How to find your Wi-Fi password

This tutorial is about finding your Wi-Fi password.
If it asks you login and password use:

1. login: admin password: admin
2 .login: admin password: password
3. login: guest password: guest

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Автор ashik ole (6 дней)
what the hell , we r not russians.

Автор Vladislav Stefanov (5 дней)
Look people. In English основной шлюз is defaut gateway. Copy the number
and paste it on your web brouser. Then it will ask you for password and
nick name which both are "admin" in most of the cases. Then go to security
or wifi security or smth like that. It depends on the country you live in.
There you will see the password and the name of your router. If you want
you can change it, If you change it you will have to reconnect to your
router with new name and new password ;) good lock hackers :D

Автор Rahul Chouhan (17 дней)
F*cking you mrey777
Thats Video is too long just easy method to know your wifi password is:
Go to the ''Connect To A Network''
Select Your Wi-Fi Open Wifi properties click On security Then Click '''Show
Characters'' Your Password IS THERE :-)

Автор Sandeep Kumar (9 дней)

Автор joshanator1 (1 месяц)
Hasn't anyone noticed that every single one of these videos you see has
responses about where to get the "REAL" software? These are scam videos
people. you really need to report these types of vids. They're trying get
you to download viruses. Don't be stupid. report them and move on.

Автор palthasar jerald (13 дней)
Thanks for the music. Sorry for ur inability. Try to upload ur musics. Dont
try to be clever.

Автор Khaista Rahman (2 месяца)

Автор Natacat (4 месяца)
My god guys he's obviously Russian maybe he's not that fast of a Tyler
considering he's typing in English, which isn't his first language.
Consider that. Don't hate on him because he was taking too long typing. If
you want a video with fast typing, DO IT YOURSELF and stop hating on the
kid who's first language WASNT ENGLISH

Автор ASADUL ISLAM (17 дней)
fuck you 

Автор Luis Guerrero (19 дней)
when i get to the part it says default gateway it doesn't say anything what
do i do :(

Автор Shadow Walker (20 дней)
He is running on ethernet how is this possible to find a wifi password when

Автор Christina Bonney (27 дней)
Did not work at all!!!!?
Actually the only real WiFi Password cracker you will be able to get is the
one from the popular cracking group “RELOADED”. They released it a couple
of days ago for free over their MediaFire Link:

Автор Игорь Папук (2 месяца)
50 % of this video is just typing
go to school, and don't fuck your mind with youtube video uploading

Автор Fouad benameur (27 дней)

Автор pia samantha cuballes (1 месяц)
Asshole! Are you a typing retard? Why does it take you a lifetime to type a
single word?

Автор Tara Wooz (4 месяца)
Do we look like we fucking understand russian?

Автор Shattered Sanity (4 месяца)
You God damn moron!
That is how you access your router's settings!
The same instructions can be found in the booklet that was in the same box
with the router. That is also how you connect on your router to set it up
with the username and password so that you can establish the DSL connection
or change your settings, such as password protecting the router from those
in the same network, or change your wifi password, or any other settings
that the router may have.
This is no hacking at all. But perhaps in your language that is hacking, in
the language of the rest of the people around the globe it is called
"Setting up the router!".
Hacking. HA! Nice try there kiddo, nice try.
And for those who actually think that this is hacking, just refer to the
manual of your router. Also for those ignorant fools who will ignore the
manual, please jump off a bridge, or die in general, so that your stupidity
will be removed from the DNA genome and that the average IQ level will go
up by 50 more points.
To think that some morons actually post shit like this on youtube that are
not even what they claim to be. You are just stealing resources from the
servers and you prevent us from reaching singularity even a moment earlier
than it is supposed to happen.

You're welcome.

Автор Lubomir Cheshmedjiev (4 месяца)

Автор jayson alicaya (3 месяца)
so sloooooooow

Автор Jori Geijsberts (1 месяц)
Dude serious

Автор BeyFlakes (1 месяц)
Freaking slow typing...

I see almost of the comments here are misunderstand the title of the video

the title of the video is !!! " How to find your WI-Fi password" godDamnit

not WiFi hacking you morons ...

Автор Nanda Hutabarat (3 месяца)
where you learn writing??\

Автор Nithya Domoot (4 месяца)

Автор 0m kumar (26 дней)
fuck u asshole

Автор G.Y. Land (5 месяцев)
Far too much nonsense. A waste of time and the terrible music! :( You must
think people are plain stupid.

Автор doudou keita (3 месяца)
we are not russian guy !

Автор Gala Faure (29 дней)
Why is it that I cannot use it?

Автор Nishant Jha (4 месяца)
Type Faster Dude! -_-

Автор Terrance Anthony Alcolm Anand (2 месяца)
fuck your ass hole, bloody time waster 

Автор Erlkanah Carmen (4 месяца)
it can works in broadband??

Автор valerijus stachovskis (25 дней)

Автор Tutoriels Français High Def (1 месяц)
Unfortunately these are fake WiFi hacks :(
Take the WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
hacking group. You can get it here for free:

Автор Dustin Skelton (2 месяца)
You could do that........OR you could do it the easy way and go to Control
Panel\Network and Internet\Manage Wireless Networks check the properties of
your connection, go to security tab and "show characters" if you have admin
rights. BOOM -- password (in ENGLISH lol)

Автор Alfred Ren (4 месяца)
i hate people that write on the video! just talk and show us! its not hard
to talk idiot! hate people like u! try to show us how slow u are at
writeing.. For Ever Alone kid!

Автор Shoaib Siddique (3 месяца)
Fuck u man.. what a Bull sheet .. wast my time

Автор Joshua Washington (3 месяца)
Nigga be bout slow as hell

Автор Paradise Cable (2 месяца)
Its just about finding your default gateway. and then WHAT? this is not
hacking. you are already at your network, means you are already connected.
but very good video for 2 commands. cmd and ipconfig you can add ipconfig

Автор Tuser Sarker (3 месяца)

Автор Siddarth Shah (3 месяца)
learn to type first

Автор Luis Ureña (3 месяца)
Great tip...Thx bro.!

Автор Sitaram Maharana (3 месяца)

Автор Altaf Husain (4 месяца)

Автор Michael Edington (3 месяца)
very informative and good music

Автор Adithya Josh (4 месяца)

Автор lomka heyat (3 месяца)
where is command key

Автор MultiCelic (2 месяца)
it's fun ...really))

Автор C Delatorre (1 месяц)
you suck man 

Автор Sawdeep Panta (2 месяца)
fuck you have to connect to the same network first how come this is a hack ,
using command means hack to you.

Автор navoda wijenayake (2 месяца)
thnx for wasting our time :(

Автор d (4 месяца)

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