Minecraft - Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World [1]

Part 2 - http://youtu.be/xkOsAelrvyI

All of Minecraft - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL455493CB1440221D

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

This video is my first ever day and night in Minecraft so is mainly me just bumbling around trying to find out what to do. In the next video I build my first home.

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Автор Uriel Villegas (2 месяца)
Can you spot the different one

Автор mohammed al hamadi (2 месяца)
Thumbs if your watching this in 2015!

Автор Vampiro Yoshi (1 месяц)
These older videos are so much better, now your videos are aimed too much
at 8 year olds that it's un-watchable. Also, if you're offended by him
swearing then you clearly don't belong on the internet. 

Автор Ellie Eggum (3 месяца)
Hey stampy stop saying the f word! 

Автор Bubbles Channel (2 месяца)
Thumbs up when you find the missing numbers!

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Автор Angel G (1 месяц)
Why are kids complaining that Stampy is saying Fuck? Yeah I said it, who
cares! Do you not read the date when this was uploaded 2 YEARS AGO? I guess
some kids think 2 years is 2 days XD Seriously, deal with it if he curses.
You'll hear it in the future of your life. At a job, you won't say, don't
say the f word. The fuck is wrong with you...

Автор kingwolf888 (1 месяц)
Like this comment if your watching this in 3015!

Автор Cool Dawid Games (3 месяца)
Stampy listen children are even 5 or 6 years old and you swear children can
listen and say it DO NOT Swear!:(

Автор Gary1q2 (12 дней)
every youtuber ever:
when first starting out, their voices are normal
in 2 years, there voices sound very high pitched -.-

same for pewds

Автор Liam Medina (10 дней)
Stupid little kids telling stampy to stop cursing. If u don't tolerate
cursing then gtfo bc u can't tell stampy what to do. He's a fucking adult,
he can do whatever the fuck he wants to do. Stampy don't listen to those
little kids. Don't stop cursing bc they tell u to . They can't tell u what
to fucking do. They're not ur parents to tell u what the fuck u should or
shouldn't do. Cursing is not bad. Saying bad words ain't bad. It's bad to
curse at someone. But it's not bad to curse in general. So if u don't like
his cursing, GTFO bc stampy's a fucking adult who can do whatever the fuck
he wants to do. Get ur shit straight before u talk bullshit in the Internet

Автор Mia Petricca (2 месяца)
Umm stampy , I'm only a age nine child so you shouldn't say that stupid f
swear word

Автор Tyler Macnally (28 дней)
Happy new year 2015!!!!!

Автор skylar AJ (27 дней)
From an empty world to a GIGANTIC FUNLAND.... Wow. All in survival...

Автор Mark Arvy Guerra (24 дня)
I'm in Jan. 5 2015 new year is so wonderful I remember it
Good times,good times :)

Автор double o boss (1 месяц)
oh meh god our god stumpy is sayen bad wuds it da end of de wurld

Автор plant grl (13 дней)
it's so weird hearing you curse omg lol

Автор Donna Getz (19 дней)
Find the six
Ps: there r two

Автор Kenneth Maneejak (9 часов)

Автор Shy Wolf (11 часов)
like and/or sub if your watching in 2015

Автор Morgan Hinchly (16 дней)
You do the best videos ever all I watch is stompy all the time!! Your
awsome!!! awsome guy

Автор jamie murphy (14 дней)
Hi stanly can u give me ur xbox username

Автор Joe Maggio (5 часов)
I'm stampy OH MY GOD ITS A (BEEP) CREEPER! LOL I watched this over and over
I also have been a subscriber to Stampy since he started his Lovely World.

Автор Oldmonkey Stargrabber (7 дней)
When did a Stampy video get age restricted.

Автор WhiteTaledWolf23 (3 месяца)
Hello if you can't handle cursing get the fuck off the internet plz

Автор Boimah Yekee (3 часа)
Spot the difference

Автор Rabbab Mustapha (12 дней)
Find the 5 there are three


Автор Shay Bagley (9 часов)
Stampy amazing video from you hope you find a good spot to build

Автор Devestevator Arreola (2 часа)
you find it

Автор Leyla Miles (19 часов)
Kids are watching this stampy and your saying the f word

Автор Jarrad Whitehurst (14 дней)
All those who came to this video because of the Number 1 Fan Meeting video
say "I"

Автор Leigh Walters (15 дней)
Find the differance


Автор laura mitchell (7 часов)
You are currently in my life and I have been in business for 60 years

Автор Vicky LP (4 дня)
Why do people have to say bad words on YouTube, I just don't get it. 😒

Автор sadie agranoff (10 часов)
Like or sub if your watching in 2019

Автор Nya Heart (8 часов)
He was a lot mature back then 😃

Автор Anna Hill (4 дня)
pls dont swear think about the 5 and 6 year olds watch stamps !!!!!!

Автор Rabia Raziq (18 дней)
Find the differnt

Автор Kelly Ellis (3 дня)
Stampy it would be kind to add me to your love garden sorry I love you

Автор NerdyHerosGamingHD (1 день)

Автор WinteryGeoduck7 (6 дней)
This video may be inappropriate for some viewers? How?

Автор CooledLion (16 дней)
Yur name is stampy long head and why are you stampy long nose is this video

Автор Eric Nyamutowa (7 дней)
Her stampycat I like your vidoe

Автор Diane Locke (10 часов)
Stampy is the best ;)

Автор Katerina Gerlak (12 дней)
Say cat if u spot it


Автор Aiden Aldridge (1 день)
No one can spell these days it's annoying 

Автор Kim Moffat (7 дней)
To sprint double tap right stick and hold 

Автор Bluecharizard85 (6 месяцев)
Youtubers should not swear because little kids might watch then they will
swear too. Actually no one should swear

Автор john sims (10 часов)
What is the seed???

Автор 999zingzang (27 дней)
Thumbs up if your watching this on the 2nd of January 2015 or after

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