ASUS Routers - Download Master Tutorial 1

ASUSWRT supported models:
RT-AC66U http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTAC66U
RT-N65U http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTN65U
RT-N66U http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTN66U
RT-N16 http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTN16
RT-N10U B http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTN10U_B
RT-N12HP http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTN12HP
RT-N56U http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTN56U
DSL-N55U http://www.asus.com/Networking/DSLN55U_Annex_A http://www.asus.com/Networking/DSLN55U_Annex_B

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Автор Francesco Canobbio ( назад)
After installing download master on my drive, the router states: The
Download Master is not active.
I've downloaded many files with this tool on a usb key but since i upgraded
to an hdd it's impossible to use, also with the old key.

Автор Jasaj ( назад)

Автор TshirtGiyenKedi ( назад)
What's the different of "download master' and "torrent master' models? 

Автор Mini Banana ( назад)
RT-N10U B - no Download master. I bought this router because I saw this
video. LOL! pls help?

Автор Dragos Chiotoroiu ( назад)
Please remove ASUS RT-N10U from the list now. I am probably neither the
first or the last who bought that router because you said here is
supporting download master. Well, the B "revision" means just black and
exactly the same hardware. Go for DD-WRT and you will be able to do much

Автор KhrazyMe Deco ( назад)
RT-N12HP? are you sure? LOL

Автор Andrew L ( назад)
thank you asus !

Автор Jonathan Kemp ( назад)
I cannot install Download Master. It just sticks on 'Loading APP list...'.
Do I need an empty hard drive, or a particular format?

Автор Aleksey Anisimov ( назад)
this is total crap.

Автор honda2000555 ( назад)
can you please make a tutorial for oben port plz

Автор Sebastian Franke ( назад)
Hey Guys i cant download nzb firmware: with alt.binz no
problem! Whats wrong with the asus ac68u?

Автор Boorock70 ( назад)
I'm a highly disappointed ASUS fan with a brand new RT-AC68U router.
Download Master does NOT work... Just follow the link !

H/W Ver: A1
MFG YEAR: 2014
The Firmware Version : (newest F/W 28,55 (MBytes)
2014.07.18 update )
Download Master Version : (latest available)
HDD : WD Elements 1TB (brand new)

Автор Александр Сельченков ( назад)
Cool feature, but not as much really useful

Автор Lobe Zno ( назад)
is compatible with dsl-n66u? http://www.asus.com/es/Networking/DSLN66U/

Автор Hadi Samadzade ( назад)
I want to buy ac-68u and I need some info please help.
Can I import many HTTP links (about 20 or more) at same time by copy past
to download master?
and is download master uses more than one connection (like IDM or DAP or
etc.) to download links or not?

Автор Slava Sylch ( назад)
how to install download master for asus rt-n10 ub ???

Автор grafite wolfburg ( назад)

Автор Technology197 ( назад)
Recently got the RT-N56U. The download mangager doesn't download. I
selected a bit torrent, shows up on the actions, then disappears. I've
tried the windows version of this and it says device not detected. But the
detect device utility see it. Hmmm. sound Asus still has some bugs to work
out. I'll be glad to do some beta testing form them. Really want to use the
router for torrents.

Автор LAGMI20 ( назад)
Cant add torrent because it says no torrent app please help

Автор Frank Zotynia ( назад)
anyone know the maximum number of torrents an AC68u/r can run at the same
time? i added about 15 at one point and it blew up my install. i had to
reformat the disk to get anything else to add.

Автор haXona ( назад)
It's fairly impossible to actually download anything via magnet links,
which is a shame because magnet links are so much better.

Автор John Koppenhaver ( назад)
Ok, so I downloaded the new firmware from ASUS, how do I instal it?

Автор Ruben Delvalle ( назад)
It asks for a username and pass but it wont take my admin...

Автор i Gordy ( назад)
its slow as hell

Автор Ramon Godoy ( назад)
If you wold like to browse torrentz.eu and have the torrents you click
automatically added to Download Master, there is a script for that on
userscripts . org (userscripts . org / scripts / show / 179668). --- Para
adicionar os torrents que voce clica automaticamente ao roteador, instale o
script "DownloadMaster Torrent/Magnet Downloader" de userscripts . org
(userscripts . org / scripts / show / 179668).

Автор behrooz zahedi ( назад)
u cant use other account for login and use master download from outsite
your local network, u can use just with admin user for login

Автор behrooz zahedi ( назад)
you most update your framework router dude

Автор behrooz zahedi ( назад)
i connect a external hard to my n55u modem router and install master
download its fine no problem , but when i want download a big file line
more than 1 gig , router cant download it always after 380 mb download will
be stop and say its complete ! but why ?! i cant download big files ?!

Автор Nicklas Burell ( назад)
How do i do if it says my WD is "unmounted".... im in huge need of help

Автор Nerys ( назад)
is there a way for me to find a torrent on my cellphone and "send" this
torrent to my asus router at home to begin downloading it onto the flash
drive I have in the router? IE a download master for android that can link
with my home router?

Автор Corey Johnson ( назад)
How about functionality with mirror sites like sourceforge? I haven't been
able to make them work. I submitted a ticket with ASUS but I'm hoping that
could be in the tutorial. Also, wget worked for me from the router but I
can't background the process so that will take some more learning. Really
cool feature! I look forward to using it when I figure out how :)

Автор btstv ( назад)
having problems using this with magnet links...says it supports it but
haven't got one to work yet

Автор ycatthebrave ( назад)
Any way to get this working with an ethernet connected hard drive?

Автор gustave13 ( назад)
scan da USB disk with scandisk in windows

Автор gustave13 ( назад)
it's not ASUS just wrote the supported model with ASUSWRT

Автор TeamNilSkill ( назад)
For some reason, when I click download master after installing, my browser
just says that it can not connect to Any ideas?

Автор Nate W Thibodeau ( назад)
How do you add user accounts to this feature. I want to be able to give
access to a friend to use, but I don't want to give them my admin account
password to login in.

Автор suhas ligade ( назад)
any reasonable router which support torrent

Автор hztn ( назад)
How to start seed with already downloaded files from the new torrentfile?
How to rehash the files? How to add new trackers to a task? How to ... No,
I'm not asking for a creating the new torrents ability, or "utorrent-like
design", etc, but only a basic bittorrents technology abilities.I have this
one router, and his poor p2p functionality makes me sad. =| ps,
official (and merlin is the same)

Автор Rob Cowie ( назад)
Can it handle torrent files from RSS feeds too?

Автор Andria Caccamo ( назад)
this finally let me decide over linksys e4200v2 and netgear WNDR4500

Автор Raklödder ( назад)
or your files shall end up cyberspace !!:D

Автор Scutu ( назад)
read the manual .. lol!!

Автор Ken Wong (849 лет назад)

Автор Ken Wong (867 лет назад)
The box with all-day downloading (mean bt with download master) and webpage
with upnp video streaming (mean media server) are misleading customer, as
they are disable now and planned to put back in future. Very angry with
misleading, I am thinking to refund, other than that, it is ok. best
outlook, operation and performance The admin page cannot support android
browser. Misleading customer

Автор Asus Australia ( назад)

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