Elf recut as a Thriller - Trailer Mix

Thought your holiday family dinner was a nightmare? Wait until you see your favorite elf in this creepy version of the holiday comedy. At least now you'll definitely be up all night to wait for Santa Claus.

Edited by Bobby Burns
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean

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Длительность: 2:15
Комментарии: 1882

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Автор Trulstei ( назад)
I fucking love Bobby, didn't know he had been here

Автор claraisntcool ( назад)
oh my god.

Автор DrWack0 ( назад)
that moment you realize Elf might actually be about a man's battle with

Автор shenronrulez ( назад)
Well... I will never see that movie the same way again.

Автор ComeWhatEverMay ( назад)
Its...beautiful! Genius!

Автор Ƶɛℓ∂αИιиʝαĦɛαят❤ ( назад)
Dope! ❤

Автор HowToBeAnnoying101 ( назад)
Omg 1:44 killed me lmao

Автор Bloody Khopesh ( назад)
surprised they didn't use the shower scene.

Автор mylittleweirdo ( назад)
Wow this is better than most movie trailers today! You guys need to be

Автор Wagner Wain ( назад)
I thought it was a real movie because with Will Feral you never know and
since I didn't watch the elf lol you got me.

Автор Dexter Morgan ( назад)
The power of editing!!

Автор Jeremy Nigro ( назад)
Do Home Alone as a thriller with Kevin as a psychotic child tormenting the
two robbers.

Автор The Scottish Operator ( назад)
'Schindler's list' as a romantic comedy?

Автор Tiger Bear ( назад)
That is awesome xD

Автор Melani Arias ( назад)
esa película la pusieron ase dos semanas en tnt

Автор Hey_itz_ Ayden ( назад)

Автор DogeMC - Minecraft ( назад)
You should get hired for movie 🎥 trailers

Автор Tiana Pug ( назад)
wow,you should do real trailers

Автор Water ( назад)
It's already a thriller

Автор Wen Baz ( назад)
dang. I'm so sad it isn't real

Автор Stella Brekke ( назад)
interrupt ie blow stroke incident outside campus

Автор Brown Eagle Ent. ( назад)
lol this is amazing couldn't stop laughing keep it up

Автор Jovial Arevalo ( назад)
Awesomely made.

Автор Aaron D ( назад)
Man... this was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Diamond Carwash ( назад)
HOLY SHIT you need to work for HollyWood that was fuckin awesome

Автор DogeMC - Minecraft ( назад)
i just lost it at 1:43

Автор Inaya Fontaine ( назад)
Peeps, outside actually looks greatfirm

Автор Chyanne DeLong ( назад)
holy crap ._.

Автор Plastic Paradise ( назад)

Автор Jason Wild ( назад)
Bahahaha this shit is gold

Автор cadcTV ( назад)
Oh God, lol

Автор Jay Rocks ( назад)

Автор aventhedeadly ( назад)
this is a spoof ok theres no point in making a point of making fake...lame

Автор Christopher Burns ( назад)
Office Space recut is still the best

Автор jordanstead ( назад)
hahahahaha so awesome

Автор Ray D-V (Rayman) ( назад)
Haha! Do more! ❤️ it!

Автор Kyle Parsly ( назад)
that was amazing

Автор Blackoutdmc ( назад)

Автор GymnastKarlaTV ( назад)
It is not scary and this is not a new movie! Its just the Elf movie not a
huor one!!!!

Автор cutefaepink pink ( назад)

Автор Justin Spencer ( назад)
this is fucking great. and people say trailers are easy to make

Автор Три сестры и кошка ( назад)

Автор Maladaptive Daydreamer ( назад)
Poster tagline: "He's Not Your Buddy."

Автор Nick A ( назад)
funniest thing ive ever seen

Автор Crazy SparkleCookie ( назад)
Thriller lol

Автор Vince D ( назад)
ha, yes!

Автор Amie Mallich ( назад)
"Elf" will do to Santa what "Jaws" did to swimming.

Автор ιnтoхιcaтed gaмιng ( назад)
this is one of those rare occasions I click the like button before the
video even starts... you're welcome.

Автор Diego Sanchez ( назад)

Автор Emerald Guild ( назад)
o meh gerd so sarcy

Автор Hi Baby ( назад)
Holy fuck

Автор Dorian Xanyn ( назад)
do the accidental tourist as a psychological thriller or horror

Автор Mr.Continuing ( назад)
I would watch this.

Автор Kitten202021 ( назад)
Good. Very good. Lol

Автор OHHH DYLAN ( назад)

Автор ps4 thin ( назад)
O ..........

Автор Jonathan Colon ( назад)
I laughed so hard when he took him in bed it really looks scary for that
scene lol

Автор Rubic worker ( назад)
lol this just made my day even if it is a thriller :)

Автор Jake DiFatta ( назад)
This was awesome

Автор Kelsybabe-P ( назад)
This was awesome lol I haven't seen the movie so yeah

Автор Connor Caproon ( назад)
Whoever put this together is amazing.

Автор Teal Stewart ( назад)
i hate the tuck me in part

Автор Brooklyn Jones ( назад)
follow my account

Автор Brooklyn Jones ( назад)
I wanna watch this version

Автор God and Jesus ( назад)
it's about the music

Автор Harry Guidotti ( назад)
This works almost too well.

Автор Sophy Jr ( назад)
hahaha that was amazing

Автор How To Make Tutorials ( назад)
This is hilarious, lol. Awesome post +CineFix.

Автор camilo trujillo ( назад)
this needs to happen

Автор Anthony Eanes ( назад)
that is legit

Автор Nicanor Núñez ( назад)
shut up And take my money

Автор johanes123XD ( назад)
awesooooome xD

Автор Steven nino ( назад)
When I saw the title I thought it was a sequel

Автор Shrek Shrek ( назад)
this is liRaly the best vid ive seen in my life i watched it like
99999999999999999999999 times already

Автор Mark Soares ( назад)
Make a comedy out of Game of Thrones. Good luck. :-P

Автор Rob Fehily ( назад)
Very professionally made!

Автор Jon Doe ( назад)
Would love to know where you got the background music?

Автор adamrawson22yahoocom ( назад)
That tucked in scene was pure gold

Автор Gustavo Villegas ( назад)
Reminds me of Ocarina of Time in which instead of a Hylian raised with
Kokiri children, the movie is about a human raised with elves.

Автор Crayo Gaming Channel ( назад)
Oh my god this is amazing

Автор The Daily Chloe Show ( назад)
that was good actually lol

Автор Rebecca Menkel ( назад)
that was amazing and you know what I feel like I'd like that movie so much

Автор Razorian Buck ( назад)
Thank You for not click baiding this video! good job on the editing!

Автор lil Alien ( назад)
This is hilarious. But the beginning reminded me of 50 shades of grey lmao

Автор T3h_GrayWo1f3 ( назад)

Автор crudboy12 ( назад)
Worst film ever.

Автор Jane Luo ( назад)
Don't be so serious guys, it's a comedy lol. Don't be scared by the
background music haha.....

Автор Joe Judge ( назад)
This is gold 👌

Автор Sur Psychotomy ( назад)
There's no way it could be worse as a thriller,it would make more sense
really. Sure sounds like a scary premise!

Автор messynate ( назад)
didnt feel it, good editing though

Автор Three Tykes ( назад)
haha. that's great.

Автор Cameron Reuter ( назад)
that would make me not watch it

Автор N8 the Gr8 ( назад)
This was funny.

Автор finallyanaccount ( назад)
Yooooooo😂😂😂 ... great work!

Автор El Debtor ( назад)

Автор Sydney Music ( назад)
oh my gosh this is freaking awesome!

Автор Name Goes here dude ( назад)
No matter what genre Ferrell's in, you can't help but laugh at him 😂 I
miss this film

Автор Almost Alucard ( назад)
Walter's gonna have some serious PTSD from that tickle fight.

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