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Автор Tiffany joy Gallentes (4 месяца)
They keep telling i suck at throatbass cause im a girl and i they say i
sould stick fo technicals or what . Am I gonna continue practicing or give
up on throatbass?

Автор Bridget O'Neill (1 день)
It hurts like hell when I do it. Has it got to do with the fact that I'm a

Автор NeZversTutorials (4 месяца)
I think it's same technique to achieve death metal growls.

Автор Gabriel Ramirez (1 год)
OMG MAN THANKS. I tried youre technique of clearing youre threat and my
first try almost have it down,, the way you described it is perfect! now I
just gotta fine tune it but you helped a lot! a reply would be nice

Автор Joe Mama (3 месяца)
You were awesome in dawn of the planets of the apes.....you base is good

Автор FalloutPro21 (6 месяцев)
144,12 year old kids disliked this because their voice didnt break and they
cant do it

Автор Technic Gamers (3 месяца)
I can't stop coughing...

Автор ItsSoFizzi (20 дней)
It fucking hurts like a bitcj xD

Автор Ethen Palmerton (2 месяца)
I will practice till I get at least descent 

Автор Rostam Bayat (1 месяц)
i already thought you had to do it this way, but it hurted really bad so i
thought i did it wrong. but now i know i was right the first time. thanks a

Автор ShadowLoneWolf (14 дней)
Ohmygosh get in a beatboxing group now please. I would LOVVVVVVVEEEEEE to
hear you beatbox :O

Автор Lodowg 5261 (2 месяца)
WWWWAAAAYYYY better than almost toast, so much more helpful, subscribed!

Автор Nordic Ducks (16 дней)
Hurts like a bitch but thx for your help 

Автор Arialsnow1 (1 месяц)
This was helpful I did it in the first minute thanks so much :)

Автор Will Moulder (9 дней)
Damn man you weren't kidding when you said it'll hurt

Автор Caleb Demery (9 месяцев)
Ok I've searched for hours trying to find a video that can help me do this
and this one has actually help me by simply saying it's like the sound you
make when you clear your throat

Автор Elliot Sveum (3 месяца)
Hey, for me it seems impossible to, like, do it quiter.. I amd soo loud
when I do it ;) and I can only do 1 sound, if you get what I mean. I can't
do a higher pitched sound.. Any tips to improve? I think I might have
gotten the "base" sound now, I just tried for the 1000th time, and finally
it sounded more like you :) btw GREAT tutorial! :) 

Автор Ryth Vekaelum (5 месяцев)
Kinda having trouble... Its a wicked deep sound so how do I make it higher

Автор Rowan Wei (2 месяца)
Omfg i can't go 10 seconds without water :/

Автор Conner Chap (8 часов)
Omg u r so right but it freaking hurts but as long u get use to it right?

Автор Ammar Tosson (6 дней)
when my throat will stop hurting me during my training?

Автор Noob_Play--Games (24 дня)
Thankyou but i mix it up whit my old throat base amd it sound amazing its
harder to talk but i add like basis thing to it so it sound like yeah ehm
wow bob bob wowow

Автор ZxTH3vR1PP3RxZ (9 дней)
mine is grumbly not smooth like im growling

Автор The FoxCraft (27 дней)
4:37 HOW TO DO THAT!?!?!?!

Автор NaturalNature100 (22 дня)
I think im doing it but it doesn't really hurt, just gets dry after 5
seconds and tickles sometime that makes me cough lightly. But idk if its
the right one.

Автор Cican1252001 (19 дней)
It hurts bad I start coughing after I do it

Автор Damon Wills (1 день)
That beatboxing on the end of a video was awesome. 

Автор Mia Inchauriga (11 дней)
AND YOU FINALLY SAID IT THANKYOU SO MUCH hopefully I can turn out as good
as you 

Автор jobert ruelan (15 дней)
ohh its relly cool dude and its verry clean i want to practice that......

Автор KINGDREDRE (1 месяц)
oww that really hirts ur throat

Автор TrollSquad (1 месяц)
i could do that when i was 9 LoL but i didn't even know about beatboxing
then. but know i can Throat bass without training. GV

Автор HowToBasiclyDoStuff (2 месяца)
Thank you so much!! It works my throat does hurt but its starting to catch
in thx!

Автор Aidan Aniciete (5 месяцев)
Thanks, When I showed my friends my throat base they thought I was a robot.

Автор Axiom Gaming (12 часов)
I swear, everyone says it hurts, but I don't feel the pain... I have had
asthma all my life so clearing my throat is easy 

Автор Zerathik (3 месяца)
I just tried this, and it hurt so bad. Drunk heaps of water, didn't work. I
had to get medicine lol.... I'm counting on you when you said it was
temporary. xD

Автор Jordan Tenandar (5 месяцев)
I've found the right tutorial at last! Hurts a lot for the first couple of
times but then it didn't hurt much.

Автор Ryan Robinson (1 месяц)
DAMNIT! You, sir, have a fine name. And here I thought the Ryan Robinson
beatboxing niche was all mine!!!

Автор Hendrik Paasoja (14 дней)
do i need voice crack to do dis?

Автор Owiegoie27 (3 месяца)
I can do this and I'm only twelve! Thx for the tutorial!

Автор LightningAkbar (4 месяца)
Someone please reply:
When I'm trying to do it, should I be adding vocals or humming.

Автор Josh Veillieux (18 дней)
Is this bad i practiced for 2 and a half hours and i started coughing up
blood and it hurts like a bitch

Автор crfraticelli9 (2 месяца)
This helped so much

Автор Ser Sot (25 дней)
it doesnt hurt a "bit" ... im dying here :P <3 you helped though :P ... i
was trying to get it right so im going to practice by your method now ;) <3

Автор Jesus Abarca Guzman (8 дней)
I listen to this video a month ago now im a pro using the throat bass.
thanks so much

Автор Bob Beep (7 месяцев)
i sound like a mad goblin that just swallowed lava

Автор Mitch's Gaming (1 месяц)
HE SUCKS PS: no effence

Автор THANOSANITY GREIF (2 месяца)
dem feminine hands tho 

Автор zayed mubarak (13 дней)
I ain't gonna hurt myself to immpres some bitchs ! 😂

Автор Alice Crossman (1 месяц)
but when i am doing the throat base my throat hurts why

Автор The FoxCraft (27 дней)
2:32 Here's the helping part

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