B737 Motion Simulator - InMotion Simulation

Precision Flight Controls built the cockpit and we built the 2 DOF motion base (4,000 lb payload).

Mark Barry

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This was our first boat motion simulator built for Triton Boats. Mark Barry www.inmotionsimulation.com


Автор greatscottbttfride (6 лет)
nope 33.000

Автор Alan Greyjoy (6 лет)
no...try 75,000

Автор Paulchac2 (6 лет)
can this go faster

Автор mightyjammyd123 (3 года)
are there any screens with fsx running on it in the cockpit or are they
just clear windows

Автор fortaaron (5 лет)
ive been in one of those

Автор NutsandGuts (6 лет)
It costs about 10000 dollars

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