How to make an Avicii style sound in FL Studio 10

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Goes over how to make a cool sounding "Avicii style" effect. Shows it used in his song "Blessed" and in one i made. Remember to comment, rate and subscribe, and i an always open for suggestions for future videos.

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Автор GRXVITY Music (2 месяца)
This melody is so overused

Автор John Stuart (2 месяца)

(Unless you use it in one of your official songs!)

Автор willyolyslager (3 месяца)
How much does this program cost? +DigitalVideoFX 

Автор Mark smith (1 день)
where can i get the rgc audio pluggin?

Автор TheDonakinG (4 месяца)
I can't find this z3ta+ Channel in my FL Studio 10, is there something i
should install or something? And if there is, can you please help me?

Автор Harry Hadder Official (16 дней)
I know you've probably see n this a lot, but I'm an EDM producer and I
would just like to have some people check out my music and give their
opinion on it!
If you want you can check out my official Soundcloud, Facebook and Youtube

Thanks everyone :)

Автор Dj Skaro (24 дня)
Sorry this is a bit late but I downloaded this video last year. I have made
a 2 min track of this tune. I haven't uploaded this on soundcloud as I want
you to hear it first and what you think. Please give me your email address
so I can send it to you and also have permission to upload on soundcloud =)

Автор cameron ofoluwa (3 месяца)
I can't find z3ra+ either

Автор igor romanowski (29 дней)
Tiesto - Chasing Summers 

Автор Szalai András (1 месяц)
Can you tell me how I can turn off the echo of the Trance Anthem? I
couldn't find it.
Thank you!

Автор TheICYTOWERFREAK (1 месяц)
Sounds Hardly like "David Vendetta & Demirra - Dirty Girl" search it

Автор niko bellic (1 месяц)
can you make dub sounds

Автор rrgert4 (1 месяц)
haha the CC is so funny

Автор rspteam12 (1 месяц)
Wtf is in ur mouth dude it's annoying nobody wants to hear u sucking or
eating something 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Joel Villa (1 месяц)
Is this your song? 

Автор Nikolas Valsamidis (4 месяца)
i cant find the fruity wrapper. i have fl11

Автор brithebiker123 (1 месяц)
For example does the "dance kick" and that "cathedral effect" come with FL
and you then change the tone etc. or do you have to create those types of

Автор Ahmed Momo (1 месяц)
get ze3ta free free free
http://kickass.to/cakewalk-z3ta-vst-plugin-worked-t3412662.html enjoy

Автор ImagineCraft7 (6 месяцев)
Lol it sounds like one of those beginnings in some minecraft music videos

Автор Rafael Pertile (4 месяца)
what plugin?

Автор TLee Jones (2 месяца)

Автор Sisabulela Kula (3 месяца)
whats the name of that fruity wrapper??

Автор CajM (3 месяца)
Your example was clipping brutally xD Else it was pretty good just a normal
chord progression

Автор Jesper Grandien (3 месяца)
Where is the trance anthem in z3ta+2 please help

Автор NJkilla7 (4 месяца)
you didnt need to extend the pattern to like that for your kick, just click
the loop button in the top left of the step sequencer lol

Автор Marcos Dias (4 месяца)
you are the best men 

Автор mort8816 (4 месяца)
whaere can i download x3ta+??

Автор Djeboi (4 месяца)
Ya'll watch this with subtitles ::D

Автор Pim Pimmendag (4 месяца)
HAHA subtitles

Автор ANeonTiger (4 месяца)
How do you make those crescendos that he always has in the buildups?

Автор Akshith Vyas (4 месяца)
pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls make a tutorial on tommy thrash
-the end
pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

Автор DJ Akr! (5 месяцев)
i love you

Автор серджио сантоне (5 месяцев)
fl keys ?where downlond

Автор KORUNN (5 месяцев)
Is that an automation clip on the zeta+?

Автор ANeonTiger (4 месяца)
1:50 Where do I get that "z3ta+" thing?

Автор EpicDonutDude (5 месяцев)
how do i add some sample packs into my FL studio? becaue i cant get it to
work somehow...

Автор Flexar (5 месяцев)
what is the green automation clip you used?

Автор 'Férø Bs' (6 месяцев)
FLp !

Автор Allan Bertrand (6 месяцев)
You can use another kick... With a sound more progressive. But the synths
in this is cool. 

Автор Pandism Videos (1 год)
Lol, I guess Great Minds think Alike. ;)

Автор juancnx (9 месяцев)
This made my day xD

Автор DJ khaos (11 месяцев)
heey guy mail my and i give you a link than you get z3ta

Автор YardenShay (10 месяцев)
dude other kick but really good [=

Автор DJ khaos (11 месяцев)
mail my and i give a linkk to get it :P

Автор Moonyman213 (1 год)
I can't get the gross beat to stay as I want. It starts jumping into every
option it has. How can I specifically apply the fade in effect?

Автор Sourodeep Guha (1 год)
Chasing summers Starting is like Chasing Summers by tiesto :P

Автор Kalid Jamie (9 месяцев)

Автор MIDIcomposers (11 месяцев)

Автор LenskoOfficial (1 год)
Code Black - Get Your hands up!

Автор Virea Houthuijzen (11 месяцев)
wauw amazing!

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