How to unlock the Blackberry Bold 9700 (Rogers, T-mobile)

Cellfservices.com makes unlocking your phone an enjoyable and simple experience. We provide the quickest turnaround times and the most accurate codes. Do it yourself anywhere, anytime! Eliminate your roaming fees now!

After purchasing an unlock code at http://www.cellfservices.com/store/unlock-blackberry-bold-9700-onyx.html you can follow these step by step instructions to unlock your Blackberry Bold 9700 locked to the Rogers, T-mobile or any worldwide network. All other Blackberry unlock codes can be found at http://www.cellfservices.com/store/unlock-blackberry

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Автор othishka ( назад)
I have the blackberry 9810 it has Enter BlackBerry" code so I can not enter
it as you just did yours. 

Автор Bishal271 ( назад)
thanks .........and i cant update to os6 after finishing all process the
apploader shows >no action required............and it shows successfully
update..............so how to update it

Автор Brendan Charlton ( назад)
where can i find the unlock code? 

Автор Bishal271 ( назад)
I want to remove password from my blackberry bold 9700 bold but when i
enter into password >enable disable,there is a lock icon........how to
enable or disable the password

Автор Seanta Marshall ( назад)
My phone is already unlocked, but i cant send text messages, I can only
recieve them. Do you know whats wrong with my phone, and what I can do to
send a text?

Автор nasir jones ( назад)
Sorry i meant i can't get the prompt pop up, and i did exactly as you said.
anything i might doing wrong? i am with telus

Автор tbone69069 ( назад)
Can I use the same sim card if I give the phone to my sister who is on a
different carrier? I notice that my phone# shows up on the Identity and
associations section.

Автор sam white ( назад)
well how di i get my code for it

Автор Rémi Carreiro ( назад)
can't get the MEP2 menu to pop up at all. My entire list says that they're
disabled. does that mean it's already unlocked? 

Автор Murda Rich ( назад)
i have a digicel sim card i live in jamaicia would it work if i unlocked

Автор Aoife O'Sullivan ( назад)
Where do i find the unlock code? 

Автор Bahar Sulymonkhail ( назад)

Автор ~Super_12~ ( назад)
i need help unlocking a BB 8830

Автор Kodak White ( назад)
Actually if you still have the same problem you could get the password
wrong 10 times then your blackberry will reset as if you just got it.

Автор linda richards ( назад)
hi my partner just got blackberry bold and she started setting it up put
password in it know wen she goes to unlock to use it it wont accept it is
there anything she can do to get round it weve taken battery out put back
in but same still pls help 

Автор Che Pie ( назад)
how can I disable the screen lock without the correct password?....I havent
used up all of my attempts.

Автор Leo Pope ( назад)
what can you do if when you get to the sim card menu in advanced options it
says: SIMdisabled and NetworkDisabled? On the home menu it registers my O2
sim card 

Автор cortezforever ( назад)
Hello, Some cab driver has my blackberry please can you help me to track
it? In the UK. I have some type of gps software on my phone if that will

Автор Angelo Feliciano ( назад)
plz help me how could i open my 9700 if the unlock code left is zero or
there is no left to try to unlock what could i do

Автор Katrina Elliott ( назад)
in the SIM Card option, Service Provider is listed as Active and Network is
Disabled. I did just buy a new phone 2 hours ago, so should I just wait a
while to unlock my old BlackBerry... I already bought the code...

Автор TheIntollerantt ( назад)
Hello i have a Blackberry 9300 Curve - the options i have when i open the
bb tray is sounds networks display typing and input device call management
accessibility third party applications So how do i access advanced if it
isnt there when i have searched ? ? reply ASAP :] 

Автор scvs2 ( назад)
@cellfservices Oh, could it be a setting that I'm suppose to change inside
the phone since it was edge beside the signal bar. 

Автор scvs2 ( назад)
Hello, I just bought a unlock code from you guys. 9700. I managed to unlock
the blackberry but it won't detect Tmobile network. It's in roaming mode.
The phone was originally locked to rogers. 

Автор JayDee ( назад)
i found this phone over the wood where i live it has a password can i get
into it? i wanna give it back but cant phone anyone or anything?

Автор Nicholas Aquilina ( назад)
Guys i have a blackberry bold 9700 and i have no tries left, what can i do
:/ help?

Автор markus8909 (60 лет назад)
i have a simcard but it said unknown number plz help me 

Автор jfitz50 (1809 лет назад)
what does it mean if the network is disabled??

Автор tatum mackenzie ( назад)
how do you get the code ???

Автор Zoe Prince ( назад)
Can You Get A Code For Free A=Or Does One Come With Your Phone???

Автор Nikolas Carmichael ( назад)

Автор 072512djar (1553 года назад)
where u find that code 

Автор Lakhvir Atlas ( назад)
it says tht my service provider is active whgt should i do? 

Автор Scott Powell ( назад)
@blackrider33 if it's a blackberry use blackberry desktop manager. is it a

Автор Dale Walker ( назад)
my cell phone is hard locked after too many tries can it stil be unlocked.

Автор thadman9999 ( назад)
how do I find out my specific code ? someone help 

Автор SurviveDusk ( назад)
do you think this would work with a curve 9300 in canada "fido"? please
reply, thanks!

Автор Zaid Mousa ( назад)
i did unlock my bold 9700 with rogers. now im using it with fido but cant
use the internet or the emails.....why?

Автор Avi Dhillon ( назад)
anyone have a coupon code? 

Автор Ayda Girgis ( назад)
@cellfservices thaank you hope itll work :S

Автор Ayda Girgis ( назад)
@cellfservices Ok Ill tryyy to enter another sim card. Thankks! But just a
little question, is it normal that my mobile network is either off either
on sos ?

Автор Ayda Girgis ( назад)
I cant enter the code. when I type MEPD the five lock keys are there but,
the weird thing is I have Sim Card security enabled, instead sim card not
found. And My phone number shows and the network is not enabled and it
shows my ID. Do you know what to do in order to enter my code. I have it
already... Thanks.

Автор Brittany Momversation ( назад)
Wow after watching this, I'm seeing that Blackberry phones are waaaay
easier to unlock than a iPhones. 

Автор roman kizyuk (729 лет назад)
how do i find network MEP code 

Автор christopher cruz ( назад)
hahahaha i tryed the code and it work!!!! 

Автор Tsiva Gorbunov ( назад)
After the 6th or 7th try it finally let me enter in the whole 16 digit code
that you provided and unlock my phone! Thank you Cellfservices, you guys
are great!!!!! :-) 

Автор Tsiva Gorbunov ( назад)
I purchased an MEP code from the link you provided but my code is too long
for the space provided... what do I do?

Автор kenllll (1696 лет назад)
@cellfservices how much dun say 20$ cuz i rather crack it den .. or buy a
unlock sim ..

Автор Carmen Yau ( назад)
will unlocking the mobile get rid of an imei block? 

Автор tetshou ( назад)
Thanks. Worked with ChatR

Автор ghazi hussain ( назад)
hey from where u get that unlock code?? WHERE CAN I FIND IT

Автор maz1981 ( назад)
awesome instruction...i was able to unlock my BB 9900. but when i inserted
my wind chip…the phone did not recognize the chip…anyone know why? phone
was originally from rogers. also does anyone if BB 9900 requires a special

Автор MrStripYourGirl ( назад)
this stupid fucking blackberry! When i enter MEPD it comes up everything
disabled! Then when i enter MEP2 nothign happens! Everyone saying it is
unlocked so i put a new sim card in and nothing works. Security disabled is
says?? Help

Автор joiedevivre roygvb ( назад)
everything was so amazing!!! i just followed the simple instruction, have
my CC, and thats it!!! instantly, my BB was unblock...coooolllll!!!!!

Автор joiedevivre roygvb ( назад)
OMG!!!!! it really works!!!! instantly!!!!\ WOW!!! thanks cellfservice!!!! 

Автор joiedevivre roygvb ( назад)
am still waiting for my MEP CODE???? how long it will take?? i sent my
request already and waiting for your reply...thankz... mandi j of..AED

Автор Ryan T ( назад)
So if I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 locked to AT&T, I could just buy your
code for U.S.A. - AT&T, insert the IMEI, and follow these instructions to
unlock the device?

Автор Jacob knight ( назад)
Or you can just call ur service provider and tell them ur moving to mexico
and after some questions i got my unlock code for free 

Автор vmarsfiles ( назад)
I actually just had my Blackberry 9780 unlocked by them just today. Service
was quick and efficient and it worked on the first try. I hope the price on
Samsung unlocking goes down. I wanted to unlock that phone but was hit by a
$35 buck price. I'll wait for it to be cheaper to have that phone unlocked.

Автор iSkateBoard10 ( назад)
if i use a sim card that is not mine, what would happen to the sim? 

Автор albertoli123 ( назад)
I just bought the code. It has been 20 minutes I haven't received it yet.
Is there something wrong ? 

Автор Za19x ( назад)
@cellfservices alright thank you

Автор Za19x (551 год назад)
Hi, if i order the code today, then how long will it take for me to get the
code? thanks

Автор amoura115 ( назад)
@cellfservice. my apologies, I completely forgot! will check it out

Автор stan oo ( назад)
Hi, My phone does not respond to the command MEPD So I cant even try to put
the code

Автор Shiva Sareen ( назад)
will thid work with bold 9000

Автор StringsCrusader ( назад)
Sweet! Just unlocked my BB Bold 9700. Thanks guys!

Автор boboperry ( назад)
mine is hardlocked

Автор StringsCrusader ( назад)
@cellfservices Damn that was a fast answer. :) Okay. Thanks for the info!

Автор StringsCrusader ( назад)
On your website, it says that Bell and Telus require a different code? So I
have to call them up directly, instead of buying an unlock code from you

Автор ghussainj ( назад)
Hey, I have a barred Blackberry Bold, Im from UK and it doesnt recieve
calls or make calls in UK. It is unlocked and when i put my o2 sim in i can
use the internet, but cant recieve calls or make calls. can you help me
with that? 

Автор Sam “Spanki” Selley ( назад)
hi roger, you seem to know what your on about... ive got the bold 9700...
the start-up and power-off screen come up saying 'orange' yet ive got a o2
sim in it... my question is, i can only do bbm, and web on it atm... some
guy told me that it sounds like its Blocked... any idea how i can unblock
it? could you message me about this please :) thanks, sam! 

Автор Kristoffer Wright ( назад)
i've got blueballs now, thanks 

Автор Marccus Spearman ( назад)
I have a Bold from Verizon can i unlock it to use with T-Mobile even
thought they have different technology ?? Please help i dont want to buy a
new BlackBerry 

Автор Creamed Beaver ( назад)
what happens if it says code failed 

Автор 247mountainrider ( назад)
I have a Blacberry Bold 9700, it's showing code MM6 stating that it is
locked. Is there a way to save this phone other than purchasing a new
circuit? Any help much appreciated.

Автор Planb Skat3r xD ( назад)
@cellfservices i have a Tmobile blackberry 9700 and a tmobile sim card

Автор Planb Skat3r xD ( назад)
@cellfservices but i havent hacked it yet so how can it be unlocked

Автор Planb Skat3r xD ( назад)
@cellfservices what if my network is disable wit my used sim and cant
unlock it 

Автор Planb Skat3r xD ( назад)
Do I Need A New SIM Card !!!

Автор asd1507 ( назад)
will an unlocked bb work in another country service provider such as

Автор Dox Beats ( назад)
@cellfservices thank you sir, its just I swear back when I did use my 8520
it was able to actually see the networks but I must of been tripping. =[

Автор Dox Beats ( назад)
I just unlocked my 8520 Rogers bb. It will only detect the rogers network
and no other network so it looks like its completely locked to the rogers
network when I have a telus simcard in there. Its only saying SOS showing
like there is no coverage or anything. I have a 9780 rogers BB and with
that it is able to detect the bell and telus 2g&3g network including rogers
but when I took that sim (the 9780 rogers) and put it into my 8520 it
connected to the rogers but still didn't see telus or bell

Автор OpinionativeReviewer ( назад)
Worked like a charm

Автор Valentino Carlucci ( назад)
heyy i just unlocked a blackberry storm from bell and switched it to
rodgers. i had a data plan with my other phone but it doesnt work on the
black berry??? any tips?:( 

Автор Adrian Diaz ( назад)
will this work with os6?

Автор Christian De Jesus ( назад)
how do u get ur unlock code

Автор starbettv ( назад)
@starbettv will i be able ta do it on a CDMA network (sprint)

Автор starbettv (621 год назад)
@cellfservices will I be able to turn the bold on any network after it is

Автор gandalfismystepdad ( назад)
i have atelus bold and want it on rogers should i do the same thing

Автор shulx2006 ( назад)
@cellfservices it used to be very few :P the exchange rate has got
progressively worse over the last few years! :(

Автор SumYungGui1 ( назад)
I'm headed to Australia in a few days. I would love to take my 9700 with
me(with Bell in Canada). It looks like i need the new sim card in the phone
and then I unlock the device?

Автор Francis D ( назад)
hey i bought a bold 9700 from a store i found in a plaza and he unlocked
the bold originally for rogers but switched it to fido. my only problem is
tht when i was exploring my phone i went on service status and it says tht
my status is roaming, and there is a triangle beside the fido name on my
homescreen. how do i get this fixed so i dont pay a FAT bill!? plz and

Автор playahotdod ( назад)
Hi my names jasmeet lidder, always thought these things were scamms, i
tried it and it works fine...tired making a call 2 seconds after puting the
lock code in and it worked...THANKS GUYS SOOO EASY!!

Автор sweetboy607 ( назад)
@sweetboy607 plzzzz helpppppppppppppp!

Автор sweetboy607 ( назад)
ey i bought an mep code and it unlock it but the signal say sos i dont have
signal help plzz :(

Автор Itsdakronic ( назад)
Can you get this for any blackberry model? Like storm .. etc.. ?

Автор Hashish Scott ( назад)
does this me i don't have to pay for anything 

Автор Hashish Scott ( назад)
does this me i don't have to pay for anything 

Автор Mindless_420 ( назад)
dose it work on an 8100 pearl?

Автор sweetboy607 ( назад)
ooo i got my unlock codeee and functions perfectly!!!! thankx!!

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