Physical Appearance of the True Hebrew Israelites

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Автор Veronis O'Brien (1 месяц)
Physical Appearance of the True Hebrew Israelites:

Автор Princess Of Punt (1 месяц)
Atlantic Slave Trade: The Fallacy of Blacks selling Blacks by Hometeam
History on youtube. You will find your answer Africans didn't sell you.

Автор Sasha Jones (1 месяц)
. Pashtuns, gypsies, Native Americans, African Americans look at the
similarities between all. 

Автор Latasha Dennis (1 месяц)
I laugh now because for 1 DNA takes everyone back to Africa and then white
people have recessive this and that! In fact dark skin is everywhere in the
world and I've seen a lot of dark skin blue eye people who have never seen
white people...the Internet is beginning to show the world and it's people
everywhere so all the lies are being revealed...we may have been first on
the earth but for whatever reason the almighty allowed us to suffer for not
doing right. Sorry, but it's about to be the white man's turn because of
his hate...not all evil 9r racists but the majority are. I just can't see
how our people have been pushed back so fat without a serious fight. Kings
what happened?

Автор OnlySoulMusicHere (16 дней)

Автор Veritas et fortitudo (7 месяцев)
The Biblical Jews were Arabs period thats the truth.

Автор YeAbyssinia Lij (4 месяца)
Poor black Americans, the whiteman stole their whole identity and confused
the bloody hell out of them. SMH. You all are making up things and
misinterpreting the Holy scriptures? Didn't the KKK do the same thing? 

Автор Madmoir (2 месяца)
Why cant america grasp the concept of jesus being arab...

Автор artis smith (1 месяц)
we are really from the tribe of judah!!!

Автор Michael Angel (24 дня)
Actually, I don't care what color the original Hebrews were or are...but,
they were never blonde haired and blue eyed. African-Americans for so long
have been praying and believing in this image of a white Jesus until
they're fooled and critized the truth. It's a shame how blacks will kill
blacks for bringing the darkness to light... 

Автор Latasha Dennis (1 месяц)
It's crazy how ignorant people really are...dark or light we all the
same!..everyone starts out dark and according to the levels of uv rays in
where your ancesters people come from determines your skin color. And
that's all to it!

Автор infowars69 (16 дней)

Автор Stephen Anthony (2 месяца)
The happiest day for mankind is when He will emerge from the Dark Age of
Religion, we are still in a Dark Age. Religion is the tool used by a few to
control the many and it has been this way since our inception. Of course to
the billions who follow this god or gods all religions believe they are
correct...So what results, WAR.......So any of you debating anything using
your particular Holy Book to back up your Paradigm just remember it is no
better than anyone else's. When mankind comes into the Golden Age these
foolish beliefs will be done away with. Until then we are just
stuck....Even those of us who once believed in a Holy Book, but thankfully
no longer. 

Автор Rashid Naser (1 месяц)
woo another jew crap they wanted to claim The African continent they did
already claimed America continent by their 10 losted tribe wooo God helps
tomorrow the will claim the sky and the ocean so they can have tax from
every where planning as they're digging palestine land looking for
Canaanite gold

Автор Jacque Chandler (19 дней)
Great lecture my brother. Keep up the good works of delivering this message
to our brothers and sisters that need to wake up. Shalom.

Автор JBJR (3 месяца)
Love this history lesson. Thanks, for the truth.

Автор wisedomee (25 дней)
Hebrew Isrealites''' are an nations of people that came from the seeds of
''Abraham Isaac Jacob''' not a religion religion is what
christian,muslim,jews'etc other nations practices, Isrealites only kept the
laws commandments statutes and judgment/Righteousness of the most high Yah
thru messiyah yahoshua the laws of the most high are universal laws they
are way of life ''' thou shall not''and thou shall '' you have to keep
practicing them daily untill your breath leaves your body'' these laws will
judge heaven and earth..see 5 books of moses
;''Genesis,Exodus,Numbers'Leviticus'Deuteronomy' they only laws we do not
practice is the sacrificial law'' blood sacrifices' tithes/offering thanks
to yahoshua '''wake up my people the so called black people this is your
culture/identity and your true civil rights..SHALOM

Автор ELDERLS3 (2 дня)
Brother Obadiyah sounds just like the actor Bill Bellamy (Lol). Brother
could have been a comedian, had me rofl as he was exposing the "white
lie". At any rate, brother did a splendid job narrating this documentary
with evidence. ALL Hebrew Israelites NEED to see this!!! Glory to the
Most High (Yah)

Автор james Superstars (2 месяца)
Brother we are all equal before God no matter the color, but I think you
are confused, I want to show that what you said is wrong, please read,
Genesis 25:25 and the first came out red, so then if they black how they
were born red? they talking about jacob and his brother that he was born
red. or 1 Samuel 16:12 he is rubby, means red, roseate etc. they talking
about king david, so they no black but I imagine that later on they married
with black people like king salomon, i did research many translations of
the bible like kjv,
but pray GOD he answer you.

Автор infowars69 (16 дней)
the bible says that his People will return to the land and they did and
they are white sorry you loose - Lol

Автор megawhitesox05 (2 месяца)
yep, israel is the apple of gods eye, not the white khazarian jews .

Автор Gary Garrett (1 месяц)
2nd President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser (Quote about fake Jews currently
in Israel) once again proves Negros are the real Jews

“You will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black
and came back white” (1952)

Автор Stephanie Royal (1 месяц)
I am confused I thought the Egyptians were black and made the Pyramids. So
now you are you admitting that one group of black people the Egyptians
enslaved another group of black people the Hebrews.

Автор kedas 38 (4 месяца)
must know reading but not comprehension

Автор henrietta bake (16 дней)
i understand all that have been said but are you say that the Jamaicans and
black american are the only Israelite

Автор Adrienne Daniels (3 месяца)
Bravo to my brother here for taking the time to break down the many
deceptions to reveal the truth. The truth will come to light anyway no
matter who denies it or not. The true Hebrew Israelites are waking up to
their true identity and many will hate us for that very reason. Many want
us to remain asleep, calling each other *%ggers and %*tches, but the Most
High has a different plan in the making, a much better inheritance is
waiting for us. Keep doing what you're doing. Shalom

Автор Tyrone Singleton (14 дней)
You are right in that the original Iraelites were not white. They were
banished in 70 AD by the Romans. The more important lie throughout
history, is that the Bible is the word of God. These are all fairy tales.
Does it matter if the fairies are black or white? Free you mind...Free
Thinking from all religions is the only logical option for intelligent
Blacks that makes any sense.

Автор Jonathan Lankford (9 дней)
White, brown, olive, red, yellow, and black. The Middle East is olive.
Africa is black. Abraham was from the Middle East, not Africa. I am sure
there has been genetic mixture throughout history, as Israel was in Egypt
for 250 years. But today we also have the family name of Cohen (priest) who
are white and trace their lineage back through many rabbis. It is true that
144,000 Israelites will be chosen to play a special role on the last day,
but due to genetic mixing through history, they will not be one color.
Their physical appearance will be of every skin color. The non-Israelites
who keep Yehovah's covenant will also play a role.

Автор Eva Weertman (1 месяц)
I am glad you obvious lived before 400 years ago to know how words were
Specially about the J

Автор james Superstars (2 месяца)
Brother we are all equal before God no matter the color, but I think you
are confuse, I want to show that what you said is wrong, please read
Genesis 25:25 and the first came out red, so then if they black how they
were born red. 1 Samuel 16:12 he is rubby, means red,rose, roseate etc.
they talking about king david so they no black, but I imagine that later
on, they married with black people like king salomon, i did research many
translations of the bible like kjv,
but pray GOD he answer you.

Автор Nebza Azestuk (10 дней)
i actually laughed throughout this whole video hahahaha

Автор Jesse Bridgeman (14 дней)
pseudo-racism is so prevalent it's saddening.

Автор tropicalstrings (29 дней)
where is the spices they use in the bible?
the purper?
the pens and paper,
song of salomon: éven though I am black, I am beautifull'
last but not leas:
In the bible a father is very importand.
among black people ,according to black women fathers are totaly not
But.... does it matter black or white.
What is written is more importand.
Jesus love is the most importand.
fithing is totaly against Jesus word.
It feeds the devil!!!.

Автор Crystal Singleton (1 месяц)
Soooo much hate and disgust in these post. Why watch a video that does not
pertain to you. @Gene u in way to many post from video to video u watching
them all, why? Then post nonsense go wax off and relieve your stress. @
homegirl who say I'm not black I'm Ethiopian, u are a disgrace, U Ethiopian
so what this mean you better then somebody. Your hair nappy like mine
boo!!!! Don't get it twisted

Автор thenobodyman7 (1 месяц)
Moses also means is born / Thot-Moses/ Ah-Moses/ Ra-Moses/ all variation
showing the qualities of god in the body of a man. The hebrews were
obviously sore regarding there so called opressors and cut ou the first
part of the name of the Kemitic god to keep egypt out of their newly
established faith systems cosmolog an theology .

Автор buck634329tm (1 месяц)
What you dummies that are leaving negative comments don't understand is
that this is and always has been a black white thing this is an American &
African story yes other nationalities have been put in slavery to ,but have
they been put in slavery and treated the exact same way that the African
American has the answer is No not for 400 plus years so unless you have
that type of track record under your nationalities belt then just stopped
talking and white people you of all people shouldn't even be leaving

Автор mrincredible7777 (23 дня)
The bible said Solomon was white and that means david and Jesse and many
others were white

Автор gib wise (5 месяцев)
There is no "W" in the sacred name! If you are going to use the name use it
correctly! YHVH Etymology being "Eyah asha Eyah" meaning "I am whatever I
will be" Also, Jesus was a direct descendant of Adam. No one disputes that
right? What does "Adam" mean in Hebrew? Look in the strongs concordance
#119 "Ruddy complected; to show blood in the face". Which race (there's
only one) that is capable of showing blood in the face? To blush?

Автор myhusbandsrib (2 месяца)
Thank you soooooo much for this video my brother. You have certainly
stirred up something and from the comments, Satan is showing his true
colors again. It was hard for even ME to accept this truth initially, so I
know those of a different race won't. DON'T STOP SHARING TRUTH, MANY

Автор tom smith (5 месяцев)
Watch and Read!!!


Автор Josenilda Alves (1 месяц)
the racism is a desease! stop it!

Автор Jill Childs (2 месяца)
Thank you for sharing. The information is indeed thought provoking and
inspiring. However, I am concerned about your delivery. You serve good food
on dirty plates; Your constant reference to "so-called Christians",
etc.does not endear those for whom this info would serve to empower or
enlighten. It is like - you say tomato e, I say tomato; You call God/Jesus
by His Hebrew names, I by the Greek translation as I have been taught. We
speak of the same person. Yes I am a Christian! And I worship Jehovah God
through the person of his son Jesus Christ. Life is full of mysteries
which God chooses the times to reveal them. In any case, I think it is
awesome how God has provided manna (the Messiah) even in our "so-called"
lost state or journey through the wilderness! I Bless You oh God!

Автор Gilgamesh Indaflesh (18 дней)
The original scriptures are quite clear. If you believe in the scriptures
then Deuteronomy tells you what was to happen to the Israelites. American
has been psychologically enslaving people for some time now. The media
wanted to depict Cleopatra as white at one point in history. Revelations
stated that God had hair like wool, a discriptive adjective, and skin like
bronze. You can choose to believe what you wish....just remember, Columbus
"discovered" America. 

Автор Jalon Purchas (25 дней)
The airheads are still crying about us black ppl being the true
yisraelites. Lmao yes I know it hurts but it's ok.

Автор Marquita Jones (2 месяца)
I just started to get into church and find out who God really is, I came
across these videos and now I'm so confused about somethings. 

Автор Rajesh D (2 месяца)
whites should NOT fear coz the truth has been revealed. The Black Jesus
loves you too. I knew all along as I was growing and learning that God is
Black. Hell man, Africa is the cradle of man. Think about it........

Автор TechNubian1 (1 год)
White Archaeologist proves ancient Egyptians were not black

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