Titanic Deleted Scenes Part 4


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Длительность: 9:44
Комментарии: 1938

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Автор Mr Hot Salsa ( назад)
Now I know why the bodyguard had a bloody face when the ship broke in half.

Автор Dale Gimroth ( назад)
old stronger then young oh to soon

Автор FalchionOfEternity Gaming ( назад)
Oh crap. Looks like that Asian guy with the queue actually lives.

Автор FalchionOfEternity Gaming ( назад)
Also, finally! That first cutscene finally explained Lovejoy's bloody face
near the end. I was always puzzled by that.

Автор FalchionOfEternity Gaming ( назад)
I love a lot of these scenes because it shows more of the other real people
on the ship instead of just Jack and Rose.

Автор Alex Patt ( назад)
Nothing more powerful than when Ismay takes the walk of shame on the

Автор ElectricShark ( назад)
8:24,Looks like the girl Cal rescued got reunited with her mom

Автор Melvin Martinez Madrid ( назад)
Leo would've probably win the oscar if most of the deleted scenes were kept

Автор Powerranger6342 ( назад)
I wish they had kept the scene where Lowe finds out that the person wearing
a shawl was a man because that actually occurred on the real Titanic.

Автор Angel Clewis ( назад)
and when the song came on I started to cry

Автор Angel Clewis ( назад)
did more boys live or girls on the titanic?

Автор Swagstudios (SwagStudios) ( назад)
The one with the family with the girl made me cry because they were trapped
and didn't have a chance

Автор Richard Alexander ( назад)
If it weren't for the Carpathia there would have been no survivors. She was
a ship of heroes.

Автор Joseph Mostarda ( назад)
I do like most of these deleted scenes, but I'm glad the fight scene with
Jack and Lovejoy was cut. It just didn't really seem in character for
Lovejoy at all. He might have been an asshole, but he really didn't seem
like someone who would commit murder.

Автор Victor Becerra ( назад)
all there in the movie

Автор Victor Becerra ( назад)
ya , all those scenes are n

Автор Victor Becerra ( назад)

Автор Cheezy Man ( назад)
all of these parts where not cut from the movie

Автор Edwin Alcantara ( назад)
i still feel bad for Cora that got stuck in the gate because that was jacks
favorite girl

Автор leothesanicvirus ( назад)
thats why when they run into the hallway jack says to be quiet even though
it's obvious they already lost cal

Автор Coco Maehler ( назад)
If Rose would've just stayed on the lifeboat, then Jack would've been able
to save himself without worrying about her then he would've been able to be
on the floating piece of door (wood, whatever it is) and she would've been
safely on a boat then they would've found him then they would've lived
Stupid Rose

Автор AlbertWesker203 ( назад)
Y the hell was the fighting scene taking out of the movie james cameron

Автор Edwin Alcantara ( назад)
number 5:43-5:51 is 😲😲😲

Автор This is The Wolf ( назад)
6:10 Jack is seriously everything. He protects Rose in such a cute manor

Автор Joe Mancini ( назад)

Автор Samah Salam ( назад)
Lol when Jack broke the door 😂

Автор Daniella Mendoza ( назад)

Автор Esmeralda Castaneda ( назад)

Автор Omedchazak613 ( назад)
I think they should have kept this part in!

Автор livi xo ( назад)
Ok, I LOVE Jack and Rose's main plot, but I wish they had more time to fit
in some of the historical characters. Some of them didn't even have any
lines in the movie.

Автор Rockstarpranks JR ( назад)
sad scene when Lil girl and parents sink 5.44

Автор Shaun S ( назад)
I can totally see why the fight scene was cut. Time consuming and who the
hell fights during a ship sinking. I'd think you'd have better things to
do like try to save your own life. I would have been fuck off Hockley and
went my own way. The scene with the little girl would have been upsetting
as if there wasn't enough going on. They already showed a little boy get
washed away with his father. The scene with Astor was terribly written.
The only scene I would probably would have liked kept in the film was the
Carpathia. Some of it was bad with the scene with Ismay getting glared
at. Some might have given him a dirty look but not everyone would have
known who he was especially amongst the low class passengers. But the look
on womens faces looking for their husbands, Roses mother looking for her
and Rose collapsing once brought up would have been powerful in the terms
of emotional impact of what was going on afterwards.

Автор Patraya Robinson ( назад)

Автор wjpalmar ( назад)
That explains how love joy got busted open we see him bleeding towards the

Автор Celeste Munoz ( назад)

Автор darthstarkiller1912 ( назад)
8:35 This tragedy would haunt him for his life, and Ismay's career ended up
like shattered glass courtesy of the sinking. Many survivors and others
considered him the biggest coward for surviving while all others went down.

Автор Madison Geiserman ( назад)
that scene where Jack beats up Lovejoy seemed really out of place

Автор DisWldFrk90 ( назад)
I'm honestly glad they left out the gate trapped part. That's too
heartbreaking :( That may very well have happened. Though the gates were
not locked the way this movie implies, at least one of the gates leading
out of steerage was locked. Probably somebody forgot to unlock it. That may
have trapped some last minute runners just like this.

Автор Lola Rainero ( назад)
The scene getting to the Carpathia and Ismay walking in front of everyone
would have been one of the most powerful scenes of the movie.

Автор MadZy ( назад)
the part when the people got stuck at the gate with the child, im glad they
didn't put that in the movie, cause i would have cried more if it was

Автор Nathan Rodela ( назад)
im sad because all the dogs died to

Автор VHSMovieLover81095 ( назад)
you do Laugh at the Titanic sinking

Автор mellowandjello ( назад)
I wish they kept the scene with the two distress signalers. The film
focused slightly too much on Rose and Jack, not as much on the other
passengers and officers, they had some pretty good bits too.

Автор Shyana Hemingway ( назад)
Why did they delete the scene when rose goes on the ship?

Автор MustReadTheForever ( назад)
When Rose is finally rescued and gets on the ship and as she walks someone
wraps a blanket around her and hands her a cup I think of a wedding scene.
Like the cups a bouquet of flowers, the blankets the veil, and the song
playing in the background is very angelic. She also later calls herself
Rose Dawson like she married Jack and her heart is eternally bonded to the
ocean where he rests. I don't know that's just what I thought. Why does cal
call her name with so much emotion at the end? Like he cares about her?

Автор Aimee Adesso ( назад)
I will take Titanic over Fifty Shades Of Grey anyday! I love this story and
the movie!

Автор Tristan Medina ( назад)
Bruce ismay looks like hitler with a full mustache

Автор matt smith ( назад)
Glad this fight scene got canned went from Titanic to Terminator

Автор Park Minsung ( назад)
Mr lowe is so kindful to rose..

Автор MaximaManXx5 ( назад)
Wow...watching this segment is almost like watching the movie again..ty for
finding it...! :)

Автор robert liddell ( назад)
Haha at 4:34 Leo look like he first saw the earth

Автор Virginia Pepper ( назад)
I never saw this!! I wolud have been pretty cool to have seen all this
scene movie!!!
Thank you for upload this!!!

Автор robert liddell ( назад)
It probably really damn cold out their where you need a double big jacket

Автор Gayane Akopyan ( назад)
Dog personalty

Автор Selene Sonja ( назад)
They should've kept the scene where crews of RMS Carpathia recued the
survivor. Awesome scene.!

Автор TheEuzkatroika ( назад)
3:25, now i realized, was lovejoy it was bleeding when the ship was
crashing at the end and he did fall into that whole...

Автор Jan Stalleicken ( назад)
Wo Rose an Bord der Carpathia geht gelangt sie über eine Strickleiter aufs
Schiff in Wirklichkeit wurden die Frauen mit Tüchern hochgehievt aber kann
auch sein weil sie dachten das sie in der 3.Klasse war

Автор Ramya mel ( назад)
I wish Jack wasn't dead...😖😭

Автор Graham “The Great” A.H. ( назад)
8:10 - 9:16 should have been left in. So much power in those shots.

Автор Sara Rocchetti ( назад)
adesso si spiega pk si vede lui pieno di sangue alla fine quando la nave si

Автор Yay Celestia (Artsy) ( назад)
At the last Carpathia scene. Where Cal thought the girl was Rose, that girl
dosen't seem to look like a 1900s Person, she looked like obviously a 90's
person xD They should've change her look within a while...

Автор Amir Harlem ( назад)
Finally, I found the answers for my questions !! thanks!!

Автор TomKennyIsLovely ( назад)
Should've kept Cora's death scene in. that really hit me hard :(

Автор Adam ( назад)
Rose getting on the Carpathia. Holy shit. Powerful scene.

Автор Zi jie Lim ( назад)
They really should have the part where they were rescued and on to th e

Автор emmie90 ( назад)
They should've had the part where that one crew member refuses to leave,
choosing instead to continue trying to get help.

Автор TotalGamerHolic ( назад)
7:13 oh look its what Jack would have been able to do had Rose just stayed
in the lifeboat

Автор mauro bobadilla ( назад)
If i were Lovejoy, i would steal small dinner essentials as "souveniours" (
that will be worth than the whole ship in 2012) and get out of there
instead of killing poor Rose and Jack!!! :)

Автор Lord Prince Zuko ( назад)

Автор Neon. ( назад)
I hated Cal until he brought the kid in the lifeboat with him. The last 30
minutes or so of the movie Cal isn't a bad guy

Автор Tyson Sprinter ( назад)
I don't remember any of these scenes?

Автор Giulia Fabbri ( назад)
I love that officer with that wellish accent oh my god.

Автор spikedpsycho ( назад)
8:30 Most of the people who died aboard the Titanic were men. It was
considered a mark of cowardice for men to survive rather than give their
seats to a woman/child. Those surviving men wealthy or otherwise spent the
rest of their lives living in shame. Ismay spent the greater part of his
life harassed by the British and American media, thanks Mr. Hearst. But
according to reports, Ismay did assist many passengers getting aboard
lifeboats only to jump for the last spot available.

Автор Robert Dambeck ( назад)
This isn't David Warner's first trip on Titanic. He was in "SOS Titanic"
(1979) as a passenger as well.

Автор Kevin Murphy ( назад)
Im glad they cut the scene where Jack beats up Lovejoy, feels like it takes
up too much time

Автор DadvidsAnd Falco ( назад)
the scene 7:13 was good I don't understand why it deleted

Автор Heaven Sky ( назад)
Fifth officer Harold lowe's scene's the best. I like him the most. Everyone
lose control such a case..but he behaved himself like a real captain real
officer and real man.

Автор Annemarie Simard ( назад)
the best film ever! i saw it à least 100 times😊

Автор Snowwy Monday ( назад)
Some of these scenes should've been included. Lol I also thought that red
hair woman standing was Rose.

Автор kidd kush ( назад)
The scene that starts at 5:40, is that little girl Cora? Jack's best girl?
If it is im soo devastated right now! 

Автор Dylan Wilcox ( назад)
Alright I want everyone from that boat into this boat as quick as you can
please!!! Hey not too quickly m'dam..... HOW DARE YOU GET IN THERE WILL

Автор The Pyro122HD ( назад)
You need to think ahead if you don't want your wingman to go hunting for a
specific person unless you like it.

Автор Crazygurl1211 ( назад)
It's kind of messed up that Rose didn't let Cal and especially her mother
know she was alive. I get that she wanted to start her life over and live
it on her own terms rather than theirs, but letting her mother think she
had died just seems too cruel. Ruth was a selfish person and not a great
mother, but she did love Rose and didn't deserve that. She could have just
let her mother know that she was alive but didn't want anything more to do
with them and the life they had mapped out for her and THEN struck off on
her own. She probably would have had to give the diamond back to Cal, but
it's obvious she didn't really care about the diamond anyway since she
ended up throwing it into the ocean.

Автор Adalyn Bunnybaker ( назад)
THT ONE CAL ONE XD "ROSE!" I love how he acted liked he loved her but
haterright thing

Автор Manuel Becerra ( назад)
I miss this scene

Автор Crazygurl1211 ( назад)
I seriously doubt Cal would have actually given the diamond to Lovejoy had
he found it, considering what it was worth. Why would he even want to get
it back only to give it to Lovejoy? And what would prompt Lovejoy to even
tell Cal if he actually found it? He would probably have lied and just kept
it for himself.

Автор America and Yarixa's vlogs ( назад)
Cora's death was the sadest one yet

Автор halley martin ( назад)
My god Cora's poor family, by far the worst death in the movie even if was
left out. :( I would never wish this tragedy on my worst enemy...

Автор Marty Jo Kulenic ( назад)
The part I loved was jack and the other person fighting Good job

Автор gameoholic1994 ( назад)
What did Jack say at 3:49? I couldn't figure it out?

Автор Davo Cabral ( назад)
Ahora se porque de repente aparece todo golpeado

Автор Tiffani Turner ( назад)
my mom says theres a bad part

Автор Federico Javier Grandinetti ( назад)
El ultimo emperador, lejos la mejor pelicula

Автор gameoholic1994 ( назад)
6:08 - "Just enough for this lady. You'll push it under."

And that's why Jack stayed in the water.

Автор The Try Hards (tckocher919807) ( назад)
I always wondered how he got the gun..and why the fuck he was so concerned
with them.. Hell at that point I'm pretty sure I'd have been more worried
about getting the fuck of fthe ship... Now it makes sense

Автор Jackie Hallam ( назад)
Cal's a Dick!

Автор Charlie Harrison ( назад)
Hey not too quickly madam.....HOW DARE YOU GET IN THERE WILL YOU!!!

Автор Diamante Dea ( назад)
the thing is: yeah the upper class has $ and shit but the lower class(es)
are more humble and find ways to have fun and connect with others.

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