homemade 2 meter antenna

my first homemade 2meter antenna...worked great..

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Автор Tech & Music Garbage Channel ( назад)
@rockinggirl50, I guess you are talking about TV, he uses it for radio :)

Автор Rae Monique ( назад)
I've been using this method for a while now...since you gave me the idea
on....now with the changes that they're about to do...no matter what we
try, even rabbit ears nothing will work anymore....sometimes it makes you
want to hate technology....it's just not fair for everybody......

Автор tinovator ( назад)
Have you used rotator for satellite dish,as main rotator in this vid?

Автор Radionut R ( назад)
Do you have the plans for this antenna? If you do please send them to me!

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