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Music for Brain Power, Studying, Concentration, Relaxation -
Great for Baby's Brain, Mozart Effect, Stress Reduction, Enjoyment.

What is the "Mozart effect"? A set of research results indicate that listening to Mozart's music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as "spatial-temporal reasoning".
The "Mozart effect" is the popular idea that "listening to Mozart makes you smarter", or that early childhood exposure to classical music has a beneficial effect on mental development.
However, listening to music doesn't make us more intelligent, even though it can help improve our ability to manipulate shapes mentally.
Moreover, other kinds of music you like or anything that makes you alert (e.g. a few star jumps or drinking coffee) should work just as well.
So enjoy your music and enjoy your life!

Mozart - Piano Concerto N. 21
Mozart - Symphony N. 40 Movt 1 ( 05:32 )
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nacht Movt 2 ( 13:03 )
Mozart - Marriage of Figaro "Overture" ( 18:05 )
Mozart - Violin Sonata K378 Rondeaux ( 22:32 )
Mozart - Horn Concerto Number 3 K447 Movt 2 ( 26:35 )
Mozart - Clarinet Concerto Movt 2 ( 30:54 )
Mozart - Magic Flute Opera "Overture" ( 37:51 )
Mozart - Piano Concerto Number 23 Movt 1 ( 44:59 )
Chopin - Preludio 4 Op. 28 ( 55:45 )
Chopin - Preludio N. 15 "Rain Drop" ( 57:48 )
Chopin - Preludio Op. 28 N. 7 ( 01:03:19 )
Chopin - Studio Op. 25 ( 01:04:09 )
Chopin - Notturno Op. 9 N. 1 ( 01:06:33 )
Chopin - Notturno Op. 15 N. 2 ( 01:11:47 )
Costantini - Sonetto in re b ( 01:15:06 )
Costantini - Berceuse ( 01:18:50 )
Costantini - Lindos ( 01:22:44 )
Enchanted Piano - Heaven ( 01:28:22 )

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Автор Angel Sanpang ( назад)
Ohh my god this helped me write a one day due speech in 8 hours editing everything!!

Автор Katie Catsup ( назад)
People, I have to admit, this person helped me do kumon with this great music! Thanks so much! ;)

Автор SynSpardy ( назад)
How loud should i set this thing?

Автор Angelina Mueller ( назад)
Does anyone know who Dizzy Gillespie is?

Автор Angelina Mueller ( назад)

Автор Smile Grace ( назад)
I am studying contract law and I just can't stop looking at those comments. God help me I am gonna fail

Автор ThePistonGuy YT ( назад)
Y r u commenting when u need to du homework?

Автор Hazcool45 ( назад)
i literally play this music in loop 24/7

Автор Samsamcreep ( назад)
Stop scrolling in the Comments!! Your supposed to be studying!!

Автор Batowner Studios ( назад)
This is better than our "best music of the year" when modern composers put months of effort to make this kind of stuff and the Electronic one takes about a week of taking someone elses work and just adding a bunch of aaa's to it. I don't hate electronic music I just think the orchestra deserves more respect

Автор Soraia Oliveira ( назад)
How can I study if this music gives me goose bumps? So beautiful!

Автор Bethsabée Newrose ( назад)
Eeeek, the timing of the ads! I lost the sentence I was composing... 😫
I shouldn't complain about something I'm enjoying for free, though. 🤓

Автор Romeo Delfin ( назад)

Автор Alexander Assenberg ( назад)

Автор Ana 597 ( назад)
Basically Tom and Jerry soundtracks

Автор val a ( назад)
O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA

Автор Danileo Danilei ( назад)
Thanks for putting the names!

Автор Minh Phan ( назад)
I'm just so bored of writing essay!!

Автор Faysal Katelatik ( назад)

Автор Widya Nusa Patria ( назад)
this compilation makes me melted, i cant event concentrate...

Автор J. O'Brien ( назад)
Concentration? nope put me to sleep...

Автор Kyootie Kichu ( назад)
i hav exam on this week . pls wish me luck ! :)

Автор Tim Tremblay ( назад)
Best Classical playlist yet~! Thanks Very Much~!!!

Автор name000 ( назад)

Автор A. Natalie ( назад)
Just beautiful, Thanks!

Автор Joshua Hershey ( назад)
The final topic in this chapter shows how to solve..... ...... so how is everybody doing today? Where are you all going for spring break? Beethoven's best work came in the last 15 years of his life. Rick and Morty's release date got pushed back again. Do squirrels hibernate? Are there really more lifeforms on your skin than there are people in the world? Will that be true in 1000 years? Mash potatoes are often used in ice cream commercials instead of real ice cream to prevent melting. Some mash potatoes could melt. Why is my left ear larger than the other. No, wait, they're the same. What was I doing again? Oh, yeah, I am supposed to be studying. I did it again. Back to work.

Автор chuucka ( назад)
Sometimes I wish I can enjoy both old music and new music without facing the elitist "new music is trash" war mantra.

Автор GamingWithCruz- Bloonstd battles and clash royale ( назад)
it wooooooooooookkks like if you agree

Автор kailash Bogati ( назад)
wow...so melodious

Автор Joseph Billions ( назад)
I hate college. But I need it.

Автор Bosssolid Lacostranostra ( назад)
it is awesome that's a human brain can grass that which Mini cannot understand the function of.

Автор Bomen En Lucht ( назад)
i hate the amount off ads in this video...

Автор Crismar Cruz ( назад)
oh how great! things around me starts to elevate.

Автор Mig buenaventura ( назад)
a placebo effect maybe hahah I KNOW NOW! ALL IT TAKES IS SOME FAITH TO YOURSELF!!!!

Автор 20ahodgkins ( назад)

Автор Khabib Nurmagomedov ( назад)
who else here end up looking to Mozarts bio on wikipedia while he/she had to studying?

Автор jowie bacutana ( назад)
i listen this music while im Playing KHAN ONLINE hehehehehe

Автор Frances Eskridge ( назад)
Although this is good listening at any age, it is particularly good for young children.

Автор Hope Keane ( назад)
Procrastinated on my paper technically given a week. Now trying to write a paper. My dog is barking, my baby sister is crying, and the neighbors are fighting again... it's almost comical with this as background music.

Автор Alister Main ( назад)
Any idea what's playing around 0:25:00 minutes? ...and around 1:15:00...

Автор Wanda Torres ( назад)
Cual es el nombre de la melodía en el minuto 55:45?
_Me encanta y siempre he querido saber el nombre!

Автор Srelathon ( назад)
Wrong Brain Power

Автор Hector Arreola ( назад)
Taking a break from homework. That climax at 44:46

Автор Aîshan Henri ( назад)
AHAHA thanks all i love the love spreading in the comments!!! keep it up ! :)

Автор Christian Gilder ( назад)

Автор Abbyisawsome Knaggs ( назад)
UGG I hate that song so much my teacher always play it every time we take a break it's one we put our heads down you grab a pillow and we put a jacket on and she put some music on brain Music everyone in my class is so tired of it and by the way I'm in third grade

Автор HazzJRTM Ramsey ( назад)
What does this song do to you exactly?

Автор Youtube Administrator ( назад)
Ask yourself this question- Are you a slob, or an organized individual ?

Автор Jack Fenty ( назад)
Guys my pet rock died today

Автор Annonying Dog El Destructor De Mundos ( назад)
¿Como llegue aquí? Yo estaba escuchando cumbia :v

Автор Zsuzsanna Kiss ( назад)

Автор ethanwang1516 ( назад)

Автор Rod Palgar ( назад)
I am very grateful. Excellent, Congratulations. Recommended on my social environment. thank you very much.

Автор We're DUN!!! ( назад)
A good trick to remember what you learned while studying is to look up at the ceiling. It's amazing how much you can remember!

Автор Dominic Kandagor ( назад)
Whhhhhhat do i do....i cant concentrate....!!!!!! someone help

Автор André Ilharco ( назад)
Kaleidoscope of Mathemathics?

Автор Tod Fennell ( назад)
Not only am I scrolling through the comments, but I'm so distracted that I found time to actually comment. This, my friends, is procrastination at it's best.

Автор jeanztan80 ( назад)
I can study with this song

Автор Cameron Brown ( назад)
every single video with 'study music' has a comment section full of people saying 'get back to work!'.

clearly the music is not motivation enough to study. take some responsibility, exercise some self-discipline.
download the mp3 and get off youtube if you have to... great SCOTT

Автор Me ( назад)
I always wonder how can their brain were able to hear these sounds since there were no methods to try the sounds before actually adding them on the paper. Something really connected their brain to the vast universe in order to hear all these sounds in their head. Amazing. I always found classical music something out of this world

Автор Elaine Richard ( назад)
the comments are the best part of this

Автор Emmanuel ITSERVICEMEXICO ( назад)
I love this music, is my live

Автор Jim Linder ( назад)

Автор TheJayCZ ( назад)
Awesome music, getting more ads than on commercial TV kinda ruins the experience though...

Автор Corey Kuefler - ter Weeme ( назад)
supposed to be answering Questions for English but reading comments..

Автор NitroxicGaming ( назад)
Science exam... PHYSICS D:

Автор Sakura Assassin 《Amv》 ( назад)
who else is here bc they have an exam tomorrow... *raises hand up*

Автор Evens Colin ( назад)

Автор Angelina Lui ( назад)
breast feeding my baby to this music

Автор Fred vlogs ( назад)
i know what you're thinking don't even look at the comments do your work

Автор Thomas J.P. ( назад)
What songs playing between 1:24:30 ~ 1:25:30 on piano or who's artist?

Автор SHEPHλRD 1337 ( назад)
Hah, screw all of you, I finished my Homework and now I can read through all the comments without someone telling me to go back to work.

Автор Arman_dleg ( назад)
Comments should be disabled on videos such as this!

Автор E.Omar Matute ( назад)
Flying in the silence of a meadow where the butterflies play like children, where
the fawns stroll without worries eating the tender grass and once in a while a red
apple. Then an enchanted bird sing sweet melodies so sweet that falling asleep
the dreaming invade the soul and in a journey to heaven we see angels singing
in a choir, celestial music; and wishing not to wake up keeps listening those mellifluous melodies.

Автор Sam Saluni ( назад)
thank you

Автор Henry Trujillo ( назад)
i have a question who did the first song on this list

Автор Cory Murallo ( назад)
Who else wrote a good paper while listening to this??

Автор Cream ( назад)
White power!

Автор Rixon 101 ( назад)
Nice vid

Автор flyinglittleducks ( назад)
I tried using this to study, but it's distracting as I know most of the pieces. Maybe to relax, but not for studying.

Автор Joe Bergeron ( назад)
LOVE it!

Автор Roger Nava ( назад)
It's a lie! listen to hip hop instead, it will work wonders 😎

Автор HamerTimeHD ( назад)
im allergic to homework

Автор Amelia ( назад)
Nice Video

Автор AcoolDUDe -CAnBEST ( назад)
Finally I finished my math homework. Wait...
Oh my gosh I have an entire current event to do due tomorrow in a school day and it's.. 9:05 PM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Автор Adae Rose ( назад)
oh yeah.... study... right.. 😆

Автор Adae Rose ( назад)
that singing monster game 😂😂😂

Автор LAURA ARRUDA ( назад)
Com os maiores gênios da música de todos os tempos, não poderia ser diferente!! Amei!

Автор Yang David ( назад)
Way to many adds

Автор Arnold Meza ( назад)
Thanks for the music

Автор Patrick Solid ( назад)
not available on mobile :(

Автор Scott Frasier ( назад)
too many commercials WTF!

Автор 4444 1212 ( назад)
I dont know why but I always imagine absolutely horrible events happening to the sound of classical music. Like psychotic things.

Автор Xav Kaibetoney ( назад)
100^log base 10 of (x)??? help!

Автор GraMarism ( назад)
This is what I want when I work, but then I need to pause my work just to honor Chopin's Nocturne. :))

Автор Rose Ndichu ( назад)
what is the name for the song at 1:30:03

Автор J. M ( назад)
The advertising is excessive and makes the purpose of the music is lost.

Автор June Roberts ( назад)
what is the music at 1:20 roughly?

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