GM 4L60-E Transmission Re-Assembly (Rebuild) - Transmission Repair

On this video we go through the re assembly of a 4L60E Transmission. I tried to make this video shorter for you so I skipped the bushing installation and installing the bolts on the valve body. But you can go to the teardown video for reference on where each bolt goes, since they're different sizes. I will make a follow up video on bushing installation.

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Автор SYCK EPIPHANY (19 дней)
27:13 the steel with the flat plate for me is thicker than the others. Do I
have a wrong part or is it normal?

Автор steve rohaley (1 месяц)
This video has been great! Play, pause, play, pause. I rebuilt my 4l60e
with you pretty much! Ha ha. Thanks man. If you lived in Vegas I would
totally take my stuff to you if needed. 

Автор Samniss Arandeen (3 месяца)
Would it be possible to replace the torque converter of a 4L60E with a
launch clutch? And do you also do manual transmissions, or are you autos

Автор Frank Maggio (27 дней)
I can't wait to drop the transmission and tackle this project. Thank you so
much for this video. I will post up when I am done with it. 

Автор bujashaka (3 месяца)
Would love to see more in-depth videos on aisin warner 55-50sn

Автор DurpandDurp (4 месяца)
Quick question for Ya in this video you rebuild a 4l60e now if I wanted to
build a 4l60 but for 600 hp would it be the same process just with higher
rates parts?

Автор Pete Moss (27 дней)
Hello Hiram -
A very well superb video, I enjoyed watching from start to finish, you
did a good step by step rebuild of the transmission, good job .
I have a problem and hope you have time to answer me back, I have a 2003
Ford Windstar, having to be parked and idling there was a slight smell of
something burning, a puff of smoke came from the front of the grill, opened
the hood and saw nothing, driving it shifts through all the gears ok but
later the next day the OD light lit up on the dash board soon after having
to stop at a red light the van would not go forward nor reverse - have you
any idea to what is wrong .
Thank You,

Автор malagong (3 месяца)
Hola Hiram exelente video tengo una camioneta silverado 2007 aca en mexico
es 2500, v8 5.3 y me acaba de fallar la transmison le pusieron el scanner y
arrojo el codigo p0894, siento en la marcha que patina un poco en tercera,
y golpea muy fuerte cuando cambia de primera a segunda, me estoy animando a
repararla por mi cuenta pero quisiera ver si me puedes orientar un poco con
mi falla de antemano muchas gracias 

Автор smokeyjohnblue (1 месяц)
Awesome video I wonder is it true that 4l60e In 4x4 has thicker case and
different output shaft than rwd only

Автор GBI (1 месяц)
Direct no frills no bs get er done! Thank you !!!

Автор Brandon MacEachern (2 месяца)
My local mechanic just rebuilt the transmission in my 94 Caprice (4l60e),
and I knew a lot was involved in it, but not quite this much. Massive
kudos to those who did it for me, and did it in under a week! Impressive.

Автор Williams Dias (2 месяца)
his blue product that you put in the rings is grease or vazeline? 

Автор myef34 (1 месяц)
Good gob 👍 would like to see more videos! 

Автор Tamrat Assefa (2 месяца)
This is a fantastic video. I have always been fascinated by an automatic
transmission. This is an excellent resource for anyone. Thank you for

Автор Curtis Alfred (27 дней)
hi your videos are very professional i run a transmission shop in the
Caribbean and i will like get in contact with you how would that be

Автор bighappie624 (22 дня)
at 56:00 it replays a clip

Автор SkilledEddie (2 месяца)
Man you can tell you are a master of your trade. Question what special
tools would I need to attempt this myself? Also i want to rebuild so it
can handle towing a lot and driving in hilly mountain areas. What parts or
kits should i buy? thank you

Автор ScuderiaPhineasRacin (19 дней)
Help! I need help!
I have a lil' test and have no notes to study form. I was lucky to get the
chance to take the test again later so I photographed the whole test. These
are the questions (the test is in Spanish, but I made my best to translate
1.- What kind of clutches are used by an automatic transmission? (I think
it's hydraulic)
2.- How many clutches are there in a 3-gear automatic transmission?
3.- How many in one that has overdrive?
4.- What stops the movement of the discs and has two neoprene seals?
5.- What makes the applying piston return to its resting position when
6.- What's the name of the space that applying piston is inside of?
7.- When pressure is released, what lets the oil out of the clutch?
8.- What clutch gets the torsion movement of the converter turbine?
9.- What clutch makes for 2nd and 4rd gear?
10.- What clutch is responsible for the overdrive?
11.- What clutches make for 3rd gear?
12.- What clutch has multiple application chambers inside of it?
13.- What clutch does not use a band and it’s guided into the outer “shell”
of the transmission
14.- What’s the concave disc that works like the return springs?
15.- What’s the most common failure for the neoprene seals?
16.- What kind of neoprene seal is the most used?
17.- How many kinds of neoprene seals are there?
18.- How many kinds of snap-rings are there?
19.- What are vulcanized snap-rings made of?
20.- What converts hydraulic pressure into mechanic force?
21.- What’s the name of those rings that stop the drums in the transmission?
22.- All bands have to be adjusted, right?
23.- What stops the front clutch to make 2nd and 4rd gear?
24.- What kind of band is used for the passive clutch in reverse gear?
25.- What spins to one side freely but can’t spin on the other?
26.- What allows the different speed combinations to be possible?
27.- How many types of planetary gears are there?
28.- What’s the most common failure for planetary gears?
29.- What transmits the torsion into the cardan joint bar?
30.- In an electronic transmission, what makes the function of a
speedometer? (VSS, right?)
31.- What sends pressure into the valves of the speed-lock?
32.- What tells the valve-box about the speed of the transmission by
hydraulic pressure?
33.- What’s the name of the thing that blocks the output when Parking?
34.- What prevents oil from spilling out of the extension of the
transmission? (another neoprene seal, right?)
35.- What happens when a valve in the speed-lock gets stuck?
36.- What force moves the valves of the speed-lock?
37.- What kind of speed-lock is used in an electronic transmission?
38.- What happens when the VSS fails? (erratic speed-readings and gears
behavior, right?)
Thanks for your help

Автор Adam Stickl (3 месяца)
Hiram, Great video. It helped me a lot. Keep up the great work!

Автор Rogelio Vargas (3 месяца)
I have a 97 GMC K1500 4x4, for some reason i have my low gears, but i don't
have "reverse" or "drive." Reverse makes a horrible winding/grinding sound,
and drive just sits there as though it is in neutral. 1 and 2 engage but
not very strong.Im assuming it has to do with the "sun shell" that is known
for breaking in the 4L60E Got any tips for this issue. Thanks again for the
video, learned a lot! If you have another video that i haven't seen on
here, could you shoot me the link for it? Thanks!

Автор joshua gibson (19 дней)
Would this also work for the 700r4?

Автор allan sayers (1 месяц)

Автор Jeremy Bowman (15 дней)

Автор Waheed Chaudhry (1 месяц)
Just a stupid question .how many bearing does this 1995 4L60E have in it ?

Автор ciscokitty8 (1 месяц)
Very in depth and interesting to watch how an automatic transmission works.
I'm also wondering, if you ever get the chance, if you could do a
disassembly/rebuild of a 42RE transmission? I'm planning on rebuilding one
in our '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee (270k miles on it, I'd say it's time lol)
sometime soon, and I'd love to see expert hands go at it first.

Really superb job explaining and showing all the details!

Автор Mike N Andrea Hutton (2 месяца)
Did you forget the 3rd and 4th clutch spring assembly in the video? From
about the 20 -23 minute mark....

Автор Williams Dias (2 месяца)
is an Allison transmission?

Автор ThisKidNamedMatt (10 дней)
After you rebuild a transmission aren't you supposed to replace the torque
converter as well? Thanks for the informational video. I will have to re
watch it when I rebuild my 4l60e

Автор Корпорация Позитива (6 месяцев)
Спасибо за видео! Из России с Любовью! ))))))))

Автор tony p (1 месяц)
hello there before I put another transmission in here is the deal. I have a
2003 4x4 Tahoe. bought the truck transmission went out lost 3 and 4th gear.
replaced with a trans out of an 06 yukon denali had no problems until last
Friday. it was snowing good and slick out had truck in 4 hi. went to back
up and the front wheels sliped and then caught traction horrrable breaking
noise and no reverse drove truck home didn't have half mile to go.
transmission whined like a pump straining. got out to see what happened
next day and still whining and now wont shift out of first unles you let
out of the gas. still whining bad. don't know if in fact a gear broke or
possible valve body issue . have not dropped the pan yet till get it up to
work. transfer case still seems to work as 4 wheel drive works but don't
knowif transfer case has anything to do with reverse I can find much
testing on all data to determine possible symptom. any knowlage would be

Автор Jim Vaughn (1 месяц)
Great video, can this transmission be used with an electric motor without a
torque converter?

Автор Zahid Khan (1 месяц)

Автор tompaine111 (3 месяца)
I hope this guy is making top dollar in this industry...excellent
instructor...that makes him more than the typical wrench turner..it makes
him a master..

thanks Hiram...I am doing my first trans rebuild and feeling super
confident I know all of those good details for a good outcome.
Question for you: can you recommend a good reputable source for your
rebuild parts..I have no experience with suppliers, and don't want to get
burned on cheap parts..or overpriced ...


Автор Charles Cain (3 месяца)
:>) Doubled up?? From 56min to 1hr 06min mark. It was a good thing, notice
some stuff I missed first time through.

Автор Donald Wolf (3 дня)
great video

Автор Orlando Delgado (1 месяц)
Haram, thank you for the real life tranny rebuilt video. This was very
straight forward and ultimately educational. I will be watching your other
videos. Thanks once again buddy.

Автор Alan Medeiros (20 дней)
Great video there Hiram, everybody needs a friend or a trans guy like you,
I need to watch your videos a couple more times before I work up the
kahonies to do my 4l60E. In Hawaii the trans shops make you bleed for your
trans work. Aloha Bra

Автор Nick Dama (14 дней)
cool thanks for the vid

Автор Kenneth Henny (2 месяца)
been here done this worked for gm 24 years drill the spacer plate n fix it
in the car

Автор john albarado (1 месяц)
Have a 1996 Impala ...i need a TCC Regulator valve kit too...have code
1870....i here that the on /off spring kit is to much pressure ...so what
would you put in your car ...daily driver in a emissions state...thnks...

Автор SinKing 57 (27 дней)
love your videos!!

Автор MrHitmanmatt (10 дней)
hey whats up with a 4l60 e 4x4 2004 trans ?

Автор derrick maneice (1 день)

Автор Phil A (27 дней)
2003 BMW X5 3.0.
When tranny is cold and shift into D it will not move forward without
reving it to kingdom come but only moves very little.. If you shift into M
or S for a moment then back into D it works perfectly. What could be the
problem? I heard this was a problem addressed by BMW back then. Thanks in
advance. Phil.

Автор 1Source SEO Houston (2 месяца)
Nice 299K views and 20K subscribers. Great job.

Автор Allan Picado (3 месяца)
Great job Mr Gutierrez , defelently I'm enjoing your videos .I have a 2001
low millage Chevy Suburban with a 4L60E that shifts perfect only on 1n2 and
reverse, when it shifts to 3rd to 4rd it just sleep out and the rpm goes up
.prety much I have to play with the gas pedal to get it in gear againg . I
changed the oil two times and it came out clean , no residues .Some people
toldme it's on limp mode. I have no clue.

Автор steve rohaley (1 месяц)
Damn good video! You really know your stuff man 

Автор sarfraz hyder (6 дней)
very nice

Автор Santiago Ruiz (3 месяца)
I have a question. I rebuilt a 4L60 transmission on a 2005 Chevy Surburban.
When it goes into 2nd it seems like it slips. How do I rest the
Transmission Adaptation you spoke about in this video.

Автор TheOnlyRealGreyGhost (3 месяца)
Thanks Hiram...Out of the Park!!!

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