Conor McGregor and Cody Garbrandt nearly ignite a brawl

Emotions boil over and things get physical when Conor McGregor goes off on bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw to Urijah Faber by calling him a snake in the grass.

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Автор It's_David_Pryor ( назад)
Sorry but weakly attempting to push someone does not qualify as "doing
something about it"

Автор BIG BUBBLE ( назад)
ДАЛБАЕБ мелкий пизды получит и успокоится !!!

Автор Braxton Povick ( назад)
I'm from the 922

Автор MIF MMA ( назад)
Conor would kick codys ass in a fighting match

Автор pen affleck ( назад)
Conor to me is like the Dennis Rodman in MMA. He enjoys getting into
people's heads, and I love that.

Автор Josh Long ( назад)
"you have to have some attributes to beat me!" they are all just smaller
guys with shorter reach

Автор Sergio Orona ( назад)
why is conor so twitchy? is he high !! lol

Автор Irfan playz ( назад)
Coner would have wiped his ass

Автор Mihang Limbu ( назад)
yeahh conor my man. u r the man.

Автор Nat L ( назад)
Garbrandt is faster and a good boxer. But... Conor's size, range, timing,
chin, and accuracy would be too much. It is possible for No Love to win but
very unlikely. Would have to run and dodge like crazy till Conor tires out.

Автор Suge Knight ( назад)
Cody hasn a chance against the king end of

Автор Kayla Wright ( назад)
Conor was right all along! Team alpha male was defending TJ and Cody pushed
Conor in the process. Now Cody and TJ are both beefing on social media. Smh

Автор motogpfan46rossi ( назад)
i don't see these two ever fighting. Cody would have to go up 2 weight
classes. I don't see Conor meeting him at 145.

Автор De Huibie ( назад)
They can easily make Cody into a star, he's phenomenal

Автор merk alert tv ( назад)
that is a sure win. I'd love that fight I'd win mass money.

Автор hopfi007 ( назад)
The little snake in the grass

Автор Frank _ ( назад)
That chin thoe

Автор Gary Chow ( назад)
but Dillashaw was recently giving media war to Garbrant ....maybe Garbrant
should be like .....I was wrong to Conor.... LOLOLOL

Автор Angry Clown ( назад)
Whos the guy with the longer hair? Can somebody tell me?

Автор Adam Jensen ( назад)
Guess connor was right haha

Автор Víctor Manuel Patrick ( назад)
Pinche madre alguien me lo puede traducir que paso hay selo agradecería,

Автор TheMasculion ( назад)
What happens after!

Автор Dima Aitbekov ( назад)
можете переводить?

Автор Juan Hernandez ( назад)
conor not scare to fight.

Автор Hamza Khaliq ( назад)
Who the hell is that Russian guy talking shit to Garbrandt? Garbrandt would
knock him out quicker than McGregor knocked out Aldo.

Автор Чингисхан Скифов ( назад)
0:35 Conor was afraid of this guy healthy

Автор nick ramirez ( назад)
Cody has a killer instinct!! He sits quietly while he thinks and imagines
ways to destroy you... Conner will fall to Cody. Mad respect Cody!!!

Автор Spiel Universum ( назад)
rly dude this guy ...

Автор Ruthlesss killx ( назад)
MYSTIC MAC PREDICTED RIGHT!😤 snake in the grass

Автор Michael Garcia ( назад)
I'd buy that for 1$

Автор Александр Кузнецов ( назад)
Conor fight him it would be easier then the Eddie Alvarez fight and much
easier than the Jose Aldo fight Cody would get absolutely embarrassed by

Автор tnekable ( назад)
This fight needs to happen! They're both amazing fighters.

Автор Kevin Dobyns ( назад)
Great moment. Cody goat no love garbrandt

Автор James Harrison ( назад)
Argue husband budget Christian joke source part solve accuracy.

Автор Ali Play Day ( назад)
коди против конора это был бы хороший бой

Автор Azamat B ( назад)
connor is clearly coked up in this clip

Автор Leeman Thomas ( назад)
tat awkward moment wen u like both cody and conor

Автор Sierra Owings ( назад)
say what u want about conor but he was 100% right about Tj Dillishaw.
"snake in the grass"

Автор Nimiraanan Raanan ( назад)
garbrandt would kill mcgregor

Автор Георгий Бондаренко ( назад)
дом 2

Автор Eric Smith ( назад)
lol Cody pushed Conor with all his might and barely moved him. Conor was
laughing at the little twerp. Cody "I'm too small" Garbrandt.

Автор Benny D ( назад)
Fuck conor mcgregor! Cody was about to Fuck him up! Fuck conor mctapper!
#TeamAlphaMale #USA

Автор None Ya ( назад)
fuck Connor the dick head Mayweather wantabe

Автор budda1ra ( назад)
taking no sides...but Cody was down as fuk!

Автор Brian Michael ( назад)
Would be a great fight!!! Cody is no joke even though he is naturally
smaller than mcgregor, this should happen in the future.

Автор Trent Lyle ( назад)
McGregor was exposed by NATE DIAZ. LOL. Can't live that down.

Автор Kevin Polo ( назад)
only person that could talk shit about Connor is nate Diaz everyone else

Автор Obinna Africa ( назад)
Conor will destroy Cody.

Автор Chill Thrower ( назад)
mcgregor is such a bad ass

Автор Dohboy69 ( назад)
Cody agreeing with Conor on twitter about TJ being a snake ...

Автор Clarkie clarkie ( назад)
Cody the pinball wizard, bounced off Conor

Автор mathew Crowe ( назад)
Go ed Connor

Автор J Franks ( назад)
Watch earlier in the video when they show Cody. He wasn't saying shit, was
about to a couple times and stopped. He was just listening and waiting for
shit to pop off! Idk if he could handle that nigga Conor but he definitely
was ready to get at it. I'd pay to see it lol

Автор Jaime Ortiz ( назад)
Mcgregors too funny but garbarandt is too real💯

Автор Floating Goose ( назад)
And here we are, Cody and Faber realize what the fuck is up. Now I hope
Cody gets smacked by TJ, that fake boring cunt he said was his boy.
Mcgregor at the top, two weight champ. Fuck Team Alpha Male

Автор XxAnonymousBeastxX ( назад)
Should had been a hook instead of a push

Автор Harsh Chandola ( назад)
I really thought cody didn't deserve a shot against dominick cruz but he
went there and shut me up. Never imagined he'd dominate that fight. He
really turned a lot of haters to his fans.

Автор jalapeño KING ( назад)
cody is a fucking dog

Автор jalapeño KING ( назад)
conor is such a dick hahahaha i love it

Автор Drake Carder ( назад)
I feel like McGregor actually respects Faber and was just trying to tell
him how it is before it all blew out of proportion.

Автор The Den Sidran ( назад)
Props to Cody. You know you "made it" when you get the Conor vs Cody
comments everywhere!

Автор ak47warlord e ( назад)
No shit conor wud batter Cody into peaces. Hope Cody beats tj tho but
agents the McGregor he's not got a chance.

Автор TConor Mcgregor81 ( назад)

Автор Jake Thomas ( назад)
atleast Cody pushed Conor!!! no one else had the balls to do anything!!!
Hahaha. lol

Автор Jake Thomas ( назад)
hahahaha haha that would be a great fight damn

Автор ShortyXC ( назад)
Cody ain't no bitch

Автор Shacktackle Boombaby ( назад)
Mystic Mac strikes again

Автор Nedly Flanders ( назад)
Conor will beat the dog shit out Cody. Literal 10 inch reach advantage not
even including the legs.

Автор Jackson Cook ( назад)
Cody would shut mcgregor up. #GarbarandtvsMcgregor

Автор Philip ( назад)
connor is such a badass

Автор Charles De Rosas ( назад)
why do I feel like this is staged?

Автор MrTomMasterVideos ( назад)
i absolutely hate mcgregors winner-acting, that sunglasses-picking move and
stupid shoulder-rolling...gosh

Автор Rabbit ( назад)
3:09 Anyone Notice how far Cody ran back when he pushed conor, hes a
fucking pussy, I dont wanna see this fight! boy is just trying to get paid.
Conor needs to entertain Tyron Woodley or Khabib Nurmagomedov..... even
flyweight DJ is better lol

Автор Ubercubertuber ( назад)
Conor is physically too powerful for Cody. Dude tried his best but he could
barely push Conor back an inch or two. If they fought he wouldn't last 1

Автор stephen gilliss ( назад)
"I'll do something about it." Awesome.

Автор sean andrews ( назад)
haha Cody threw whole bodyweight into shoving McGregor and barely moved him

Автор Sheldon Leather ( назад)
Conor got merked, shit himself when someone answers back

Автор Fzyon Zarzuela Fernandez (FZF) ( назад)

Автор Blacksmith MMA ( назад)
It's funny how back then Garbrandt defended Dillashaw, and said Conor
shouldn't talk shit about him, because that's his boy.

Fast forward to today, and if someone asks Cody about the relationship he
had with TJ when he was still with TAM, he'll say that they were never
friends or close at all.

That's what he said in a radio interview back in September.

Автор LORD FARSQUAAD ( назад)
Cody is lucky conner didn't drop those hands because he'd get two pieced to

Автор josue leal ( назад)
cody would destroy connor. Just saying.

Автор Erhan Kucuk ( назад)
HAHA I love how Conor was completely right about TJ being a snake, and now
all of T.A.M call him a snake.

Автор T Norton ( назад)
Cody is too Small for Conor. Conor just KO'd the 155 Champ. Cody barely
KO's guys at 135. Conor KO'd Everyone at 145. If Conor wasnt smart he
woulda gave in and fought Cody but he is a Business man and isn't going to
have a broke guy charge him for putting hands on him. Cody can throw down
but hitting hard at 135 is alot diff than hitting hard at 155/170

Автор Данил Батищев ( назад)
And Conor was wright bi**es!)

Автор Skengman Driller ( назад)
After all this and Cody agreed with conor on twitter calling tj a snake

Автор aestheticsforlife ( назад)
talks about loyalty and then cheats on his wife. this guy is a fucking
moron. i dont care how good of a fighter he is.
he can fight so what? is he making a difference in the world? no. is he
helping anyone? no? so what then?

Автор StevenF Jaxsen ( назад)
Conor could tuck in and put all of these little men into there beds with
his fuckin "Sandman" of a left hand!! No fuckin problem!

Автор chineke oziri ( назад)

Автор Hella Peachy ( назад)
Cody even says Conor was right dillashaw is a snake in the grass just few
days ago

Автор jett lax ( назад)
Lol I saw this like 3 times and this was the first time I recognized cody

Автор Giannis Alexopoulos ( назад)
cody love conor...

Автор Colgate Smile ( назад)
shit cody don't give a fuck

Автор Colton W ( назад)
Funny seeing Cody stick up for Dillashaw here LOL Now hes calling Dillashaw
a snake.

Автор Gus Miller ( назад)
wish they wld line up a fight with conner vs Tj, tj wld kill him

Автор Rolz Roks ( назад)
I think he has met his match with cody..3 fight epic

Автор Gary C-bomb ( назад)
9 inch reach advantage 20 pound weight advantage conor fucks him up fast
fight would never happen

Автор brandon smith ( назад)
I love how Cody goes flying back when he try's to push conor😂😂

Автор Popdaddy88 ( назад)
Mystic Mac! I wonder if either of them apologized after he was proven

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