Conor McGregor and Cody Garbrandt nearly ignite a brawl

Emotions boil over and things get physical when Conor McGregor goes off on bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw to Urijah Faber by calling him a snake in the grass.

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Автор J R ( назад)
Lost all respect for Connor once I found out he was on welfare before a real fucken man wouldn't go and take fucken handouts they would find a fucken job no matter what' ya lazy fuck

Автор J R ( назад)
Cody would knock Connor the fuck out if they fought now

Автор Pistol 8 Kev ( назад)
reading these comments confirms that all connor fans are delusional stupid and gay

Автор КяакИатiфи ( назад)
And now Cody says Mcgreggor was right, Faber learned his lesson as well. the man may get under your skin but he tells the truth and nothing less.

Автор КяакИатiфи ( назад)
Urijah is a nice guy you're not gonna change that, sure he has to get stabbed in the back to realize who his enemies are but people like that let things happen and then deal with the aftermath, they don't go through life watching their back. love both these coaches and it was a great pick cuz they are total opposites

Автор КяакИатiфи ( назад)
Would be cool if Cody put on enough weight to give conor a shot

Автор Xali Xalo ( назад)
irish people better than amerikans and brittish

Автор Christian Delgado ( назад)
After Cody dismantled Cruz, idk man his striking is pretty good and technical, against Conor idk man idk he might surprise alot of people

Автор Rafa Quiroz ( назад)
not on connor's side but he would destroy every dude in there lmao

Автор troy mccombs ( назад)
Cody will prolly end up like war machine. I see felony in his future. Lol

Автор truthfilter ( назад)
McGregor says don't bite the hand that feeds you then later says duck the ufc and goes chasing mayweather for a money fight

Автор Jack Walsh ( назад)
all pussies especially that mick, he makes me ashamed to be Irish. Diaz battered you you punk.

Автор Aaron H ( назад)
lol funny how cody sticks up for tj and then 18months later he strangles him on the same show

Автор alexandra kruithof ( назад)
Greets from Europe. were real fighters are made

Автор alexandra kruithof ( назад)
no chance. thats what you got . cody bum.love gay brand

Автор Nader Jaber ( назад)
"I'll do something about it."

Автор ray garcia ( назад)
Their both good ass fighters not a fan of either . but both both are beast . but let's get this straight It's impossible Conor is too big for Cody . fuckos

Автор topndope ( назад)
Inb4 Conor wipes the whole team out.

Автор brandon w ( назад)
conor would rip codys head off his shoulders ...he is a little twerp

Автор Grant Franchey ( назад)
codys a bad mother fucker we all know it especially after the cruz victory but let's face reality, Connor would no doubt ko him if shit was to go down, if they were to fight it would have to be at 45 and Connor in all reality actually fits better at 55. Connor would have a hight, reach and just an overall size advantage.

Автор I AssinJar ( назад)
I just want to slap Andre

Автор J D ( назад)
I totally respect both Connor and Cody but I saw how brutally Cody destroyed Dominick Cruz and therefore I believe Cody would win in a fight against Connor McGregor

Автор DrMario Pepper ( назад)

Автор Richard El Diablo ( назад)
Mcgregor vs Dillashaw

Автор Midas Gold ( назад)
Wanna see that fight between them!it should be epic!

Автор Agape Love ( назад)
If Conor Mcgregor blesses/ Insults you with a name/nickname it sticks for Life.

Автор FuckYou PayMe ( назад)
lmao people in the comment section talking about Conor vs Cody smh, its like trying to make a fight between Mcgregor vs Yoel Romero.

Автор James ( назад)
me thinking "WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY?"

Автор Bodya ( назад)
Russia Ukraine Belarus!!!

Автор Google User ( назад)
We can all agree cody would get merked by conor

Автор Brady TempleVlogs ( назад)
all those people are dumb conor would fuck them all up haha lmfao

Автор Kevin Rafferty ( назад)
he would have killed your m8 if the had not of stopt him

Автор Pepijn Bosvelt ( назад)
Tipically mcgregor. You love him or you hate him

Автор Danny Bunney ( назад)
Connor is a gangster all ufc fighters are little fag

Автор Phoenix Hwang ( назад)
Cody is a bitch he will get taken out by Killashaw n Mcgregor

Автор minorminertimer ( назад)
conor looked a healthy 160 pounds, wouldn't have gone well for cody, wouldn't mind that fight being made now tho

Автор Dj ZEMan ( назад)
Who the fook is this conor guy.. Dont bite the hand that feeds you???? LMAO. What the fuck u think your doing atm with this floyd fight talk?

Автор Dj ZEMan ( назад)
Conor's a chump.

Автор Tommy Flann ( назад)
"I'll do something about it" then gets up and pushed him, yeah that's doin something about it..

Автор George Dong ( назад)
now the underdogs name is known after he fight cruz. what will mcgregors reaction be to cruzs 2nd lost?

Автор 808bboarder ( назад)
Love how quick Artem reacted to Cody stepping up to McGregor lol

Автор New World Disorder ( назад)
I like that Conor doesnt even give anyone a chance to run him over.

Автор Invictus Rules ( назад)
if both fight anytime conor will destroy his mind before the fight , cody is the tipical fighter who lose the control and conor was an expert on that situations

Автор A1phawolf ( назад)
Cody vs Connor would actually be insanely good. Fuck Khabib vs Connor, Khabib is just a loud mouth Russian who pulls out of fights or finds excuses. Cody would deserve the big money fight.

Автор dinosaurfact.net ( назад)
It's pretty bad when fighters have to bow down and do fake scripted girly disputing....

Автор sabyn bradley ( назад)
lol i love how the coaches dont even acknowledge the teams existence when they talk out of turn

Автор Russian Bear ( назад)
A great respect for Conor, he is not only champ ! Really he discribes TJ like a snake in the grass and he is right !

Автор Luis Ross ( назад)
ufc is honestly fucked its all about buzz and money fights now ...

Автор Steve A ( назад)
almost 9 million views..Dana white do you see this..this fight would break records

Автор Daud M ( назад)
lmfao this faggot talking about biting the hand that feeds you, like he is loyal. remember that first fight? "dana, 50gs" and now hes going around saying fuck the ufc

Автор Shawn Smith ( назад)
ha and now Cody just choked tj out lmao. McGregor is right. loyalty counts.

Автор Shawn Smith ( назад)
I feel like Urijah faber looks like he'd be sponsored by Vans lmao. Dude looks nothing like a fighter

Автор That Guy On The Internet ( назад)
Now he went after TJ bruh😂

Автор Nikita Osnabrück ( назад)
Conor's talking shit about this guy all the time, everybody is listening, then he says he respects loyalty and everybody jumps up because he talks shit about "my boy". Ironic.

Автор Dan Parritte ( назад)
conor and cody are quite alike actually. pretty cool to see them goin at each other lol

Автор David Webb ( назад)
everyone was probably calling cody a fuckin retard... "this little shit would get fucked up.. he's a nobody.. these idiots on the ultimate fighter always thinkin their hard.. look at this retard with tattoos, he'll never make it.." oohhhh shiiit.. he's world champ now, and beat one of the GOAT's

Автор Mateus Arruda ( назад)
Teymur and Cody proved they are bad mothefuckers.

Автор Richard El Diablo ( назад)
I like how Chad and Urijah talk shit constantly about Conor and then the after Conor KO'd Aldo they shut the fuck up

Автор John C Rowlette ( назад)
Cody will stomp you Connor you little disrespectful basted and take the belt , you need to learn how to talk if you are in AMERICA ! , think that an H in it, it is not tink and same with three it is no tree and khabib will beat you down when he heals, like Nate did ha made you tap out ha ha you wasnt so tuff runnig your mouth when nate beat you

Автор boo bye ( назад)
Garbrandt could've saved us all... all he had to do was punch Conor as they squared up and the McNugget show would've been over!

Автор Tung Nguyen ( назад)
the time cody defends tj haha

Автор sogusa sRang ( назад)
now you deserve to do that cody
call his name after 3 fight

Автор Estermont Sinclair ( назад)
Cody would clown Mcgregor

Автор Luis Sosa ( назад)
Many speak about Mcgregor beating Cody, remember that also talked about Dominick beating Cody...

Автор damian grant ( назад)
What mcgregor doing there???

Автор FlightCancelled Outfitters ( назад)
Conor would clean up cody inside one round.... way too good for him and big/long

Автор prophet D ( назад)
conor would ko cody nd uriah

Автор LadyGagaChannelVideo ( назад)
Conor become the bully...

Автор Fannie Legault ( назад)
fucking stupid connor fuck you kill the mother fucker

Автор Jordan Berry ( назад)
There is no doubt about it if I was 20 yrs younger I'd definitely be in the ufc.

Автор Jordan Berry ( назад)
Conor is a cocksucker no matter where he is, I fucking hate him!!!

Автор chinmoy uzir ( назад)
conor will beat him

Автор sean farrell ( назад)
Anyone else see how quick Artem gets up oh my what a guy

Автор Anthony Maher ( назад)
Connor McGregor fans be like cody touched Connor, that gave him the power to beat cruz

Автор Jordan Naish ( назад)
Urijah told Connor he was upset with Cody backstage, big mistake haha

Автор Andres Rojas ( назад)
lol Connor "the prophet" Mcgregor

Автор iiwatcher ( назад)
Cody would fuck Conman McGaygor up.

Автор AMM MMA ( назад)
Me gustaría hoy en día Ver a Códy dejando K.O. A este charlatán de Mcgregor que nunca defendió su cinturón el falso campeón

Автор OriGinal Bosnian ( назад)
you can tell these guys are just not even on the same mental level as conor which is the same reason why they're not on the same performerence level

Автор VD vigilanteofdemocracy ( назад)
i like cody

Автор Dead Street ( назад)
is Conor and cody in the same weight or different?

Автор Sajj J ( назад)
Cody is a beast, I'd love to see him fight Conner!

Автор MspMelonFreaks ( назад)
Idk whatsup with everyone sucking Conors Dick.

Автор Ant Hooper ( назад)
wow he did sumn didn't he haha little push

Автор João Paulo De Jesus ( назад)
Garbrandt would beat McGregor!!!

Автор badbabybear1 ( назад)
I despise disloyalty-Conor

Tries to go beyond UFC to fight Mayweather

Автор Jarod Wilcox ( назад)
Conor would F*ck that guy day so quick.

Автор mo watching ( назад)
all that money .. Connor can't buy a shirt that fits.

Автор Zoë Lkjsdhf ( назад)
Cody is an upcoming legend. Connor better watch his cocky bully arrogant mouth. Love to see Cody humble him. I love to see bullies loose.

Автор Kenneth Lee ( назад)

Автор Craig Gamble ( назад)
talking about loyalty and biting the hand that feeds him then turns on Dana, who made him what he is, over more money taken from Floyd's pockets which makes him more petty then TJ who went to a gym for better training

Автор Brandon Gravitt ( назад)
You have to realize that EVERYTHING McGregor said here is bullshit right? TJ's commitment to team Alpha Male is exactly like McGregor's alliance with the UFC, both used their platforms until they could no longer benefit, then decided to screw them over. McGregor can't stand someone who is unloyal? He needs to take a good look in the mirror, and realize who is to blame for giving him the million dollar life he is living.

Автор Kid Sid ( назад)
for all those dick riding on Conor his matches are fixed for him to win Dana white know his trash talking style gets him payed

Автор juanfer92 ( назад)
Cody would WHOOP mcgregor now, he has evolved .

Автор Brian Escobar ( назад)
That must've been awkward

Автор Anny Savard ( назад)
McGregor is a liar. He always claimed that what really counts is yout own benefits and that's the way he goes....

Автор Gabriel Esposito ( назад)
so if Conor doesnt fight at featherweight anymore then what happens to the belt?

Автор Gabriel Esposito ( назад)
would be a great fight

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