Scale Running Model Harley Panhead Engine by Ron Colonna

V-Twin Panhead
Ignition: Spark
Bore: 1 5/16 in.
Stroke: 1 1/2 in.
Two Cylinder Four Cycle
No Castings Used
This engine was scratch built to a scale of 2/5ths or 40% of full size. The bottom end was taken from a drawing of a Knuckelhead engine that I puchased on e-bay. The top end was patterned after photos taken from e-bay of Harley parts for sale. I also bought a Harley repair manual that helped with the oil system. The crankcase was split into three sections instead of the usual two for ease of machining. The ignition is solid state and I use a GM coil which fires the two plugs simultaneously. Timing is advanced and retarded with the timer body. Two rotating magnets fire a Hall effect device at the proper times as per full sized points. The engine is large enough to produce that lovely V-twin sound.

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Длительность: 2:27
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Автор ep5tv ( назад)
Now, if it only had a functional kick starter.

Автор DouglasR8 ( назад)
awesome , sounds great !!!

Автор slowplay258 ( назад)
That is beautiful sir! Thanks for the eye candy.

Автор Quinton McHale ( назад)
I want one on the center of the kitchen table when my family gathers to
eat. I'm interested to hear that motor.

Автор Crixus The Gaul ( назад)
dude I LOVE this! You should keep a strong fan on it and use it to power
something. I would really like to see that.

Автор tawin thiengtham ( назад)
I Need อยากได้อ่ะครับ

Автор RC HPI_Savage ( назад)
Hi, is there any chance of getting plans to make this engine

Автор Crowley Alleister ( назад)
sounds good. You selling? lol and by the way that left rod is lose, I think
that's when you had some trouble keeping it running.

Автор The boss 12 ( назад)
How can I get one of these

Автор Dave Begotka ( назад)
NICE! It says potato potato just like the real ones......!!

Автор George Burd lll ( назад)
bad to the bone how much

Автор Ray Hansen ( назад)
Next step,a tranny and mount in a balloon tired Schwin bicycle...NEATO.

Автор Gerry K ( назад)

Автор Bobsyouruncle Wilson ( назад)

Автор Biker Ghost ( назад)
Excellent !

Автор Daniel Stopf ( назад)
verry nice

Автор Trevor Smith ( назад)
I wish Harley Davidson would build mini engines like this for adult mini

Автор Jorge Salas (MrMizer) ( назад)
Good work dude that is super awesome.

Автор Michael Delaney ( назад)
Should you have a fan on it? Its really beautiful. Great job!

Автор Lord Richard Boon ( назад)
Do you have any plan's for the pan.

Автор gilbert furguson ( назад)
need to put this in a schwinn stingray motorised bicycle

Автор BSARocketman ( назад)
Hey Ron. Awesome Job. I've checked out you other work..FANBLOODYTASTIC..
Could I employ you to build a BSA A10 mini engine..???

Автор David Hesse ( назад)
can this be fitted on a mini chopper?

Автор Tom Corcoran ( назад)
Very nice Ron!

Автор Lucas Oliveira ( назад)
Do you manufactured it? I'm very curious about the data, do you estimate
torque, power, RPM and consume? Sorry about the english, I'm brazillian and
I don't write very well.

Автор Joe Guzman ( назад)
In an old newspaper from 1946 theres an ad for mini motors from ww2 surplus
for 1 dollar ,i wonder what the government used them for 

Автор Tyler Bonnell ( назад)
i love how it sounds

Автор sv2gww ( назад)
I pay my respect!

Автор Ray Dreamer ( назад)
Can you tell me how many CC's this motor is ?

Автор Chris Cunningham ( назад)
I thought the Flying Millyard was the coolest build but this whipps the tar
out of it. Even if I had the skill, I wouldn't have the patients. Very

Автор ChiefJustice Middleton (980 лет назад)
Harleys never could idle, hahaha. Great job

Автор Paul Murphy ( назад)
that is so cool

Автор El DEPREDADOR De cemas!! ( назад)
podría usarse en una Bicimoto?

Автор Chrystian David ( назад)
Tá poluindo o ar

Автор Bob Plum ( назад)
Oh my Go# How did you build this. That is so great. I had a 59 panhead and
it looks just like it. You must be a master at the lathe. Very good

Автор Richard Lorych ( назад)
great work don, now build the rest of it. that would be a masterpiece.

Автор Doug Reno ( назад)
There's no mistaking that Harley sound, no mater how small the engine is .
Nice job there

Автор Connor Jones ( назад)
were are these bought

Автор g0fvt ( назад)

Автор Chris Blake ( назад)
I want that in a minibike!

Автор Mike Miller (1651 год назад)
Good heavens! Imagine that mounted to your Trail 70!

Автор Frank Ruffolo ( назад)

did you make the forms and do the castings yourself?

nicely done

Автор tom thompson ( назад)
well done

Автор Ray Nevarez ( назад)
# 2 !

Автор Myth0l0gical ( назад)
Put this bad boy into a moped....

Автор Gustavo García ( назад)
¿Can you make one for sale?

Автор Donster Monster Dee James ( назад)
Kool but . why the 12V. After start up ??

Автор Donster Monster Dee James ( назад)
Why do you need the battery for?

Автор Robert Sampson ( назад)
Wonder how this would fair on a bicycle?

Автор Bob Smith ( назад)
Hi Ron is it a true radial? It sure sounds like it. Great video!

Автор Dave Litten (ProjexAcademy) ( назад)
Sounds great, here in Denia, Spain, we have a Harley club, so I´m used to
them throbbing and low-end grunting around the streets. Since it is 40%
full size, then if you slow the audio track down by the same scale ratio -
I wonder if it sounds like a full size machine? Anyone tried?

Автор HarrOnimusRex ( назад)
I luvvit , it's grouse .... !!! (Aussie slang). Simply wonderful .....

Автор Walt Kobs ( назад)
Better than Kick starting it!

Автор Hot Penguin Sex ( назад)
I see someone beat me to the punch and asked if it leaked oil. All joking
aside, that is an absolute fantastic job. I can truly appreciate the work
that went into it. Thanks for sharing your creation with us.

Автор sheila delaney ( назад)

Автор Andy Ward ( назад)
Would love the know how and equipment to be able to build miniature engines
and other projects. Amazing work, well done!

Автор Wayne Legendre ( назад)
That is one bad ass engine! If it could be mounded on a mini bike,that kid
would be one cool cat,with all girls.Just like I was at fourteen,when I got
1st (real) motorcycle;1946 famous James. And yes,I ride a Harley! THE
CAJUN. P.S.I"m 65.

Автор Steve Johnson ( назад)
I want to be the only one in my neighborhood with a V-Twin Lawnmower!!

Автор DejwStudio ( назад)
do u sell plans for it or u know where to find ?

Автор Duggy Dugg ( назад)
who has the time on his moron hands to give a thumbs down ??????

Автор Fred196407 ( назад)
Why is it only running on one cylinder. One exhaust pipe is blued with heat
and the other is clean. Smoke only coming from the heated blue exhaust.

Автор jovan jovic ( назад)
you have to sell

Автор Capri Driver ( назад)
looks like it burns a lot of oil

Автор A person ( назад)
That engine would be awesome in a small kids size bike.

Автор Gerald West ( назад)
Extreme badass! Double barrel thumbs up.

Автор harley ramage ( назад)
I have a friend who wants to buy one. Where can he buy one?

Автор oldmanwitherspoon ( назад)
don't let harley see how underpowered and inefficient this engine is,
they'll want to build a bike around it.

Автор leon ridgewell ( назад)
Very kool! great sound as well!

Автор John Gavina ( назад)
Put that on a bicycle. That would rule.

Автор rootbeer4969 ( назад)
The guys who hand-build these masterpieces are genuine craftsmen. They can
be equated to the master Italian sculptors of the 15th Century...

Автор Daniel Knight (1703 года назад)
How much would u charge to build one

Автор TheMorbiousStone ( назад)
I'd put that on my bicycle!!!

Автор Kevin Colt ( назад)
sounds like the full size engine. this is great.

Автор DiscoStewed ( назад)
It wont be a true panhead until it develops a rocker cover oil leak :-)

Автор kevin Tucker ( назад)
Wish I was 3' tall. 

Автор J.D. G ( назад)
Do you sell these??

Автор william buck ( назад)
i want one

Автор Matt Briley ( назад)
Cool man,what oil weight? 20w50!

Автор Arief Triwahyudi ( назад)
i want try to build one can you make plans with sketchup i will buy the

Автор Airsoftfrreak96 ( назад)
I give this engine and all the work behind it a 10 out of 10
More than deserved.hope you sell the plans soon 

Автор Jimmy Cooper ( назад)
This would be awesome in a little kids mini chopper lol

Автор jason smith ( назад)
I want one does anybody know I can get one

Автор Todd Dooley ( назад)
Cool as hell! Great job!

Автор Paul Eaton ( назад)
smoking just like a harley to. lol

Автор Tigguy Uphill ( назад)
Love to twist some Chrome-Moly around that!

Автор Brent Miller ( назад)
You can use it as a vibrating bak massager LOL Make a opposed twin and it
will run as smooth as silk

Автор African Warlord ( назад)
this needs to go on a scooter

Автор SoyBoySigh ( назад)
I'd bet a 50cc or 70cc Honda single cylinder would kick it's ass - so yeah
spot on good replica! Ha-ha. Now how about a proper L-twin motor, in the
form of a Ducati Bevel Desmo 900 SS "square-case" - now that's one you
could even SELL it's popular enough - yet at the same time it would also
make some power! Somehow I get the feeling the people who would want a
running panhead motor on their desk-top ... I'm picturing the oil baron guy
from The Simpsons - they'd probably be even happier with a FULL-size
panhead paperweight, chugging away with that distinctly AGRICULTURAL

Автор Jeremy Bryan ( назад)
Probably more reliable than the original! 

That probly equivalates to 10 or so + kicks to cold start so yea spot on ..
Minus all the swears 😡

Автор Bid ways (Bidways) (345 лет назад)
To know it

Автор Michael Weir ( назад)
who makes these engines and can you still get one

Автор Jeremiah Hinton ( назад)
I would buy this and put it in a hardknock frame

Автор NeutralBattle WithBrian ( назад)
could i put one of those on a mini motorcycle

Автор harleywainie ( назад)
That's awesome mate, well done 

Автор Fender Veal ( назад)
And I thought I had seen it all. Great job,well crafted been building the
real harley motors since 1970 ,now I want to build one for grins,too groovy

Автор Da Nri ( назад)
Do you sell these? Or would you sell this one? I love it. 

Автор Alexey Fin ( назад)

Автор C moore ( назад)

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