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Автор Cece King (3 месяца)

Автор Zachary Griffin (4 месяца)
That scene in the dinning room really ties that part of the movie together
so much better, I feel like it should have been included. Plus it explains
why when you see Lovejoy in the film later, he is all bloody and

Автор PinupGeek (4 месяца)
They should release a version of the film including all the deleted scenes.
I don't care if it's nearly 3 hours, I'd watch it!!!

Автор Vitaliy Golubenko (1 месяц)
The gun is waterproof? 

Автор Kay Bateman (2 месяца)
i've been reading up on Titanic since 6th grade. and now i'm like a Titanic
Wikipedia. Poor Ismay, he was damnned a coward for the rest of his life,
and i feel sorry for him that he had to live with his guilt for his actions
of preassuring the captain to speed up, and saving himself when so many
people died that night until the day he died.

Автор William Ko (2 месяца)
What does Cal say to Lovejoy, right after he told him he put the diamond in
the coat?... "I give to you, I give it to you, If you can get it?" 

Автор Messylin (5 месяцев)
I love that Victor Newman from *The Young & the Restless* is playing John
Jacob Astor. That's perfect casting LOL

Автор joseluvs69 (4 месяца)
To put the very richest and the very poorest on the same ship should be a
tribute to mens ignorance that we are all equal.

Автор Anna Hasioti (6 месяцев)
the first one is awsome...jack in acction :)

Автор Claire Guthy (9 месяцев)
I would have love to know what happen to Rose's mother after she was
rescued along with the other survivors. I know that she thought that Rose
had died on the Titanic, but what did she do for the rest of her life? I
bet as a penniless, homeless woman who lost her chance to marry off her
daughter to Hockley to continued on the snooty snobby upper class

Автор Евгений Krystev (2 месяца)
the last scene was very touching T_T Why Cameron not put this scene?

Автор Charlie Harrison (1 месяц)
Hey not too quickly madam.....HOW DARE YOU GET IN THERE WILL YOU!!!

Автор Counterfeit Rainbows (5 месяцев)
He could've easily saw her when she lifted the blanket a bit...

Автор Hana Stiles (6 месяцев)
9:20 the way he said "Rose!" makes me cry, finally Cal was really in love
with her, that's so cute, I love Cal

All these deleted scene are awesome, Ismay 's scene too. And Cora's death
makes me cry a lot OMG!
Titanic is really my favourite movie so far ♥

Автор Davo Cabral (14 дней)
Ahora se porque de repente aparece todo golpeado

Автор Vincent Brunet (3 месяца)
Thanks ! interesting !!!!

Автор Lindsay Jones (1 месяц)
the thing is: yeah the upper class has $ and shit but the lower class(es)
are more humble and find ways to have fun and connect with others.

Автор Tiffani Turner (22 дня)
my mom says theres a bad part

Автор Thomas DaSilva (5 месяцев)
In the original script Cal actually ran into Rose on the Carpathia and she
told him to leave her alone or she'd tell everyone he tried to shoot her on
the Titanic. That would have been cool to see, though it would have made
Rose less sympathetic. 

Автор Federico Grandinetti (24 дня)
El ultimo emperador, lejos la mejor pelicula

Автор James Pasier (3 месяца)
They shoulda kept the scene with Lovejoy chasing after Jack and Rose and
getting punched. And they should've kept all the scenes after the titanic
crash I loved 8:30 with Ismay.... Perfect.

Автор Boo Homie (1 месяц)
I always wondered how he got the gun..and why the fuck he was so concerned
with them.. Hell at that point I'm pretty sure I'd have been more worried
about getting the fuck of fthe ship... Now it makes sense

Автор Milo #87 (1 месяц)
These scenes were better

Автор Seth Winters (5 месяцев)
I think it would have been better if Jack killed Lovejoy. I know he got a
good beating, but honestly not enough in my opinion. I wish Jack would have
knocked him out cold. Then the water comes rushing in, so Lovejoy would
freeze to death

Автор Rufus Masters (5 месяцев)
It's amazing how the wireless operator wanted to keep sending messages,even
though the boat deck was awash.

Автор Louis Mouka1885 (5 месяцев)
vidéo : french translation?

Автор Alexander Edward Pytko (2 месяца)
Harold Lowe was declared a hero for going back to get survivors. He feared
that he would be swamped by hordes of people but still knew it was the
right thing to do. He did, however, wait for the screaming to go down. He
knew he was going to have to wait for most of the people to die, since they
would not have enough room to save everyone. In real life, he was only able
to find 4 people still alive in the water and one died shortly after being
pulled out. But at least he made the effort unlike that jerk that was
manning the boat Molly Brown was in and the other boats that clearly had
room for more passengers. Those lifeboats were meant for 65 people and most
of them had less than 30 in them! With 20 lifeboats filled to maximum
capacity, more than 400 more people could've been saved. 

Автор Nur Safni (3 месяца)

Автор Anev Honor (6 месяцев)
thank god they deleted this 

Автор sahara dash (1 год)
Why didn't she say something when he said her name?

Автор leandro augusto (2 месяца)
Q pena os editores com o diretor n deveria ter cortado essa parte do filme
bem interessante essa parte e bem tenso!!!!

Автор sepijortikka (7 месяцев)
Lol, the first scene here would have dropped one star in reviews . So glad
they didn't include it.

Автор Alexander Edward Pytko (2 месяца)
I hated Lovejoy so much, especially when he was looking at Jack in the
holding room with that smug look like he'd won by framing him. I would've
wanted to take his gun and shoot him right in the groin and say to him,
"Well, Lovejoy, try making LOVE now!"

Автор Nini Mi (7 месяцев)
5:41. What is the name of these soundtrack?

Автор Bl4ckBull3t1 (5 месяцев)
leo be like.. i am a master diver nobodys gonna fucking die

Автор Elizabeth Matthews (11 месяцев)
The scene with cora and her family makes me so upset

Автор jordan ramji (2 месяца)
Guys cal did love rose… he was just used to his first class ways, that's
why he was so snobby.

Автор gameoholic1994 (1 месяц)
6:08 - "Just enough for this lady. You'll push it under."

And that's why Jack stayed in the water.

Автор Kevin Ellirama (5 месяцев)
this is great

Автор josparkes1 (6 месяцев)
Cal's henchman was a nasty piece of work it's great to see him sweat !!
Should have included this scene !!

Автор xSwedish_Husky5468x (2 месяца)
4:53 my facorite part

Автор Julie Witt (3 месяца)
The fine actor, David Warner.

Автор Narry Storan (1 год)
"if you get it back ill give it to you" then what the fuck is the point of
getting it back man cal is a fucking idiot.

Автор Alexander Edward Pytko (2 месяца)
Shortly after the sinking and the rescue, a ship was sent to the site to
gather up the bodies that were still floating in the water. The bodies were
spread out. They spent about a month looking for bodies that were floating
in the water, some had drifted a great deal away from the disaster site,
others had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. All the bodies that were found
were given a service by ministers and then given proper burials. 

Автор WhenILearnToMilkIt (7 месяцев)
Dumb scene but explains why his face was bloodied when he died.

Автор Jackie Hallam (1 месяц)
Cal's a Dick!

Автор Cirtap Tomas (4 месяца)
It was freezing water in real life..and truly killed many..but THESE ACTORS
were swimming through it...like it was warm water...LOL Dumb Cameron

Автор Jack Dawson, Rose Watson (1 год)
Cal is a peace of shit he deserve to die Not Jack. I don't want Jack to die
that was so sad.:( I feel sorry for Rose and Jack. That was so good that
Jack punched the henchman he deserve that. yeah go Jack.:). 

Автор SonicsJoe2013 (1 год)
Poor little girl

Автор alan filion (6 месяцев)
7:50 SO SAD

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