How to Beatbox Throat Bass - Coolest Sound in Beatboxing!

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This technique is used in alot of dubstep beatboxing. If you want to make freaking dubstep with your mouth, watch this video and share with friends. Impress friends and make music in an easy and fun way.

-At first it might hurt, drink lots of water whenever you are beatboxing.
-Add melodys to sound good.
-Trying to imitate songs will give you good music composure, so if you want to cover some cool dubstep songs that can help you improve.
- Try to say sounds/words in this voice such as: wubwub, mamamama, nagano, rurururururur, eueueuueue and just experiment with different position of your mouth and words to get a good variety.
-Closing your mouth or changing the shape will also change the sound.

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Автор Caleb Demery (3 месяца)
Ok I've searched for hours trying to find a video that can help me do this
and this one has actually help me by simply saying it's like the sound you
make when you clear your throat

Автор Ryth Vekaelum (13 дней)
Kinda having trouble... Its a wicked deep sound so how do I make it higher

Автор FireheartAnimal (7 месяцев)
Holy crap, I got this within days of first attempting! And I'm a girl! :D
Thanks dude!

Автор mydragon62 (9 дней)
I have a deep voice but it need working on the beat its just not working
for me!!

Автор FalloutPro21 (24 дня)
144,12 year old kids disliked this because their voice didnt break and they
cant do it

Автор Aidan Aniciete (7 дней)
Thanks, When I showed my friends my throat base they thought I was a robot.

Автор Jordan Tenandar (17 часов)
I've found the right tutorial at last! Hurts a lot for the first couple of
times but then it didn't hurt much.

Автор 1-800-GET-OWNED (1 месяц)
i feel like I'm doing it right but my throat is not hurting at all. Is this
normal because everyone else was saying there throat was hurting?

Автор Minecrafter1227 (23 дня)
This helped me archive my goal of being able to scream heavy metal nusic. I
cant do the throught bass

Автор !! LoL123Gal !! (2 дня)
Ive been doing that waayyyy back and i stopped cuz it hurt XD

Автор elijah cooper (1 месяц)
Are you supposed to start coughing and wheezing because I have asthma and
idk if that's supposed to happen 

Автор hyper gamer (3 дня)
i cant hold it that long only for 9 secs

Автор Katrina Cash (12 дней)
Its sick butt I already know how to do it I've Ben doin it since I was 5

Автор zac Garbos (2 месяца)
So I sorta have within minutes. Then again I could be wrong. It sounds a
bit off. Hurts like a bitch even though I have a wicked high tolerance for
pain naturally. But I was doing it and shook my head to see what effect
would happen and it just fell apart after 3 seconds. Lol!

Автор Venom DF (2 месяца)
Everyday i come from school i exercise this watching the video

Автор ObliviousGaming (12 дней)
It's a little to late for this lol don't want to wake the parents

Автор Joshua Dunsmuir (11 дней)
my Throat doesn't hurt when i do this but i do it better :)

Автор Glenn Robinson (17 дней)
My voice came in on Thanksgiving for making zombie Noises

Автор Bob Beep (2 месяца)
i sound like a mad goblin that just swallowed lava

Автор 1-800-GET-OWNED (1 месяц)
ok so when i do this i sound like a smoker and when i do the wub wub its
just not working and doesn't sound right, how do i practice to make it
sound better?

Автор Ed Garcia (1 месяц)
Why is mine so low I can't go high?? :/

Автор Axell Martinez (28 дней)
Wowo this was so helpful it really help my beatboxing thanks

Автор Connor Ward (1 месяц)
Cheers for this

Автор motormatthew (2 месяца)
OMG now I know how to throat bass really easy thx

Автор Fearless Deamon (1 месяц)
I think I am doing right, but my throat is not hurting. Is this normal?

Автор Ras Dready (28 дней)
This helped a lot man thanks for putting it up man bless up 

Автор Isaiah Martin (25 дней)
Thank you now im a xpert at beatboxing

Автор Predatornukes (1 месяц)
Mastered it in 4 days. Starting to throw in snares. Thanks for the
turtorial it really helped 

Автор jacob ahhee (1 месяц)
I'm the same whenever I'm in public trying to practice my bass I get the
"coo coo" look from people

Автор Arriq Henderson (1 месяц)
Thanks man this helps me a lot I just couldn't get that sound but now my
throat hurts haha

Автор Harry Bosch (1 месяц)
thanks dude! I almost got it but the breath is not enough to hold on. What
can I do?

Автор Rozzy Roo (24 дня)
Omg I can feel it swelling wtaf

Автор devin rocks (2 месяца)
He doesn't even do it he scratches to much 

Автор Moses Murphy (1 месяц)
now that was some advice...!! really helped me alot...i was doing it the
wrong way all these months..but thanks bro !! peace on ya 

Автор Joaquin Garcia (14 дней)
Cut your nails bro

Автор Kyle Bieschke (1 месяц)
You did a really good job explaining. Tried two other vids and couldn't get
it. But then i watch yours, and boom, i got it. 

Автор Magnetic PvP (1 месяц)
I am the best at explaining it, 1. You Clear your Throat like Ryan Robinson
said an you hold it for 5 seconds.

2. You talk B out your mouth.

Keep Holding your Hum and clear your Throat and just do it... Practice in
the morning school if you go to that, soon or later your Throat will
develop and you will get the hang of it like no problem :) 

Автор Adrianna Michalski (5 дней)
I'm a girl and I can get my voice that low!

Автор Fanny Drape (11 дней)
This was great!

Автор Seth Gleason (1 месяц)
That was very helpful by saying it was like clearing your throat thx

Автор Roxanna Origel (1 месяц)
Hearing bass voices make me tingle xp

Автор Guest 1337 (21 день)
I almost died of laughter at 0:20

Автор ERTx ConTraBanD (1 месяц)
it does not hurt if you smoke 

Автор carlie phillips (1 месяц)
i got the base just not the high pitches

Автор Coollino HD (1 месяц)
Mine sounds demonic and is far 2 deep but I'm only 13 with a high pitched

Автор Creeper slayer (1 месяц)
When u do it how to you change the rithim in your voice

Автор Dat Boombox (1 месяц)
Cool it feels like I barfed in my mouth wen i eat chilly ouch!!! I have a
deep voice tho mabye dat why it dont hurt alot for a while :D

Автор HiPChecKeRfilms (1 месяц)
Thanks dude

Автор Elliot Taylor (1 месяц)
Someone help im doing what he says, but it hurts my throat and i keep

Автор MartyKuB (2 месяца)
Thanks suse finaale its WORKED.......wait...uhh..AAAAAA my ThrOaT Its BURN

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