Minecraft - Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World [1]

Part 2 - http://youtu.be/xkOsAelrvyI

All of Minecraft - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL455493CB1440221D

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

This video is my first ever day and night in Minecraft so is mainly me just bumbling around trying to find out what to do. In the next video I build my first home.

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Автор Ellie Eggum (1 месяц)
Hey stampy stop saying the f word! 

Автор Shuffle_11 (1 месяц)
I get that stampy's audience is kids... but is it just me that thinks he
would be so much better if he was himself and swore, didn't make his voice
so high-pitched etc..

Автор TGDtutorials (13 дней)
Can u spot the difference


Автор Wumbo123 (14 дней)
Super hard: find the different one

Автор GlowstoneGirl 579 (21 день)
Stampy, it's 2014 now, and I just started watching the first episode of
your Lovely World series. In the beginning of the episode, you said you
couldn't make up your mind about doing Minecraft videos, because everyone
else was doing them. You did them anyway, though, obviously. My point here
is: have you ever thought what it would be like if you never uploaded that
one video? The birds wouldn't sing, the bees wouldn't buzz, and poor
Harrison would probably be eating someone right now. So I just wanted to
say thank you from all of us in favor of Stampy's Lovely World. We wouldn't
want to see the world without you in it. :)

Автор Mia Petricca (22 дня)
Umm stampy , I'm only a age nine child so you shouldn't say that stupid f
swear word

Автор Shayden wong (24 дня)
omg he said the f word!

Автор WhiteTaledWolf23 (2 месяца)
Hello if you can't handle cursing get the fuck off the internet plz

Автор Uriel Villegas (1 месяц)
Can you spot the different one

Автор Showstopper 231 (2 дня)
Find the different one : GOOD LUCK :)

Автор Atomic Yoshi (1 день)
These older videos are so much better, now your videos are aimed too much
at 8 year olds that it's un-watchable. Also, if you're offended by him
swearing then you clearly don't belong on the internet. 

Автор Ducky Plays (23 дня)
Wow stamps your sad in the old days!!! Thumbs up if your in 2014 watching!!

Автор DrRichSimon (17 дней)
Spot the difference:

Автор Malena Santos (4 дня)
It said it was inappropriate for some viewers ... What

Автор Jessica Adams (5 дней)
Stampy don't say bad words!!!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤👺👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺

Автор Cassiel Achan (14 дней)
His voice...its soo..alone:(

Автор esmael therashgaming (4 месяца)
Thumbs up if your watching this in 2014

Автор Madeline Chamberlain (6 дней)
Can you spot the different one?

Автор McKenzie Andrus (3 дня)
watched 6 minutes :( and he sounds sad know watch his new vids HAPPY ALL
THE TIME I like new stampy :P

Автор Logan Sawthward (8 дней)
It doesn't matter if he swears and says words like shit and fuck at least
you get to watch youtube you idiots

Автор alicia bonanni (18 дней)
Hey stampy I iz ur #1 fan so can u add me to ur love garden plz plz plz

Автор txfnero (19 дней)
Is this the first episode in the current onging series? The one that's up
to like, 251 now or something? I'm just making sure, because the name of
the series seems to have been changed somewhere along the line, and the
playlist only has 237 videos. Just wanna make sure before I watch the wrong
thing or somethin.

I do like that he's new to Minecraft in this episode. New to playing it
anyway. Most people that do an LP have been playing the game for ages and
know everything. Kinda fun to see the learning process in something like

As for people thinking the crafting is too easy on the console version. I
have mixed opinions. Personally, part of the Minecraft 'experience' is
learning the recipes. Learning what you need to make what, and learning
exactly how to make each thing. That's removed on the Console version,
which removes a bit of the whole 'lost' feeling when first playing the
game. But on the other hand, if you already know the recipes from the PC
version, there's really no reason to hate the console crafting. Once you
know the recipes and things, there's really no reason to have the manual
crafting. That's really only there to help you learn what you need to make
items. Once you know it, the console crafting is just more convenient.

I'm still hoping one day, they get around to updating the 360 version of
Minecraft, at least a little bit. Adding the new biomes, and some of the
new blocks and flowers and things. Some of the new features too, like the
hopper and full sized map in item frames. Now that Microsoft itself has
bought Minecraft, I'm hoping things start happening with the console

Also, "a big part of the game is mods and stuff". I agree, BUT..I also find
it a fun challenge to try and make stuff that looks good, without mods.
Making functional working things that look nice, without mods, isn't the
easiest thing to do. So when you actually manage to do it, it's a nice
accomplishment. Texture packs help a bit though.

Night time's also really not as huge of an issue as people make it out to
be. Minecraft overall is really easy to survive in. I dunno if it's just me
or not, but personally, I'm more likely to die from stupid stuff like
falling down a hole or falling into lava, than I am to die from hostile
mobs. I do wish they'd make the game more adventure/combat oriented. At
least, more than it is now. Give me a REASON to make diamond armor, and a
diamond sword. Give me a reason to make all these potions and stuff. As it
is, there's some armor, weapons, and potions, but only a very small amount
of hostile mobs, and they can be killed with stone weapons easily enough.
I'd love to see the game give you a reason to defend your house, put up
dispenser-based turrets, build a mote, build walls to keep things out, etc.
Make the game an actual challenge.

Y to jump was probably Elder scrolls or Fallout. I did the same thing
occasionally when I stopped playing Minecraft to play Skyrim for a while.

Автор Gina Wiles (12 часов)
I like your new videos cause u don't cuss and in your old videos you
sounded sad :(

Автор xGolden Glitchx (4 часа)
Like if ur watching in 2015

Автор Cool Dawid Games (1 месяц)
Stampy listen children are even 5 or 6 years old and you swear children can
listen and say it DO NOT Swear!:(

Автор Tracy Selleck (4 дня)
Stampylongnose I no that you are a cat but you are hafe bare and haf cat

Автор Lily Eames-Jevons (6 дней)
It's amazing how much Stampy's changed throughout these last couple of
years. And his world! I feel like I'm watching someone completely
different! :o

Автор ismazara (9 часов)
Spot the difference
IT is hard YA know

Автор PsychoBadass04 (2 часа)
thumbs up if your watching this in 2014 👍

Автор Skye Berry (4 часа)
I really love your worck macking fun games.Could you put me in your love
garden because i drew you a picctue of you.

Автор Neil Gerstenberg (7 дней)
Why do You say rood words (I am 6)

Автор Garrison Briggs (2 часа)
He can cuss what makes a word bad anyway?

Автор Leo Tacgos (1 день)
I thought you never sed bad words in ur vids

Автор Daniel Rockwood (3 часа)
Stampy do you know how long ive watched this video

Автор Zane Ellis (2 часа)
Find the different one

Автор Aiden Fetterhoff (7 часов)
he can say what he wants to say plus he is a grown up

Автор meckenzie paris (3 дня)
Where's stampys hunger bars

Автор Jen Johnson (6 дней)
You have a buttifol world stampylongnose.

Автор Denise Handke (3 дня)
ues a wodin hoeon ston it mienes quicr

Автор Lam Nguyen (2 дня)
Stampylongnose your good

Автор Kelly Bain (6 дней)
Find the odd one out
super hard

Автор Natalie Crazy (17 дней)
Spot the difference

Автор Paul Lees (6 часов)
How was it. Did the zombie scare you ?😏😏😏😏😏😏

Автор ElasticKitten13 (11 часов)
This is so scary! He sounds so weird!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор XZX BAT XZX Bat (19 дней)
We must had been a noob some time and stampy did very good well done😃

Автор Rainbowloomcraft0906 (6 дней)
Children watch this.

Автор mohammed al hamadi (23 дня)
Thumbs if your watching this in 2015!

Автор Bubbles Channel (20 дней)
Thumbs up when you find the missing numbers!

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Автор lawrence williams (2 дня)
stop sweyring

Автор Yoselin Reinoso (22 дня)
O my god ya all making a big deal about fuck...its like its the first time
yo hear it...We all have our own opinions im 15 years old.So what if he
says fuck what are you going to do about it...He lives in the U.K some of
might live there to.Theres a bunch of youtubers that say fuck and are in
the U.K.If youre in a fight saying bad words might help you...Im not saying
its good to say bad words but, come on this is 2014 people.Ali a use to say
bad words he still does but not in a lot os vid...Real world.Give it a
thumbs up if you agree with me...

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