How to Beatbox Throat Bass - Coolest Sound in Beatboxing!

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This technique is used in alot of dubstep beatboxing. If you want to make freaking dubstep with your mouth, watch this video and share with friends. Impress friends and make music in an easy and fun way.

-At first it might hurt, drink lots of water whenever you are beatboxing.
-Add melodys to sound good.
-Trying to imitate songs will give you good music composure, so if you want to cover some cool dubstep songs that can help you improve.
- Try to say sounds/words in this voice such as: wubwub, mamamama, nagano, rurururururur, eueueuueue and just experiment with different position of your mouth and words to get a good variety.
-Closing your mouth or changing the shape will also change the sound.

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Автор Jimmy Vlemincx (78 лет назад)
I'm 15 and my throat bass is lower than everyone I see and I can't go

Автор Raul Santamaria ( назад)
This guy is lit

Автор Adam M ( назад)
it Fucking hurts😭

Автор Thomas Mills Bohlin 15ESA ( назад)
TNX u helped me loads thats what was missing

Автор Star Pixeles ( назад)
found this very useful

Автор GalaxyWolf XXV (1324 года назад)
im a beast at throat beast i can teach anyone and show anyone if u have an
xbox 360 or one and have a mic my gamer tag is GalaxyWolf

Автор NeoN StrideZz ( назад)
Ive just had the problem and i see some of the same problems. if it doesnt
hurt, then you are probably doing it wrong. ive been clearing my throat
with a deep sound, but when you clear it, you have to really try and force
it, and that makes it easy to change the pitch too fo those who can only do
low notes

Автор Jason S. ( назад)
getting the hang of it

Автор Desean Turner ( назад)
my dosent sound like the real thing how can I make it better

Автор Maykol-San ( назад)
Question, Every time I do it, I feel like mucus or water starts to come at
my throat. Like it comes around where my uvula is. Am I doing this wrong or

Автор Gabrielle Smith ( назад)
Hi I'm a girl and I was wanting to know if that affected going lower on
throat beatboxing because I cannot seem to go low

Автор Ali Abbassi ( назад)
He's an awesome teacher I confirmed perfectly that kind of beatboxing!!!

Автор MB_7Y7Y024 ( назад)

Автор David Ev. ( назад)

Автор Ben Battista ( назад)

Автор Piggy Air force Male ( назад)
I could do this when I was 8 but I stop. beatboxing

Автор Saul Jimenez ( назад)
I can't tell if I'm doing it

Автор Richard Kirkpatrick ( назад)
lol mu throat didnt hurt at all when i did it😂 i guess i have already been
duin it

Автор Tanis Annicchiarico ( назад)
Question to anybody. The technique he's describing sounds AWFULLY similar
to how you're supposed to do metal growls and low screams and such. Are
they the same technique just deployed differently? Because I'M a metal
screamer, so if that's the case I'll keep practicing that, but if it's not
then I don't want to practice the wrong thing lol

Автор MLG Scoping ( назад)

Автор Miguel Lopez ( назад)
This is helping me to do betthbox

Автор Sammy the sloth 115 ( назад)
Thanks it works

Автор Aditya Patil (1959 лет назад)
Make an inward throat bass tutorial please

Автор quebehk ( назад)
Ye hurts like fuk

Автор Saul Jimenez ( назад)
my throat herts!!!and it feels like I have to throw up!!!sometime there's
mucus coming out of my throat. hahah!

Автор VipXGamer ( назад)
OHHH I KNOW HOW NOW it does hurt XD

Автор MostSwagOnThePlanet Earth ( назад)

- via YTPak(.com)

Автор Slayer Fall ( назад)
ryan can you do another toutorial its a good one but when i do mine its
sound to deep.

Автор Slayer Fall ( назад)
One of the best beat boxing techniques i think.

Автор Ayrton Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор KinzixHD ( назад)
i stopped doing beatbox for 4 month and i start again i know everything but
i didnt get used like before :D

Автор venom glitches aka venx magma ( назад)
that hurt

Автор The Gaming Kid 01 ( назад)
I blow out to much air while doing throat bass and I can't stop no matter
how hard I try. Any help? By the way I can do slizzer bass and I'm 11

Автор KonFps ( назад)
i think i can beatbox really well i am 13 but my friends say its not
beatboxing what should i do to prove them wrong??

Автор Pronoy Basu ( назад)

Автор lui vs gaming ( назад)
Thanks now I could you now

Автор TheBamBuka1 ( назад)
wow dude tnx alot you really helped me , i thought i was doing it correctly
before and my friends always told me it dosent sounds right and now after
your video i fell like im actually getting better so tnx alot :)

Автор Aaron Taylor ( назад)
Wow his tips helped me my throats were hurting like he'll now they don't I
can do it foever and I can do it good thx ryan robinson

Автор Jared Cassidy ( назад)
You helped a lot dude thanks

Автор Nathan Halim ( назад)
thx bro it really helps, but is it good if my throat doesn't hurt in the
first time trying??

Автор firdausi ibrahim ( назад)
It hurts omg

Автор P.I.L Do Games (1821 год назад)
i am doing too well the technique (i dont know how to write that word but
you understand ) but i am just 16 years old and i dont have a thicker voice
and i cant do it like you . and my throat bass is not so evident ... :( i
mean it is but is better to have a thicker voice to make the sound more
epic ;)

Автор K Jaehne ( назад)
After trying I've got a headache xD

Автор ZZ ZZ ( назад)
I'm not hurting my throat. Am I doing it wrong??

Автор MaddogBeatbox ( назад)
I remember when these beats were so hard. Now I'm like how did i not get

Автор Clowngaming ( назад)
I'm 13 and I think I'm close I just need it to be deeper, any suggestions

Автор BlazeBearPerformance146 ( назад)
Guys im going to try to make youtube videos of me beatboxing plz watch

Автор VanossGaming. ( назад)
god damn that hurts XD

Автор TheDarkDragon 101 ( назад)
I am a beginner is it hard to talk when you do the sound at first or will
it take time to learn

Автор Dr. Duker ( назад)
I have watched this video 25 times, and I cannot get it. can anyone help

Автор leon ramirez ( назад)
why tf am i watching this my throat ase is amazing i have been beatboxing
for 9 years

Автор Micah Tracy ( назад)
Awesome sauce

Автор Chuckey Zero ( назад)
I fucking love you. Its gonna take a while for me to get use to it, but
it'll all be for the better

Автор Marquis Mcfall ( назад)
Damn to bad I'm in puberty :// (if u get the joke like the comment)

Автор JaeonCBR ( назад)
You suck at throat bass...

Автор Diego andstuff ( назад)
man , im a singer will this affect to my "singing vocal chords" ?

Автор SteamyTheRobot ( назад)
I did it but i hurts my throat but after a few days i got used to it thanks

Автор Aldislan Felix ( назад)
thanks you

Автор Emily Payne ( назад)
my throte is killing me I know how yo it .a girl and 11

Автор NINJA7URTLE76 ( назад)
Out of all the tutorials I saw yours helped me understand it better and I
could do it by the end of this video but mine still needs lots of work

Автор Madman ( назад)
I used this for my base but I am a beginner now I know how to use my base

Автор JakobMillah (512 года назад)
That can't be good for singers? I mean, the coughing is not even good for
singers, how can that not affect singing in a negative way? :P

Автор Rajendra Singh ( назад)
Keep it up u will get it soon

Автор Rajendra Singh ( назад)

Автор Koopz ( назад)
How long until it doesn't hurt and how long till you get it to sound clean?

Автор GameNBake ( назад)
My voice is about as deep as yours but I can't get that really deep gritty
sound, how do you get that?

Автор Rohan Veit ( назад)
I keep trying but all I get is a low sound, I dont know how to get a higher
pitch, I pretty much just sound like batman and cant get any higher
pitches. Anyone know what to do?

Автор jacob_therockgamer11 ( назад)
doesnt hurt. its just hard to use the muscle.

Автор Cyber Turtle ( назад)
Lol, all this time I've been doing it and I didn't even know! Thanks

Автор Cyber Turtle ( назад)

Автор Megan Lechner ( назад)
Lol yea this dos hurt your throat but it sounds awesome I'm still
practicing and keep it up with that beatboxing you're really good 

Автор Bio Harzard ( назад)
thank you for this

Автор AJ808 ( назад)
+Ryan Robinson What if I did what you said but my throat doesn't hurt but
the sound is similar?

Автор Meherban Ali ( назад)
I luved this video

Автор Ech0-G ( назад)

Автор Jia Yan ( назад)
someone help please! my throat doesnt hurt at all, even though i kept
clearing my throat for like 20minutes.. everytime i do it, i sound like im
clearing phlgem lol, could it be i am using the wrong part of my throat?

Автор Timothy Burnes ( назад)
how do i know if i sound right?

Автор Cyber Turtle ( назад)
I seriously don't know how to clear my throat...😞

Автор Dom B ( назад)
Honestly, I adjusted quickly by breathing but super deep. after it really
starts hurting, don't go again, have a half bottle of water take a five
minute break and go again. In about 2 weeks I was hitting very deep.

Автор Altaf Hussain ( назад)
sorry dropped my doritos in ur comment box.
BTW u can have them I will whip up another pack dude

Автор Altaf Hussain ( назад)
Lol turn subtitles on! 

Автор Luka Estrada ( назад)
I prefer the inward vocalized click roll, that sound is amazing.

Автор iTz Crystal ( назад)
Yee i can do it know take me 3 weeks

Автор YrsaLiekzPandas ( назад)
I'm trying so hard to learn how to beatbox, but whenever i try doing stuff
from tutorials, i think i'm horrible and end up laughing at myself XDD 

Автор army strong 101 ( назад)
How many days does it take for it to learn it

Автор Patrick Gosda ( назад)
Keep trying man don't give up. And the first time I did it ya I got a
tingle in it and I cough alot but then about the 3 time doing it with
adding a bet well it was like I wasn't even doing it ate all 

Автор kimar morris ( назад)
The end had me laughing

Автор Braylyn White ( назад)
Thank you so much men your realy helping me

Автор Fabiola Delgado ( назад)
Your soo cute hehe ^_^

Автор samuel dahl ( назад)
I saw a video on throat bass that was a bass drum.

Автор Arshia Ahmad ( назад)
I thought I felt the spit on me! Anyone else?

Автор Conner Chap ( назад)
Omg u r so right but it freaking hurts but as long u get use to it right?

Автор Axiom Gaming ( назад)
I swear, everyone says it hurts, but I don't feel the pain... I have had
asthma all my life so clearing my throat is easy 

Автор Bridget O'Neill ( назад)
It hurts like hell when I do it. Has it got to do with the fact that I'm a

Автор thunder_ Frog007_Destiny ( назад)
Tx fpr the help

Автор Damon Wills ( назад)
That beatboxing on the end of a video was awesome. 

Автор Ammar Tosson ( назад)
when my throat will stop hurting me during my training?

Автор Jesus Abarca Guzman ( назад)
I listen to this video a month ago now im a pro using the throat bass.
thanks so much

Автор iFrostyy ( назад)
mine is grumbly not smooth like im growling

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