How to Beatbox Throat Bass - Coolest Sound in Beatboxing!

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This technique is used in alot of dubstep beatboxing. If you want to make freaking dubstep with your mouth, watch this video and share with friends. Impress friends and make music in an easy and fun way.

-At first it might hurt, drink lots of water whenever you are beatboxing.
-Add melodys to sound good.
-Trying to imitate songs will give you good music composure, so if you want to cover some cool dubstep songs that can help you improve.
- Try to say sounds/words in this voice such as: wubwub, mamamama, nagano, rurururururur, eueueuueue and just experiment with different position of your mouth and words to get a good variety.
-Closing your mouth or changing the shape will also change the sound.

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Автор Caleb Demery (3 дня)
Ok I've searched for hours trying to find a video that can help me do this
and this one has actually help me by simply saying it's like the sound you
make when you clear your throat

Автор Lucas Gaming (10 дней)
so its normal to suck at first you just keep practicing???

Автор BoltStreamZero (14 дней)
I can't do this, all I make is gurgling sounds XD

Автор Caleb Steele (25 дней)
whenever i try it feels like theres something sharp in my throat, i dont
know if thats what you work through or im using the wrong part of my throat

Автор callme bob (28 дней)
whenever i try to do it i sound like i'm attempting to be Batman what am i
doing wrong?

Автор maxxxminecraft (2 дня)
more videos

Автор Kacper Wozniak (2 месяца)
I am only 11 do my adams apple is still not developed

Автор Isom Bess (1 месяц)
Please make more tutorials I love to beat box but I suck right now and no
one else can do tutorials like you

Автор Kemani Bell (4 месяца)
When I tried Doing this in my parents room.... My parents are watching me
like, WTF is wrong with my son, Like SHUT THE FUCK UP BOIEE!

Автор FireheartAnimal (3 месяца)
Holy crap, I got this within days of first attempting! And I'm a girl! :D
Thanks dude!

Автор Camerin pate (23 часа)
I REALLY NEED HELP. When ever you do the throat thing mine sounds so bad D:

Автор bronyswag112100 (1 день)
Thank you so much you were so helpful

I have a really deep crackely voice and its killing some of the dubstep and
I can't go past a low d. How can I make it sound better. I've been doing
this for a long time but I cant fix it.

Автор LoveDATTroller -Trolling and much more (7 дней)
Imma better than that

Автор AnEeQhA AmBaReEn (9 дней)
R u normal :p

Автор Basicallyiwin 18 (9 дней)
Thanks for this help know I got famous on xbox one so yeah your awesome
everybody 👍 to his videos and subscribe. 

Автор Christian Filoreto (9 дней)
If it does not hert my throght dose that mean I'm doing it wrong? and I
know I can't spell

Автор Victor Naranjo (11 дней)
Thats so much

Автор Ian Arzuaga (11 дней)
What if your a 12 year old will it mess up my vocal cords.

Автор Harjot Bawal (4 месяца)
I have to get used throat bass cause it does hurt

Автор John Walter (16 дней)

Автор Alexander Davisjr (3 месяца)
doesnt jurt at all for me and im 10

Автор Jay TheGamer45 (17 дней)
Can a 9 year old do it lol XD

Автор Patrick O'Connell (19 дней)

Автор Dalynn Peters (20 дней)
my throat bass is super low so how do I know if im
doing it right

Автор juan sanchez (21 день)
Bro this video really helped i learned how to do it the first day xD 

Автор John Morrow (22 дня)
When I first did it it didn't hurt but I don't know if its the right sound
though it sound pretty close to me How should I know?

Автор Noah Stoner (24 дня)
Do more. Could you possibly skype me and help me? I wanna get good haha. 

Автор Josh Pruett (25 дней)
How long did you practice.

Автор Rodo Gonzalez (4 месяца)
Just don't try to be a singer after doing this, it actually destroys your
vocals; it's not something natural for a throat to do this, that's why it

Автор James Yang (29 дней)
This helps lots :D thx bro

Автор bryan orozco (29 дней)
mine sounds to deep bro

Автор Thomas Mcloughlin (29 дней)
Thanks man this really helped

Автор Double-H-Gamers (1 месяц)
and im pretty good so I always had this talent I guess

Автор Kieran Napper (1 месяц)
Cheers bud im learning fast

Автор Brandon P. (1 месяц)
I meant loosen the top and tighten the top to make it really deep.

Автор AnEeQhA AmBaReEn (9 дней)
Awesome beatboxing

Автор Dalton West (1 месяц)
You just earned yourself a sub

Автор Bre Bat (1 месяц)
This was awesome! Thanks dude!!

Автор michael124mike7 (1 месяц)
Im a dubstep dancer and gamer and I finally got the bass

Автор Abject gaming (4 месяца)

Автор Elijha Costello (1 месяц)
Now I now y u guys were complaining I was doing it all wrong but then I did
it right and I started coughing 

Автор Steven Rhyne (1 месяц)
My dreams of being a beatboxer are crumbling beneath my feet. :(

Автор Brandon Simpson (1 месяц)
When I try it it sounds really rough not smooth how can I improve it 

Автор Novex Gaming (4 месяца)
Your amazing! Thanks for this tutorial!

Автор Elvis Perera (1 месяц)
Awesome! Isn't this pretty much the same as overtone

Автор Dreighton Grant (1 месяц)
That really helped

Автор Melody Fuentes (1 месяц)
I did screamo could i still do this even tho my voice box is already

Автор LizardCrypt Gaming (1 месяц)
is this normal cuz when i tried this i could do it right away. Zero pain,
Zero trouble. it came naturally to me. I was just able to do it by
vibrating my throat and making my voice as deep as i could.

Автор Sebstian Fracalossi (1 месяц)
I didn't need a tutorial I can do it but I've just started I really good at
it now 

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