Titanic Deleted Scenes Part 4


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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 9:44
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This clip is longer than the previous one, there are many scenes that had never seen. Kate and Leonardo are few. Hope you like.


Автор Narry Storan (4 месяца)
"if you get it back ill give it to you" then what the fuck is the point of
getting it back man cal is a fucking idiot.

Автор SonicsJoe2013 (7 месяцев)
Poor little girl

Автор sahara dash (2 месяца)
Why didn't she say something when he said her name?

Автор PRR5406 (1 месяц)
The scenes of Ismay being stared down are very powerful. In reality, he
fled to the "Carpathia's" doctor's cabin and hid. He sent private messages
to New York, signing them "Yamsi", his secret code name. Idiot.

Автор Vanesa Terry (5 месяцев)
Oh now you go back after everyone is dead 

Автор Cadburyisthebest (4 месяца)
I feel bad for cal because at the end he thought he found rose but it was
somebody else. So that means he wanted rose back

Автор Lisa R. (4 месяца)
I feel like the first scene is so out of place. Who would have time to even
care about a piece of diamond and/or "getting revenge" from someone while
being surrounded with an even bigger threat that is a sinking ship? That's
life or death. 

Автор thelma costillas (4 месяца)
i very love to watch titanic movie any time..

Автор Elizabeth Matthews (1 месяц)
The scene with cora and her family makes me so upset

Автор jayive34 (2 месяца)
6:42. His accent is weird. I can't tell where it's from. 

Автор tempo1889 (3 месяца)
"We would like a brandy." Ship is sinking and you want a brandy? Wonder
if he ever got it.

Автор Tony63909 (7 месяцев)
It defies logic that a man would decide to go after another man in the
middle of a sinking ship when his first thought should be to preserve his
own life.

Автор Αντωνία Καρυπίδου (2 месяца)
why did they delete those scenes?

Автор mknipler (2 месяца)
That explains a lot how love joy got all bloody the ship split in half

Автор Rose Watson (2 месяца)
Nichole Dawson: your right. Jack is a true hero.

Автор hailey crane (4 месяца)
omg scary i would freak out

Автор georgia walton (8 месяцев)
They repeted the szms vidoes from 1 and 2 WTF -_-

Автор Principe Raphael (4 месяца)
The scene where Cal goes postal with the gun is quite awful. So Snidely
Whiplash it's not even camp, just bad.

Автор Chloe Ann Montante (1 месяц)
At around 7:30 the lifeboat had ”S.S Titanic” painted on its bow. The ship
was actually called ”The RMS Titanic”...

Автор naomi parks (4 месяца)
Im glad they deleted this scene cus thats just pure stupidity. Fuck you cal
id save my life first before going to a death trap

K thnx

Автор mrjordanx31 (1 месяц)
I wonder if Rose's mother became a seamstress after she left Cal.

Автор Alicia Cleeland (4 месяца)
First scene just WOW!!!!!!!

Автор Abaddon sixonesix (4 месяца)
Why did they delete the hand shake? It was beautiful.

Автор marson tulean (2 месяца)
That was so sad

Автор very cious (7 месяцев)
Spicer lovejoy....... love him

Автор Kasia Skyler (8 месяцев)
I wonder whether Cal's just those men that are complicated...maybe he did
love Rose all along? :/

Автор Murat Tekir (2 месяца)
i didn't know the Cook, the Asian Guy and the Colonel are survived..

Автор Jan Kandrnál (6 месяцев)
Where do I download the movie Titanic extended version thanks

Автор Jess Dueñas (2 года)
I can see why some these scenes were taken out, but it still would have
been cool to see Jack fight for Rose. Then again, it might have taken the
magic out of the movie.

Автор David C (2 месяца)
glad they deleted the scene where the 3rd class passengers get trapped
behind the metal gates.. too graphic and thinking of that makes me feel
sick inside!!!

Автор Chelonita Keynes (2 года)
Titanic :(

Автор Lisa R. (4 месяца)
Even though cal was no good, the last scene I like.. 

Автор Rose Watson (2 месяца)
Cal is a peace of shit he deserve to die Not Jack. I don't want Jack to die
that was so sad.:( I feel sorry for Rose and Jack. That was so good that
Jack punched the henchman he deserve that. yeah go Jack.:). 

Автор Robert LikesGaming (6 месяцев)
how did you find this out? And this explains why the guy who was getting
beaten up by Jack had blood on his face when the Titanic was starting to
split in half.

Автор Bashiru Balogun (1 день)
Wow! So many deleted scenes.

Автор Natanael de Visser (3 месяца)
Did nobody saw the modern revolver. I mean, ITS FREAKING 1912 !

Автор Calvin Ritter (3 дня)
why there are deleting these scenes

Автор jordanrb1996 (5 месяцев)
The whole movie should have been a deleted scene.

Автор Powerranger6342 (1 месяц)
6:54 should have been kept in since it is accurate. Look up survivor Daniel

Автор Kelly oxo (8 месяцев)
Wow…that's weird galoon my Great Uncle was a fireman on the USS
INDIANAPOLIS. I think of him when I watch this movie I don't know why?
Interesting thank you for sharing :)

Автор chestnut45134 (5 месяцев)
Some of these should have stayed in the movie definitely x

Автор sakpal69 (5 месяцев)
may i ask why were these scenes deleted?

Автор losttribe (4 месяца)
obviously the passengers and the ship's crew FORGOT : THAT EVERY FINE
DINING TABLE in the room, if thrown into the sea, IS A POTENTIAL floating
lifeboat that can take 4 persons. Same for every door being hacked loose

Автор Darwin fan (22 дня)
silly poor people, thinking they have rich people problems

Автор Chris201076 (1 год)
I can see why they didn't use any of these.

Автор FraulainAlichen (1 год)
Oh, officer Lowe is the best!

Автор Attila Dudás (1 год)
from 0:50 omg scary noises

Автор Rachel Roldan (1 год)
Sometimes all Directors deleted scenes because they really are not as
important or significant in the movie. Sometimes there are movies that are
complete, almost always happens when the story is really real. Titanic is
half real and half fake.

Автор Nichole Dawson (1 год)
oh, Jack was so brave and strong. A true hero!!

Автор CrAzYnAdEz (10 месяцев)
He actually did survive in real life his name was Fred Barrett. I believe
there were also about 30 other fireman that survived too.

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