Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Doreen´s Jazz - New Orleans

Traditional Jazz, recorded 8th of October 2010 in New Orleans Royal St - as a special request for me! Great performance!

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Автор nils berg ( назад)
Bravo !

Автор chevy van ( назад)

Автор hawaii bro ( назад)
Jazz for clarinet damm... Look at that soul...

Автор iamjimfan ( назад)
Now that's who I call a musician

Автор steve wiseman ( назад)
I have this bookmarked, & have for at least 5 years. Nothing but
admiration. I would willingly give her everything in my pockets & the shirt
off of my back. I watch it at least every 2 weeks. Such talent.

Автор Sam Sason ( назад)
When you main sax, but realize clarinet is awesome too. Awesome vid!

Автор BumBle Yang ( назад)
wish i had a granny like that. props to da true ogs

Автор Cold Roses ( назад)
This lady is Doreen Ketchems
(I think I have the last right)
she is awesome sauce.
NOLA native. God Bless

Автор Lara Urrutia ( назад)
Thank you for sharing this video with the public- to say I enjoyed and
loved this is an understatement-- what talent!!

Автор Mary Miller ( назад)

Автор IrenaMV ( назад)
Just a fantastic clarinet playing! And what a voice!!! And the beautiful
smile! I can't hold the tears....

Автор Kamohelo Hlatshwayo ( назад)
wow, she's a Nina Simone league, get her famous please!!!

Автор Wayne Watkins ( назад)
Best Clarinet player I've ever heard , just so much range & feeling . How
can the street walkers keep on walking past this brilliance ?

Автор Cristiane Quiteria ( назад)
Beautiful!! That´s Jazz!!! the real one!

Автор Hope True ( назад)
I keep watching her over and over again! What a tremendously talented lady!

Автор TYEST Barnhart ( назад)
My God she is AMAZING!! NOLA is like no other place in the USA!!!

Автор click411 ( назад)
whats her name

Автор Alexandre Valente ( назад)

Автор Luvlie ( назад)
little girl doing her homework.little boy practicing his flute. Mama singin
and playin her heart out. Beautiful. The band so laid back and humble. New
appreciation for the clarinet.

Автор Miguel Baptista ( назад)
I am weak, but Thou art strong;
Jesus, keep me from all wrong;
I’ll be satisfied as long
As I walk, let me walk close to Thee.

Just a closer walk with Thee,
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea,
Daily walking close to Thee,
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

Through this world of toil and snares,
If I falter, Lord, who cares?
Who with me my burden shares?
None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Thee.

When my feeble life is o’er,
Time for me will be no more;
Guide me gently, safely o’er
To Thy kingdom shore, to Thy shore.

Автор Italo Bil ( назад)
Música com alma!

Автор CyberspacedLoner ( назад)
Socrates also spent much of his time on the Streets

Автор Daniel Pasquero ( назад)
Genial¡,,, impresionante

Автор kbsaxlessons ( назад)
I was confused why this wasn't the first thing that popped up when I
searched clarinet player.

Автор Stephen Morrison ( назад)
It's like looking at the firmament and realising you just a speck of dust

Автор ben blankenship ( назад)
Like it !

Автор William Moore ( назад)
Still dancing. Try "just a closer walk with thee- Doreen's jazz-New

Автор Vaporwave Dealer ( назад)
I saw this lady perform in person while I was stayijg at New Orleans. She
has the voice of a Blues godess and lungs of steel.

Автор Ideas Market ( назад)
Incredible performance. She is a master musician! All three musicians are
great. I hope Doreen is getting paid and working on an album... wonderful!

Автор albionplace ( назад)
Wow !!

Автор Bob Bly ( назад)
What a discovery. Brilliant clarinet solo!

Автор Andrew Gallagher ( назад)
I bet she doesn't even know she's got 1.5 million views.

Автор Golden Gamers ( назад)
OMG that is wonderful

Автор CIA Inventor ( назад)

Автор Idi Edem ( назад)
Go clarinets!!! 🎼

Автор James Gaskins ( назад)
Wow 😳
Loving you Doreen!

Автор korth26 ( назад)
fantastic voice as well.

Автор Foxhack ( назад)
Someone posted this on Facebook and I just had to search for the original
video. This is lovely.

Автор Fred T ( назад)
Have mercy!

Автор storyful viral ( назад)
I am a journalist and was hoping to speak with you about your video. Would
you be able to contact us at editor@storyful.com?

Автор johnnyarpa ( назад)
that is an old helm i wonder what the name of the song is? anyone

Автор Mark Dudley ( назад)
Awe she can't show me how the music goes around and around on a straight

Автор DJ Piko ( назад)
Once upon a time I was good. Really good. And those were not my words. But
I'm sure that I've never been even a bit close to this woman. She is simply
amazing. It would be my great honor just to meet her. To shake her hand and
take my hat off. Just those who have ever played this instrument know what
she does. Unbelievable. I'm shaking.

Автор Muziekgenot ( назад)
What an immensely talented woman!

Автор James Scott ( назад)
WOW that is all i got

Автор spirals 73 ( назад)
Excellent on clarinet and her singing gives me chills. Why is she not
signed with a label??!?

Автор Carlos Rojas ( назад)
Dios mío... amo el Jazz tradicional

Автор theseeker123 ( назад)

Автор edglenn4 ( назад)
OMG! She is blowing it up!!!

Автор Laurene Taylor ( назад)
She should be on Broadway, not the street. So great. Thanks for posting. I
love you guys.

Автор ann de chevil ( назад)
straight from the heart

Автор nicolo italia ( назад)
she should collide the world and entertain more people

Автор Worthstarling17 ( назад)
my band teacher showed us this video lol

Автор Chrissi Mink ( назад)
man i cannot wait to go back to New Orleans

Автор I am trash ( назад)
Why doesn't my school band allow clarinets for jazz band?!

Автор Silvio Francs ( назад)
She is absolutely incredible

Автор Trey Tillotson ( назад)
As someone who is not a big fan of Jazz music, this is absolutely great,
and I am a fan of this.

Автор KG ( назад)
Doreen is superb! I love that jazz clarinet of hers! Up & Down & all around
--- beautiful high altissimo notes...vibrato....style. Holy Smoke, she is
SMOKIN'! (Nice singing too.)

Автор AJH201129 ( назад)
This woman is serious on that clarinet. Amazing!!!

Автор Eric Corse ( назад)
Music from heaven

Автор Brandy MoonBeam (MoonBeam) ( назад)
Just seen this amazing musician perform on Royal street, 9- 22- 16.
Amazing Talent!!!!

Автор Norma J Celis-Hayes ( назад)
Been there and enjoyed the music just as you hear and see it. These people
were the highlight of our day. We stayed till the took a break. Wow!!
They are sooooo entertaining.

Автор pablo caldeirao ( назад)
god on earth (little g that is)

Автор george kidd ( назад)
Very very COOL

Автор dudeawsomeness1 ( назад)
Oh man yes! That's right!

Автор salim940 ( назад)
mi más grande admiración y respeto para éstos 3 integrantes,super super
impresionante! !!!!!

Автор AlvaroInfantasOfficial ( назад)
ESPECTACULAR..... del cosmos.!

Автор Sebla Abbady ( назад)
I went to New Orleans in August and I saw them they were amazing her voice
is so great

Автор john k ( назад)
Beautiful SounD
I could listen to this all day must be a family?
They should have a recorder deal

I think Salt lake city is F;n boring

Автор ಠ_ಠ ( назад)
I want to show this to my schools clarinet section

Автор IAmKillerWolf ( назад)
Y'all should just come down here to New Orleans you'll hear music in the
French quarter I bet you and most of it is Jaz

Автор Dave Miami (warmachine) ( назад)
She is incredible. I wonder if they know that 1.4 million people have
watched them play. They should be paid.

Автор fenix9885 ( назад)
Wow, where can I give a $20 spot to this lady? The kind of talent she has
created and practiced needs to be rewarded. Amazing video!

Автор Bruno Oliveira ( назад)
além de tocar, canta pra crl. gostei

Автор Silas Silva Salvador ( назад)
arrebentou quebrou tudo muito bom mesmo

Автор usailon4ever ( назад)

Автор Merkur87 ( назад)
There's only one thing sadder than the people walking on by and who are
totally oblivous to this great music.

That's the lady (tourist????) who stops for a few seconds and snaps a pic
to show all the home folks about the street musicians she got to see in New

Come on. Surely those people are not so busy they can't spend 5 minutes
listening to this and chunking a couple of bucks into the kitty......

Автор F0nkyNinja ( назад)
So did nobody notice the Tubaist playing percussion at the same time? I'd
say there is some definite skill there.

Автор John Derby ( назад)
Just sensational!!!! NH

Автор brother rabbit ( назад)
Saw her on that same corner a few months ago. It stopped me in my tracks
.Pete Fountain died yesterday and with her ,and many others in New Orleans,
the tradition is strong,and will thrive.

Автор Ender_ Born_Gaming ( назад)
New Orleans, jazz central of the United States.

Автор deptuty dog ( назад)

Автор Sandro Silva Aulas de Clarinete ( назад)
muito bom

Автор charrmmee ( назад)
wow - she sure can blow - amazing talent

Автор dean heer ( назад)
Coming from a tube player that's played jazz....they deserve more than a

Автор K. Abram ( назад)
Bless her

Автор Jonathan Moore ( назад)
One of my favorite vids on youtube.

Автор Courtney Brown ( назад)
Man, I'd live in New Orleans if I could. This makes me wish I was there
right now! Can't find that sound anywhere else!

Автор Edward Tachie-Menson ( назад)
Wow!! This is serious!!!

Автор Mariposa Wolf ( назад)
I....my god, this human being is absolutely outstanding!!! I don't think
I'll ever reach that level of amazing clarinet skills as her. Still, can't
ignore the good, consistent tone of the tuba player! I would honestly stop
what I'm doing and stay there listening for as long as possible if I were
there, maybe even give a good $50.

Автор Grayson ( назад)
DAMN that lady rips it!

Автор Guy Weale ( назад)
her singing reminds me of Ella Fitzgerald

Автор wyndhl eodumegwu ( назад)
Wynton Marsalis, or, rather Victor Goines, give her $1 000 for me - you!


Автор Alpha B ( назад)
she really good at blowin that pipe tho

Автор Tara Kingsley ( назад)
love this! Sing it!!

Автор Josh G. ( назад)

Автор Miss Myoozikal ( назад)
I've never heard that instrument played like this! INCREDIBLE!!!

Автор stephenbru ( назад)

Автор Gloria Yaomme ( назад)

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