How to Beatbox Throat Bass - Coolest Sound in Beatboxing!

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This technique is used in alot of dubstep beatboxing. If you want to make freaking dubstep with your mouth, watch this video and share with friends. Impress friends and make music in an easy and fun way.

-At first it might hurt, drink lots of water whenever you are beatboxing.
-Add melodys to sound good.
-Trying to imitate songs will give you good music composure, so if you want to cover some cool dubstep songs that can help you improve.
- Try to say sounds/words in this voice such as: wubwub, mamamama, nagano, rurururururur, eueueuueue and just experiment with different position of your mouth and words to get a good variety.
-Closing your mouth or changing the shape will also change the sound.

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Автор Caleb Demery (7 месяцев)
Ok I've searched for hours trying to find a video that can help me do this
and this one has actually help me by simply saying it's like the sound you
make when you clear your throat

Автор harvard person (6 месяцев)
It hurts lol a lot xD

Автор NeZversTutorials (2 месяца)
I think it's same technique to achieve death metal growls.

Автор FalloutPro21 (4 месяца)
144,12 year old kids disliked this because their voice didnt break and they
cant do it

Автор Aidan Aniciete (3 месяца)
Thanks, When I showed my friends my throat base they thought I was a robot.

Автор Tiffany joy Gallentes (2 месяца)
They keep telling i suck at throatbass cause im a girl and i they say i
sould stick fo technicals or what . Am I gonna continue practicing or give
up on throatbass?

Автор Rowan Wei (3 дня)
Omfg i can't go 10 seconds without water :/

Автор Technic Gamers (1 месяц)
I can't stop coughing...

Автор Zerathik (1 месяц)
I just tried this, and it hurt so bad. Drunk heaps of water, didn't work. I
had to get medicine lol.... I'm counting on you when you said it was
temporary. xD

Автор Lodowg 5261 (3 дня)
WWWWAAAAYYYY better than almost toast, so much more helpful, subscribed!

Автор Joe Mama (1 месяц)
You were awesome in dawn of the planets of the apes.....you base is good

Автор Ryth Vekaelum (3 месяца)
Kinda having trouble... Its a wicked deep sound so how do I make it higher

Автор OfDaSouth (3 месяца)
Lol I've tried doing this for like 10 minutes and all I can get is
Christian Bale's Batman xD

Автор Muhd Afif (2 месяца)
okay i have to admit this does help me a little bit

Автор Jordan Tenandar (3 месяца)
I've found the right tutorial at last! Hurts a lot for the first couple of
times but then it didn't hurt much.

Автор Elliot Sveum (1 месяц)
Hey, for me it seems impossible to, like, do it quiter.. I amd soo loud
when I do it ;) and I can only do 1 sound, if you get what I mean. I can't
do a higher pitched sound.. Any tips to improve? I think I might have
gotten the "base" sound now, I just tried for the 1000th time, and finally
it sounded more like you :) btw GREAT tutorial! :) 

Автор HowToBasiclyDoStuff (7 дней)
Thank you so much!! It works my throat does hurt but its starting to catch
in thx!

Автор crfraticelli9 (9 дней)
This helped so much

Автор LightningAkbar (2 месяца)
Someone please reply:
When I'm trying to do it, should I be adding vocals or humming.

Автор Lennob Kire (2 месяца)
holy crap this sounds cool but hurts a lot!

Автор Taylor The Fwox (3 месяца)
Even I can do that now. Thanks! I am only 11...

dem feminine hands tho 

Автор Bryce McClure (9 дней)
I tried it before I even wt he'd the video and I can still do it even
though I cough which is good cause he said that you are doing it right

Автор Johnny Rodriguez (20 дней)
Thanks man really helped

Автор Minecrafter1227 (4 месяца)
This helped me archive my goal of being able to scream heavy metal nusic. I
cant do the throught bass

Автор Lillie Rogers (1 месяц)
Omg thanks so mch this helped soooo much!

Автор Dres P (1 месяц)
OMG I'm 13 and when I first started it didn't hurt unless I do it for 30min

Автор Jose Cruz (11 дней)
It hurts so much :(

Автор ObliviousGaming (3 месяца)
It's a little to late for this lol don't want to wake the parents

Автор majd hasson (7 дней)
It hurts all the time😖

Автор Tonic Icey (2 месяца)
Would you lose your voice in anyway by doing this? Anyone?

Автор Maka Tuamoheloa (2 месяца)
Hey I'm getting there I just need the sound to be as good as yours I've got
the whole sounding deep part but it needs work. I tried doing that example
that u did at the the start its hard just to do it fast any way u could u
do a advance tutorial on throat bass with what I just said and more tips
also different ways u could use it like different sounds ect it would if no
its algoods
As always ur the bomb luv the vids

Автор goku Ultamategamer (1 день)
I learned this real fast and I can do it quite well now 

Автор Leon Römer (2 месяца)
Im totally new to Beatboxing and just learned Kicks and snares :) With this
Troath Bass it all sounds soo epic :D Thank you mate !

Автор Caleb Baker (1 месяц)
Thank that helped w lot

Автор PYRT TV (6 дней)
I feel like throwing up after making this noise but it doesn't hurt

Автор Nismo Majid (6 дней)
Learned this under 30 seconds Lmfao! Thanks

Автор Robert Diaz (1 месяц)
I get it I practice alot thanks man keep it up 

Автор Daniel Martin (1 месяц)
Im getting better

Автор The Rezinity (3 месяца)
BTW is it normal for me, as a 12 year old to have such a low pitch throat

Автор Master Pro (14 дней)

Автор carlos pineda (8 дней)
I did it. It dident hurt doe 

Автор hanifgamer hanif (1 месяц)
Dude I love ur channel I'm realy good at beatboxing

Автор Bob Beep (5 месяцев)
i sound like a mad goblin that just swallowed lava

Автор tKristi XD (3 месяца)
Ive been doing that waayyyy back and i stopped cuz it hurt XD

Автор Eternity Snipin (3 месяца)
If anyone is having troubles, contact me on Skype at terriblebeatboxer
I will help you to the best of my abilities as well as show you other
different sounding basses. And maybe even teach them to you

Автор Spacemonkeys 360 (1 месяц)
thanks, this really helped. but wen i do it, it normally annoys my mum.

Автор Brenda Darcy (2 месяца)
I do a super deep throat bass.

Автор CISK Legend (1 месяц)

Автор joey clements (27 дней)
Wow thx r
Ryan I'm ten who can nearly do this in 1 day,thx for the tips and how to do

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