Aggie Su'a Hewson - USA Concert 1999 - part1

Aggie Su'a Hewson - USA Concert 1999. Introduction by Liz Foisia of Carson. First song is a hymn, "Faafetai i le Atua". Featuring the Agape Choir of the Lokou o le Ola church.

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Автор Vaelupe Timani Seve (2 года)
Praise the Lord. very nice Aggie. God bless you.

Автор via arese (6 лет)
omg.. that dress ! ugh....makes me think of Carrie...lmao!

Автор LaNiBabbii (3 года)
iLove how she begins with God and Love the sounds when all the Polyy's sing
together:) oohh! goosebumps! :)

Автор MsTuels (3 года)
good on you sister....god bless:)!!

Автор colemenz (4 года)
Luv it!!! May our awesome Father continue to bless you and all those around
you!!! Malo Lava!!!

Автор Vaigafa Tanielu (5 лет)
that was neat how she started off her concert. Mea fa'asamoa, e amata i le
Atua, toe fa'ai'u i le Atua [:

Автор Margaret Papaliii (3 года)
Amen!!never seen a world concert started off with God first, but his is the
first one i saw started off with God, I think that why gave u the talent
because u know how to give it back to him, some people dont even know how
to do what this precious girl did before she start her concert..I love
it..May God Bless u more with the talent that he gave u..God Bless..

Автор 1987Lollies (3 года)
so beautiful!

Автор rwg1961 (6 лет)
This is truly awesome! I appreciate that their are artists that stands up
for God! I hope to see one of her concerts in person, someday...

Автор imani21 (5 лет)
Thats right Aggie, The LORD is 1st before everything!!! May the God Blessed

Автор Laurissa Tanielu (3 года)
Fa'afetai i le atua :)

Автор Mtafea (3 года)
GOD is always bekum first in our lyf ahaa,,withut him,we are nothing...

Автор Nimo Kiliona (6 лет)
This girl was certainly brought up right! No offense to anyone......very

Автор bananabrothaz007 (4 года)
How awesome...she started her concert with a pese lotu!!!!! Malo lava!!!!

Автор CPCPimpin (5 лет)
hahaha i was there at her show that night!! it wuz one hell of a

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