Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - New Orleans

Traditional Jazz, recorded 8th of October 2010 in New Orleans Royal St - as a special request for me! Great performance!

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Автор Jonathan Moore ( назад)
One of my favorite vids on youtube.

Автор Courtney Brown ( назад)
Man, I'd live in New Orleans if I could. This makes me wish I was there
right now! Can't find that sound anywhere else!

Автор Edward Tachie-Menson ( назад)
Wow!! This is serious!!!

Автор Mariposa Wolf ( назад)
I....my god, this human being is absolutely outstanding!!! I don't think
I'll ever reach that level of amazing clarinet skills as her. Still, can't
ignore the good, consistent tone of the tuba player! I would honestly stop
what I'm doing and stay there listening for as long as possible if I were
there, maybe even give a good $50.

Автор Grayson ( назад)
DAMN that lady rips it!

Автор Guy Weale ( назад)
her singing reminds me of Ella Fitzgerald

Автор wyndhl eodumegwu ( назад)
Wynton Marsalis, or, rather Victor Goines, give her $1 000 for me - you!


Автор Alpha B ( назад)
she really good at blowin that pipe tho

Автор Tara Kingsley ( назад)
love this! Sing it!!

Автор Josh G. ( назад)

Автор Miss Myoozikal ( назад)
I've never heard that instrument played like this! INCREDIBLE!!!

Автор stephenbru ( назад)

Автор Gloria Yaomme ( назад)

Автор justacondom ( назад)
Much better than those stuck up orchestra clarinetists

Автор Isabella Louis ( назад)
Jesus Christ.. she's amazing

Автор Oprahs FatAss ( назад)
People from New Orleans must find every other city boring and hell.

Автор *a*./ ( назад)
What about the dude with the Tuba? He doesn't miss a beat! Amazing.

Автор two scoops ( назад)
Sweet angels have nothing on this. I'll let them sing me home.

Автор two scoops ( назад)
Girl you make my heart bleed.

Автор Alejandro Villafáñez ( назад)
01:01 OMG! I am inlove!

Автор Marcia Bell ( назад)
I'll give her 50 bucks in a minute, Omg. Really, whew wow.

Автор Cameron Whitten ( назад)
This is so cool
I would die to see this irl

Автор Disbounded x ( назад)
just when you think you're good at clarinet, there's always that one person
out there to school you

Автор Hð rizon ( назад)
She's amazing !
Wish I could play like her

Автор Emma Grace ( назад)
I've never seen a white sousaphone before

Автор Jalberstat ( назад)
I saw this exact band a block or two away from jackson square a few weeks
ago. The kid in the back is much older and plays drums now. there is also a
guitar player and a trumpet.

Автор Sharon Keith ( назад)
Take the gifts God gives you and USE them like this group does. I liked
Doreen's clarinet, but then I heard her sing! Perfectly!

Автор johnny102marvin ( назад)
As a clarinet player myself since 1955, I must say this woman has a
fantastic tone, and excellent technique. Her clarinet range is remarkable.
She is outstanding.

Автор EclipZe ( назад)
This inspired me to learn how to flutter toungue on clarinet.

Автор Diori Cergy ( назад)
Insane skill! Thanks for sharing

Автор Ralop Gaming ( назад)
☺Very good

Автор Trumpeter Val ( назад)
I hadn't cried in a long time...

Автор Nick El-Khouri ( назад)

Автор Renzo Marrocu ( назад)
sei unica... favolosa!

Автор Aaron Aaron ( назад)
They look so ordinary and even sort of pathetic at the beginning, so it was
awesome to see them come alive and pay so well, esp. the clarinetist: you
wouldn't tell by looking at her on the street that she is such a good
musician. More generally, this reminds me of when I was in Memphis and
everywhere you walk there is some impromptu performance of jazz blues soul
or country going on; I imagine New Orleans is much the same way and
hopefully it remains so.

Автор Ciudadano del Mundo HYEGYG ( назад)

Автор Wayne Courtney ( назад)
Is this kind of wonderful street music ever performed on the streets or
stoops of inner cities throughout America and why not?

Автор m yoko ( назад)
素晴らしいね 現地で生で聞いてみたいよ🎶

Автор Sean Liour ( назад)
They are pretty good.

Автор Leslie C ( назад)
Wow! GOOSE BUMPS!!! Amazing!

Автор Jeremy Footer ( назад)
Now that's soul

Автор justgot123 ( назад)
Awesome..... :)

Автор Cynthia Watkins ( назад)
She's killin' it!

Автор Consuelo Perez ( назад)

Автор Chloe Bryan ( назад)
I like how the sousaphone player has the maraca too

Автор Bradford Webster ( назад)
Please take ALL of my money

Автор Luca Mulkens ( назад)
It's amazing

Автор Jonathan Chavarria ( назад)
she's amazing

Автор Thomas Tesfu ( назад)
OMG geez shes so good!!!

Автор Reginaldo Rubens Martinelli ( назад)

Автор Blu3foxx ( назад)
Love it!!

Автор Ptah Re ( назад)
wow. I'm Muslim and even I feel the spirit.

Автор Richard soma ( назад)
how can the people not dance

Автор jvaldeuxo ( назад)

Автор nox barret ( назад)
OMG amazing... super talent God bless you

Автор Steven Garner ( назад)
I've never been to New Orleans , But This Makes Me Want To Visit Asap

Автор Alpha motions ( назад)

Автор Cajun Golfer ( назад)
I would definitely give her many dollars. :-) LOVE NAWLINS AND ITS FINE

Автор Julius WB ( назад)
She is awesome/magnificent !

Автор DNAunion ( назад)
She is absolutely amazing.

Does anyone know if she also plays saxophone? Just curious.

Автор Dilan Cardoso ( назад)
her vibrato is amazing

Автор Theresa Mischeski ( назад)
Beautiful ☺☺☺☺

Автор Zester141 ( назад)
this is what music and true musicianship is all about. Congrats on a great
performance and sharing your talents for others to hear!!

Автор Chazidasity ( назад)
my very all time favorite ever version of this old hymn....fabulous, just

Автор glaucio89 ( назад)
se ela fosse branca, magra, bonita e um empresário de olho nela ela já tava
feita na vida.

Автор glaucio89 ( назад)
ela canta mais que muito cantorzinho de hoje em dia

Автор Gabriel Argaez ( назад)

Автор antonio lara garibay ( назад)
excelente clarinetista

Автор 411watchdog ( назад)
Hello Doreen, that was fantastic, congratulations. Thank you.

Автор Antoine Caldwell ( назад)
makes me wish i continued to play music instead of football. look how far
that got me.
There is always GOLF.

Автор Airwalk9871 ( назад)

Автор chris watkins ( назад)
Omggggg that was great

Автор Lishawna Gayle ( назад)
she belongs in Hollywood make millions a day!! so should the other 2

Автор la bayadera ( назад)

Автор whitesky18 ( назад)
Jazz still lives where jazz began...

Автор Arthur Christian ( назад)
This woman makes that clarinet start your car, go down to the store and
bring you back your CHANGE!!!!!!! This woman should be rich from her skills
on that instrument!!!!

Автор Arthur Christian ( назад)
wow!!!! She is simply outstanding!!! She plays that instrument like no
other. Simply Amazing!!!!!!

Автор Whitney Crumbliss ( назад)
that is very amazing!! I need her as my Clarinet teacher lol

Автор martin schmitz ( назад)
diese frau spielt und singt mit dem herz

Автор Neil Guy ( назад)
An inspiration. I love the style of clarinet playing.

Автор Volker Kies ( назад)
Diese dame habe ich in New Orleans Ostern 2001 selbst erlebt;
ein unvergesserner Tag und unvergessene Musik..

Автор lipe correa ( назад)

Автор Aniando ( назад)
Thank You. Great. Aniando Sweden.

Автор Eric Sterwerf ( назад)
Literally brought tears to my eyes.

Автор André Oliveira ( назад)
Extremely good !!

Автор Jose Jimenez (986 лет назад)

Автор Nilson Lopes ( назад)
bom dia para quem gosta de boa musica este e canal um bom fim de semana
para todos Amigos de boa musica

Автор Lego custom builds ( назад)
so so so so beautyful

Автор samuel washington ( назад)
she is amazing

Автор James Touzel ( назад)
Holy shit she's freakin amazing. There's not enough money in the world to
compensate her for her unique approach and musical gifts. I'm now
completely obsessed with Doreen Ketchens!

Автор jtproductions1998 ( назад)
Anyone know where I can get the sheet music for this?

Автор Jose Abundiz ( назад)
I'm the only 12 year old here😕😟 GIVE THIS VIDEO A 👍PLS

Автор Dan S ( назад)
Oh boy, that's an old familiar sound from way back when musicians were on a
whole. diffent. levoo..

Автор Dan Rubin ( назад)
Lady, you are the queen.

Автор Даниил Устименко ( назад)
amazing improvisation!!

Автор Liz Hilt ( назад)

Автор Rachel Bellomo ( назад)
I really wish my band had jazz clarinets

Автор Geneviève St-Martin ( назад)
I love u

Автор Geneviève St-Martin ( назад)
where can i put my 5$

Автор xraymissy (1107 лет назад)
this is so awesome!!!

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