GM 4L60-E Transmission Re-Assembly (Rebuild) - Transmission Repair

On this video we go through the re assembly of a 4L60E Transmission. I tried to make this video shorter for you so I skipped the bushing installation and installing the bolts on the valve body. But you can go to the teardown video for reference on where each bolt goes, since they're different sizes. I will make a follow up video on bushing installation.

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Автор kurokotail ( назад)

Автор legendario13 ( назад)
I've also used clear acetate sheets to help installing the drum piston
lip-seals, as if they were impromtu ring compresors, would like to try the
filler gauge technique.

Автор Stacie Bartlett ( назад)
Great video by the way I'm pretty sure I could rebuild myself after seeing
this....probably would have to reference back just to be sure but job well
done you make it look so easy 

Автор Stacie Bartlett ( назад)
Am I able to put a 97 tranny in a 03? They're both 4l60e 

Автор Fernando Ledezma ( назад)
+Hiram Gutierrez Hi Hiram thanks for the video i had a question on the ATSG
service Manual for the 4l60e they recommend removeing and discarding the
3-4 Release Spring Assemblies do you recommend doing this?

Автор Lee Robinsinso Sr ( назад)
What rebuild kit should I buy for my 4L60E for my 1999 GMC Yukon 4x4?

Автор James Peffley ( назад)
Hey Hiram. When I rebuild my 99 4l60e in my Silverado, I want a good firm
shift. Along with the sk4l60e shift improver kit in the orange box, do you
recommend a corvette servo or just tweek the force motor by 1/4 turn?
Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge.

Автор 26dolla ( назад)
may i ask what you would charge to do a job like this? For example on a 01
monte carlo ss ?

Автор Felipe Valdez ( назад)
Muy buena esplicacion ! Tengo un dodge ram trans 68RFE problems cambia de 1
a 2 a3 a4 y se queda en 4cuarta y se pone en link mode como se que es la
computadora la reconstrui 2 veses y se que mo los closhes del overdrive .le
puse todo nuevo torque coverter 3 closhes y nuevo solenoide y pressure
solenoid y pressure rise necesito ayuda ?

Автор logman2012 ( назад)
O my...wonderful....i have this tanny and i was driving along just fine and
lost all movement. ...No reverse...no nothing....Got a rattling sound which
appears to be coming from the tranny...pulled cover and the and the clutch
thing is moving when veh is put in year...do u think its the sun gear.

Автор dastgahjoosh ( назад)
I got a blazer with its tranny rebuilt. I have a delay in reverse
engagement and sometimes theres a delay when its shifting from gear 1 to 2
like the rpm goes higher than usual and then finally it sets to gear 2.
Will this get worse and cause more problems as time goes by?

Автор james winkle ( назад)
Hey I'm in dire need of knowing how to rebuild a transmission from a 99
ford explorer I'm about to have a kid and don't have the money for a new
car so could u possibly send me a message or something so I can ask some

Автор Chevelle99X -Daniel ( назад)
Hey Hiram, I just installed a trans temp gauge in my 98 firebird 3.8 with
the 4L60E trans. what is the normal operating tempt ? 180" ?

Автор austin mullins ( назад)
Is there a reason you don't prelube your frictions when you install them?
I always dipped them in clean trans fluid when i installed them;)

Автор austin mullins ( назад)
Is that case sitting in front of you the 4l60e case? that sure does look
like a 700r4 case! i see what looks like a TV cable hole! did that trans
have a TV cable? all the 4l60e cases i have ever built had removable bell
housing also that on there does not!

Автор Frans Mabasso ( назад)
meu bmw e46 318i modelo 1998 tem problemas de patinar quando estou em
andamento e a caixa de velocidade e automatica o como resolver esse

Автор HDBadBoy From The Rgv ( назад)
Best video I've seen on tranny rebuild. Very detail and concise.

Автор HDBadBoy From The Rgv ( назад)
Dude, this is the best detail video I've seen on tranny rebuild. I bought a
91 Chevy for 1300.00 has the 700R4 square pan. You'd start the truck and
put in drive it'd move about 15-20ft then slip same for reverse.

I dropped the cover and replaced the transmission filter and oil and
dropped .5 quart of K&W slip treatment.

Tranny now shifts from 1-2, but not into 3rd or OD. Shift between 1-2 is a
bit delayed but not extreme, shifts from 1-2 at 20-30 MPH.

Thinking I'm gonna replace governor first and see if that corrects the

Thanks for awesome video --2 Thumbs up.

Автор Gerald Fritts ( назад)
I am enjoying this! Fascinating stuff. I'm ready to find someones Tran to
victimize lol

Автор Bob Onthis ( назад)
Almost forgot, the Tahoe has over 300 K on it, not much 4 wheel time.
Thanks Again!

Автор Bob Onthis ( назад)
Hiram, Thanks for all the videos, very informative! I'm in a mess, first my
98 Continental trans went south and 2days later mt 95 Tahoe trans quit and
makes a loud grinding noise in reverse. I'm renting my wife a car so she
can get to work! I thought I would do the easy one first and I'm starting
on the Tahoe 4x4. I use to spin a wrench for Ford, but never on
transmissions. I was wondering if there is one brand of rebuild kits you
use and do the kits come with the parts bagged and marked as to where they
go by groups? I'm retired and in my 60's I'm not looking forward to all
this work, but I don't have the kind of money for two trans rebuilds!
Thanks for all you do!

Автор Tony Wells ( назад)
This so awesome of you to do!

Автор samir alkhatib ( назад)
I have a car with transmission model 200 4r My son steal the keys and he
went out with the car the car came back with full tnansmission failure th
car not moving at all I star deassemble the system I notice parts and
clutches looks new so I stop deassemble and I start to think about valve
body or the pump what do you think problem is THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Автор John Ni ( назад)
Do you have to replace all the electronics on a rebuild on these? also what
kit do you use?

Автор stanthology ( назад)
You are a great teacher. This is a great video. The world needs more people
like you.

Автор Tim Poe ( назад)

Автор michael lewis ( назад)
thank you completed my rebuild added sk shift kit runs better than new
thanks to you

Автор Adalberto Valencia ( назад)
Like very much your videos ...son muy informativos gracias...

Автор Josh Mitchell (1799 лет назад)
Quick question. Almost done rebuilding my 4L60E on my 96 Impala and near
the end when you install the reverse drum back in the case i don't have the
freeplay from the shaft as you stated in you're video around the 1:03 mark.
What could this be. Please get back to me soon enjoying the video but need

Автор Jay Christensen ( назад)
Hiram, Thanks for your video! I never felt enough confidence to venture
into a complete automatic transmission rebuild until I watched you on this
video. Test drove my full rebuild tonight and it works great! You the
tranny man!!

Автор Jamie Tyree ( назад)
Great video Hiram,, I have a question about my 96 Sierra truck,, just had
the trans rebuilt last year, upgraded parts, 3500 stall,, the problem I'm
having now is the other day I was standing by my while it was idling when I
heard a whine come from the trans,, first thought was that the stall had
went bad so I put the stock converter back in,, now I have no over drive
and I still hear the whine going down the highway. Any suggestions? All
help is GREATLY Appreciated as this is my daily driver and the gas mileage
is killing me

Автор Tiko Tico ( назад)

Автор juramirez331 ( назад)
thanks for the vid helped a lot!!!

Автор Frank Perez ( назад)
+Hiram Gutierrez Don't know if you will read this but ill appreciate any
feedback from you. I have Have a 1999 Silverado problem was it wouldn't
change any gears. After opening clutches were burnt sun shell, band were
bad n I can't remember what else Luis did to it. Anyways now it changes
like it should be just that at first it kinda struggles to go, after 15mph
it runs normal. It doesn't have any codes. Works perfect in manual n it
doesn't hesitates in reverse only it drive. It didnt have this problem
before he rebuild it Any clues as to what my bro in law missed? 

Автор Tom Harthan ( назад)
Thank you Hiram! Throughout this past week I have been watching and
learning from your video! Excellent filming job on rebuild and teardown!
Only critique I have is the bearing for the subshell. In your video it is
not covered, but in teardown its location was obvious. Thank you so much
for the great video! I saved 800 bucks with your video! One last question,
however. In my 4l60e (07kcd) it lost a cooler line and burned up 3rd gear,
severely. Should I replace the torque converter in my unit? All other
frictions besides 3rd looked great. Thoughts?

Автор Diana Gutierrez Ramirez ( назад)
tengo una econolayn 250 ford y sele muebe el piñón donde encaja la flecha
nose si es normal y conel mobimiento tira el aseite de trasmisio

Автор HoonsOfWollongong ( назад)
Thanks +Hiram Gutierrez I rebuilt the 4l60e in my Holden SS Commodore and
installed a trans go shift kit thanks to your video. Cheers from down

Автор Tennis Edge (666 лет назад)
Great video man I learned a lot and I completely rebuilt my 700r4 by
watching your videos Thanks for the education now I'm going to go stick it
back in my old 88 chevy suburban and see how she runs 

Автор Ted Carter ( назад)
I'm ready to start my rebuild and I have some Q. 98 Yukon. There r several
kits out there. Witch one do I need? And what brand? And do I need to make
the tranny stronger, or just put stock parts back What's junk and not to
buy. Doeboy462199@yahoo.com. Thank you great videos 

Автор John B ( назад)
Thank you Hiram!!!! Awesome video collection, esp the 4l60e which I just
did with your virtual help.. THANK YOU..

Автор Domingo Perez ( назад)
I did mine and now reverse feels like the brakes are on.

Автор Christopher D ( назад)
Hi. i Love your 4L60e vids. I have a problem with my GM trans., the
parking pawl being sticky. ON any slope-- It Will not come out of park
unless I have my wife put her ass into it and rock it loose. Then it's fine.

1996 Astro LT with 490,000 MILES so I must say, its gonna happen.,) I love
that VAN man.

Автор abdel hak ( назад)
best of tuorial i have ever watch , thank you very match i anderstand how
to assemble an automatic transmission, and i have more clearly picture how
it works now

Автор Osama Saif ( назад)

Автор David Buckingham ( назад)

Автор Martin Beaulieu ( назад)
For the input drum/housing i removed the bearing with the shiny side up,
black side toward housing, this was on an 85 700r4, this correct or was it
possible someone else reversed down the line?

Автор Saw Tun ( назад)
I appreciate. Thank very much for your sharing knowledge, sir

Автор LeoTheNinjaTurtleMan ( назад)
What is the difference between 4L60 and a 4L60e?

Автор tenampa bar ( назад)
88 gay people. Thanks for all your video's.

Автор dan lake ( назад)
Loved the video as I used it to rebuild my 4l60e. My problem is I don't
have reverse. Any clues.

Автор Kevin Frost ( назад)
Transmission Wizard!! Great vid I like how you show us how to use non part
specific tools. Nice to see that for us DIY'ers.

Thanks for the Vid!

Автор Bill Hambler ( назад)
Great tutorial Hiram, thanks. How can I flush out the torque converter
before I reinstall? 

Автор Chevelle99X -Daniel ( назад)
Excellent Assembly,, followed through your process, with a factory service
manual for the 4L60E for 3 hours, and Got just about everything,, thanks
man ! Keep them videos coming !

Автор Cobby Sparks ( назад)
You Sir, are a savior.God Bless you!

Автор earnie derboven ( назад)
hey just wondering my 4l60e tranny started leaking out of the front seal
and i replaced it and the bushing, and now my tranny doesnt shift right it
takes longer to shift, does the band or something affect that?

Автор Giovani Capitanio ( назад)
very very nice well done big like
راااااااائع جيد جدا عمل جميل وواضح والفيديو واضح برافو

I'm doing my victory dance!! I just test drove my rebuild 4l60e 1999 4wd
Tahoe and it is sweet!!! No issues, everything shift good Thanks to you Mr.
Dr. Tranny!! This video is awesome!! I put in transtec kit with raybestos
steels and clutches, new beast sunshell, new drum, new band, bearings,
bushings, accumulator pistons aluminum, all new solenoids, new pressure
switch manifold, and of course Transgo shift kit!! If I can do it then
anyone one can do it by watching this man's video!! Great job Mr. Hiram!!

Автор trifidsagitarius ( назад)
Freaking GOOD video! You should have your own TV show ;)

Автор Jeffrey Atteberry ( назад)
Great video on the 4L60E rebuild. I have a question with a problem I'm
having with my 2004 S-10 4x4. A month ago the overdrive quit working after
238,000 miles on the original build. With that many miles a complete
rebuild should be done. Took it a Chevy dealer who installed (supposed to
be) a factory remanufactured transmission. Everything new. The problem I'm
having is the overdrive will slip or quit working all together after 20
miles of driving at interstate speeds. The computer senses this and applies
max pressure causing the 1-2 shift to be hard. (the truck jerks forward). I
have taken it back to the dealer 2 times now to get it fixed. A month later
it is still not fixed. When the transmission is cold it seems to work fine
and all shifts are firm. After it gets hot from driving for 20 miles,
sometimes less, it still shifts through all gears fine except the overdrive
quits or slips and then computer will increase the pressure. After I have
shut the engine off for a minute all is well for a few miles and the
problem starts all over again.
What is the problem?
Thanks for any advice.

Автор Frank Maggio ( назад)
OK, looking at the "stator support" or the pump, the top brass bushing has
a tight clearance. I believe what you are spinnng is the pump assembly on
the on the input housing shaft.
Any input would help, Thx.

Автор Frank Maggio ( назад)
Hiram. I am at the point of seating the teflon rings. I can not spin the
"stator support" to roll on the bearing like you can do. This is seen at
tme frame "33:55". Mine slides on and is very stiff to spin. What am doing

Автор bshawn41 ( назад)
First time ever seeing a video about rebuilding a transmission. They seem a
lot more complicated than an engine. 

Автор etyrnal ( назад)

Автор derrick maneice ( назад)

Автор drew bailey ( назад)
My question is an attempt to avoid the time and cost of a full trans
rebuild. And by the way, before the original trans fluid drop pan change
back at 205,000 miles, trans and torque converter was smooth and the fluid
was red and not burnt.

Автор drew bailey ( назад)
I am amazed at how good you are at this work. I would like to ask you a
question only if you are ok with taking the time to answer. I have 1994
Z71 silverado (GM 4L60-E). A drop pan trans fluid was performed at 205,000
miles with no known prior trans work done before that. 2,000 miles later,
I first noticed torque converter shuddering and since then I have noticed
it twice total. All gears are shifting well other than the shuddering once
in a while, but the trans fluid is now dark and smells burnt. I put in one
tube of "torque converter shudder fix" today. My question is whether to
keep the same burnt trans fluid in the system or to perform another drop
pan trans fluid change?

Автор Donald Wolf ( назад)
great video

Автор Demetrius Freeman ( назад)
GM 4L60-E Transmission Re-Assembly (Rebuild) - Transmission Repair:

Автор sarfraz hyder ( назад)
very nice

Автор Jaybird3277 ( назад)
Really thorough and helpful. Awesome video.

Автор Mike Pilot ( назад)
Reply ·

Автор ThisKidNamedMatt ( назад)
After you rebuild a transmission aren't you supposed to replace the torque
converter as well? Thanks for the informational video. I will have to re
watch it when I rebuild my 4l60e

Автор MrHitmanmatt ( назад)
hey whats up with a 4l60 e 4x4 2004 trans ?

Автор MrHitmanmatt ( назад)
nice vid

Автор daddy smothers (678 лет назад)
hey hiram i just watch the 4l60e tear down what the fix for the check ball
getting stuck in the spacer plate?

Автор Nick Dama ( назад)
cool thanks for the vid

Автор Jeremy Bowman ( назад)

Автор danielchevy1 ( назад)
Was wondering if you could help me and my dad have rebuilt a 4l60e my dad
use to rebuild them but it has been some time for him and we ran into a
problem everything went together good but we don't have 4th gear this is a
96 Chevy Tahoe 2wd we have a good 1 2 and 3 shift it feels like it wants to
go to forth but then it backs out and goes back to 3rd and the PCM is
commanding the 4th shit we were reading and it said if you put a shift kit
that it feels you to put 3 springs in the I think the 3 2 accumulator with
we did and people are saying if you do that it can keep you from having
forth that we should go back and go down to one just wondering if you ran
into this problem see if you can help me out were going to tear apart the
valve body on Saturday to see if it fixes it thanks for your help

Автор ScuderiaPhineasRacin ( назад)
Help! I need help!
I have a lil' test and have no notes to study form. I was lucky to get the
chance to take the test again later so I photographed the whole test. These
are the questions (the test is in Spanish, but I made my best to translate
1.- What kind of clutches are used by an automatic transmission? (I think
it's hydraulic)
2.- How many clutches are there in a 3-gear automatic transmission?
3.- How many in one that has overdrive?
4.- What stops the movement of the discs and has two neoprene seals?
5.- What makes the applying piston return to its resting position when
6.- What's the name of the space that applying piston is inside of?
7.- When pressure is released, what lets the oil out of the clutch?
8.- What clutch gets the torsion movement of the converter turbine?
9.- What clutch makes for 2nd and 4rd gear?
10.- What clutch is responsible for the overdrive?
11.- What clutches make for 3rd gear?
12.- What clutch has multiple application chambers inside of it?
13.- What clutch does not use a band and it’s guided into the outer “shell”
of the transmission
14.- What’s the concave disc that works like the return springs?
15.- What’s the most common failure for the neoprene seals?
16.- What kind of neoprene seal is the most used?
17.- How many kinds of neoprene seals are there?
18.- How many kinds of snap-rings are there?
19.- What are vulcanized snap-rings made of?
20.- What converts hydraulic pressure into mechanic force?
21.- What’s the name of those rings that stop the drums in the transmission?
22.- All bands have to be adjusted, right?
23.- What stops the front clutch to make 2nd and 4rd gear?
24.- What kind of band is used for the passive clutch in reverse gear?
25.- What spins to one side freely but can’t spin on the other?
26.- What allows the different speed combinations to be possible?
27.- How many types of planetary gears are there?
28.- What’s the most common failure for planetary gears?
29.- What transmits the torsion into the cardan joint bar?
30.- In an electronic transmission, what makes the function of a
speedometer? (VSS, right?)
31.- What sends pressure into the valves of the speed-lock?
32.- What tells the valve-box about the speed of the transmission by
hydraulic pressure?
33.- What’s the name of the thing that blocks the output when Parking?
34.- What prevents oil from spilling out of the extension of the
transmission? (another neoprene seal, right?)
35.- What happens when a valve in the speed-lock gets stuck?
36.- What force moves the valves of the speed-lock?
37.- What kind of speed-lock is used in an electronic transmission?
38.- What happens when the VSS fails? (erratic speed-readings and gears
behavior, right?)
Thanks for your help

Автор joshua gibson ( назад)
Would this also work for the 700r4?

Автор SYCK EPIPHANY ( назад)
27:13 the steel with the flat plate for me is thicker than the others. Do I
have a wrong part or is it normal?

Автор Mack Maxidyne ( назад)
Great video there Hiram, everybody needs a friend or a trans guy like you,
I need to watch your videos a couple more times before I work up the
kahonies to do my 4l60E. In Hawaii the trans shops make you bleed for your
trans work. Aloha Bra

Автор bighappie624 ( назад)
at 56:00 it replays a clip

Автор AIDA BATISTA ( назад)
i need HELP.. i live in the Virgin islands im trying to order a
transmission rebuild kit for a Chevrolet cobalt 2006 Ls sedan 4door 2.2
plz and thx in advance .

Автор Phil A ( назад)
2003 BMW X5 3.0.
When tranny is cold and shift into D it will not move forward without
reving it to kingdom come but only moves very little.. If you shift into M
or S for a moment then back into D it works perfectly. What could be the
problem? I heard this was a problem addressed by BMW back then. Thanks in
advance. Phil.

Автор SinKing 57 ( назад)
love your videos!!

Автор Curtis Alfred ( назад)
hi your videos are very professional i run a transmission shop in the
Caribbean and i will like get in contact with you how would that be

Автор Pete Moss ( назад)
Hello Hiram -
A very well superb video, I enjoyed watching from start to finish, you
did a good step by step rebuild of the transmission, good job .
I have a problem and hope you have time to answer me back, I have a 2003
Ford Windstar, having to be parked and idling there was a slight smell of
something burning, a puff of smoke came from the front of the grill, opened
the hood and saw nothing, driving it shifts through all the gears ok but
later the next day the OD light lit up on the dash board soon after having
to stop at a red light the van would not go forward nor reverse - have you
any idea to what is wrong .
Thank You,

Автор Frank Maggio ( назад)
I can't wait to drop the transmission and tackle this project. Thank you so
much for this video. I will post up when I am done with it. 

Автор Adam Stratton ( назад)
great vid my 02 trailblazers 4l06e is getting rebuilt right now how long
does a rebuilt tranny last 

Автор Zahid Khan ( назад)

Автор smokeyjohnblue ( назад)
Awesome video I wonder is it true that 4l60e In 4x4 has thicker case and
different output shaft than rwd only

Автор tony p ( назад)
hello there before I put another transmission in here is the deal. I have a
2003 4x4 Tahoe. bought the truck transmission went out lost 3 and 4th gear.
replaced with a trans out of an 06 yukon denali had no problems until last
Friday. it was snowing good and slick out had truck in 4 hi. went to back
up and the front wheels sliped and then caught traction horrrable breaking
noise and no reverse drove truck home didn't have half mile to go.
transmission whined like a pump straining. got out to see what happened
next day and still whining and now wont shift out of first unles you let
out of the gas. still whining bad. don't know if in fact a gear broke or
possible valve body issue . have not dropped the pan yet till get it up to
work. transfer case still seems to work as 4 wheel drive works but don't
knowif transfer case has anything to do with reverse I can find much
testing on all data to determine possible symptom. any knowlage would be

Автор steve rohaley ( назад)
This video has been great! Play, pause, play, pause. I rebuilt my 4l60e
with you pretty much! Ha ha. Thanks man. If you lived in Vegas I would
totally take my stuff to you if needed. 

Автор GBI ( назад)
Direct no frills no bs get er done! Thank you !!!

Автор john albarado ( назад)
Have a 1996 Impala ...i need a TCC Regulator valve kit too...have code
1870....i here that the on /off spring kit is to much pressure ...so what
would you put in your car ...daily driver in a emissions state...thnks...

Автор allan sayers ( назад)

Автор myef34 ( назад)
Good gob 👍 would like to see more videos! 

Автор Jim Vaughn ( назад)
Great video, can this transmission be used with an electric motor without a
torque converter?

Автор Orlando Delgado ( назад)
Haram, thank you for the real life tranny rebuilt video. This was very
straight forward and ultimately educational. I will be watching your other
videos. Thanks once again buddy.

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