How to make an Avicii style sound in FL Studio 10

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Goes over how to make a cool sounding "Avicii style" effect. Shows it used in his song "Blessed" and in one i made. Remember to comment, rate and subscribe, and i an always open for suggestions for future videos.

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Автор Yasen Ivanov ( назад)
I need help about the trance_athen

Автор MadProduction Beats ( назад)

Автор HeatWave ( назад)
u should get rid of the delay and reverb on the trance it sounds like shit

Автор HeatWave ( назад)
u should get rid of the delay and reverb on the trance it sounds like shit

Автор KevinNguyen Official ( назад)
Whats on Pattern 9 ? :)

Автор Sunlight Gaming ( назад)
I can make that style.

Автор Andrei Lucaci ( назад)
That's cool.Bro i have a FL 11 producer ed. but i can't find much sounds
like all your drum packs..Where it;s hided? I hoped if i pay i get many

Автор Jesse Ramjohn ( назад)
amazing skills!!

Автор Mackie Doeb (1921 год назад)
Hi! So I have FL studios but it's not the producer edition (or something)
so I'm pretty limited to what I can do. However this high register synth
thing intrigues me. It looks like z3ta costs some money which I don't have.
Is their any alternative or built in high register synth that I could
substitute for a sound similar to this within fl studios? Thank ya!

Автор Quinten Leopold ( назад)
sounds Like Shermanology Blessed....Or Coone madness

Автор Sean Hackney ( назад)
+DigitalVideoFX thanks a lot for the great video. You kept it simple
without using all these extra plugins and broke everything down so a
beginner like me can pick it up. Thanks again!

Автор zFlexScopez ( назад)
hey do u use any sort of pack on this video

Автор Ishan Sharma ( назад)
hey dude. i liked this FLP sound so i took your melody and added some of
mine and made it a track. let me know if you want to see it.
lol sort of self collaborated on this one but if you want, we can upload it
or something. :D
Cheers :)

Автор þröstur ákason ( назад)
create a new video with fl studio 12

Автор zuneid osman ( назад)
shitty video, all blurred

Автор sticko flickz ( назад)
really nice beat ...but ewwwww that mix.....

Автор POLAROIDS ( назад)
OMG!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Thanks so much man. This really helped!!!

Автор Can Cağız ( назад)
Which version of the FL Studio ?

Автор Igor Petrovic (Iggy) (911 год назад)
It's fucking distorted...

Автор Charlie Choppa ( назад)
Use Soundgoodizer and Kickstart

Автор xav3x ( назад)
make some croissants! Thanks for the tutorial! Great stuff.

Автор Adam “Bdam” Mahmoud ( назад)
oh man this vibrating phone!!! i really thought that was mine

Автор m4ssee ( назад)
Clipping so hard I legit got a headache while listening to this.

Автор LOCKi ( назад)
Umm.. Captions are way off...

Автор Armour (1332 года назад)
What's the name of this song?

Автор lee easton ( назад)
I have FL 11 what piano style is that, I have over 300 different
modifications for piano, and would be a lot of time looking through them
all lol. thanks 

Автор Nikhil Erigila ( назад)
Which song is this

Автор Sakura Curse ( назад)
its like you didnt even edit the video, lazy. rip headphone users

Автор elijah jung ( назад)
guys I made a song from this tutorial

Автор kossen ( назад)
Avicii is one dude +DigitalVideoFX 

Автор Jesan ( назад)
I have fruity loops 11 where is fruity wrapper ? 

Автор Theodor Rahme ( назад)
thx men

Автор Formula Juan Adventures ( назад)
A million I've been searching for this for so long now @___@

Автор Debabrata Chakraborty ( назад)
hey how did you gave that trance effect is it a plugin. i don't have that
fruit wrapper z3ta+ .please could you give any link to download those

Автор faris diend ( назад)
What plugin did you use

Автор EricWL9 ( назад)
Can i use this for a song?

Автор Hacker Pro ( назад)

Автор innes mackay (1576 лет назад)
you taught me now all i need too know hope soomeday when you here my future
track when i buy all of frutiy LS i will some what make you proud and make
good use of this advice thanks for the help i liked and subbed congrats
happy belated thanks giving 

Автор Mille Sentis ( назад)
whats the name of the song you have this melody in if you made a song?

Автор Bizl Studios ( назад)
thats really cool

Автор Delnie ( назад)
I did everything exactly like u said, but it still sounds like shit..

Автор Lethario ( назад)
May i ask what is the pattern 5 for?

Автор Braslav Pervan ( назад)
Nice song.

Автор Tickanen ( назад)
This video helped me alot to make my first track, it´s on my channel if you
want to see it! keep the good work up! :D

Автор Hunter Wallace ( назад)
These comments are fucking HILARIOUS!

Автор MonkeyBriefing ( назад)
This is an Avicii song dude... He released a song with this exact melody...

Автор Sean McCuaig ( назад)
just a note: Avicii is around 125-128bpm not 130.. usually

Автор Random Things ( назад)
FL Studio 10 --------------------- YOU HAVE TONS OF OPTIONS !!!!! robot
can't remember them :P

Автор Nadir Fuad ( назад)
like a lady gaga applause :)

Автор TGA ( назад)
That's a nice sound you have there. Agreed it does sound cool.

Автор Mark smith (555 лет назад)
where can i get the rgc audio pluggin?

Автор Harry Hadder Official ( назад)
I know you've probably see n this a lot, but I'm an EDM producer and I
would just like to have some people check out my music and give their
opinion on it!
If you want you can check out my official Soundcloud, Facebook and Youtube

Thanks everyone :)

Автор Skaro Em ( назад)
Sorry this is a bit late but I downloaded this video last year. I have made
a 2 min track of this tune. I haven't uploaded this on soundcloud as I want
you to hear it first and what you think. Please give me your email address
so I can send it to you and also have permission to upload on soundcloud =)

Автор igor romanowski ( назад)
Tiesto - Chasing Summers 

Автор Szalai “badesz97” András ( назад)
Can you tell me how I can turn off the echo of the Trance Anthem? I
couldn't find it.
Thank you!

Автор TheICYTOWERFREAK ( назад)
Sounds Hardly like "David Vendetta & Demirra - Dirty Girl" search it

Автор niko bellic ( назад)
can you make dub sounds

Автор rrgert4 ( назад)
haha the CC is so funny

Автор rspteam12 ( назад)
Wtf is in ur mouth dude it's annoying nobody wants to hear u sucking or
eating something 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Joel Villa ( назад)
Is this your song? 

Автор brithebiker123 ( назад)
For example does the "dance kick" and that "cathedral effect" come with FL
and you then change the tone etc. or do you have to create those types of

Автор Ahmed Momo ( назад)
get ze3ta free free free
http://kickass.to/cakewalk-z3ta-vst-plugin-worked-t3412662.html enjoy

Автор John Stuart ( назад)

top comments!

Автор TLee Jones ( назад)

Автор GRXVITY Music ( назад)
This melody is so overused

Автор willyolyslager ( назад)
How much does this program cost? +DigitalVideoFX 

Автор Sisabulela Kula ( назад)
whats the name of that fruity wrapper??

Автор CajM ( назад)
Your example was clipping brutally xD Else it was pretty good just a normal
chord progression

Автор Jesper Grandien ( назад)
Where is the trance anthem in z3ta+2 please help

Автор cameron ofoluwa ( назад)
I can't find z3ra+ either

Автор TheDonakinG ( назад)
I can't find this z3ta+ Channel in my FL Studio 10, is there something i
should install or something? And if there is, can you please help me?

Автор Marcos Dias ( назад)
you are the best men 

Автор Nikolas Valsamidis ( назад)
i cant find the fruity wrapper. i have fl11

Автор mort8816 ( назад)
whaere can i download x3ta+??

Автор EH ( назад)
Ya'll watch this with subtitles ::D

Автор Pim Pimmendag ( назад)
HAHA subtitles

Автор ANeonTiger ( назад)
How do you make those crescendos that he always has in the buildups?

Автор ANeonTiger ( назад)
1:50 Where do I get that "z3ta+" thing?

Автор Akshith Vyas ( назад)
pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls make a tutorial on tommy thrash
-the end
pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

Автор Pertile Music ( назад)
what plugin?

Автор DJ Akr! ( назад)
i love you

Автор sergio santone ( назад)
fl keys ?where downlond

Автор KORUNN ( назад)
Is that an automation clip on the zeta+?

Автор EpicDonutDude ( назад)
how do i add some sample packs into my FL studio? becaue i cant get it to
work somehow...

Автор Flexar ( назад)
what is the green automation clip you used?

Автор FERO Official ( назад)
FLp !

Автор Allan Bertrand ( назад)
You can use another kick... With a sound more progressive. But the synths
in this is cool. 

Автор Austin Campos ( назад)
Tge song is to sick man. Props. But how do you get more channels??

Автор ImagineCraft7 ( назад)
Lol it sounds like one of those beginnings in some minecraft music videos

Автор Santiago Busatto ( назад)
hey is FL Studio free??? please help and let me know! ALSO whats the BEST
version to have??

Автор JestronOfficial ( назад)
the chords sound almost exactly like one of micheal calfans songs, i
thought it was mozaik, but i still like this tutorial

Автор Harsh Mathur ( назад)
u Rockkk
Im ure fan thanku sooo much

Автор Cartoon Vevo ( назад)
It's SOunds like ..Madness - Dimitri Vegas & LIke MIke, Coone & Lil JOn .

Автор Jack Beckman ( назад)
how to get the z3ta+ ? what Can I use instead without plugin as a channel?

Автор JexIsOnline ( назад)
what plugin did u use for the trance anthem? :/

Автор Nicola Conte ( назад)
no go capio un casso

Автор Diego Rojas ( назад)
Woow Thanks bro!, This tutorial helps me so much to make my second
song h/watch?v=k-6jebbVS84 i hope you like it!

Автор J Cristal ( назад)
good stuff

Автор Bruno Varejão ( назад)
actually, that sounds a lot like michael calfan - dark rave or black
rave... i dont know the title

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