12 minutes of pure awesomeness! TV advertising the way it needs to be done! A special with the best commercials from Japan for the past two weeks! ^_^ Enjoy!!!


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Автор Furanshi95 ( назад)
9:32 aqui es donde conocia a las Doll Elements, lastima que ya se separaron

Автор nakamura shinsuke ( назад)
federer acts Mario

Автор Irene the Henherd ( назад)
That Mercedes commercial... :D

Автор mitsuke Brasil ( назад)

Автор Good human be happy ( назад)
I love these commercials.

Автор Bill Burns ( назад)
GLA got me interestied

Автор Chore Boy ( назад)
Manga Box has an English site too.
Many of these aren't too weird either. I wonder what people in Japan would
think of the Old Spice commercials. Those are weirder than most of these.

Автор Tessie Almazora ( назад)

Автор Nicole Putnam ( назад)
can kaori remix a song from an artist thats actually good?

Автор Arc Knight ( назад)
I want that Dragon Quest mobile game but I can't find it in the Apple Store

Автор 왕안지 ( назад)
Final Fantasy Theme?!

Автор VX97 (704 года назад)
That Mario Mercedes Benz ad :D

Автор Fact N Fiction ( назад)
plz look at our videos

Автор Pauliminator ( назад)

Автор Why Not? ( назад)

Автор pinkwaterbottle ( назад)
6:58 does anyone realise the melody is from "My Favourite Things" from the
Sound of Music? xD But they made it sound so Japanese quite brilliant

Автор Wasawat Chaipatpornkul ( назад)
1:20 *

Автор salwan Elberi ( назад)

Автор Angelena Stokes ( назад)
So sexy... 8:55

Автор Happy SHOOTER! ! ( назад)

Автор Anh Quan Chu ( назад)
The subway scene is so familiar :3

Автор N Glass ( назад)
again at 9:32 whats the name of the commercial and how can i hear the full

Автор N Glass ( назад)
9:32 i like the song!

Автор karsten69 ( назад)
...a studio ghibli movie that also features innocent yuri... shut up and
take all of my money.

Автор Mirror YTP ( назад)
2:48 This game really exist? I saw this game in Anime. I didn't expect that
it's real. :0

Автор Gamerlord595 ( назад)
02:20 finally a Japanese commercial that makes sense.
it's like America made a Japanese commercial.

Автор Gamerlord595 ( назад)
0:41 one day I will make a parody of that😠

Автор Sterling Soper ( назад)
When Marnie Was There or what ever that Studio Ghibli film is called is
actually a great movie.

Автор CottonSoftFox ( назад)
Around 6:13 What is the first song?

Автор Kin Mojamuto ( назад)
Es cosa mía o salen los mismos actores en todos los anuncios?

Автор Lance Lovecraft ( назад)
I cant believe the toyota commercial at the end used the Final Fantasy

Автор DGMachine ( назад)
theyre so funny haha and omg theres actually a good amount of more
music-related commercials!

Автор Magic Wind ( назад)
Actually the ad about Mario is quite good

Автор Jay DaeKang ( назад)
Who was the artist of the Prelude song in the last commercial?

Автор Arne Freiesleben ( назад)
2:53 Name? PLS I NEED TO KNOW !°!!! The Anime one

Автор bryan Elexander ( назад)
9:15 Lumu chaaa~n!

Автор John Smith ( назад)

Автор Max PG23 ( назад)
That last commercial... EPIC, almost made me cry!!!

Автор Wan Syakira Anuar ( назад)
Smoke Samsung everyday

Автор Kurapika kuruta ( назад)

Автор andreazu10 ( назад)
AAA! Yeaah! ,^^

Автор Firzana Aisya ( назад)
just.. why i got here from first time? I'm just watch pewdiepie plays Ib...

Автор fusionsigh ( назад)
What's the English near of the movie at 3:04

Автор The Shroomer ( назад)
7:00 raindrops on roses. 

Автор Christian Theodorus ( назад)
such hillarious!

Автор zonal spore ( назад)
Do some Japanese parents not let their kids watch T.V.

Автор Jordan AC Gwyther ( назад)
So many Shiba inus!

Автор SanicTheFastMaster ( назад)
Goomba: I'm walking up against you, Mario! what ya gonna do about it?


Автор Darth Sidious ( назад)
Mario, you handsome bastard!

Автор Voices From Me ( назад)
Google's ad was pretty normal for japan.. lol

Автор armeverschrenk ( назад)
I could watch japanes tv all day just because of their commersials :D

Автор Gatekeeper Fan ( назад)
Its pretty goid, but i wish they could gave put english subtitles so i
could understand what theyre saying.

Автор Afnan Zahran ( назад)
That Mario looks so swag

Автор sfujish ( назад)
0:57 Mario similar to Roger Federer dont you?

Автор M_ Yasier ( назад)

Автор Dudika Mendes ( назад)
O Mário é real ????

Автор sebastiao0422 ( назад)
WTF did i just watch?

Автор Jordan Jones ( назад)
Japan seems frikin awesum

Автор Jordan Jones ( назад)
Someone help meh... I...I.... I can't 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор foufoufun0 ( назад)
They must have their load of shitty commercials. I can't believe that all
of them have that kind of production quality.

Автор hunlights ( назад)
6:14 kyary pamyu pamyu *<3*

Автор TheDJninja rage ( назад)

Автор SynicHEX ( назад)
Thats cheating. You can't use final fantasy music to sell cars. Its just
not fair.

Автор McDeathmask ( назад)
Toyota commercial was best :)

Автор Galiardo Bomboni ( назад)
What's the name of the commercial with the cat and the penguins at 6:28

Автор Fabio Esteban Parra Rodríguez ( назад)
Monsta Hunta, roar of cardo

Автор Kat O ( назад)

My worst nightmares have come to life

Автор Osiel Oliveira Rocha ( назад)
what is the ghibli movie ?

Автор Séamus McGuire ( назад)
charisma(dot)com @ 3:08 !!! 

Автор בן סלומון ( назад)
the Mario guy from the car is from the buff dudes YouTube channel hahahahah

Автор Shintaro Kisaragi ( назад)
1:47 If all those things were at my water park I'd scream so much it
wouldn't be funny.

Автор Jenjan23all M ( назад)
Lo que me gusta de japon es que no hay homosexuales solo mire a las chicas
por el amor del ojete

Автор Nomi Otonashi ( назад)
Last commercial (with that car)....Same opening soundtrack as Final Fantasy

Автор jorge luis salas garcia ( назад)
chile habanero yeah

Автор buffalokennyd ( назад)
Galaxy S5 > Iphone 6

Автор Olizzker Lecraz ( назад)
i instantly recognized the Monster Hunter Soundtrack :D
also the mario guys was Brandon White from the Buffdudes channel!

Автор luffybangtan ( назад)
OMG ONE PIECE ADVERTISEMENT! japanese people are so lucky... 

Автор Tyler J ( назад)
my favorites tend to be the pretzel commercials

Автор Raphael Begay ( назад)
That FF Prelude tho 12:06

Автор benchpressme ( назад)
honestly this shit is nuts....but awesome. here in us commercials are so
fucking boring. in japan they get super bowl sunday adds all the time haha

Автор TimelordR ( назад)
Why can't we get cool smartphone games like Dragon Quest Monsters, instead
of fast-buck trash like Clash Of Clans? I also liked the laundry detergent
ad featuring the kawaii cuties of AKB40. 

Автор Blackmagegalayis ( назад)
I'm surprised at how down to earth some Japanese commercials are. I'm
always expecting something batshit insane, but some commercials actually
make sense

Автор Blackmagegalayis ( назад)
I love how ridiculous Japan is

Автор Aeit ( назад)
10:37 ... these oppais ... すごい

Автор CHRISTOPHE MOYA ( назад)
il on vraiment des pub mieux que nous les français on a beaucoup de retard
sur eu et bien c'est pour ça je pars de la france trop de soucie en france

Автор broshaman ( назад)
I like the fact that Dj's actually get noticed, and televised in Japan.

Автор MrsGenya ( назад)
Greeting´s people of the internet,could somebody tell me the song that
starts at 3:39
That would be nice xD

Автор MrRadwint19 ( назад)
mercedes and mario,,is great

Автор Carlitox b ( назад)
Mercedez gla commercial was awesome

Автор Dionne Williams ( назад)

Автор PassbyU ( назад)
some of them are weird but actually attract me

Автор Gio Canox ( назад)
That Mario is too much badass

Автор Dana M. ( назад)
The Mario in a Mercedes tho... XD

Автор Tao ( назад)
Japan have the right idea about advertisement, at least from a visual point
of view. They manage to intrigue me, interest me and be entertaining and
memorable without me even knowing what they're selling. Imagine if I did! I
would spend all the money.

Our adverts are so boring and uninteresting that even the slightest change
from the norm seems hilarious and genius. I mean, the single most
entertaining advert we have is a God damn talking Mearkat telling us about
car insurance...That isn't funny or genius, it's just different from the
usual crap.

This kept me engaged and interested for a solid 12 minutes. I can't even
sit still for 30 seconds with the adverts in my country.

Damn it, Japan...I'm pretty sure at one point these adverts had me
interested in what seemed like canned vegetables. I shouldn't be interested
in that, but now I am! 

Автор Vanver ( назад)
9:17 "Хуетаа"

Автор Daniel6254 ( назад)
Song name at 00:19?

Автор Shogo Foo ( назад)
What's that manga on 00:15?

Автор Nicholas Roge ( назад)
Musical piece at 12:06?

Автор Magic NeonError ( назад)
Whos that at 06:15 oh plss stell me her her *^*

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