New Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636) 2013 Model (official commercial)- Set your heart racing

The all new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R!!

Our latest Kawasaki production!
The famous and mysterious ISLE OF MAN, was the one and only place on the planet to go wild and radical.
To show the incredible agility and capabilities of the NEW NINJA ZX-6R
No one less then upcoming TT Isle of Man star James Hillier was our precision rider.

Want to see more?

Visit us on : http:/www.pool-productions.de

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Автор Jaroslav Páv ( назад)
červená Karkulka

Автор Diego Rider ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of this song

Автор XSpt (X_Splinter) ( назад)
First I saw it without the speed being blur out

Автор Sharon Clowes ( назад)
Wow...great commercial by Kawasaki...and on the TT circuit, can't get any

Автор SupaHotFire ( назад)
I didn't know it was possible to race on an unmodified bike

Автор nik kulkarni ( назад)
Please tell me what the song name is

Автор SixStringShuffle ( назад)
This is the type of motorcycle advertisements that should be displayed
across the worlds TV screens. It's a great shame there's not enough of
these adverts instead of the crap we all watch!

Автор Darwin Lemon ( назад)
Cool! That's a bad a** bike!!

Автор IMxYOURxDADDY ( назад)
I want this bike

Автор Ty Melancon ( назад)
Anyone know what this song is? 

Автор Clinton Adkison ( назад)
yea....its kind of a "big deal" .... i love my 2013 zx-6r 636

Автор march11stoneytony ( назад)
0:58 theres this one place by my house where I do a very sad version of
this but to me it feels like I'm in Isle of Man TT

Автор Carlos Martinez ( назад)
I FELL IN LOVE. I can't wait until i have enough money to buy this!

Автор Giorgia Caruso ( назад)
What is the song? the name? please

Автор Aadibass ( назад)
I want this bike..NOW!

Автор NuclearNympho ( назад)
so sexy....hot!...does anybody know what that song is called??? I must

Автор Kovács Ádám ( назад)
2:13 for wallpaper!

Автор ALX SP ( назад)

Автор Petar Gajic ( назад)
Awesome video! Wish more commercials were like this.

Автор Jienn Ong ( назад)
He got a higher windscreen... my std one is so low

Автор Wulf Haven ( назад)
Official Kawasaki dealers... Check kawasakis homepage for your region,
under accessories/clothes and you'll find it.

Автор minidn2 ( назад)
Does anyone know where i can get that motorcycle suit that he is wearing?

Автор mostfa habib ( назад)

Автор Sam Sun ( назад)
wish they would close a course for me so I could ride like that.

Автор FZA Life's ( назад)
Gonna buy this in 2015

Автор pfreali3 (156 лет назад)
It's about time.... Again! My 05 is a screaming red rocket!

Автор 1etergen ( назад)
I'm sold

Автор callaway7392 ( назад)

Автор magnus skullerud ( назад)
O on of the best adds ever

Автор Andrea Zs.Tóth ( назад)
Isle of Man rocks

Автор Endless9Mr ( назад)
Wow!!! Nice video for a bad ass bike waited go Kawasaki, Ninjas are the
best bikes in the world period.....

Автор TEFLON434 ( назад)
Is that Cheating... Need to check the rulebooks.

Автор Astat4 ( назад)
NIIICE bike,

Автор PRwolfram ( назад)
that greeeen *-* <3 

Автор bluemuscle2 ( назад)
I have the 05 636 and that bike screams so with the new design and lighter
frame this bike is gonna be a beast I want one now!

Автор mrzx626 ( назад)
extra 37cc is the only thing new. underneath the lightly modified plastic
is exactly the same bike from the previous model.

Автор TypicallyUnique ( назад)
BRING BACK THE OLD 636, this bike is fugly as hell.

Автор TheHoodville ( назад)
636 is back! woot woot! 

Автор cheaterninja ( назад)
time to trade the old 07 zx10r in for this bad boy

Автор Esteban Osorio ( назад)
Boom! I'm getting one!!!

Автор BIRVS ( назад)
My 04 is awful haha

Автор jordan ( назад)
To each his own.

Автор kelley ashton ( назад)
James is fantastic, the family are very proud of him not only for this ad
but for all his motorcycle career and for being a fab person. Love my
cousin to bits lol xx

Автор Conners Talktome ( назад)
23/32 . 32/23 haha 

Автор dubbys ( назад)
...Amazing how that Bridgestone S20 turned into a racing slick.

Автор Anne Bald ( назад)
omg the most exciting advert for ANYTHING i have ever seen, James Hillier
is fantastic 

Автор nikonxxx ( назад)
" aww shit I just got those tires!" 

Автор CornflakesArni ( назад)
really bad of kawasaki, more ccm = more ps , if kawasaki can´t do it in
otherwise to look better than yamaha, honda , suzuki & co. sry for me
really bad

Автор kubabaada ( назад)
im sure this one will be amazing, i drove the 2012 modell and i felt like
sitting on a rocket when accelerating...

Автор Hoptan B ( назад)
Just amazing!!!! The best of the best!

Автор Mati K ( назад)
you cant die on burago

Автор iovoe ( назад)
love it!

Автор hubbleusaph ( назад)
ohhh. yes, please! i would love to own that!

Автор vincentli520 ( назад)
Great ad~ 

Автор BIRVS ( назад)
I was going to buy an audi a5, re-evaluating life's necessities haha!

Автор TheyCallMeAamir ( назад)
WHOA HO HO!! Check out the number plate on this crotch rocket!! 636 ZX6R!! 

Автор Vecci87 ( назад)
2:24 min!! xDD AMAZING!!!

Автор manu9976 ( назад)
now we are talking

Автор AnzeSmid ( назад)
he needs to adjust his rear suspension:))

Автор dkangel8989 ( назад)
WHAT AN ADD!!!!! beautifull :=)

Автор or1g1n4l01 ( назад)
Damn man he shred up those tyres

Автор Jay Gonzales ( назад)
Wow i think im in love

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