GM 4L60-E Transmission Re-Assembly (Rebuild) - Transmission Repair

On this video we go through the re assembly of a 4L60E Transmission. I tried to make this video shorter for you so I skipped the bushing installation and installing the bolts on the valve body. But you can go to the teardown video for reference on where each bolt goes, since they're different sizes. I will make a follow up video on bushing installation.

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Автор Hiram Gutierrez (9 месяцев)
4L60E Transmission Rebuild.

Автор better soc (5 дней)
thanks for your video, and do you have any Honda or Toyota rebuilding video
[long detailed],,,?

Автор Rex F (19 часов)
Hey again. Rebuilt my 4L60E with your help. Worked great for about 30-days
and then we had no gears and it was leaking at the back. Took it back out,
tore it down to inspect. Expected to find a bad seal somewhere. Those all
looked good. While we were standing around scratching our heads my son
noticed a pump vane sitting on the table and we had not taken that apart.
Tore the pump down and inside found the pump had eaten itself. My only
concern is the "why". Because it scored the pump casing we are replacing it
rather than rebuilding it. Also, from what I can tell it is normal for the
clutch packs to be covered in fluid correct?

Автор P Killa (7 дней)
Thanks for teaching, sir.
Do transmissions differ with car makes, models ?
Or if you can rebuild one transmission, you can rebuild any other ?

Автор justin gembara (2 месяца)
im having a problem with my rebuild and i bought the build in a box from
makco transmission parts. it came with a beast sun shell and it will not
fit with that thrust washer the gold one on top. i only used one black
washer on the bottom. idk what to do im at wits end. ive check my work over
and over.

Автор Dirk Smithson (2 месяца)
I believe I have a bad sunshell, however when I pulled the pan there was
alot of metal in the pan, Is this a sign to rebuild?

Автор Leroy Hilt (3 месяца)
Hiram bad ass beak down and rebuild man f - in love it check this out I
ordered all these parts to do a rebuild on my 2004 GMC 4L60E beside the
torque converter do I really need to replace the solenoid? I lost driving
and reverse.

Автор jean morales (13 дней)
+Hiram Gutierrez I need to repair my 4L30E on my trooper 94. Is the same as
that one or not?

Автор Edgar Sosa (13 дней)
Do you have any tutorials on how to rebuild a trasmission for a 2000 jeep

Автор Richard Vert (3 месяца)
Thanks Buddy . I have a nasty little secret . I've been bending the tabs on
the band since the mid 80's. Next one I get I'll use your method. Thanks
again . 

Автор 100vigura (3 месяца)
how much Nm or Ft/lbs you use to screw on valve body ?

Автор Marinaco13 (1 месяц)
Good job. Thnks for the Video.

Have a question: dont you normaly soak the freaktions in ATF ,before use ?

46:31 Yo dude y`r car got stolen...

P.S. Get a camera operator.

Автор CryptixGalaxy (3 месяца)
Dude. This video was extremely well filmed and extremely well explained.
You did a very good job. Thank you for the help.

Автор Cheeky Lines (3 месяца)
Is the 5L40e similar to the 4L60e?

Автор Tim Sigers (1 месяц)
Hiram, great video. It's very comprehensive and through. I used this
video and a guide book to rebuild my own 4L60e. I think i might have made
a mistake though. The pump was bad, but I rebuild the entire trans. Now,
reverse works, and if you shift MANUALLY, it will go into every gear. But
if you put it straight into D or OD, the car will not move. Any thoughts
about what I might have done wrong? Any advise you can give me would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you for the great videos, keep it up!

Автор hieu nguyen trong (2 месяца)

Автор precilla gutierrez (1 месяц)
Hiram one question. Can anyone rebuild their transmission as long as they
follow every step on this video? My husband just rebuilt his 95 gmc 4l60e
transmission and he used your guide to do so. My step dad happens to be a
mechanic and he swears not anyone can do it. :\ that makes me uneasy. I
helped rebuild it we did it together to make sure we had two eyes for every
step. Just need some reassurance.

Автор Leroy Hilt (2 месяца)
Do the bell house on the 4L60E really have to come off because I can not
for the life in me get that one damage T-50 bolt off.

Автор Lee Murphy (4 месяца)
hey Hiram great video. I used this to rebuild my 94 1500. I also did the
mod on the 2-4 accumulator. When I got everything back together I only have
manual first and reverse. Any thoughts as to where I went wrong?

Автор Allen McKinney (3 месяца)
Maybe you can answer a question I've had for awhile. My 94 s10 with a 4l60e
has been parked for 2-3 years now and was parked by the tranny oil pump
going out on me. Would it be ok to run with a new pump and could a 4l60e
built for a 4.3 v6 handle a sbc 350? The tranny only has 15k on it when the
pump went out.

Автор Martha Manshack (3 месяца)
I want to see how you put the bearings and seals in

Автор John Hasson (4 месяца)
Awesome videos, excellent communication and pretty good photography. Ive
been a transmission shop manager for 22 years, but i havent built a
transmission since i did an atx and 904 back in 1996. just after i found
this video, my sunshell broke in my 2001 Jimmy. I had a mechanic pull it
out, i rebuilt it myself and had it reinstalled. $1,600 job cost me $350.
your videos are awesome. need a good videos just like this for 4t65e,
5r55w, 604 and 518s

Автор Matthew Payne (4 месяца)
4L60E Bellhousing TP50 Torx Plus 3/8" Square Drive Socket

Автор George Mendez (4 месяца)
Hiram. You have inspired me to rebuild my 6e on my 95 blazer, I had you
video up and tried to keep up with you on everything I did have to pause
you and sometimes replay I got it done with every step you showed. As for
the valve body I did notice on one of my bores for a shift solenoid seems
to be mission a spring the other side has it but not 1-2. I had a lot of
friction materials clogging up my valve body so I removed everything one
thing at a time and never got that spring from 1-2 solenoid is that normal?

Автор k hill (4 месяца)
Thank you! I know its nuts and bolt and don't over complicate it.

Автор Aaron Averett (4 месяца)
That was seriously the most fascinating thing I've seen in weeks.

Now I kind of want to buy a broken automatic and try my hand at rebuilding

Автор Michael Tarillion (4 месяца)
very coherent video. Lighting is good. HD clarity and your communication
of the rebuild process is excellent.

Автор Justin Mullins (4 месяца)
I just realised I did miss my plastic thrust washer behind the pump. Is
that gonna be a problem? I have the trans installed in a 1999 gmc sierra.

Автор Paul O (4 месяца)
Hiram, one more question. After I get the trans re-installed, is it
necessary to reset the TAP tables? I do have an OTC scan tool but I doubt
it has the ability to do this. My guess is the pressure will be very high
for the 2-3 shift due to the slipping clutches. Any risk of damage while
the control module does its re-learn?

Автор Edgar Sosa (3 месяца)
Do you have any videos on how to reassemble the valve body for this

Автор James coles (4 месяца)
What's the best reasonable priced rebuild kit 95 4l60e four wheel drive
used to tow a complete kit with torque converter I'm wanting I have a duty
application thanks for your time

Автор raja akhlaq (12 дней)
very informative,,,, thanks a lot buddy,,,really appreciated your effort

Автор SS Maro (5 дней)
thanks for your video, and do you have any Honda or Toyota rebuilding video
[long detailed],,,?

Автор Bobby Loya (14 дней)
thank you for the very well detailed video on this type of transmission it
will be very helpful on the one in my wife's 

Автор Matthew Payne (4 месяца)
Blue Assembly Lube

Автор Clayton Holmes (26 дней)
I watched this video, and I learned so much. I am working on a 98
corvette, and after watching this video, I am highly thinking about going
through the entire transmission. The previous owner said if you manually
put the car in 1st gear, then shift to 2nd gear, it would not shift until
6500 RPMs, so he would have to time it just right so he didnt hit the rev
limiter. I took the valve body out, and there were some modifications done
to the valve body. It has a transgo seperator plate and the 2-4 servo
return spring was missing. After watching your video, you confirmed my
suspicions on the return spring. I was not forsure there was one there.
Anything in the valve body that can cause this? I am putting the P1870
shift kit in it while the valve body is out. The car has less than 100K
miles, and the fluid was not burnt and there was normal amounts of friction
material in the pan. 

Автор Paul O (4 месяца)
Hiram, fantastic and informative videos. Thank you very much! I noticed
in this video that the ribs inside the input drum where the 3-4 clutches
are located had some wear from the steels. How much wear on these ribs is
acceptable before replacement is necessary?

Also, how much wear is acceptable on the input ring gear? I ask this
because I'm working on an '03 4L60E that cooked the 3-4 clutches. The
teeth on the frictions stripped out and there's some wear on the input ring

Thanks again for the excellent work.

Автор feverz28 (1 месяц)
Excellent videos!

Question. Can i use the same spring compressor that you used to remove the
snap ring to instal the snap ring during reassembly?

Автор trackable (1 месяц)
GM 4L60-E Transmission Re-Assembly (Rebuild) - Transmission Repair -
YouTube - On this video we go through the re assembly of a 4L60E
Transmission. I tried to make this video shorter for you so I skipped the
bushing installation and ins...

Автор Tim Mckinney (1 месяц)
Awesome video!

Автор Ricky Davis (1 год)
so many parts see fun

Автор mralston69 (10 месяцев)
Best transmission video ive ever seen - OUTSTANDING - Thanks

Автор ImyurZero (1 год)
Thanks for another rebuild video!

Автор dymondmemories (11 месяцев)
Thanks for the great detailed videos (breakdown/ rebuild). You make it look
easy! Still, I think I'll do a practice run before doing rebuilding and
installing on a client vehicle.

Автор ROBERT CLINTON TUCKER (10 месяцев)
mr. Gutierrez! I have a ford explorer 1998 that gears with all the drive
gears but cannot reverse. I am not a mechanic, but I will really need your
help about this problem. I live in Sweden and I really appreciate it of u
taking ur time to show us this tutorial.

Автор Steven Mozdzierz (10 месяцев)
He explains why the two lubes are used in other videos and if you go to his
page, you will find them. He states that he stays away from the red lube,
because it can make you think that it is a leak, since the trans fluid is
red. I will briefly explain here what the two are used for. The blue
assembly lube is not as thick as the green. The green is used to hold some
assemblies in place and the blue is used to lube the assemblies.

Автор chris chapman (7 месяцев)
cant see how the anti plum spring goes in can u please please show that

Автор iciggs mail (11 месяцев)
Fantastic video, sir. Just had my 4L60 rebuilt, and I wanted to see what
all is involved. Lost reverse. 3/4 clutches were bad, lo/rev clutches were
bad, just to name a few. Way different now, it's amazing how it
deteriorated over time. Also watched your teardown video. You make
something so incredibly complex look incredibly easy! I think if you get
bored with this, there's always brain surgery. :-) But then, you might be

Автор patrick montagna (1 год)
hello, if it was not bad, I wonder if you could translate this video for
the portuguese (Brazil), despite difilculdade to understand, is easy to
understand and you explain, I do not even know anything about their
language, Patrick Andrey grateful Montagna .

Автор Michael Carreras (1 год)
Thanks a bunch!! outstanding!

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