GM 4L60-E Transmission Re-Assembly (Rebuild) - Transmission Repair

On this video we go through the re assembly of a 4L60E Transmission. I tried to make this video shorter for you so I skipped the bushing installation and installing the bolts on the valve body. But you can go to the teardown video for reference on where each bolt goes, since they're different sizes. I will make a follow up video on bushing installation.

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Автор Robert Diaz ( назад)
can you do a 2004r for all the g body guys

Автор working shlub ( назад)
this guy is a transmission surgeon.. great job

Автор Jason Harmon ( назад)
Thank you so much man!!

Автор Jason Harmon ( назад)
Hi Hiram, thank you so much for all of the great information!
Do you need to pre soak any of the friction disks with transmission fluid
before install?

Автор Guiding light ( назад)
Thanks or your video
I have been doing transmission work for over 35 years and a few things i
saw you did that i do a little differently you might want to consider and
it is as follow
1- I soak the friction plates in trans oil before i get started leaving
them in fluid for a few hours at least .
2- I also soak the new bands in fluid for few hours
3-I pack the Pump assy once the vines are put in place with transmission
jelly . this help the pump the get quick fluid in the trans assy as soon as
you crank the engine and also those little pieces will not be working dry
that could get overheated before the oil gets to them.like old engine oil
pumps on sixties and seventies vehicles !
4- i also hand cove the valve body gasket will trans jelly then i place
them on the plate this will keep them in place also helps soak the gasket
to seat better !
Any way , you are going great job helping others and wish you good luck !

Автор Nate Silva ( назад)
very helpful, thanks
is this the same for 93 4l60e /blazer ?
is there a link you can share to get all the parts I need?

Автор zinmin htuu ( назад)
I like teaching car engine overhaul

Автор Chloe Sinclair ( назад)
Thank you Hiram!
I have one of these transmissions!
But I am upgrading to a Gear Star 4L60E Level 3 for my vehicle because it's
been dynod @475HP at the rear wheels.
I am only 13 but I love taking things apart and finding out how they work

Автор Andrew Vockings ( назад)
great job Hiram< THANK YOU, i wanted to drop a comment and let you know i
APPRECIATE your efforts this helped me a lot

Автор Mohammad Pishyar ( назад)
Thank you for sharing your information,

Автор Adr Kennel ( назад)
link to valve body videos?

Автор Kenny Marsh ( назад)
could you message me I got a question that maybe you can help me with about
my 4l60e transmission please

Автор drwombat ( назад)
Hiram I can show you how to retrieve those files on your hard drive if
you'd like. I hate losing data too and have gotten pretty good at
recovering it.

Автор Victor Ontiveros ( назад)
hi where u located

Автор cem yapar ( назад)
Many thanks for your work .This video will watched in the next 40-50 years.
Hiram you are here by undying.

Автор Brian Galeano ( назад)
question? i found a 95 gmc c1500 truck, owner says 2nd gear is out, im not
mechanic but i do all my repairs on my cars and was wondering if i someone
like me can tackle a transmission rebuild or repair, how would i go about
fixing a transmission with a bad second gear? thanks

Автор Haji Yusuf ( назад)
Well done and Thank you so much for you Videoes posted. I was extremely
So. Do you re assembly Japanese Car Automatic Transmission as well ?

Автор Faraz Nabibaksh ( назад)
I'm attempting to do my tear down and install on my 2000 maxima no lsd..
but I never did one before and I can't find any instructions.. can you do a
video on that transmission please.

Автор Daryl Cutler ( назад)
Thank you for doing these videos. You covered some small details that you
just don't get from the ATSG manuals.

Автор Mitch Wheeler ( назад)
Is this transmission the same in a 99 blazer

Автор Donald Driver ( назад)
Ok, you make this look so EASY, that I want to try it. I have a "spare"
4L60E which was rebuilt twice already. Can a moderately capable guy do this
in his garage with the help of a good manual and these vids? I might be
persuaded to try it. How much for "refresh" parts?

Автор Ray Ray ( назад)
wow this is extreme.

Автор Boguardis ( назад)
What are the physical differences between the 4t/4l60e?

Автор lance rogers ( назад)
Hi very nice video. I have a 1998 4l60e from my k1500. My transmission shop
told me they would have to re program the shifter in the transmission to
get it to shift properly. is this true?

Автор Manger Manger ( назад)
What is the use blue material used by Ktla

Автор jorge fonseca ( назад)
no me canso de mirar tus buenissimos vedeos Hiran, y lo digo para que todos
sepan no hay mecanico que entenda mas que tu en esta materia lo puedo
comprobar aqui em noruega son todos unos torpes no sabem nada so que sabem
es cambiar las cajas de cambio y mandarlas para donde las reparam y casi
todas vienem com malo funcionamento!! no quiero ofender a nadie pero um
profissional como tu Hiran no hay asta el momento. yo tengo um suburban del
año 95 y cambie mi cambio automatico por la NV4500 manual porque aqui nada
sabe reparar nada. saludos y continua com tus buenos vedeos

Автор Danny Brown ( назад)
i have a question if one of my shift solenoid valves is loose will that
make me lose 3rd and 4th?

Автор Craig Blouvet ( назад)
Geez there's so many parts and bolts. idk how you keep it all organized and
know where it goes haha. great video, thanks for stating what to look for
and causes of damage. very very good video.

Автор steve rohaley ( назад)
what's your opinion on pinless accumulator?

Автор Chuck Marquart ( назад)
I have a 99 Silverado 4 wheel drive transmission was rebuilt but it goes
into 2nd gear kind of sluggish... I don't like the way it shifts into 2nd
gear what could be my problem thank you

Автор Trevor Weinzierl ( назад)
where did you get the o ring resizing tool and input o ring installer tool?

Автор glen llanos ( назад)
a transmission............... a world!....

Автор Everardo Camacho (1557 лет назад)
hi hiram nice video, my 2005 yukon 4.8 automatic tranny, I was driving and
all of the sudden the truck stop advancing just rev it up, I stop and the
truck did not move in any gear, later on in start and works fine again for
about one mile, check oil ,level is fine, not smell burnt, please help me
,what can be the problem, thank you , cheers from ontario ca

Автор AnimeFunTV ( назад)
It is better or just personal preference to soak/not soak the friction
clutches in trans fluid before assembly?

Автор Marco Cisneros ( назад)
hello good only for a question that strikes a transmission in drive and
reverse and hit it hard

Автор manbach17 ( назад)
@Hiram Gutierrez GREAT VIDEO MAN!. Quick question, what would it cause for
the engine to start stalling/dying down/dying out when transmission engage
into drive? my compadre replaced his truck's transmission for a used one
twice already, and he's having these issues with two different used
transmissions. The truck is a 98 F-150. THANK YOU

Автор Evan Hutchinson ( назад)
Very good repair video. It is well paced in the way he lays out his
thoughts of the task at hand and his cool laid back delivery is a plus for
his video. He precisely gives information to the viewer on how he is
proceeding, while explaining the cause and effect of defects that are
present or a potential problem with the internal parts. It is miles ahead
of most repair video, with no needless chatter and silly jokes that
diminishes seriousness in a big way. He ignores the car alarms going off in
the background, because we all know it is a workshop environment and that
is expected. Not the usual over-explained noise of why an inconsequential
vehicle alarm is sounding on a video and pretending to know more than you
do. Hiram is an automotive genius! He names every parts in a knowledgeable
and inspiring way to DIYers like myself, listing their function and what to
look for in their wear rate, further instilling more confidence in his
repair. Very good job Hiram!

Автор Sanjeev Kumar ( назад)
hey i have 96 Honda accord my tranny slips when warm up but when its in
cold it shift good but when its warm engine rpm raise up and hard to shift
from 2nd to 3 and 4th gear what could be the problem ?
i have replace shift solenoid change tranny fluid recommend
but problem still there

Автор eden mcarthur ( назад)
great videos!! this guy is a blessing to the youtube community thanks for
all the great videos wealth of knowledge

Автор pei bossman ( назад)
thanks for this...

Автор Misuki MKO ( назад)
Can you link us to the rebuild kit you used?
I want to purchase the same one.
I have a 95 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab the trans is a 4L60E with the M30
stamped on the side.
This is the same one you just rebuilt correct?

Автор MΔMΔ βΣΔR GΔMΣIΠG ( назад)
very nice knowledge on rebuilding trans. This is going to be my first tore
down and rebuild on my 94 Chevy pickup i have no revere truck but everyone
thing else works.

Автор Joseph Jones ( назад)
if the reverse drum is discolored do you still or can you still use it as
long as it's not warped

Автор Charles Tompkins ( назад)
Hiram, can you verify that the new Sun Shell I have is the hardened one I
need. It is ACDelco part# 24229825/24229604, it does not have the 4
square holes like the one in this video has.Thanks

Автор M ( назад)
Hey Hiram, this was amazing! I watched it just because it was like watching
an amazing guitar solo! I kinda feel like I can rebuild a tranny but only
if I am following along with your video. Thanks!

Автор Roberto Vazquez ( назад)
Hi. Do you have any video on dodge neon 2000 automatic transmisión?

Автор Jason Bloomfield (1352 года назад)
you seems to really know what your doing! maybe ya can help me out with a
couple questions i have about an f4eat transmission. im having a heck of a
time with this thing!

Автор Mario Monti ( назад)
Good, well detailed video.

Автор Roy F. ( назад)
I wish they had videos like these for the 4L60 (without the E). It's the
orphan child of transmisson-dom.

Автор jacob eaves ( назад)
Can you please tell me we had our transmission rebuilt last year on our
2002 Chevy z71 yesterday we changed lanes and snow and slush covered the
underside of the truck. Now the ABS light the brake light are on and the
speedometer stopped working and it's not shifting.. The guy who rebuilt it
says it's not his problem and won't help all he told us was to pull out the
two screws one on each side of the transmission and wipe off the metal
shaving and put them back in. We can find a screw in each side. Now he
won't answer us at all. We can't afford to take it to a shop right now and
I have googled and googled and not sure what it could be.

Автор carlos alberto klinger ramirez ( назад)
very good tanks.

Автор Goodrich Nwaigbudu ( назад)
Great job, but don't have access to the replaceable parts in Nigeria

Автор William Ulery ( назад)
great job thank you very much

Автор Yuriy Kovalov ( назад)
excellent video, thank you! how different is this trans from a 4L30E ?

Автор leopoldo ruiz villanueva ( назад)
muy buen video me ha ayudado bastante, muchas gracias profesor Hiram

Автор ACPOWER ( назад)
Do you leave the 3/4 load release springs out?

Автор Hoang Pham ( назад)
he got a supper supper memory

Автор Dihedral Dodecahedron (1544 года назад)
Hello: Hiram. Very helpful video. Do you have anything related to a GM
T325, from a 1981 Cadillac Seville w/6L engine, front wheel drive? (8-6-4)

Автор Andrew Bourget ( назад)
great video very helpful just got done with mine an it works great thanks

Автор David Hudson ( назад)
Thank You so Very Much.

Автор faisal alryiami ( назад)
i built my 4l60e following this video and its working great thanks allot
god bless

Автор Gabino G. Terriquez ( назад)
does a bad transmission make the truck vibrate??

Автор David Petrie ( назад)
Hiram, I have a 95 4x4 Tahoe with what I believe has a 4L60E. I was sitting
at a red light and lost all drive functions. The next day I was about to
pull it home and my brother drove off in it until it got to operating
temperature. I let it cool off and drove it in my driveway. I hope you or
someone in the comments can shed some light on my problem. Great job on the

Автор Andrew Bourget ( назад)
I am having trouble with the output shaft it won't go in far enough to get
the snap ring on any suggestions

Автор Ashley Simpson ( назад)
Can I use this video to rebuild my 2004 4l60e? What are the differences?

Автор Ray Hindle ( назад)
AMAZING!.........I bet this guy could strip and assemble this transmission
with his eyes closed. Whew what a job, too technical for me but I
thoroughly enjoyed watching this expert. You can now see why rebuilding a
gearbox whether manual or auto is a field on it's own. thanks for sharing
your skill and knowledge.

Ray H. from the U.K.

Автор Adriana Ruelas ( назад)
This guy really know his stuff!

Автор Shane Grangrad ( назад)
It's always a pleasure to watch a true spanner man at work .. Cheers mate
from east coast Australia

Автор Andrew Lugo ( назад)
Where are you from and how much to rebuild 2004 4l60e transmission

Автор Daryl HAPPYCARSMEMPHIS ( назад)
great video!

Автор santos 27 ( назад)
muy interesante hiram gutierrez saludos desde fort worth texas....me

Автор classic287 ( назад)
Wow, a man with knowledge and experience.....

Автор Andre Pretinho ( назад)
a friend of Brazil recommend your youtube channel signed up for your
channel ... and I speak highly of his work

Автор Andre Pretinho ( назад)

Автор dion peterson ( назад)
do the rebuild kits on ebay cover the whole transmission

Автор Frank Cardona ( назад)
nice work

Автор Nunya Nunya ( назад)
You can tell this man cares about his work.

Автор Cruz Salas ( назад)
my 2010 Silverado dont grab any gears what can it be

Автор Pamela Jean De'Sherlia II ( назад)
I now know it is my anti-clunk spring! That's exactly what is happening to
my tranny! Thank you.

Автор Jim Sergi ( назад)
well done young man

Автор Patrick Cain ( назад)
hi thanks for such a wonderful video it i learnt a lot

Автор Orlando Delgado ( назад)
You rock Hiram!
Have you ever worked on a A40E...? 1994 Toyota 4runner v6 4x2 with
Electronically Controlled Transmision(ETC).
I want to rebuild it.
Any advice will be much appreciated.

Автор ‫خالدمحمد الرحيلي‬‎ ( назад)
good work thankyou عمل رائع شكرا

Автор chris rodriguez ( назад)
This is a great detailed video. I know that it's an old video put would
like to know where I can purchase a good kit for my 700r4. This will be my
first time attempting to build one for my 78 c10 with a 350 engine.

Автор Fahad Arab ( назад)
Great Video...

Автор Justin Henderson ( назад)

Автор Pablo Vasquez ( назад)
good afternoon. a few days ago I watched one of your videos. it was mind
blowing the amount of info you provided. today I'm watching this one and
I'm not as scared as before. thank you for taking the time to teach this

Автор adam ( назад)
This guy is awesome

Автор MrJoyroadboy ( назад)
i just finished rebuilding my trans watching your video and it went great
except for now I have no gear action in the overdrive or 3rd gear I only
have 1st and 2nd but I can get it to manually go into 3rd and overdrive but
as soon as overdrive engages it slips into neutral any parts I need to look
into any help would be greatly appreciatted

Автор got2pair ( назад)
impressive video. i dont know your time cost, but this would not be cost
effective here in sweden. but i have to ask, what would it cost to get a
volvo s60 2.4 turbo (gearbox 86 36 763) to take down from the engine,
rebuild and then put it back together?

Автор kurokotail ( назад)

Автор legendario13 ( назад)
I've also used clear acetate sheets to help installing the drum piston
lip-seals, as if they were impromtu ring compresors, would like to try the
filler gauge technique.

Автор Stacie Bartlett ( назад)
Great video by the way I'm pretty sure I could rebuild myself after seeing
this....probably would have to reference back just to be sure but job well
done you make it look so easy 

Автор Stacie Bartlett ( назад)
Am I able to put a 97 tranny in a 03? They're both 4l60e 

Автор Fernando Ledezma ( назад)
+Hiram Gutierrez Hi Hiram thanks for the video i had a question on the ATSG
service Manual for the 4l60e they recommend removeing and discarding the
3-4 Release Spring Assemblies do you recommend doing this?

Автор Fuji Sr. ( назад)
What rebuild kit should I buy for my 4L60E for my 1999 GMC Yukon 4x4?

Автор James Peffley ( назад)
Hey Hiram. When I rebuild my 99 4l60e in my Silverado, I want a good firm
shift. Along with the sk4l60e shift improver kit in the orange box, do you
recommend a corvette servo or just tweek the force motor by 1/4 turn?
Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge.

Автор NATE&KY ( назад)
may i ask what you would charge to do a job like this? For example on a 01
monte carlo ss ?

Автор Felipe Valdez ( назад)
Muy buena esplicacion ! Tengo un dodge ram trans 68RFE problems cambia de 1
a 2 a3 a4 y se queda en 4cuarta y se pone en link mode como se que es la
computadora la reconstrui 2 veses y se que mo los closhes del overdrive .le
puse todo nuevo torque coverter 3 closhes y nuevo solenoide y pressure
solenoid y pressure rise necesito ayuda ?

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