Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - New Orleans

Traditional Jazz, recorded 8th of October 2010 in New Orleans Royal St - as a special request for me! Great performance!

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 5:46
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Автор DJRU2 (1 год)
That's the America I want to visit!

Автор Kerry Taylor (4 месяца)
Who on earth would dislike this? 

Автор Frifri Pegasus (5 месяцев)

Автор Angel_ LifeMusicATX (6 месяцев)
I wasn't ready. #Enjoy

Автор Karina Sosa (12 дней)
that was fucking fabulous


Автор Jamie Cashin (6 месяцев)
Something to cheer you up

Автор Otello Coccia (1 месяц)
Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - New Orleans:

Автор Marion Simmons (1 месяц)
Only people down in Louisiana can make a instrument sound come out with

Автор Darryl Collins (6 месяцев)
I've never heard the clarinet played like that before! Superb.

Автор Lauren Hall-Stigerts (6 месяцев)
*Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - New Orleans - YouTube*

This is the clarinet I love. The clarinet can be majestic on classical, but
soulful jazz is where it's at. This lady has my number! <3

Автор Robby Layne (3 месяца)
Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - Ne…:

Автор Pat Hesselgrave (3 месяца)
TERRIFIC!!! I loved this...talented for sure. Oh my.......just beautiful!

Автор Yeha Marin (20 дней)
Gosh I'm in love with this city.

Автор T.K. Archibald (5 месяцев)
When I turn on the radio I hear absolute garbage from people banking big

These are the types of musicians that should really be "making it." The
music industry (among other things), is so upside down! Great performance!

Автор Daria D. Webs (1 месяц)
And I'm just sitting here forever wondering how to trill my tongue on the
mouthpiece like that. ;-;

Автор Eleanor Clark (1 месяц)
I live right around here. She plays right on my block. 

Автор Pavel Medbery (10 дней)
Literal goosebumps, so beautiful.

Автор ALBEDO MUSIC (27 дней)
Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - New Orleans
Traditional Jazz, recorded 8th of October 2010 in New Orleans Royal St.

Автор navutokaboy (1 месяц)
wow, i never liked the clarinet until this...she played the hell out of
that thing!

Автор Vinicius Vicentin (7 дней)

Автор judy thorne (6 месяцев)
Amazing New Orleans street music. 

Автор Robert Houben (6 месяцев)
Eine klasse Lady - cool!!

Автор 951matthew951 (1 месяц)
i could sit there and listen to them all day.. sippin some coffee of course

Автор Winston Edmondson (5 месяцев)
Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - Ne…:

Автор Briya Grice (1 месяц)
My soul is crying out! She is magnificent!

Автор Jeff Lucena (1 день)
MLKJ died for this :*)

Автор whitesky18 (2 месяца)
She can play at my funeral!

Автор Lane Thomasson (1 месяц)
I really enjoyed this. You all did a great job. Enjoyed the music and
singing. Keep on keeping on and God Bless!

Автор Clyde Norman (5 месяцев)
Just plain old awesome!!! I love the NoLa!!! 

Автор tracy apps (6 месяцев)
shut up and take my money doreen!

(and then take your band on a world-wide tour.. because everyone needs to
see real musicians)

Автор Nick Smith (8 месяцев)
Mamma You Rock!!!! That brought tears of JOY Streaming down my face God
bless you Soul Xx 

Автор Simon Shaw-Johnston (1 месяц)
Oh man! That's something else!

Автор KD (26 дней)

Автор Stantawn Kendrick (1 месяц)

Автор Dufasaur joe (24 дня)
part of how she attacks the beat is a bit like johny hodges of duke
ellington's band. she is a bit ahead of the beat which gives it that
dynamic quality.

Автор Marion Simmons (1 месяц)
Only down in new Orleans. Or..down in baton rouge only those folks can hit
a super note and note and play it with soul

Автор Mike Goodridge (2 месяца)
God Bless You , that was wonderfull

Автор Cat Bapt (BCBJ by ToKeTty) (1 день)

Автор benny goodman (15 дней)

Автор Elizabeth R (3 месяца)
This is amazing. Like seriously. AMAZING.

Автор stephanie Chargois (4 месяца)
Pure, Raw, Talent! 

Автор Alex Konzelman (2 месяца)
Just goes to show that there are talented musicians everywhere.

Автор Diana Lorena Capera Osorio (1 месяц)
¡que maravilla! :O :)

Автор SockMonkeySwag (2 месяца)

Автор Pat Hesselgrave (9 дней)
hanks for the post...terrific!

Автор Florha Jones (2 месяца)
So beautiful....

Автор Marky Kane (21 день)
Oh man, she is so talented! What a great version of this song! I love it! I
love it! I love it! 😁😀😀😁😀

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