How to find your Wi-Fi password

This tutorial is about finding your Wi-Fi password.
If it asks you login and password use:

1. login: admin password: admin
2 .login: admin password: password
3. login: guest password: guest

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Автор Sultan Ahmad (1 месяц)
Totally time waste video :D 

Автор HaKDMoDz (27 дней)
get a microphone mate nobody likes a notepad tutorial :(

Автор JonDecagon (1 месяц)
I hate tutorials with fucking slow typing. Can't they just type it all out
and show us the text document?!

Автор Shadow211121 (4 месяца)
Can you type any slower?

Автор Michael Tuan (2 месяца)
wow so fast to type. Thanks for the effort.

Автор Paivanh Chanthavong (5 месяцев)
I do but i can not see my password
see D-link LOGIN , Can you made them again sire / Mrs

Автор 徽弘 (2 дня)
Are you kidding?

Автор ShifterCZECH (10 дней)
Do you speak at same speed as you write? 

Автор Steve Collemann (11 дней)
You are some stupid idiot, waste my time........

Автор Niranjan Raghu (10 дней)
The only Strange thing i saw is you and your typing....
And this thing never works.... 

Автор ibryam mustan (20 дней)

Автор Nerdiots (26 дней)
wordwrap? n00b

Автор Rahul Chouhan (6 месяцев)
F*cking you mrey777
Thats Video is too long just easy method to know your wifi password is:
Go to the ''Connect To A Network''
Select Your Wi-Fi Open Wifi properties click On security Then Click '''Show
Characters'' Your Password IS THERE :-)

Автор Lumina Chen (1 месяц)
This can only be done if the gateway is not protected by password, sadly in
my place wifi usually comes with password, so when you go to the adress ip,
the system will ask you the password, failed to fill it in 30 seconds will
result can't open that gateway link for 1 or 2 hours(depends from the
settings), and there's a security logo appears telling that there was an
attempt to open the wifi router adress gateway. The logo won't perished
before the password is inputted in that logo, this will warn the original
owner that someone was trying to hack into his/her wifi system. So this is
not the best solution.. at least in my place. Oh yeah, your type speed is
very bad, no offend but it means lot for your audience, they pretty much
will say(yell) "What the heck is this, why you type only with two fingers?"
So improve your typing speed or use a live vocal when create a tutorial.

Автор Niranjan Raghu (10 дней)
The only Strange thing i saw is you and your typing....
And this thing never works.... 

Автор VIVEK MALI (1 месяц)
Plz join typing class

Автор Om Ahuja (1 месяц)
hey!!!!!!!!!! it doesn't work.... you bloody f**k

Автор Dennis Horrnet (1 месяц)

Автор Harsh Singh (1 месяц)

Автор janold candelaria (1 месяц)
fuckshit that is very simple CMD lol
1. go to your wifi signal and left click
2. did you see your name of your wifi and right click
3. view connection properties
4. show password

Автор MegaDragon177 (1 месяц)
This dummy do not know what He doing His router do not have a admin
password... He wasted my time this video is a piece of SHIT it should be

Автор yat dos (1 месяц)
wow so great 

Автор Ali Shahzad (1 месяц)
If u want to know ur wifi password u can use cain and abel software rather
than this big video without any point

Автор vann seth (2 месяца)
good I like

Автор Shaik Akram (2 месяца)
u blady u wasted time.......

Автор Epic gameBoy (1 месяц)
You fucking can't type for shit your slower than a sloth with a brick on
it's back. I just wasted my fucking time on this shit when all you have to
go is to your WI-FI click properties, then show letters, the. Boom, it
takes 10secons not like this shit.

Автор Antonio Zambarrano (2 месяца)
whats the title of the bro? thank you..

Автор FRANCIS TRIGGS (2 месяца)
waste of time

Автор Łμβοmίr Trίfδήφv (2 месяца)
Is CTRL + R idk

Автор rizwan khokhar (2 месяца)
how i find wifi password if i am not connected with the network and also
dont no about admin password can u help he 

Автор Ponciano Gilbero (2 месяца)

Автор Ashish Yadhuvanshi (2 месяца)
u fucking asshole

Автор Vahn Vallain (2 месяца)
how do people like this stupid video it only works if you dont have admin

Автор yumri4 (2 месяца)
so basically if you have no security on the router then it is easy to find
out the WiFi password ... well no duh also you could look at the bottom of
the physical router to find it most times as your password is probably the
password which came with it also.

Автор Muhammad Marco (2 месяца)

Автор Ishan Shrestha (2 месяца)

Автор Pramod Vichare (3 месяца)
thank you 

Автор Mr wildstone_xx9 (6 месяцев)
Name of song ... 

Автор Hussein Abdikadir (6 месяцев)
its sarcasm music "we are goin to wasted".guys u hear but u dnt get it 

Автор Mokariya Sanjay (3 месяца)

Автор arun kumar (3 месяца)
hell not working
asshole your computer also showing english.
open your ass type cmd then fuck off

Автор Sandeep Kumar (6 месяцев)

Автор mahoon alex (3 месяца)
I do , but i still can not login D-link , what should i do now ?

Автор sonam gyanzay bhutia (3 месяца)
fuck you....

Автор ashik ole (6 месяцев)
what the hell , we r not russians.

Автор tenzin jinpa (3 месяца)
lol . . . this guy dont know anything.

Автор Mohammad Tahir Tahir (3 месяца)

Автор ahmed jaziri (4 месяца)
this is Fuck -_-

Автор Quảng Nguyễn Vũ (4 месяца)
have many wifi around me, but i can't find as your way. you can see here
and teach me pls:

Автор pia samantha cuballes (7 месяцев)
Asshole! Are you a typing retard? Why does it take you a lifetime to type a
single word?

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