Minecraft - Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World [1]

Part 2 - http://youtu.be/xkOsAelrvyI

All of Minecraft - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL455493CB1440221D

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

This video is my first ever day and night in Minecraft so is mainly me just bumbling around trying to find out what to do. In the next video I build my first home.

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 23:47
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Автор Jeff Winkler (2 дня)
Um You Should Try The Minecraft For The Computer If You Havent

Автор Ethan Trosper (19 часов)
Stampy sucks now his amid to 4 year olds and talks like were 3 

Автор Tropithan (1 день)
I actally like old stampy

Автор -_-TheMCDiamond-_- (5 дней)

Автор Jeff Winkler (2 дня)
I Remember That When I Just Played Minecraft For The First Time I Dident
Even Know How To Build

Автор Autumn Johnson (7 дней)
Swearing Theres Nothing Wrong With It....Its A Bad Habbit But Some Of My
First Words Were Potty Words Cause From What My Parents Always Said But Its
All So A Bad Habbit To Get Rid Of. So I Try At This Point 

Автор Theonecoolguy (9 дней)
I hate how 5 year olds ruined stampy he would curse and now he HELLO

Автор Rainbow Cat (9 дней)
I can't belive he swears OMG ! 😰

Автор Mya Nowacinski (7 дней)
Haters gonna hate.
Pataters gonna patate.
Pancakes gonna cake,
And stampys gonna eat cakes.

Don't listen to haters stampy, your videos are great! : )

Автор Catherine Carruth (10 дней)
It's not inapropreit

Автор 66CutiepieAJ (11 дней)
What is up with the language though? - swear words

Автор Bluecharizard85 (15 дней)
Youtubers should not swear because little kids might watch then they will
swear too. Actually no one should swear

Автор Calita Vazquez (14 дней)

Автор Hailey MC (14 дней)
Why is this innapropiate? The warning came up on my screen.

Автор Mr. Cake's Minecraft Adventures (15 дней)
Please watch Mr Cakes Minecraft Adventures

Автор ThePartyEnderMan4134 Youtube (17 дней)
22:59 omg the irst time u cursed 

Автор ewyot (14 дней)
wow he has a normal tone of voice for once! i seriously cant watch his
intros nowadays

Автор Will Power (17 дней)
Why is your voice way different than your normal voice?

Автор Jacob McGrath (1 месяц)
Lol age restricted

Автор GoGamerz GnO (21 день)
When will part 2 be out??

Автор Claire Lee (21 день)
Look at your voice now and look at the present!!!

Автор Christian Hartwell (2 месяца)
Can you come visit my world? I have a huge tower!

Автор Kitty Cat (22 дня)
Omg! I did not know stamps use to say bad words XD I saw this video before
maybe I wasn't paying attention lol 

Автор CreeperAssassin101 (1 месяц)
Wtf? It says it's aged restricted. Why?

Автор Ronnie Surface (15 дней)
He isnt as cheerful :'(

Автор MegaGhostization (1 месяц)
These are the five worst things in life.
1. no internet
2. Slow
3. when your girlfriend cheats on you.
4.when a family member dies.
5.that watery shit that comes out of the ketchup bottle before you shake it

Автор FireStar (6 месяцев)
What is the seed for this world?

Автор Brayan3dOpraids (2 месяца)
Age restricted what the crap when did stampy's videos been age restricted?

Автор El3ctricGaming (3 месяца)
*Apparently you have to be 18 to swear or hear a swear* What the fuck has
this world come to :3 

Автор diamond maker (3 месяца)
I thought u nerver swear

Автор Sophie Atwal (19 дней)
Better then my first time

Автор Smelly Rules (1 месяц)
i hate it when he swears

Автор Brosheb Crisp (23 дня)
why is this video flagged as innapropriate

Автор Ethan Hamblett (5 часов)
I like new stampy better he's more funny

Автор The Leprachaun (8 часов)
f off haters

Автор minecraft horses (1 день)
why Is this age restricted

Автор Isabella Pearson (1 день)
also can raw meat not stack 3:18

Автор Theo Taylor (1 день)
Why has he put an age restriction? wtf!

Автор KLEWOR Trusted Member & TheEnchantersTeam Romania Creator (Catdureazaa) (1 день)
YouTube's subtitles:
"and if you been following the de sex
videos I don't I am still gonna be doing them I was gonna start in 10
months ago"
Say what?!

Автор BrendanPvP - Pro PvPer (2 дня)
Why are you all pointing out that "OHH! STAMPY CURSED! HE'S SO
INAPPROPRIATE NOW!" Keep in mind that this video is 2 years old. He made
videos like this before children watched his videos. Now he doesn't swear,
really, at all.

Автор pyrusmew5 (2 дня)
@mushy55 That's not exactly what I meant. Even what you said is true, for
some reason I am unable to watch it on the playlist for this lets play.

Автор John Dubuc (2 дня)
What's with all this controversy? There isn't any point

Автор SunshineStudios43 (7 дней)
He sounds so different, even his laugh is different. 

Автор Rubia Valle (8 дней)
Your videos are the best

Автор Ishan Appukuddy (8 дней)
5:51 he says the f word

Автор MLP GIRL (7 дней)
Oh my gawds! I found an artical about stampy in Entertainment magazine.
Celebrating by watching all the videos again.

Автор Starfright (7 дней)
(My names Starfright)

Автор iLoVe PewDiePie (8 дней)

Автор Jeweleza (8 дней)
Stampy, on Sept. 10th can you please add Mary Stone to your love garden?
Let me explain: Mary is my 7 year old cousin (She will be eight on Sept.
10th) and she ADORES you! I know this would be the best birthday present
ever! (By the way, the 10th falls on Wednesday) Please! (And I know the
rule is you can't ask to be put in, but I'm not asking for myself, :P)

Автор Isabella Pearson (1 день)
wait, no hunger and shearing sheep with your fist? wow this is different.
he is a lot less cheerful than normal

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