Minecraft - Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World [1]

Part 2 - http://youtu.be/xkOsAelrvyI

All of Minecraft - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL455493CB1440221D

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

This video is my first ever day and night in Minecraft so is mainly me just bumbling around trying to find out what to do. In the next video I build my first home.

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Thumbs if your watching this in 2015!

Автор Vampiro Yoshi (2 месяца)
These older videos are so much better, now your videos are aimed too much
at 8 year olds that it's un-watchable. Also, if you're offended by him
swearing then you clearly don't belong on the internet. 

Автор Gary1q2 (1 месяц)
every youtuber ever:
when first starting out, their voices are normal
in 2 years, there voices sound very high pitched -.-

same for pewds

Автор Angel G (2 месяца)
Why are kids complaining that Stampy is saying Fuck? Yeah I said it, who
cares! Do you not read the date when this was uploaded 2 YEARS AGO? I guess
some kids think 2 years is 2 days XD Seriously, deal with it if he curses.
You'll hear it in the future of your life. At a job, you won't say, don't
say the f word. The fuck is wrong with you...

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I have hacked this comment so u can't like it

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Автор WhiteTaledWolf23 (4 месяца)
Hello if you can't handle cursing get the fuck off the internet plz

Автор Nickii Xu (1 месяц)
Honestly who give a single damn that he swears?
If you're 5 or 6 you shouldn't even bloody on here anyways.
Go complain to your mummy. No one cares. 😂😂

Автор lee cat (14 дней)
i have stampys 1st vid here

Автор keila morales (29 дней)
Find the 6.


Автор Tori M (15 дней)
I'm watching in 2015.just because I'm bored and he didn't upload anything
yet! :)

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Christa Lee I'm 9 and I'm watching vanossgaming h20 delirius
I am wildcat Pewdiepie and more

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retarded and gay from the start...

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swear word

Автор Gideon Antwi (12 дней)
11:36 Oh Sh*t $hi# Sh-t Shi!

Автор Christa Lee (2 месяца)
I'm only eight and I watch pewdiepie and two years is not two days.

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I am watching this in February15th 2015 at 10:04am

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Stampy listen children are even 5 or 6 years old and you swear children can
listen and say it DO NOT Swear!:(

Автор Sonic Gaming (1 день)
If he only knew what would happen in the future

Автор jamie murphy (1 месяц)
Hi stanly can u give me ur xbox username

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Check out y channel too I do videos on puppies sometimes games and other

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Please Don't Be Angry At Stampy Because His Swearing JUST LOOK CAN YOU READ
THIS Content Warning!!!

Автор Suruchi Krieglstein (17 часов)
I cannot thank you enough for keeping your videos clean and nice. So great
that our six year old Minecraft newbie can enjoy your content. Thank you! 

Автор Isabella Silver (14 часов)
Find the sad face

Автор Crystal Robinson (19 часов)
how do you live in there i mean you can go on you tube an bulid you a house
it don,t take that long to bulid a house i not tring to be mean but it
does it take that long i mean i bulid a hose before but it does ti take
that long.

Автор Thilan Tran (14 часов)
Wut... Did I just hear Stampy curse for the first time?!?!?

Автор Tubby Star Gaming Minecraft Player Slayer (18 дней)
Let's Play Spot The Different One!

If you do tell me!

Автор JSBeastCop (8 дней)
It's impossible to find the six.


Автор Crimson (10 часов)
Me: He seems like a down to earth guy.
*Skips to Ep 200*
Me: Is this even the same guy? 

Автор Minecraftdudegaming (5 часов)
Like if your watching in 2015

Автор Jennifer Sanchez (15 часов)
Plz tell me ur seed my son relly whants to do ur world

Автор Server Gamers (4 часа)
How do he films in xbox???

Автор kelly06h (21 час)
Stampy, I made a picture of you and Lee Bear, my friend watches your videos
too. My name is Audrey. 

Автор Miner Origami (20 часов)
Stampy what is your world seed so that we can build what you build

Автор Marianna Labib (5 дней)

What number is missing.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20

Автор Jacob Bolden (16 часов)
I found her lovely world. By the way you are the best player ever.

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