was je at the time and what did you feed him

Автор Stewie Griffin ( назад)
I killed my Holstein bull a few years back he was a savage almost killed my

Автор Pakistan Cattle Expo / Cow Mandi 2016 ( назад)
nice one bull.

Автор david west ( назад)
my great great grandad was killed by a bull

Автор Systorable ( назад)
These are easy-going, friendly bulls compared to the Heck. Even Heck cows
try to kill you if they're mean enough.

Автор Chase ( назад)
That music tho lol

Автор Jakqualyn Caldwell (496 лет назад)

Автор runningwolfkenpo ( назад)
I grew up on a dairy farm and I could not stand those holstein bulls. They
were so mean and unpredictable. 

Автор hermcook ( назад)
I have found a real good Stockdog is the best way to handle Bulls if you
must have one around

Автор Matt Fischer ( назад)
40 seconds creepy 

Автор ‫استثمار تيوب‬‎ ( назад)

Автор holsteincowboy ( назад)
The day my bull almost killed me !

Автор africkinamerican ( назад)
1:58 sounds like he's part donkey

Автор Clark Hitchcock ( назад)
Dairy bulls are notoriously bad actors in virtually any setting. Bulls
must never, ever be trusted - particularly dairy breeds. Holsteins
(Friesian) and Jerseys are probably the most volatile. They will readily
cripple or kill you. Having a bull grind you into the ground with his head
is not a good way to go.

Автор Simon Hunter ( назад)
Jersey bulls are grand but watch these cunts

Автор Ste Appy ( назад)
it has no bollocks Therefore no testosterone Harmless

Автор steve davies ( назад)
we bred friesian bulls - one was so vicious that we kept him with an iron
mask over his face and he was still a handful.

Автор demonicusrex ( назад)
protecting his cows, natural bull behaviour.
don't mess with his girls and there will be no problem.
he was telling you over and over to move away, his mellowness was in your
there are plenty of videos on here that tell a different story.

Автор j91ebd ( назад)
holstines are terrible out of 4 only 1 was a quiet baby but the other 3
hell theyd have ye as soon as look at ye

Автор ronald nelson ( назад)
mature Holstein bulls are very dangerous they are no joke especially at
2600 lbs

Автор Missy Doodle ( назад)
Heifers are unbred cows.

Автор Kelsie Beaulieu ( назад)
Females are heifers, males are bulls. Cow is the species. That's how I was
raised to believe anyway.

Автор eques101 ( назад)
I worked on a dairy a while back and I remember we had 2 bulls, one jersey
and one Holstine, the Holstine got out with the cows one day and you can
imagine the time we had trying to get him back in his pen.

Автор DANFORTHPAPE1 ( назад)
Oh yes. Look at the video 'Survivor stories episode 7'. This is about a
Holstein bull attack. You can understand why most dairy farmers use A.I.
instead of bulls, and why when dairy bulls are kept on farms they are in
pens, and very rarely in the fields with the cows. This video shows you why!

Автор eques101 ( назад)
that's actually pretty interesting. I agree that beef bulls are less
dangerous, and I have only met a few that have been aggressive but my god
those dairy bulls will go for you!

Автор eques101 ( назад)
we had a bull like him get out with the cows once. not fun

Автор XmenMagnetoAcolytes ( назад)
No. That is a Bull that got his horns removed for safety purposes. But he
will still head butt & stomp a mudhole in a person if they get close to him
or his cows.

Автор 1HarryH ( назад)
The bull just defending his territory, the bulls are not aggressive unless
they are rib belt

Автор Townshipfarmer ( назад)
I have 3 year old brown Swiss bull that acts the same way. Beef bulls are
most defiantly safer to work around. Worked around dairy and beef bulls.
Never had problem with any beef bull regardless of breed. Every ding dairy
bull I have been around wanted to kill me lol

Автор DANFORTHPAPE1 ( назад)
Dairy bulls are more dangerous because the breeds have been domesticated by
man relatively recently. i.e. in Victorian times in some cases. What are
now beef breeds were dual purpose cattle in Saxon times and other eras old
history (iron age, bronze age etc) and women had to look after the cattle
all day while men hunted. Consequently they only bred from the most docile
ones, and this was continued for centuries. Charolais cattle were used by
the Romans draught oxen.

Автор DANFORTHPAPE1 ( назад)
You think that doesn't look mean? What do you think would happen to you if
you were the other side of the gate?>

Автор mrdann42 ( назад)
Dairy bulls are more dangerous then beef bulls, i don't know why that is.
Holstein and Jersey bulls are two of the worst they are most dangerous and
aggressive bulls compared to the beefs. You can ask any dairy farmer that
and they will agree with me

Автор holsteincowboy ( назад)
All cows are female :)

Автор Ellie Allen ( назад)
i mean a female cow

Автор Ellie Allen ( назад)
that is a male cow

Автор holsteincowboy ( назад)
Were you ok after the attack ?

Автор BamfFromLA ( назад)
This looks like a dairy bull. He doesn't look too mean.

Автор holsteincowboy ( назад)
His daughters are now milking - Medium sized,good milkers , excellent
feet/legs and udders I do - If you do a search for "Milking time on
ayrshire dairy farm" it should show up. Thanks for the sub btw I am from
North Ayrshire Scotland

Автор Rolonda Fox ( назад)

Автор RoutaAskel (1495 лет назад)
We had a holstein bull once. I have never seen friendlier creature.

Автор holsteincowboy ( назад)
Hi, So far 7 of his daughters are milking. They all have good feet/legs,
great udders and are milking well. Bad news is they are difficult to milk .
They keep kicking off the cluster.Hopefully they will stop this soon ! Will
post a vid of them when i get the time

Автор gottagoat ( назад)
That bull just bayed like a donkey!!!! WUWT??/

Автор JollyMud ( назад)
whats the other 55%?

Автор Jacob Miller ( назад)
It's a giant guinea pig at 1 58!

Автор Alexcool1245 ( назад)

Автор Brandons1217 ( назад)
hahahaahahahahah 1:57

Автор holsteincowboy ( назад)
95% female calves with sexed semen.

Автор sarah c ( назад)
what do u mean by cows in-calf with sexed semen, is that like percent male
and 50 percent female? why do u need that???

Автор bigmarkpepper ( назад)
If he's got a ring in his nose, grab it and twist and when he turns sharply
to run away, kick it up the arse!! Worked for me!

Автор wafhsecl ( назад)
yeah...i would have to agree with that other than the brahmans i mentioned
in my previous comment

Автор Daniel James ( назад)
herefords are the calmest i reckon

Автор wafhsecl ( назад)
@msouthworth1978 you got that one right...holstein bulls are the most
aggressive tempermental bulls of any bull in the cattle category.. the
calmest tempered bulls i would have to say would be the brahman(a breed
from india)although their enormous size would make you think otherwise

Автор Toxiic991 (1482 года назад)
Thats why im artificaly inseminating them I dislike the bulls sometimes
when they try act boss and when it gets under controll esp with the big

Автор IMightJustBeWrong ( назад)
I remember hearing more people we killed by tups than cattle. Suppose there
handled much more closely though.

Автор カミニックス ( назад)
2:00 - Pig cow

Автор sid sidney ( назад)
Why wind them up. No wonder more townies and thick people are getting
trampled to death in the countryside. Townies don't respect the countryside
only moan about the country ways of living, shooting, hunting or netting
animals for food.

Автор Heatseeker872591 ( назад)
in my experienced only cows have charged at me the big muscular bull runs
from me lol

Автор Woodland Warrior ( назад)
45% of agricultural fatalities are caused by bulls

Автор onlyhuman1954 ( назад)
was out walking up the hills once and we became aware of being watched...a
bloody massive bull!! nowhere to go, nowhere to hide except behind some
drystone walling which he could have knocked down like it was made from
lego. never been so freaked out in all my life!! he let us go. cows/bulls
are DANGEROUS. we were very very lucky. never been back when the cattle are
on the hills. beware of them. they WILL kill you if the mood takes them.
only good bovine is on a plate!1

Автор Madmick1978 ( назад)
Friesian/Holstein bulls Are Not to be tangled with,they will kill you given
half a chance.

Автор JCB411abuser ( назад)
british friesian not holstein

Автор Belladogminder ( назад)
Beautiful Beastie. I would want a good fence between him and me. Never to
be trusted!

Автор mrdann42 ( назад)
@LIBRETAVIEJA as far as i know from what dad always told me, holstein and
jersey bulls are the worst out of all the dairy breeds for pretty much
being completely psycho

Автор LIBRETAVIEJA ( назад)
One must always be carefull with bulls fromm any breed but bulls from
milking breeds are more agressive than the beef breeds this includes both
Holsteins and Jerseys.

Автор 45JTC ( назад)
@nater1051 youre right, they dont get near as big but there crazier

Автор nater1051 ( назад)
@45JTC jersey bulls are worse then holstein

Автор sundown299 ( назад)
get him a bull ring, thats it

Автор jesse smith ( назад)
yea theyre known killers love em though

Автор Lowcod ( назад)
lol WTF ?! 1:58

Автор 45JTC ( назад)
gotta be careful with them damn holstein bulls, worked at a dairy for 2
years once they got up to 1600 lbs they were gone, mean bastards

Автор XxRisingVelocityxX ( назад)
hes a realy nice bull!

Автор moppy1969 ( назад)
He's a beauty!

Автор denie178 ( назад)
nice bull... gud square lad with a gud top an rib and feet an legs..!! best
of luck withi.. funny u say that about him throwin bull calves its usually
the other way round with stock bulls..!!

Автор holsteincowboy ( назад)
@G1LB3RT1 Sony HDR HC5 Records to DV tape

Автор G1LB3RT1 ( назад)
Great video! what camera do you use? the quality is stunning!

Автор tractorboydavid ( назад)
corr, look at the size of him we have an angus called prince who's wider
but not taller =D but prince he is a dosile thing unlike this one you have!
oh and your not surpposed to say high percentage of bull calfs, that wont
sell him will it!

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