How to Make A Melody Jump Dance !!!

Listen & please, Comment And Rate !!!!!! Sorry For Quality (Video and Audio)
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Автор KaMiKaZe Dino ( назад)
Grant Lewis!!!!!1 plz...make tutorial for ur "no Title"

Автор Fireflz ( назад)
oh god, so coooll

Автор ElectroDanceMusique ( назад)
really like it

Автор Kristian Turell ( назад)
so cool 

Автор Protection Of Music ( назад)

Автор himawan ramaditya ( назад)

Автор Vojtěch Hájíček (Hajda) ( назад)
Oh boy. I guess back then when he made it, he would be all like „WTF is

Автор pla5mabug ( назад)
hey check my mix with this melody ive just created soundcloud
kevin-h-monzalvo/ nova-original-mix

Автор Jasper Treffers ( назад)

Автор Tanner Richey ( назад)
I started tapping my foot, its good. 

Автор CalebsCreativeCorner ( назад)
at least at first it did ^.~

Автор CalebsCreativeCorner ( назад)
sounds like basshunter :P

Автор Watchgirl [Elise] ( назад)
thank you ;)

Автор Jasper Treffers ( назад)
you can find it on pirateproxy(.)com

Автор Jasper Treffers ( назад)
ALWAYS... just crack it :)

Автор Dj Star4ification ( назад)

Автор masterchiefsbuddy ( назад)
That is fuckin epic. Lol

Автор Watchgirl [Elise] ( назад)
where you get the crack ?

Автор Mr Krabs ( назад)
You inspired me to make something close to this, AND IT IS 3PIC ON ALL

Автор RageCowProductions ( назад)
I seriously can't find this Nexus XP anywhere. halp.

Автор Zoom ( назад)
who can help me???? My skype id is talha_tayyab any one sand me setup of
fruity wrapper please... my Email tayyab9@gmail.com

Автор Steve Dobson ( назад)
This video training is very really good... If you actually lookup Beat
Generals on youtube they have other dope info on this though.

Автор SernchezDE ( назад)
Please make a whole track!! 

Автор julienne freeman ( назад)
theres a joke in there somewheres ha ha ha anyways i got nexus if you want
it fully working email me for more info 

Автор Mistic Mike ( назад)
PLEASE READ* I'm a 13 year old DJ trying to get some viewers so if you
could just take a minute and check out my channel I would greatly
appreciate it

Автор Rasheed D3RaR ( назад)
where did you get those categories on the nexus

Автор jose dario corredor cruz ( назад)
where I can download the libraries with these types of sounds please

Автор henrik karpinski ( назад)

Автор Lukas Vido ( назад)

Автор Str1cutr3 ( назад)
can someone please explain to me the point of having preset packs for nexus
or massive... wouldn't it be better just to learn how to make the sounds

Автор thynature ( назад)
nice video!

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
I searched on google, really =)

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
It's not a demo or a buying, this is just a crack

Автор Alexsir ( назад)
Is there a demo of nexus or do you have to buy it for like 249 euros to

Автор Jonah Block ( назад)
why not

Автор caxi404 ( назад)
Sick!!!!! where dyu get such nice kits though.. the dance kits 

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
Hey, yes you can used it. Share me your work when you finish it :) I want
to listen that ! 

Автор RZDude22 ( назад)
Hey man great stuff. Would you mind if i used this melody? i want to make a
kwaito version of it (for non commercial purposes) :) 

Автор anonimo dmtrecordz ( назад)
find it lol

Автор Timon Nick ( назад)
Crack this shit :D or buy it for 299$/1499$ 

Автор gordorodo ( назад)
awesome melody! are you following any scale?

Автор Hawk Games (517 лет назад)
you should start to be like skrillex and deadmau5 im sure you can make
mixes and stuff 

Автор p18g ( назад)
but why?

Автор CodIce Music ( назад)
dude can you tell from where did you get that more presets of nexsus please

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
The song haven't got a name ^^ Sry

Автор panzerchek9999 ( назад)
Hey, What song is this? Or were you improvising? If you could tell me the
song name i would be over the moon. :)

Автор Felipe Motta ( назад)

Автор DJ ARMAN ( назад)

Автор unapresmididelibre ( назад)
c'est très sympa mais ça a l'air un peu compliqué ;) bravo

Автор 2callofdutty ( назад)
yes i can hit me up in my inbox

Автор Arthur Nielsen ( назад)
hey anyone, who can make a piano rap beat. Me and my friend need a beat to
record a song. we will pay you? 

Автор Tony Mtz ( назад)
it still sounded nice, but i must admit i lol'd at the random soundgoodizer

Автор distorted penguin ( назад)
midi??? lol 

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
Hahaha x) I agree with you, but I don't know why people likes this. It's
just an old melody... and this is an old video, at this time , the mixing
and mastering didn't exist for me ^^ Check out my soundcloud, maybe you
will surprised 

Автор BrunoM101 ( назад)
you think that sounds good ? im not talking about the melody, but the
processing and mastering ...

Автор Andrew Forsythe ( назад)
where can i get the VEC1 sounds acid pack?

Автор Sascha schleser (Suichyro) ( назад)
ultra win :D

Автор KrissTutorial Shock ( назад)
Your computer laags :D

Автор Frosty TheSnowzombie ( назад)
Looks like? What type of 3D Music have you been listening to?! 

Автор ImLandaa ( назад)
thanks ! ;)) like ! 

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
1 > Ctrl + Clic, for select 2 > Hold on Shift + Clic, for copy

Автор ImLandaa ( назад)
how do yo do the copy/paste of the min 1:40 ?? :(( 

Автор iXtcDrgn ( назад)
How do I get all those sounds in my Nexus? I have Nexus 2

Автор xdixxion ( назад)
you can free full version dowload ;) 

Автор Tyler Linton ( назад)
can you get the reFX nexus for free?

Автор daredevil71789 ( назад)
Yup. refx.com/products/nexus/expansions/ Scroll down a bit and you;ll find
it. I remember hearing about a working torrent on tpb too.

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
Nexus 1 

Автор Timothy Stent ( назад)
nexus 1 or 2? 

Автор Deejay Kayer ( назад)
not a pro song, every time u change notes, like u don't know what r u doing

Автор Iamthemuffinman ( назад)
Can i get the FLP

Автор Glitchkatten ( назад)
I couldn't find it anywhere online. And does it work with nexus 2?

Автор daredevil71789 ( назад)
It's the hardstyle expansion :P

Автор Glitchkatten ( назад)
What expansion did you have for the hardstyle sounds?

Автор HiggarN Higgs (465 лет назад)

Автор multispiderman 2099 ( назад)
Where i find Nexus?? 

Автор Dan Mooney ( назад)
@razorsharpomaster It is free!!!

Автор Nicoladen ( назад)
I cant find them :'(

Автор DJ Sketch ( назад)
You should totally put this melody in a song, its great! :D

Автор DJ Rizikko Official ( назад)
Well its free if you download it from pirate site xD

Автор spyrozo ( назад)
Who pays you for that B!TCH!!!!

Автор Chris Olson ( назад)
I want it

Автор Ali Majid ( назад)
i had cracked fl studio 10.0.9 if any one wants massage me

Автор Jakub Bukaj ( назад)
This nexus is not included In Downloaded FL Studio nor in purchased
version. You need to download it. I downloaded it from Torrent It had less
than 4GB. try thepiratebay*se

Автор Jakub Bukaj ( назад)
I can say that expensivest FL cost 399$ when you order a box when you order
a program it cost 299$ but look for yourself on imageline*com

Автор Mike, TheAnimated ( назад)
Whoa,...how do you make it look like that?

Автор DaRobloxYoutuber ( назад)
EPIC EPIC EPIC.. I cant stop listening to dis

Автор Alex Connolly ( назад)
Or he could crack it like OP? ;)

Автор Oskar Larsen ( назад)
cool video, very good. but have a small question I am a boy who is new with
fl studio and wondering how to get the kind of filter? For example, the
song becomes louder and louder if you understand

Автор NoiseSoundProd (194 года назад)
go on imageline/com ;-)

Автор Detriniov ( назад)
how much does FL cost?

Автор NsFPeAcE ( назад)
Can I ask you how much higher pitch will eventually hit the same
key/note/tone as the original file? I want to have low and high pitched
voices in my song, but it sounds really fucking weird right now... 

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
I think it's Blue Strobe ;)

Автор SuperFruityMusic (996 лет назад)
Which skin do you use? :)

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
I only modify it in Edison for the bpm or in the playlist with the stretch
mode. And i choose it for a harmony with my melody on key too , or i modify
it in Newtone

Автор AdlesOfficial ( назад)
ahhh do you mix the speech from the acapelle or just take any acapella ??

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
Thank you for listen to my sounds:D and for my vocal I just download
accapella ^^

Автор AdlesOfficial ( назад)
YOUR INCREDIBLE i listen to songs on your soundcloud page ... How do you
make you vocals pls ?????

Автор DJ Rimbo ( назад)
Rimbo21-summer is coming ...... is your melody :)

Автор NoiseSoundProd ( назад)
Le Flp n'est pas disponible, désolé. Cette "production" est très vieille et
j'en ai perdu les fichiers. Je vous invite à copier la mélodie (pour les
intéressés) ainsi qu'à trouver vos sonorités correspondant à vos gouts. ;)
Bonne Continuation.

Автор mathieu cois ( назад)
jaten toujour le flp :D

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