Physical Appearance of the True Hebrew Israelites

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Автор Ron Herrin ( назад)
they are all sons of Abraham

Автор Michael Walley ( назад)
Impossible, a Jew, Hebrew nor Israelite were never in Ancient Egypt.

Jewish baron Solomon Bar Isaac called RASHI and the monophysite Knight
Templars formulated Judaism based off Sefer Ha Yashar, the literature
originally created by RASHI, Judaism was formulated based of Sefer Ha
Yashar literature. The books of the upright ones-Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Created by Solomon Bar Isaac around 12th century A.D.

Moses Ben Maimon (Maimonides ) expanded Sefer Ha Yashar literature and
wrote the Pentateuch -the Old Testament - the first five books of Moses
(1168-1180 A.D). Pentateuch -the Old Testament was printed in 1475 after
the invention of the printing press.

Jewish barons of Europe, capitalizing on the spread of Christianity in the
West and the invention of printing press, printed the Old Testament in 1475
A.D for the Christian community of Europe.

Nicaea I, Constantine and the appointed Roman elders accepted Serapis as
Christ the savior (i.e., Soter Christos), with dual nature of divine and

Pope Alexander V1 not fully satisfied with the silence about Jesus the
Christ ( Greek Egyptian God , became a Roman God ) the printed Old
Testament, instructed Desiderius Erasmus, an ex-priest and playwright to
create the Synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew, and Luke), known as Novuum
Testamentum or the New Testament.

100 years later the fourth Gospel John was added in the King James Bible.
Before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the East (1870 A.D), a group
of Jewish Scholars and Rabbi under the instruction of the monist Ottoman
ruler (Abulaziz) formulated the Koran by combining the four Christian
gospels and the Jewish Torah.

Автор Texas Hi-Railer ( назад)
This is a fabulous DVD on biblical TRUTH! So many people have been
influenced by the white Roman Catholic Church into believing just about
everyone in the Bible are white and that is a straight-up lie and I'm an
old, white, retired, cowboy preacher telling you this TRUTH. The ancient
Hebrews, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, the twelve disciples and
Yahshua are ALL black skinned peoples! Forget ALL the lies the white-man's
church has taught you and read your 1611 KJV Holy Bible and learn that
Elohim YHWH and Elohim Yahshua are the Creator, our Father and His son is
Yahshua, a part of YHWH and you will begin to see the light, TRUTH.

Finally, the letter "J" did not exist when the Old Testament and the New
Testament were written and research will show you that the letter "J" is
only about 500 years old and is an English letter. The Jews have made a
feeble attempt to steal the identity of the ancient Hebrews aka Ysraelites
and the Jews are NOT YHWH's chosen people as they claim. BTW, the first
film the "Ten Commandments" is actually from 1939 and not in the 50's as
this young man claims in this DVD and Noah was white... that is explained
in the Book of Enoch a lot better than you can find it in the Bible. All
three of Noah's sons were black so don't let anyone tell you that Ham was
the ONLY black son because that's a lie.

Автор kazi rahman ( назад)
he said well it was written here that gentile means european the gentiles
(europeans) but in fact gentile means none jewish or none isrealites

Автор Will Nieman ( назад)
Genesis 26:4 And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven,
and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all
the nations of the earth be blessed. Yeshua/Jesus is the seed of
Abraham. Matthew 1:1 The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son
of David, the son of Abraham. Those In Yeshua/Jesus, they are the true sons
of Abraham, (Abrahams seed) (special children of Yaweh). The seed is from
all countries which includes all people groups. RED, YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE.
ALL people groups. Next question. Who is a JEW? Answer. Romans 2:29 But he
is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in
the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.I
know this ain't popular, but this is what the Bible teaches. No color group
of people left behind.

Автор breakaway2x ( назад)
blah blah blah, yes everyone is african. Ok ok.

Автор ONE GOD, ONE RACE ( назад)

Автор Pamela Fitzgerald ( назад)
Ancient Egyptians are not the Acient Black Hebrews.

Автор HSH HSH ( назад)
Very interesting video. But a bit confusing when he said that he is not an
anti-Semitic, so does it mean semitics are different from him? who are the
descendants of Sem/Shem? it would be good if he can cover/uncover that for

Автор cole christopher ( назад)
This gave me some enlightenment

Автор cornelious clemmons ( назад)
,com my name is the key cornelious douglas clemmons

Автор david mccallum ( назад)
One can not tell a Hebrew by their language, nor the colour of skin...
those who don't like people of another race need to get over it. The
children of Israel are called by the spirit.

Автор Max Rockatansky ( назад)
If you buy a ticket to England you can go to the british museum and see the
ONLY known image of an ancient Israelite and his servants. The black
obelisk of King Shalamaneser III contains the only known image of a King of
Israel (King Jehu) and the image is of a SEMITIC man and his servants. They
are not negro in appeareance.

So your theory is BOGUS and a complete LIE.

Автор db z ( назад)
why the hell everyone hung up on race

Автор arch angel ( назад)
You are a false prophet teaching lies. Blasphemy! You quote Yahweh's Word
and mislead many. Your religious cult is founded in bigotry and hate. You
would discriminate against Yahshua's children. You are the raciest ! Adam
was not part of the six day creation. Adam was of the blood of Yahweh and
of a ruddy complexion. Cain was not Adams son. Cain was the son of the
serpent the devil, Satan's progeny . Cain is not found anywhere in Adams
genealogy. Adams son was called Seth. His children are the Children of
Yahweh. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David and Yahshua. Christ exposed
Satan's children in the Parable of the Wheat and Tares. The Jews are not
Israelites. By their own admission in scripture, they told Christ that they
were never in bondage under any man and that they were never in Egypt. They
came out of the land of Babylon. If they were never in Egypt, they didn't
come out of Egypt with Moses. They were not at Mount Sinai and didn't make
a Covenant with Yahweh. Yahshua told the Jews that they were not of his
Father. He said "If you were of my Father, you would recognize my voice and
receive me". Christ told them that their father was the serpent, the devil
and that he was a murderer and a liar from the beginning and that was no
truth in him. Yahshua told the pharisees that they were vipers and
scorpions and called them the synagogue of Satan. Learn Yahshua the
Christ's parable of the Wheat and Tares. Yahweh's children are the Wheat.
Satan's children are the Tares. May Yahweh give you understanding.

Автор Jason Badu ( назад)
the doctrine that you guys are buying is false if you study the bible well
the Jews were not black they were middle eastern. Hebrews and Arabs came
from the same descendants yeah certain Jews were black but the closest
shade to black was medium brown town all throughout the bible it proves
that the Hebrews were middle eastern and not every Egyptian was black they
varied in skin tones if you think I am lying look up the Yemenite Jews
there history traces all the way to the first temple. why? is it that
blacks never want to accept being descendants of Africans. if you read the
bible shem is middle eastern and his descendants spreaded from the middle
east to Asia most of the people that conquered Israel was middle eastern so
it would make sense that they would be middle eastern. When our ancestors
was brought to America they did not speak Hebrew . Most Africans will
laugh at this doctrine. plus dna test would prove that blacks in America
are from Africa but could be mixed with Native American. look where Israel
is located it's more closer to middle east than Africa.

Автор rod phillips ( назад)
The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the
children be put to death for the fathers; only for his own sin shall anyone
be put to death. You shall not pervert the justice due the stranger or the
sojourner or the fatherless, or take a widow's garment in pledge. But you
shall [earnestly] remember that you were a slave in Egypt and the Lord your
God redeemed you from there; therefore I command you to do this. When you
reap your harvest in your field and have forgotten a sheaf in the field,
you shall not go back to get it; it shall be for the stranger and the
sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow, that the Lord your God may bless
you in all the work of your hands.
Deuteronomy 24:16-19 AMP

Автор rod phillips ( назад)
Yet the Lord had a delight in loving your fathers, and He chose their
descendants after them, you above all peoples, as it is this day. So
circumcise the foreskin of your [minds and] hearts; be no longer stubborn
and hardened. For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of Lords, the
great, the mighty, the terrible God, Who is not partial and takes no bribe.
He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the
stranger or temporary resident and gives him food and clothing. Therefore
love the stranger and sojourner, for you were strangers and sojourners in
the land of Egypt. You shall [reverently] fear the Lord your God; you shall
serve Him and cling to Him, and by His name and presence you shall swear.
He is your praise; He is your God, Who has done for you these great and
terrible things which your eyes have seen. Your fathers went down to Egypt
seventy persons in all, and now the Lord your God has made you as the stars
of the heavens for multitude.
Deuteronomy 10:15-22 AMP

Автор rod phillips ( назад)
The soul that sins, it [is the one that] shall die. The son shall not bear
and be punished for the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father
bear and be punished for the iniquity of the son; the righteousness of the
righteous shall be upon him only, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be
upon the wicked only. But if the wicked man turns from all his sins that he
has committed and keeps all My statutes and does that which is lawful and
right, he shall surely live; he shall not die. None of his transgressions
which he has committed shall be remembered against him; for his
righteousness which he has executed [for his moral and spiritual rectitude
in every area and relation], he shall live.
Ezekiel 18:20-22 AMP

Автор alin abdulkadir ( назад)
very insightful i am somalian and i did not know this wow blacks african
unite fuck arabs.

Автор Linda B ( назад)
If it was true-Yahawah--but those jews made up the bible, wrap your mind
around that. do the research.

Автор guest guest ( назад)
a hit dog will holla white devils keep following and bothering the true
people why?

Автор Obi-Wan Kenobi ( назад)
321 white Israelites don't like to face the True and counting..

Автор The Group ( назад)
If you read the book of Ezra you will find that according to the decree of
cyrus the great in Ezra chapter 1 all worshipers of the the true God were
to return to Jerusalem. Ezra Chapter 7 lets you know that after the decree
was given by artexerxes Longimanus that some of the children of Israel went
with them to restore and rebuild Jerusalem and reestablish jerusalem as an
independent nation. The curses you in Dueteronomy did apply to the children
of israel when they were taken captive from samaria. They lost their
language and identity. But if any remembered and had a desire to worship
Jehova they were free to return to Jerusalem to restore His worship. From
that time on all of the children of Israel were referred to as Yehuddites
aka Jews. That's why when Jesus came to Jerusalem he could say I am come to
the the lost sheep of Israel. He was only in the land of Judea during his
entire earthly ministry.

Автор Dr. John Abdul ( назад)
Truth is even if you Black Idiots become Christians, yet you are not on the
same level as the white Christians. White considers you as demons.Only
Islam gives you equality and dignity. Come to the truth, accept Islam.

Автор oscar martinez ( назад)
lies and more lies blacks r not hebrews Israelites

Автор Christina Sargent ( назад)
HOW CAN I get a video????????????????

Автор Christina Sargent ( назад)
GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Nice Shot ( назад)
Jeremiah 13:23 King James Version (KJV)

23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye
also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

Автор Monsoon ( назад)
The truth is I don't have time to educate your ignorant dumb ass. Besides
it's my history not yours so I'd advice you to
Here...read a book titled, " STOLEN LEGACY " written by the author Gorge
James. You red neck Neanderthal cave dwelling, cocacoid crawling on all
fours Devil !!!!
You may have a chance to go catch your bitch dog. she's in heat you know,
and I heard you and your dad and siblings are into that sort of thing. you
pecka wood mutha fucka !!!

Автор Thelma Rafferty ( назад)
Thought there was no 'J' ....'Japeth'?!

Автор Keith Fredrick ( назад)
Hebrew Jews never sold there own people the first slave owner in America
was a black man named Randell Johnson.the bible also spoke of a people
without an identity you colored kids know where you are from shit huts and
and straw were your homes your people sold your people for precious metals
to fight other tribes where is your history in Babylonian history there is
none this video is a joke to many bedtime fantasy stories

Автор Imran Khan ( назад)
why do black people want to be israelites the 10 lost tribes of israel r in
afganistan and pakistan the pashtuns look at their faces culture tribe
names also aramaic writing on stones is found even ur bible says the
israelites were living in havor

Автор mary mande ( назад)
Preach brother!!! Tell the truth and shame the DEVILS!!!

Автор Josha Barton ( назад)
Where is part 2

Автор Josha Barton ( назад)
Before I read anyone else's comments, I loved this video and I am a tough

Автор Monsoon (977 лет назад)
You can't dispute physical evidence. The truth about my history has been
conveniently change, or covered up FAR TO LONG !!!! BY THIEVES WHO HAVE

Автор Ron Herrin ( назад)
he was brown not black, there are different shades of brown and he was of
Arab decent

Автор Bert Graef ( назад)
another "blame whitey" cult. Sad.

Автор john patterson ( назад)
he who is surned Israel is the chosen one and can count that on one finger
(one) the messiah is the man called the branch,there shall come forth a rod
from the stem of Jesse and a branch shall grow out of it's roots,last of
revelation I Jesus am the root. the man called the branch the messiah grows
out of Jesus the root !

Автор john patterson ( назад)
Canaan is a word that means beautiful .

Автор Arman Lagunday ( назад)
Brown not black

Автор Monsoon ( назад)
Brother you a factually accurate in your narrative. I believe the world
will know the truth, because Yahuwah, and Yashur, will definitely return
and set the record straight !!!!!!!!!

Автор Monsoon ( назад)
School them brother, please guys make more educated musical facts about our
people please !!!!!

Автор Gary Spiers ( назад)
Wow! Can you imagine Ghetto Jesus walking around like one leg is shorter
than the other with his pants down below his ass with a boombox on his
shoulder calling out to his baby mama "yo Bitch you got a customer". Yeah

Автор Shezza ( назад)
Do you realize that the real Hebrews killed Jesus Christ. Does this now
mean that blacks are now Hebrew and denounce Jesus Christ? If you are
Hebrew then you can't believe that Jesus is the son of God.
So blacks murdered our Saviour then? Look at the bible and what you people
did to Jesus Christ. That means that the Jews of today are innocent and did
not kill Jesus. You are the shameful Jews. Shame on you all!

Автор Sabrina Blunt ( назад)
From my understandingin Gen:25,25 Isaac wife gave birth to Jacob and Esau
who were fratunal twins .Esau was red and hairy who name was changed to
Edom who are the white race on this planet .Esau sold his birth right to
his brother.His brother Jacob who name was changed to Israel is the
forefather of the 12 Tribes of Israel. which the promise was gave to rule
the earth forever and are Yah choosen people. all nation was given their
time of rulership. the Edomites are in rulership now but their time is
almost up.this is why the world is in Chaos and nation are rising against
nations.Yah cleasing of the earth is in full effect. more and more birth
pangs are going to happen until The Most High Comes back to put his people
back in rulership and the other nations that hated is people with great
slaughter to repay them for the crimes that they thought they got away with
to kill them and the rest will forever ever ever be the Slaves to his
people the Hebrews Israelites the black,Hispanic and native American you
know the ones they hate and some don't know why .this is why.cause we are
the 12 Tribes of Israel and payback is a bit#& .and the nations are scare
right now cause what they did to The Most High people .We get to pay them
back double. and that scary because they are still mistreating Yah people
and they have no remorse. so now it getting close for Yah to turn the
tables and Yah said we will give the Edomites (white people) the worst of
all the nation without mercry. because of their lack of mercry from us.only
Yah can stop their Haterd because they don't know how to stop.do he must
end their Kingdom. to build His and he will do so with great slaughter with
the help of his Children the 12 Tribes ,Christ and his billions of angels
including the people who they have slain up to this day Mike Brown is
waiting treyvon is waiting Eric Garner is waiting they all are millions of

Автор Diane Green ( назад)
Egypt is in Africa smh

Автор Diane Green ( назад)
Egypt is in Africa

Автор Ricardo Rosario ( назад)
it dont matter what color you are what really matters is that u repent,and
be saved

Автор Bert Graef ( назад)
lol........and your reading and screaming and preaching out of "whitey's"
KJV. Makes a lot of sense now......

Автор Eugene Mazzoni ( назад)
not that it matters i dont care if christ was black or white or red

Автор Eugene Mazzoni ( назад)
if what ur saying is true why arent the jewish people black now

Автор Shawn Cannady (928 лет назад)
No Ethiopian is a ISRAELITE,They fake with there fake ARK OF THE
COVENANT.YES it is fake black jews also.

Автор Shawn Cannady ( назад)
?????????We're are the Hebrews?? at??

Автор Max Rockatansky ( назад)
What blessings promised to Jacob and Rebecca in Genesis are fulfilled in
the black races?

Answer: NONE

What blessings promised to Jacob and Rebecca in Genesis are fulfilled in
the white races?


Promises 1. The scepter shall not depart from Judah until shiloh comes
2. David shall never lack a man to sit upon the throne of the house of
3. Kings shall come out of thee.
4. You shall possess the gates of your enemies.
5. All nations shall be blessed because of you.
6. You shall be a company ( commonwealth) of nations.

There is only one group of people who match the above promises.


The sun never sets on the British Empire. Britain is a company of nations.
America, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

England and American possess the gates (strategic sea lanes) all over the
world and they still do.
America and England are the greatest nations in the world and have ruled
the world.

Kings of England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Germany, Russia,
Holland, Danmark, Sweden, Belgium. have ruled for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. All
blood related.

There is a document in the British museum that shows the lineage of King
David and traces it to the Kings of ancient Troy(Britain), Spain, Ireland
and Scotland.

The word British is hebrew BRTH and it means Covenant Man.

The throne of England in Westminster abbey has the stone of destiny called
Lia Fail under it and all Kings are sworn under it.
The stone was brought to Ireland by the prophet Jeremiah and placed in Tara
in Northern Ireland. It is the stone that Jacob rested his head upon when
he saw the vision of angels descending from heaven.

The emblem of England is the Lion and the harp of David on their flag.

Автор D. Burnette ( назад)
I love the fact that this guy is NOT YELLING like some Israelites I've seen
on the streets and on other Internet sitings. And by reviewing the comments
below reminds me if a passage in the Bible when some said, "Can anything
good come out of Nazareth ? " I'm sure many are turning their noses up and
saying all type degrading stuff just because facts points to a particular
people that is often for years, and years and years and years and years
used, talked down upon, called degrading names and all types of other ect.

Автор D. Burnette ( назад)
read the Bible many times upon many but now I read it totally different
now. It's an expression in my being that can't be put into words !!!!!!!
Psalm 3: 3 !!!!!!! Glory to The Most High in the Name of Yahshua.

Автор Black Ice ( назад)
only people who see this hat give thumbs down is WHITE

Автор Eva Weertman ( назад)
The music prooves you are likely wrong.

Автор Dick Wolfin ( назад)
we know who we are but how can you go against a power force so powerful
that it's been in control for centuries . the pyramids was a free power
source for lights electricity now we pay for this . the same people who
control this power. agenda is to keep us in control .fossil fuels ,poverty
,disease, food,the air we breathe is polluted . iam a felon that's what
they call me but I did my time for my crime and iam still label . my people
was slaves to this power now I face same fate .

Автор airlia dazen ( назад)
if you americans classify the guy in 1:33:38 as white then we trully know
who is under "stronger substance". really? that guy is classified as white?
i could imagine we he steps up for an interview they probably would tell
him to get "psychiatric counseling". Americans i am sorry but you guys are
"dolzinnig"(crazy). this video is informative, but also laughable. sorry to
be disrespectable sir...you aren't laughable but your enemies are. lets
just saywe could put this in "laughable quotes". that guy is labeled white?
hahahaha and smh. you guys are f'ed up people

Автор airlia dazen ( назад)
+planetoftheapesisonlyamovie,here is something that will really piss you
off...these are jesus ancestors,they are afro-asiatic and theynspeak an
afro-asiatic language(according to mrs. alice linsley the expert): old
egyptian,chadian,hebrew,aramaic,hausa, assyrian,akkadian,ethiopian,arabic
etc. all these people are afro-asiatic that speak an afro-asiatic
language...aramaic is similar to a couple of african languages...the
hebrews were afro-asiatic,the language they spoke says so too...omg i am so
tired of repeating over and over...its redundant and quite boring

Автор airlia dazen ( назад)
+bert graef you are as dumb as planetoftheapes....you are on the other side
of the spectrum and quite dangerous because you believe we live in a just
society. look around you and take off your rose colored glasses. you don't
need to be a person of color to do this. "ignorance is bliss". i am happy
black people are finding who they are,because it will make them a better
person. this guy talking seems intelligent,holds no anger(on youtube). go
ahead sir and preach to your people

Автор airlia dazen ( назад)
+planetoftheapesisonlyamovie, yeah that is what they say about where i am
from holland. the land with no morals....yeah right...you should be careful
labeling people it just makes you an ugly embarassing racist. i find you to
be just disgusting and you should be nice. god wants us to be nice to each
other. don't you get it? be nice. and if jesus is afro-asiatic which it
seems he was i wonder why hate blacks for that. you make no sense....god
choose who he wanted to carry his seed not them or you. so my suggestion is
you grow up and stop hating ,because god really loves us all

Автор EVirtualz Electronics ( назад)
Somebody correct me, but I don't understand how from 56:51 to 58:00 is used
to justify the Hebrew Israelites as looking identical too the
Egyptians, because there are 2 things you said prior to making the point
of Pharaoh not knowing moses wasn't an Egyptian by blood. 1. You said that
pharaohs people or soilders would have known moses and his mom was
Israelites on sight, thus killing moses in front of her face and that's why
she pushed him down the nile. (This suggests they were not too identical if
identical at all) and then you said brought up the girl who ran up to
pharaohs daughter when she found baby moses and did not kill the moses
immediately, If the girl had to walk/run up to Pharaohs daughter already
knowing the baby was a isrealite this would suggest that she can see froma
distance that there is a difference in baby moses and her Egyptian people.
I'm still watching the video, I just thought I'll bring this up now
just incase I forget to later. I would like an explaination to this though.

Автор Terr 1973 ( назад)

Автор Birgitta p.m. ( назад)
If the letter "J" didn't exist in Hebrew, nor Latin, nor Greek, then where
does Japheth come from??? It's not Yapheth?

Автор queeniknowhoiam ( назад)
That KRS-ONE song woke me from my ignorance......and sought me to find my
true history and knowledge of myself......

Автор Laughing White Man ( назад)
According to the Nov issue of the AMA, 87% of black males had anal sex with
other males. 64% of black males have a ruptured anal sphincter because of
the constant pounding. Christ said he would punish Sodomites. Blacks will
surely burn in hell.

Автор Hsjz Anjsks ( назад)
This is not only history.but...prophecy...Revelation time's....we at the
end.prophecy time's JUST get reAdy.he's. NOT coming for peace.he's coming
TO killed all government.

Автор Hsjz Anjsks ( назад)
Race mean something because everyone CAME from black people.black
culture...African culture..black history is all black people in the
world.Asian....Caucasian....are not the original man....dust of the
GROWN.melanin that THE whites man don't have.he's hair is like a
goat...smells like a fucking dogs..Asian middle east smells like
fishes.Chinese culture...they all the same mother fucker....slave
masters...liar...liar.for no rAison.

Автор Hsjz Anjsks ( назад)
We are the original man..We are the Hebrew Israelite from Israel.one day
THE messiah Will take care of us...and will return to Israel.salvation is
only FOR the Hebrew Israelite.12.tribes of Israel.African
Rico.Jamaica..Cuba..Guadeloupe..Brazil..etc.144.000..BYE bye.YouTube Hebrew
Israelite.ON YouTube Hebrew Israelite.

Автор Hsjz Anjsks ( назад)
EVERYONE ON THE PLANET EARTH CAME OUT cAme from black people no matter if
you Asian or Caucasian..The bible is a black history books.wool hair.that's
black people.Daniel 7.9.Revelation 1.14...The white man is THE devil.he's a
liar..since from the beginning..Jesus that's the whites man
god.kkk..666.illuminati.Babylon.slave masters...remember your history
blacks people.Revelation 18.Babylon is fAllen...that's
America.Asian.European.Egypt's..Syria.The most high Will destroy
Babylon.The whites man going back to slavery...Asian..Chinese...etc..The
messiah is black.BYE bye.The end is near.soon.

Автор SOYAHMEDIA ( назад)
Hallelu YAH

Автор That•DCUO•player ( назад)
So hard for this idiots to understand real Jews weren't either black or
white for god sake neither the blessed Egyptians were black or white, if u
ever seen Arabs u would know what I'm talking about 😶

Автор John Doe ( назад)
The funny part is people fighting over fairy tales... It's like fighting
over who is stronger, Thor or Superman...

We all evolved from the ocean. I believe in evolution and all this bible
bull is just that... Bull! Who cares if Moses were black... Most likely he
was. He didn't speak to God or was given any special powers.

I don't know if there a higher power or not. But no one else knows
either... And if they say they do, they are liars...

Автор Desabian Boatwright ( назад)
I'm searching now,Does the Bible even say Europe??

Автор Darrell W. ( назад)
Stop saying Skinded-ed. Its Black Skined!

Автор infowars69 ( назад)
but this is the main thing - they would return to the land White Jews did
in 1947 - and no blacks are talking about going back - so if you are the
chosen People when you returning - lol

Автор infowars69 ( назад)
look you mention aboit how few jews there were then you mention how many
the bible quivalent to the stars of Heaven or the sands of the sea so you
were mentioning how there would be so many so its the asians

Автор William White ( назад)
Leprosy of white person skin and it is not white as snow!


Автор Bert Graef ( назад)
race means absolutely nothing. You all have been deceived by Satan. John

Автор Justin Heggs ( назад)
This means so much to me thank you. Knowledge is power and the truth does
set you free. But I have a very important question. I BELIEVE EVERYTHING
BEING SAID IN THIS VIDEO. But I don't completely understand why the enemy
reacts to the name of Jesus in such a way for so long I was truly deceived
and ignorant. (The enemy meaning demons). One day soon I hope I can use the
name Yah in full faith and trust against the enemy and see the

Автор john silcox ( назад)
religion has done a good job making people delusional

Автор Kandice Renee ( назад)
I was taught god made all from his image, Our God is the same, Jesus Christ
is all our savior Yes color does not matter.

Автор Kandice Renee ( назад)
Well I can believe some of this,I'm native American Indian Cherokee

Автор Diane Green ( назад)
getting mad at Knowledge really Shows your IGNORANCE...

Автор Diane Green ( назад)
There are driving black people away From YAH by purposely making it hard on
us... pushing my bothers and sisters to lose faith and if you getting mad
and Knowledge really Shows your IGNORANCE...

Автор Diane Green ( назад)
I'm only 26. this is really good for my generation to know. Let's be
honest. This video is clearly trying to set the world free... So if we
continue in Dark we will never make it to the light... African Americans
get it the worst we are forced to put Gender and if where black on Job
application why is that if we are equal.so they can pick and choose who
gets the job. The Answer is we are the rightfully Kings and Queens who
served YAH! We had it all before... So they lable, Tag and set Our Nation
to fail, to fall to perish... There are driving black people away From YAH
by purposely making it hard on us... pushing my bothers and sisters to lose
faith and if you getting mad and Knowledge really Shows your IGNORANCE...
Truth is They set us up To steal rob destroy, drugs they been doing it and
will continue if we do not install this in YOUTH

Автор Diane Green ( назад)
I'm only 26. this is really good for my generation to know. Let's be
honest. This video is clearly trying to set the world free... So if we
continue in Dark we will never make it to the light... African Americans
get it the worst we are forced to put Gender and if where black on Job
application why is that if we are equal. The Answer is we are the
rightfully Kings and Queens who served YAH! We had it all before... So they
lable, Tag and set Our Nation to fail, to fall to perish... There are
driving black people away From YAH by purposely making it hard on us...
pushing my bothers and sisters to lose faith and if you getting mad and
Knowledge really Shows your IGNORANCE... Truth is They set us up To steal
rob destroy, drugs they been doing it and will continue if we do not
install this in YOUTH

Автор Masada-Zakeya Baht Simeon ( назад)
" Very Powerful and beautifully packaged" to get the truth out, many thanks
to you for giving enlightenment to most of Israel that is still asleep.

Автор Yarahs Pen ( назад)
You people are a joke. You twist the Scriptures and call yourselves 'Hebrew
Israelites' Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African
Negro has invented nothing. Not a written language, a calendar, a plow, a
road, a bridge, or even the wheel. He has invented no systems of
measurements, never domesticated a single animal for his own use, and for
shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut..on the list can go.
Note this is in reference to the pure-blooded Negro, not the half white
mongralized ones you see today in North America. And you call yourselves
the Chosen of YHWH, a treasured people above all the nations of the earth?
Hmm, nice try.

Автор Kathleen Copeland (10 лет назад)
Thank you for this detailed video. The truth is a wonderful revelation and
definitely freeing. I am very excited to be living in this time of history
and prophetic events. I find your message to be very refreshing. The lies
and deception must end and the Creator will gather His people together,
once again. Halleluyah , Amen.

Автор CodGamer Official ( назад)
I'm a 14 year old white boy and I have a few things to say 1st off. No one
really knows what really happened. 2nd This video to me is just favoriting
a race. 3rd Everyone has different Believes. 4th It is with in human nature
to believe in something to make us more comfortable with in living life.

Автор Sandra Mason ( назад)
Good , I like it.

Автор JBGodzilla ( назад)
Since Africa was the first homeland, or "Garden of Eden" of our human
species, our human "race," it is highly probable that the earliest modern
humans were dark skinned, possibly what we call "black." But when they
spread throughout the world over 60,000 years ago, they differentiated in
accordance to the local climates. Even the Bible states that Nimrod, the
grandson of Ham, was a "mighty warrior" who went all over the world, and
even built the earliest cities. We can look at southern India, the
Dravidians, and the aborigenes of Australia to see the descendents of very
early humans. However, from Europe also began to spread, down into what we
call Egypt, and into the Levant. We have the so-called "INdo European"
races, such as the Iranians and Philistines and even the Ainu who were in
Japan before the present day Japanese. But to say that Moses was black,
doesn't jibe. Because the Bible says that his last wife was a CUSHITE! That
is, a Nubian black. IF Moses himself was black, it would seem rather
irrelevant to tell us that his last wife was black. So I do not believe
that most Israelites were black. But they were a "mixed multitude"as the
Bible clearly states. They were no longer simply the "blood line" of Jacob
(Israel) but had mixed in Egypt with others who became Hebrews through

Автор Monique Sea ( назад)
Just make sure you are doing what is pleasing in the eyes of The Most High.
The rest shall be added unto. My brothen I love you all enough to say this
to you. Hamashiah did come to the world for his health but to save the
world from mass descruction meaning mankind from it's self. You can believe
what you want but your asses better know the Truth. And if you feel you
need to challenge what I tell you then you should know me, my name and the
company that I keep. Mind yourselves cause it's becoming sickening and
tiresome. At the end of the day make sure the soul is right. Yeshua wasn't
claimed to be a Jew, but a Nazerene. That'all I'm saying and I Love you all
be encouraged!!!!!!

Автор billiondollarhustle $$$ IT TIME TO GET THIS HUSTLE MONEY$$$ ( назад)

Автор Chris talton ( назад)
I'm sorry but this video is full of lies and outright non historical
statements about so called facts you can't prove. An isrealite is nothing
more than a white person. The word Semite comes from Shem which simply
means a white man. Are you aware that the Assyrians captured the 10 lost
tribes and went into the Caucasus mountains. Caucasian anyone? And they
migrated all throughout Europe? And in some parts of Wales they still speak
Hebrew. People of different colors and nationalities have always hated and
have been jealous of the white man and refusing to give him credit for
anything when he is responsible for the inventions of the modern age and
superior culture. I can make a huge list for the fact isrealites are

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