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Автор Narry Storan (1 месяц)
"if you get it back ill give it to you" then what the fuck is the point of
getting it back man cal is a fucking idiot.

Автор Vanesa Terry (1 месяц)
Oh now you go back after everyone is dead 

Автор SonicsJoe2013 (4 месяца)
Poor little girl

Автор tempo1889 (1 день)
"We would like a brandy." Ship is sinking and you want a brandy? Wonder
if he ever got it.

Автор Cadburyisthebest (26 дней)
I feel bad for cal because at the end he thought he found rose but it was
somebody else. So that means he wanted rose back

Автор naomi parks (19 дней)
Im glad they deleted this scene cus thats just pure stupidity. Fuck you cal
id save my life first before going to a death trap

K thnx

Автор Lisa R. (1 месяц)
Even though cal was no good, the last scene I like.. 

Автор hailey crane (1 месяц)
omg scary i would freak out

Автор georgia walton (4 месяца)
They repeted the szms vidoes from 1 and 2 WTF -_-

Автор Principe Raphael (1 месяц)
The scene where Cal goes postal with the gun is quite awful. So Snidely
Whiplash it's not even camp, just bad.

Автор Abaddon sixonesix (25 дней)
Why did they delete the hand shake? It was beautiful.

Автор Alicia Cleeland (1 месяц)
First scene just WOW!!!!!!!

Автор very cious (3 месяца)
Spicer lovejoy....... love him

Автор thelma costillas (1 месяц)
i very love to watch titanic movie any time..

Автор Tony63909 (4 месяца)
It defies logic that a man would decide to go after another man in the
middle of a sinking ship when his first thought should be to preserve his
own life.

Автор Kasia Skyler (4 месяца)
I wonder whether Cal's just those men that are complicated...maybe he did
love Rose all along? :/

Автор Jan Kandrnál (2 месяца)
Where do I download the movie Titanic extended version thanks

Автор Robert WasilewskiGaming (3 месяца)
how did you find this out? And this explains why the guy who was getting
beaten up by Jack had blood on his face when the Titanic was starting to
split in half.

Автор Jess Dueñas (2 года)
I can see why some these scenes were taken out, but it still would have
been cool to see Jack fight for Rose. Then again, it might have taken the
magic out of the movie.

Автор Chelonita Keynes (2 года)
Titanic :(

Автор Lisa R. (1 месяц)
I feel like the first scene is so out of place. Who would have time to even
care about a piece of diamond and/or "getting revenge" from someone while
being surrounded with an even bigger threat that is a sinking ship? That's
life or death. 

Автор Kelly oxo (4 месяца)
Wow…that's weird galoon my Great Uncle was a fireman on the USS
INDIANAPOLIS. I think of him when I watch this movie I don't know why?
Interesting thank you for sharing :)

Автор Chris201076 (1 год)
I can see why they didn't use any of these.

Автор FraulainAlichen (10 месяцев)
Oh, officer Lowe is the best!

Автор Attila Dudás (9 месяцев)
from 0:50 omg scary noises

Автор Rachel Roldan (1 год)
Sometimes all Directors deleted scenes because they really are not as
important or significant in the movie. Sometimes there are movies that are
complete, almost always happens when the story is really real. Titanic is
half real and half fake.

Автор Nichole Dawson (1 год)
oh, Jack was so brave and strong. A true hero!!

Автор CrAzYnAdEz (7 месяцев)
He actually did survive in real life his name was Fred Barrett. I believe
there were also about 30 other fireman that survived too.

Автор xlrprettygirl88 (11 месяцев)
Cal still trying to find Rose after all he put her through? Well, I guess
he still loved her :)

Автор jasonmoore1900 (11 месяцев)
one thing that i didnt like about this movie is how they could just wade
through those freezing waters for long periods of time. theres no way

Автор Wwelayla IS The Best (1 год)
this is deleted scenes they didn't show this on the movie

Автор Alexander19851 (9 месяцев)
Can anyone tell me why parts 1-5 but this one is available only to see in

Автор flyinsossers . (11 месяцев)
I remember going to see this movie and the stark terror I felt when
watching the sinking shots. I spent 38 months at sea in the Navy. Going
down in freezing water and not enough life boats? All those lives lost for
a cosmetic choice. Most arrogant thing I have ever heard.

Автор Leon Scott (5 месяцев)
deleted scenes that we watch is "titanic deleted scenes part 1 and 2"
except "titanic deleted scenes part 4"and "5" doesn't work. even at the
beginning of part 4 showed he had a gun to shoot them but he wasted
bullets. he going to get new bullets; last, he accidently went upstairs and
jack and rose when downstairs but they hearing the boy saying, "help!" and
that the end.

Автор RevZman (8 месяцев)
The scene in the dining room is ridiculous.

Автор 4everprincessdiana (11 месяцев)
They should have kept these scenes & the other deleted ones instead of just
focusing on the love story..they add to the drama of the situation making
it more intriguing...they show us the true aspects of the story & how these
people really suffered this night..why did they make them in the first
place if they were going to cut them anyway!!!!

Автор mrbigbigtoe (8 месяцев)
they should have left the dining room fight in because not only to you get
to see more action you also get to see an amazing set sink before your eys

Автор Kevin Brown (1 год)
Ok at 4:04 Why don't they just turn back the other way? It's easier to swim
trough a little bit of water and walk up a few staircases than it is go
down to a flooded hallway, the. Run away from a wall of moving water,
struggel to free yourself from a locked stair case and run to the other
side of the ship isn't it?

Автор Laura Gabriela Medina Lovera (6 месяцев)
Por qué le cortaron todas esas escenas?! La película hubiera sido más
perfecta de lo que ya es!!

Автор rebecca x (1 год)
Glad they didn't do that scene just because it really really bugs me
throughout the scene the background windows keeping switching the light.
One moment it's a really bright light as if it was filmed during the day.
Then it switches back to a night time scene out the window. Not sure what's
up with the really bright light coming through all the windows. The Titanic
sank at 2 in the morning.

Автор job489 (7 месяцев)
We never actually saw him go the same way Jack and Rose went. May be he
found a shortcut. I always wondered why he wasn't in Titanic Heaven; now I
know that he actually lived.

Автор Zachary Keller (10 месяцев)
thnx for uploading. this was cool to see!

Автор Alexander John Edwards (6 месяцев)
His name was Archibald Gracie IV and he was a real passenger on the Ship.
What happened was he was actually on the ship as it went down. Specifically
the roof of the bridge and as he was being dragged down he managed to free
himself from the ship and scramble aboard the overturned collapsible
lifeboat b and that is how he survived. Its also important to note that he
was 53 at the time of the sinking and so in this film he is being portrayed
as slightly older that he actually was.

Автор Bob Smith (7 месяцев)
about 3 mins of this is just looking

Автор graciela espinoza (1 год)
do not understand why that scene removed

Автор Lee Allen (11 месяцев)

Автор Aca Pella (9 месяцев)
Where did you get the extended version???

Автор Lilzz Bieber (5 месяцев)
Did you know that it costed more to make the movie Titanic than ti build
the actual shit in 1912

Автор Briana Boodhoo (6 месяцев)

Автор Ryan19812012 (5 месяцев)
I always wonder how his head was all bloody. When the ship broke apart.

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