Aggie Su'a Hewson - USA Concert 1999 - part1

Aggie Su'a Hewson - USA Concert 1999. Introduction by Liz Foisia of Carson. First song is a hymn, "Faafetai i le Atua". Featuring the Agape Choir of the Lokou o le Ola church.

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Автор Vaelupe Timani Seve ( назад)
Praise the Lord. very nice Aggie. God bless you.

Автор LaNiBabbii ( назад)
iLove how she begins with God and Love the sounds when all the Polyy's sing
together:) oohh! goosebumps! :)

Автор 1987Lollies ( назад)
so beautiful!

Автор Laurissa Tanielu ( назад)
Fa'afetai i le atua :)

Автор Sonja ( назад)
How awesome...she started her concert with a pese lotu!!!!! Malo lava!!!!

Автор Vaigafa Tanielu ( назад)
that was neat how she started off her concert. Mea fa'asamoa, e amata i le
Atua, toe fa'ai'u i le Atua [:

Автор CPCPimpin ( назад)
hahaha i was there at her show that night!! it wuz one hell of a

Автор imani21 ( назад)
Thats right Aggie, The LORD is 1st before everything!!! May the God Blessed

Автор via arese ( назад)
omg.. that dress ! ugh....makes me think of Carrie...lmao!

Автор rwg1961 ( назад)
This is truly awesome! I appreciate that their are artists that stands up
for God! I hope to see one of her concerts in person, someday...

Автор Nimo Kiliona ( назад)
This girl was certainly brought up right! No offense to anyone......very

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