Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - New Orleans

Traditional Jazz, recorded 8th of October 2010 in New Orleans Royal St - as a special request for me! Great performance!

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Длительность: 5:46
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Автор Brandy MoonBeam (MoonBeam) ( назад)
Just seen this amazing musician perform on Royal street, 9- 22- 16.
Amazing Talent!!!!

Автор Norma J Celis-Hayes ( назад)
Been there and enjoyed the music just as you hear and see it. These people
were the highlight of our day. We stayed till the took a break. Wow!!
They are sooooo entertaining.

Автор pablo caldeirao ( назад)
god on earth (little g that is)

Автор george kidd ( назад)
Very very COOL

Автор dudeawsomeness1 ( назад)
Oh man yes! That's right!

Автор salim940 ( назад)
mi más grande admiración y respeto para éstos 3 integrantes,super super
impresionante! !!!!!

Автор AlvaroInfantasOfficial ( назад)
ESPECTACULAR..... del cosmos.!

Автор Sebla Abbady ( назад)
I went to New Orleans in August and I saw them they were amazing her voice
is so great

Автор john k ( назад)
Beautiful SounD
I could listen to this all day must be a family?
They should have a recorder deal

I think Salt lake city is F;n boring

Автор |Hello| ( назад)
I want to show this to my schools clarinet section

Автор IAmKillerWolf ( назад)
Y'all should just come down here to New Orleans you'll hear music in the
French quarter I bet you and most of it is Jaz

Автор Dave Miami (warmachine) ( назад)
She is incredible. I wonder if they know that 1.4 million people have
watched them play. They should be paid.

Автор fenix9885 ( назад)
Wow, where can I give a $20 spot to this lady? The kind of talent she has
created and practiced needs to be rewarded. Amazing video!

Автор Bruno Oliveira ( назад)
além de tocar, canta pra crl. gostei

Автор Silas Silva Salvador ( назад)
arrebentou quebrou tudo muito bom mesmo

Автор usailon4ever ( назад)

Автор Merkur87 ( назад)
There's only one thing sadder than the people walking on by and who are
totally oblivous to this great music.

That's the lady (tourist????) who stops for a few seconds and snaps a pic
to show all the home folks about the street musicians she got to see in New

Come on. Surely those people are not so busy they can't spend 5 minutes
listening to this and chunking a couple of bucks into the kitty......

Автор F0nkyNinja ( назад)
So did nobody notice the Tubaist playing percussion at the same time? I'd
say there is some definite skill there.

Автор John Derby ( назад)
Just sensational!!!! NH

Автор brother rabbit ( назад)
Saw her on that same corner a few months ago. It stopped me in my tracks
.Pete Fountain died yesterday and with her ,and many others in New Orleans,
the tradition is strong,and will thrive.

Автор Ender_ Born_Gaming ( назад)
New Orleans, jazz central of the United States.

Автор deptuty dog ( назад)

Автор Sandro Silva Aulas de Clarinete ( назад)
muito bom

Автор charrmmee ( назад)
wow - she sure can blow - amazing talent

Автор dean heer ( назад)
Coming from a tube player that's played jazz....they deserve more than a

Автор K. Abram ( назад)
Bless her

Автор Jonathan Moore ( назад)
One of my favorite vids on youtube.

Автор Courtney Brown ( назад)
Man, I'd live in New Orleans if I could. This makes me wish I was there
right now! Can't find that sound anywhere else!

Автор Edward Tachie-Menson ( назад)
Wow!! This is serious!!!

Автор Mariposa Wolf ( назад)
I....my god, this human being is absolutely outstanding!!! I don't think
I'll ever reach that level of amazing clarinet skills as her. Still, can't
ignore the good, consistent tone of the tuba player! I would honestly stop
what I'm doing and stay there listening for as long as possible if I were
there, maybe even give a good $50.

Автор Grayson ( назад)
DAMN that lady rips it!

Автор Guy Weale ( назад)
her singing reminds me of Ella Fitzgerald

Автор wyndhl eodumegwu ( назад)
Wynton Marsalis, or, rather Victor Goines, give her $1 000 for me - you!


Автор Alpha B ( назад)
she really good at blowin that pipe tho

Автор Tara Kingsley ( назад)
love this! Sing it!!

Автор Josh G. ( назад)

Автор Miss Myoozikal ( назад)
I've never heard that instrument played like this! INCREDIBLE!!!

Автор stephenbru ( назад)

Автор Gloria Yaomme ( назад)

Автор justacondom ( назад)
Much better than those stuck up orchestra clarinetists

Автор Isabella Louis ( назад)
Jesus Christ.. she's amazing

Автор Oprahs FatAss ( назад)
People from New Orleans must find every other city boring and hell.

Автор *a*./ ( назад)
What about the dude with the Tuba? He doesn't miss a beat! Amazing.

Автор two scoops ( назад)
Sweet angels have nothing on this. I'll let them sing me home.

Автор two scoops ( назад)
Girl you make my heart bleed.

Автор Las Cuerdas Mágicas ( назад)
01:01 OMG! I am inlove!

Автор Marcia Bell ( назад)
I'll give her 50 bucks in a minute, Omg. Really, whew wow.

Автор Cameron Whitten ( назад)
This is so cool
I would die to see this irl

Автор Disbounded x ( назад)
just when you think you're good at clarinet, there's always that one person
out there to school you

Автор Hð rizon ( назад)
She's amazing !
Wish I could play like her

Автор Emma Grace ( назад)
I've never seen a white sousaphone before

Автор Jalberstat ( назад)
I saw this exact band a block or two away from jackson square a few weeks
ago. The kid in the back is much older and plays drums now. there is also a
guitar player and a trumpet.

Автор Sharon Keith ( назад)
Take the gifts God gives you and USE them like this group does. I liked
Doreen's clarinet, but then I heard her sing! Perfectly!

Автор johnny102marvin ( назад)
As a clarinet player myself since 1955, I must say this woman has a
fantastic tone, and excellent technique. Her clarinet range is remarkable.
She is outstanding.

Автор EclipZe ( назад)
This inspired me to learn how to flutter toungue on clarinet.

Автор Diori Cergy ( назад)
Insane skill! Thanks for sharing

Автор The Gaming Brick ( назад)
☺Very good

Автор Trumpeter Val ( назад)
I hadn't cried in a long time...

Автор Nick El-Khouri ( назад)

Автор Renzo Marrocu ( назад)
sei unica... favolosa!

Автор Aaron Aaron ( назад)
They look so ordinary and even sort of pathetic at the beginning, so it was
awesome to see them come alive and pay so well, esp. the clarinetist: you
wouldn't tell by looking at her on the street that she is such a good
musician. More generally, this reminds me of when I was in Memphis and
everywhere you walk there is some impromptu performance of jazz blues soul
or country going on; I imagine New Orleans is much the same way and
hopefully it remains so.

Автор Ciudadano del Mundo HYEGYG ( назад)

Автор Wayne Courtney ( назад)
Is this kind of wonderful street music ever performed on the streets or
stoops of inner cities throughout America and why not?

Автор m yoko ( назад)
素晴らしいね 現地で生で聞いてみたいよ🎶

Автор Sean Liour ( назад)
They are pretty good.

Автор Leslie C ( назад)
Wow! GOOSE BUMPS!!! Amazing!

Автор Jeremy Footer ( назад)
Now that's soul

Автор justgot123 ( назад)
Awesome..... :)

Автор Cynthia Watkins ( назад)
She's killin' it!

Автор Consuelo Perez ( назад)

Автор Chloe Bryan ( назад)
I like how the sousaphone player has the maraca too

Автор Bradford Webster ( назад)
Please take ALL of my money

Автор Luca Mulkens ( назад)
It's amazing

Автор Jonathan Chavarria ( назад)
she's amazing

Автор Thomas Tesfu ( назад)
OMG geez shes so good!!!

Автор Reginaldo Rubens Martinelli ( назад)

Автор Blu3foxx ( назад)
Love it!!

Автор Ptah Re ( назад)
wow. I'm Muslim and even I feel the spirit.

Автор Richard soma ( назад)
how can the people not dance

Автор jvaldeuxo ( назад)

Автор nox barret ( назад)
OMG amazing... super talent God bless you

Автор Steven Garner ( назад)
I've never been to New Orleans , But This Makes Me Want To Visit Asap

Автор Alpha motions ( назад)

Автор Cajun Golfer ( назад)
I would definitely give her many dollars. :-) LOVE NAWLINS AND ITS FINE

Автор Julius WB ( назад)
She is awesome/magnificent !

Автор DNAunion ( назад)
She is absolutely amazing.

Does anyone know if she also plays saxophone? Just curious.

Автор Dilan Cardoso ( назад)
her vibrato is amazing

Автор Theresa Mischeski ( назад)
Beautiful ☺☺☺☺

Автор Zester141 ( назад)
this is what music and true musicianship is all about. Congrats on a great
performance and sharing your talents for others to hear!!

Автор Chazidasity ( назад)
my very all time favorite ever version of this old hymn....fabulous, just

Автор glaucio89 ( назад)
se ela fosse branca, magra, bonita e um empresário de olho nela ela já tava
feita na vida.

Автор glaucio89 ( назад)
ela canta mais que muito cantorzinho de hoje em dia

Автор Gabriel Argaez ( назад)

Автор antonio lara garibay ( назад)
excelente clarinetista

Автор 411watchdog ( назад)
Hello Doreen, that was fantastic, congratulations. Thank you.

Автор Antoine Caldwell ( назад)
makes me wish i continued to play music instead of football. look how far
that got me.
There is always GOLF.

Автор Airwalk9871 ( назад)

Автор chris watkins ( назад)
Omggggg that was great

Автор Lishawna Gayle ( назад)
she belongs in Hollywood make millions a day!! so should the other 2

Автор la bayadera ( назад)

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