"My dear, I think we have a guest..."


Thirty-fifth in a series of clips from the 2004 film version of The Phantom of the Opera. With Gerard Butler as The Phantom, Emmy Rossum as Christine and Patrick Wilson as Raoul.

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Автор MultiSuperllama ( назад)
1. because she's wearing the wedding dress 2- in the begining, emmy WAS the
model but they had to get a fake one there :) me too!

Автор Haleigh Hayes ( назад)
Anyone else feel like when he says, "My dear, I think we have a guest!"
that he's going to run off and bring a tray of brownies or something?

Автор jaamju ( назад)
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks the Phantom is hotter
than Raoul !

Автор Chaos _Castor ( назад)
tottaly agree with your comment on the phantom and christen agreed i <3 the
phantom he is sooo hot and his face isen't evan that bad.

Автор Katie Archer ( назад)
I think 99% of the fans wanted Christine to stay with the Phantom I know I
did! But if she doesn't I would have anyway! I love the Phantom <3 He's so
sexy and his face isn't even that bad! Scars are sexy.

Автор novodiseno novocasas ( назад)

Автор Julia ( назад)
It's supposed to be disgusting, and it's not that either.

Автор Amy Glass ( назад)
it isnt supposed to be scary 

Автор jennisfur ( назад)
An Eternity of THIS before your eyes.... Christine if his face bothers you,
you could always sit to his left...

Автор roflcopterprods ( назад)
And it is at this point that the phantom become a Batman villain...

Автор Liam Meates ( назад)
This is the phantoms payback after the swrd fight

Автор Lauren Mariah ( назад)
He made Christine put the dress on from the mannequin.

Автор todaXPTO ( назад)
1-Her dress is difrent. 2-The mannequin that was just like her in the
begining of the movie is just an ordinary mannequin know Complitelly love
the film and the music though <3

Автор skatebride9205 ( назад)
Come on! That distortion is not even scary!

Автор prettymonsterofevil ( назад)
I really prefer the way Emmy sings "flesh" better than how its done live.
It just doesn't feel right to me live.

Автор Matthew Youngster ( назад)
Of course it helps that its in a film rather then on a stage scene that has
to be set up in 30 seconds. ;) 

Автор Susan Gressett ( назад)
Even with a messed up face he is still a hottie! 

Автор Rad Rebecca ( назад)

Автор Rad Rebecca ( назад)
id still tap that 

Автор Brenda Cuellar ( назад)
I don't have a problem with the character (just a bit because the Phantom
is better XP) it's his singing voice I don't like. Hahaha

Автор xFrootJoose ( назад)
if only raoul hadn't turned around......

Автор coolocelot ( назад)
So does no one else think Sparta when he's like "THIS IS THE POINT OF NO

Автор Marilla Raina ( назад)
You know, Raoul looks an awful lot like a girl at the end of the clip...

Автор MikeThe Commentor ( назад)
They said that they wanted to emphasise the point that christine makes.
That she is not repulsed by phantoms distorted face, but his distorted soul

Автор Wolfgrowl524 ( назад)
I thought it was funny too, but that's because this is what I heard: "Your
lover makes a passionate plea." "He's rather useless."

Автор avery harrison ( назад)
2:51 lol

Автор sweetsrcoolest ( назад)
One of my favorite scenes!!!! 

Автор HolandaChiquita ( назад)
Yes you're right. He looks too good. In the book he is much more
disgusting, he looks more like a skeleton (has no nose, bony hands) and has
almost fatal diseases. I think the goal of this film is to make the Phantom
more approachable, romantic and sexy for some reason... 

Автор Maryna Brand ( назад)
im with you brcuellar625 

Автор xxladybug94 ( назад)
LOL "please Raoul it's useless." idk why but the way she says that cracks
me up xD

Автор Chantelle Le Gall ( назад)
@brcuellar625 amen

Автор twinklepoyy ( назад)
Patrick Wilson is Broadway star

Автор Bri Pickles ( назад)
I can, word for word, recite this entire movie... haha.

Автор TheSourpatch01 ( назад)
i agree! i love this movie and phantom to death but the flaw is the
disfigurement. it just looks like a bad burn, i think they could have done
much better with that.

Автор Sophie ( назад)
coincidentally, Gerard Butler played Dracula in Dracula 2000

Автор durpyMacaw ( назад)
Gerry makes Erik look GORGEOUS!!!!

Автор durpyMacaw ( назад)
You're a fop XD

Автор Lady Steel ( назад)
Okay...Erik ; the son of Dracula :D

Автор LakeBodomsReaper ( назад)
Raoul, the new Meg.

Автор Christine Munford ( назад)
I love how the Phantom keeps random coils of rope in the water. 

Автор Olivia Phoebe-Sibella Miner ( назад)
You have to understand the pain and emotion he was feeling at the time.
This man who had murdered 2 men and had kidnapped the woman he loved twice,
after (it's in the full movie) almost drowning just to get to her, and
being tied up and having a noose around your neck isn't gonna help you sing
any better.

Автор Olivia Phoebe-Sibella Miner ( назад)
Ok, so let me get this straight. You steal your "fiance's" engagement ring
from her, then you kidnap her, and you give her the ring like you got it
for her? 

Автор Kevin Tanguay ( назад)
"It's in your soul that the true distortion lies." Ooooh BURN. /ba dum psh.

Автор Zoe Brust ( назад)
He also said "Let me see her", Looking at Christine. Not the brightest, I
would say xD

Автор * Constellations of Neverland ( назад)
He was SUCH a good singer in my opinion; perhaps because I didn't expect
it. But I thought his voice was the most pleasant to listen to in this

Автор 2DeathComesSlowly1 ( назад)

Автор TheHiphopgems ( назад)

Автор MaahCullenBlack ( назад)
Even ugly Gerard Butler looks stunning..

Автор Ali ZNation ( назад)
@littlekitty170 ikr I would of had my hand to my face the whole time I
might look stupid but I live

Автор CR Steed ( назад)
That dude's got some serious problems...

Автор doctorwho182 ( назад)
raoul is a wonderful singer!

Автор victoria Watson (1059 лет назад)
Hmm.... Sexy man with a sexy voice.... or the guy that can really sing and
is sexy? Hmm..... Eh...... Umm..... Me: "MAKE UP YOUR DANG MIND!" Thats all
I think when I watch this. XD

Автор bigoldinosaur ( назад)
This Phantom has got the coolest lair ever.

Автор Reba Atkins ( назад)
The sad moment where Andre and Firmin are the best singers in the entire

Автор ctn04132 ( назад)
that's just disappointing lol

Автор Rebecca Krysl ( назад)
There is no way that you can make Gerard Butler ugly...No amount of makeup
can hide his sexiness...

Автор HaleyLuvsChicken ( назад)
Can't we just appreciate the movie?

Автор Sarah Selip ( назад)
If Raoul keeps his hand at the level of his eyes, then the Phantom can't
kill him by strangling or by breaking his neck with the noose

Автор Michelle Flemming ( назад)
Patrick Wilson is the best singer in this whole movie. 

Автор Michelle Flemming ( назад)
Seriously, Patrick Wilson can reallllyyyyy sing.... 

Автор gjwandkids ( назад)
I would have chosen the phantom, Raoul can't sing to save his life, thumbs
up if you agree 

Автор Anna Griffith ( назад)
oooo I saw that! IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Автор Yiğit “yittoo” Sözer ( назад)
This is the choice. This is the point of no return. JigSaw is jealous of
this test.

Автор Kevin Tang ( назад)
Raoul is so stupid *facepalm*

Автор K ASMR ( назад)
In the movie, despite the makeup they put on him, you can still tell he's
hot. No matter what the book or stage production says, that fact remains
the same for the movie. Now, I will agree that he isn't supposed to be
"hot". However, in the movie they tried sexifying him. 

Автор Lanibear ( назад)
If it came with Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom then I am on board.

Автор Doglover7597 ( назад)
no offense but Emmy's voice is too high pitched for this, raoul isn't that
great at singing and gerard just isn't that great at being the phantom.
this isn't a very good movie at all. if you want to see an extremely good
version please watch the Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary live at the
Royal Albert Hall

Автор Boo Tedesco ( назад)
when he says "to wallow in blood" i picture him standing in a bathtub full
of blood doing the bernie

Автор Anna Little ( назад)
Raoul's part of the show! Patrick Wilson, in my opinion, was an amazing

Автор Conner Cummings ( назад)
"Start a new life with me buy his freedom with your love. Refuse me and you
send your lover to his death. This is the choice this is the point of no
return." A pretty powerful line in this part. 

Автор Anna Lee ( назад)
I want that ring!! And If It came with Phantom that would be a bonus!

Автор Anna Lee ( назад)
I do to! There are some scenes where I think. "What If Raoul didn't come?"

Автор Ivy Hoss ( назад)
my thoughts exactly!

Автор Stacey Varnell ( назад)
I agree with MeLoveandPeace, No matter who plays the phantom, I'd chose him
the first time he took me into his lair. 

Автор MegBrokenshire ( назад)
the musical was much more passionate and moving. 

Автор Haven Morris ( назад)
I didn't get the whole "hand at the level of your eye" thing

Автор MeLoveandPeace ( назад)
You kidding me? Erik is LOVABLE!

Автор MeLoveandPeace ( назад)
Only when they're Erik.

Автор Alyssa Hannam ( назад)
She looks like she's scared to get her dress wet...

Автор WhiteFalcon534 ( назад)
If said murderer was Erik then hell yes!

Автор Karine Jauron ( назад)
2:48 has always bothered me... I mean, Raoul saw him bending down and
reaching into the water, why the hell would you turn your back?! Insolent

Автор Luke Mawdsley ( назад)
I love how at the moments where the Phantom is the most monstrous, like
when he barks the choice at her, it's his normal featured side that is
hidden in shadow, and the tormented beast he hides is now in control and in
the light. I know it's a simple thing, but it just really works.

Автор Anna Lee ( назад)
I do too.

Автор Brenda Cuellar ( назад)
Raoul....stop singing.

Автор Gabryel Smith ( назад)
He was casted out by the world. Why take the one thing he loves?

Автор Elizabeth Bennett ( назад)
I agree! Except I think Ramin and Sierra have spectacular voices and are
spectacular actors :)

Автор lycheeyoluvskyuhyun ( назад)
Nobody would choose the phantom, unless it's played by Gerard Butler

Автор lycheeyoluvskyuhyun ( назад)
Raoul is rather useless...

Автор jfaf89 ( назад)
"The world show no compassion to me!" so sad...

Автор Alyssa Hannam ( назад)
I'm obsessed with Ramin and Sierra, its so weird listening to this. My
first favorite Phantom, now I think it's Ramin with Gerry being a close

Автор xxJodelleFerlandxx ( назад)
Same here. I guess I prefer excellent voices and decent acting to excellent
(ish) acting and ok voices. At the moment, my favourite on-stage pairing is
Ramin and Sierra, although Sierra's not my favourite Christine. 

Автор christine ( назад)
step aside christine, the phantom's woman is finally here ...

Автор SuChanNoir ( назад)
Ugh. I can never quite get used to this Phantom and Christine. :| Aw well.
To all their own. ^_^

Автор Mikee Santos ( назад)
This part of the movie is better than the 25th. But overall, they were both
incredible. Ramin Karimloo and Gerard Butler displayed different versions
of the Phantom but both were great. :)

Автор dinahmanatee (90 лет назад)
No emotion whatsoever.

Автор redberry0 ( назад)

Автор Jeff Slaughter ( назад)
the phantom most likely would've made her his bride 

Автор ljqueen McAwsome ( назад)
the phantom looks better than raoul in a poofy shirt

Автор faixkurogane ( назад)
I sort of forced my family into it. My dad seriously almost cried... ^-^'
My mom laughed. o-o

Автор HopelessRomantic999 ( назад)
They would have gotten married, moved to Coney Island and live happily ever
after with their son Gustave. Just as long as Erik doesn't screw things up
by: Leaving Christine after their wedding night. Bringing Madame Giry and
Meg with them. Some third way he screwed up that I can't think of now,
though it probably had something to do with "Bathing Beauty." 

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