How to find your Wi-Fi password

This tutorial is about finding your Wi-Fi password.
If it asks you login and password use:

1. login: admin password: admin
2 .login: admin password: password
3. login: guest password: guest

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Автор Kunal Bhoir ( назад)
thanks for waste my time......
because many router user change router password.....
so we can't open router.....

Автор John Cena ( назад)
fuck this video

Автор Mohammed Kaif ( назад)
It WOKS !!!
wow, thanks a lot dude...

Автор ANWAR ANSARI ( назад)
totally lost time...

Автор Vlad Gaming ( назад)

Автор etnad2raray ( назад)
useless FUKCTard !!! .!. U

Автор Eric Cromwell ( назад)
Is this what passes for hacking these days?

Автор sami lak ( назад)

Автор Wilfred Quintana ( назад)
Your Not in Russia, who the fuck is going to understand this crap.

Автор Oppa Miho ( назад)
im using windows 7, but at the network and sharing center i only see
details there's no wireless etc. thingy. So can you help me with that? im
having such a trouble.

Автор Sana Rahman ( назад)
mother fucker maki chut teri ama marfa me langi nachri thee pura gaoon me
langi nachri thee surpunch ki tan gayee

Автор rahul bisht ( назад)
you shit

Автор Syarifudin Adrian ( назад)
Video ini tidak jelas mas

Автор n chuch ( назад)
This video is a wast of time! First the default login username and password
is different from router to router. It's labeled somewhere on your router.
Second after you grabbed the gateway IP address ( your routers IP address,
witch give you access to the routers web interface.) by using ipconfig
command, the hardest part of using the Web interface is getting to it. Once
you have gotten there, the rest, at least most of it, is self-explanatory.

Автор Fabian ( назад)
wypierdalaj z jutuba jebany rusku

Автор jackshit jackshit ( назад)
does it work,i did nothing on my pc

Автор ashisforreal ( назад)
The only good thing about this video is the song

Автор Veeravalli KoteswaraRao ( назад)
wasting time

Автор MBFC TV ( назад)

Автор Nilanjan Mandal ( назад)
whenever i type the ip address of my router in chrome search
bar.............they show me extreameXOX screenplay website and told me to
login .......... but i don't know the user name and password.....so what
can i do?

Автор Kenneth Escobar ( назад)
wtf?? why do you write so fucking slow!???

Автор Its My Opinion ( назад)
nin tika naayi mari keyya

Автор HARISH BHABHAR ( назад)
chutiya banao .........bas

Автор Imam Julfian ( назад)

Автор wobats LTU (1474 года назад)
rushan gay

Автор Gary Gomer ( назад)
turn off the noise - so people can hear - thank u

Автор sajjad ali ( назад)

Автор kids crew hd ( назад)
he is typing very slow

Автор The Donator ( назад)
can you type a little faster haha so bored lol

Автор ayoush gurung ( назад)
thanks for being fool

Автор PAWAN KUMAR Pandit ( назад)
Do you have wifi hacking software

Автор rhose luna ( назад)
its been typing for years you just wasted my time

Автор junnel abayon ( назад)

Автор Khushal Rathod ( назад)
yar kidhar kidhar se aa jate ho yar tum log

Автор rohan georte ( назад)
mayre kunnae.....thanks a lot

Автор McLovin' ( назад)
i can help u to fin your wifi password only using cmd!

Автор James Swaim ( назад)
Please either learn to type faster or type the text BEFORE you make the
video. Watching you type out the words is why many people leave the video
instead of finishing it.

Автор ULAGANATHAN J ( назад)

Автор joe carr ( назад)
or you may reset p/w with the net user command...

Автор Abadon lucif ( назад)
after i copy the number at my browser, browser want username and password,
not like you do, how ?

Автор Bala Chander ( назад)

Автор Avinash Katkar ( назад)
jabbar dast.............

Автор rohit khaneja ( назад)
Thanks a lot dear :)

Автор AjiT SiNgh ( назад)
i liked video

Автор valerie mcmillan ( назад)
that was no waste of time. it was simple....even for me a novice! thank you
thank you for easy successful directions.

Автор Pradeep Kumar Mukherjee ( назад)
thanks for wasting .time

Автор Menchie Escobar ( назад)
its so complicated dude i have much easier way to do that you want me to
share it too?

Автор DR. G ( назад)
я руский

Автор zooooztube ( назад)
complete garbage.

Автор nishant patel ( назад)
it's fakeeeee..

Автор Harshad Sarswa ( назад)
this is for those who aleady know the password......... is the
ip address of your router you can also get that on your router box...

Автор vishal jakhu ( назад)
if i will make this tuorial then i will finish in only 2 min nothing more

Автор FAN OF ZEUS TM ( назад)
if you forget your login id like admin that is username and password i have
simple trick see in your wi-fi box or user manual ip adr. and go to the
browser and write your ip ok

Автор Hasham Wasi ( назад)
U so slow in typing dickhead

Автор Raju pame ( назад)
you can find out from internet connection

Автор Romer Rulida ( назад)

Автор Noel Walker ( назад)

Автор Kuladeep Ponugupati ( назад)

Автор kweon Soo Ahn ( назад)
pls.... your typing skills are even worst than my grandmas typing
skills....learn how to type first!

Автор glenn descallar ( назад)
Thank you. your video helps me a lot

Автор Pradip Nalwaya ( назад)

Автор Vince Lopez ( назад)
ochobon haha

Автор Ansi Standby ( назад)
tanga tanga ka gago,, kunin mo ang ip at ipasok mo sa pwet mo

Автор Shanu Zubair ( назад)
When I type the IP into address bar and enter, it shows :
This webpage is not available .

Pls help me with this issue.

Автор Mr. Jod ( назад)
you know that you showed your ip address.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I know one of the anonymous and i can tell him the ipadress!!!
and you will be hacked!!!

Автор PaResH RumDe ( назад)
Fuck You with Smile (ASSHOLE)

Автор hardik shah ( назад)
Dhilo.. saaaav dhilo...

Автор Steve ( назад)
Guys, just type: netsh wlan show profiles (your wifi name) key=clear, into

Автор DarkPaul1ux Games ( назад)
why im writed my ip in internet and pressed enter and my shows white screen

Автор dirtbag1221 ( назад)
Shit,tutorial and crappy music that we dont want to hear when we are
concentrating!!! god damitt!!

Автор Brandon Schofield ( назад)
Watch the video x2 speed.

Автор Blue Monster ( назад)

Автор Hasher John Variacion ( назад)
wtf , , ,lol . . . . .typing tutorial first .. . . lol

Автор magicisreal703 ( назад)
yea 4 real

Автор vajhullah vajhu ( назад)
thaking you ....but i have one D-link wire less router, now i want know how
many user using my wireless router wired and wireless (eg:system and mobile
how to check plz tel me..

Автор James Rosmo Ferrer ( назад)
type fast dude

Автор Jasbinder Deol ( назад)
if russian is typing english....this is great...coz i live in russia for 12
years and still having difficulty in typing russian :((.....
hats up for Mrey777

Автор Nikola Grujic ( назад)
This is if you now your router login, but what if you don't know ? ;)

Автор baptiste bisson (1671 год назад)
type slower you going to fast i havent got time see

Автор Pavao Moslavac ( назад)
Some1 knows name of song? 

Автор shariful islam shaugh ( назад)
Not working

Автор suresh kumar ( назад)

Автор ahmad Maayah ( назад)
Wooooow soo cool u know u can go to wifi properties and click show
character and finish ta da 

Автор Braddy Angom ( назад)
Fuck you !!

Автор Abuzer Zulkifly ( назад)
I like your video but i hate your slow typing just practise fast typing

Автор bodx7812 ( назад)
this is not effective..........

Автор One Direction ( назад)
thank you

Автор Malinda Mwangangi ( назад)
Being short sucks but that doesnt mean you also have to be stupid lol. Did
you considered Kramers growing program? This is the first course that
worked for me.

Автор Rehan Khanna ( назад)
facebook password sniper is the best

Автор Rainbow Pepe ( назад)
I love the way you type its so nice, smooth and fast :D and it work its
really work the dislike botton work! i hate you mrey777

Автор shun codilla ( назад)
you type sooo slowish xD

Автор chef sofianhd ( назад)
hi name music pls thank you

Автор khom bun ( назад)
thank you learn me hack wifi i hope that to meet again good bye,,,,,

Автор Jay Artzinspired ( назад)
Could get access to password but that's because my wireless hub had an
extra layer of security. NIce tut though.

Автор Егор Девятов ( назад)
Школол ))) тупой! У тебя просто не стоит пароль на вход в твой роутер и
таким тупым образом можно подсмотреть пароль на Wi fi у таких же школололов
как ты _))) Умные дяди сразу после настройки ставят пароль на админку Wi fi

Автор Crazy Ninja ( назад)
Wow strange numbers

Автор antony ruban ( назад)

Автор Tommy Berger ( назад)
Could this bitch type any fucking slower it's like a turtle walking in feet
of snow carrying 200 pounds!!!!!

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