"My dear, I think we have a guest..."


Thirty-fifth in a series of clips from the 2004 film version of The Phantom of the Opera. With Gerard Butler as The Phantom, Emmy Rossum as Christine and Patrick Wilson as Raoul.

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 3:23
Комментарии: 174

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Автор avery harrison (1 год)
2:51 lol

Автор Conner Cummings (1 год)
"Start a new life with me buy his freedom with your love. Refuse me and you
send your lover to his death. This is the choice this is the point of no
return." A pretty powerful line in this part.

Автор coolocelot (1 год)
So does no one else think Sparta when he's like "THIS IS THE POINT OF NO

Автор ljqueen McAwsome (1 год)
weelll....If it's raoul :-D

Автор todaXPTO (11 месяцев)
1-Her dress is difrent. 2-The mannequin that was just like her in the
begining of the movie is just an ordinary mannequin know Complitelly love
the film and the music though <3

Автор Icevin Tan (1 год)
Raoul is so stupid *facepalm*

Автор Haven Morris (1 год)
I didn't get the whole "hand at the level of your eye" thing

Автор jfaf89 (1 год)
"The world show no compassion to me!" so sad...

Автор Madolia Steel (1 год)
Okay...Erik ; the son of Dracula :D

Автор victoria Watson (1 год)
Hmm.... Sexy man with a sexy voice.... or the guy that can really sing and
is sexy? Hmm..... Eh...... Umm..... Me: "MAKE UP YOUR DANG MIND!" Thats all
I think when I watch this. XD

Автор Anna Lee (1 год)
I do too.

Автор Anna Lee (1 год)
I do to! There are some scenes where I think. "What If Raoul didn't come?"

Автор Sierra Coate (1 год)
why you guys be hatten on Raoul he is the one whom id trying to save
Christine and unlike the phantom he hasnt murderd anyone:|

Автор Rad Rebecca (1 год)
id still tap that

Автор Ivy Hoss (1 год)
my thoughts exactly!

Автор GoldenBeatrice (1 год)
if only raoul hadn't turned around......

Автор MikeThe Commentor (1 год)
They said that they wanted to emphasise the point that christine makes.
That she is not repulsed by phantoms distorted face, but his distorted soul

Автор christine (1 год)
step aside christine, the phantom's woman is finally here ...

Автор Susan Gressett (1 год)
Even with a messed up face he is still a hottie!

Автор Jessica Jenkinson (1 год)
Gerry makes Erik look GORGEOUS!!!!

Автор Anna Strohm (1 год)
oooo I saw that! IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Автор HopelessRomantic999 (1 год)
They would have gotten married, moved to Coney Island and live happily ever
after with their son Gustave. Just as long as Erik doesn't screw things up
by: Leaving Christine after their wedding night. Bringing Madame Giry and
Meg with them. Some third way he screwed up that I can't think of now,
though it probably had something to do with "Bathing Beauty."

Автор darthvader95722 (1 год)
coincidentally, Gerard Butler played Dracula in Dracula 2000

Автор Haleigh Hayes (10 месяцев)
Anyone else feel like when he says, "My dear, I think we have a guest!"
that he's going to run off and bring a tray of brownies or something?

Автор multihappydayz (1 год)
Have you heard of Love Never Dies? its a sequel to Phantom... you should
think into it

Автор poypoyuchun (1 год)
Patrick Wilson is Broadway star

Автор MultiSuperllama (10 месяцев)
1. because she's wearing the wedding dress 2- in the begining, emmy WAS the
model but they had to get a fake one there :) me too!

Автор TheHiphopgems (1 год)

Автор District12man61 (1 год)
The Phantom of the bad deformity! Lousy makeup artists

Автор Lanigirl (1 год)
If it came with Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom then I am on board.

Автор Charlotte Robinson (1 год)
I really dislike the movie.....

Автор Denisse9092 (1 год)
Big scary man walking towards me, ha its probably a good time to turn
around...........idiot --_--

Автор TheHorselvr77 (1 год)
Your comment made me laugh so hard, that is awesome!!!!!!! XD

Автор Gabryel Smith (1 год)
He was casted out by the world. Why take the one thing he loves?

Автор SuChanNoir (1 год)
Ugh. I can never quite get used to this Phantom and Christine. :| Aw well.
To all their own. ^_^

Автор Zoe Brust (1 год)
He also said "Let me see her", Looking at Christine. Not the brightest, I
would say xD

Автор LakeBodomsReaper (1 год)
Raoul, the new Meg.

Автор Mikee Santos (1 год)
This part of the movie is better than the 25th. But overall, they were both
incredible. Ramin Karimloo and Gerard Butler displayed different versions
of the Phantom but both were great. :)

Автор Anna Lee (1 год)
I want that ring!! And If It came with Phantom that would be a bonus!

Автор Ali Chan (1 год)
@littlekitty170 ikr I would of had my hand to my face the whole time I
might look stupid but I live

Автор Sebela Vamp (10 месяцев)
tottaly agree with your comment on the phantom and christen agreed i <3 the
phantom he is sooo hot and his face isen't evan that bad.

Автор historygirl0126 (1 год)
@LeppyLuck The white dress is the one the Phantom made for her. If you
notice he takes the veil off of a Christine look-alike doll where there was
previously a wedding dress on it. She was forced to wear/ change into it.

Автор siriusinistro1213270 (1 год)
Good job saving her Raoul! HAHA

Автор Raquel Guadalupe (1 год)
3:04 I like that part. =) ''Start a new life with me Buy his freedom with
your love! Refuse me, and you send your lover to his death! THIS IS THE

Автор HaleyLuvsChicken (1 год)
Can't we just appreciate the movie?

Автор MeLoveandPeace (1 год)
You kidding me? Erik is LOVABLE!

Автор MeLoveandPeace (1 год)
Only when they're Erik.

Автор 0oBreakMeo0 (10 месяцев)
I think 99% of the fans wanted Christine to stay with the Phantom I know I
did! But if she doesn't I would have anyway! I love the Phantom <3 He's so
sexy and his face isn't even that bad! Scars are sexy.

Автор Jessica Jenkinson (1 год)
You're a fop XD

Автор Mthical101 (2 года)
Okay i agree she shoud stay with phantom but why does raoul deserve
death???????!?!?!?? ( i HATE raoul but he doesnt deserve death)....

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