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Автор sophia channel (3 месяца)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Автор aztec455 (14 часов)
Burning out just to go nowhere. 

Автор jittychitty (18 дней)
You blokes sure get them running good down-under, but they are sure ugly

Автор lambodp (2 месяца)
Of all the sporting events I've seen, this is by far the most interesting
and best to watch. I don't think any football game or baseball or whatever
is better than blazing tires all day. In the end, its not a competition of
speed, but finesse and craftsmanship!

Автор chefo280 (4 месяца)
how to reduce emissions ? stop events like those and stop starting 50 year
old engines ... haters gonna hate 

Автор Ted better than the best (5 месяцев)
You Aussies never heard of drifting? We can do that shit around a whole
track not just in a line

Автор JIMMY JIMMY (1 год)
This video made me so happy

Автор Bera Betta (1 год)
2:26 nice :P

Автор Andrew Goertzen (9 месяцев)
God damn that's gitn er done, fuckn sweet. Two thumbs up from me, peace
from canada

Автор Razor Blade (1 год)
Yo dick head go look up burnout fails then u will see it does take skill
because without skill u will crash and burn u must be a American who does
stand still burnouts and is all talk about "skill"

Автор JIMMY JIMMY (1 год)

Автор KillerDoritoZ (1 год)
Americans are peasants compared to us Aussies

Автор moto rider yz250 (1 год)
fucken Americans because they cant do a good skid so they have to complain

Автор Lexi McRoberts (9 месяцев)
i gotta admit, the aussies do no how to lay down some rubber

Автор Albert Zion (1 год)
what a bloody waste of resources

Автор Sydney Baumgarten (1 год)

Автор quadraphonic hans (1 год)
seriuosly what is the point in all this powerskids there is no real skill
whatsoever try rallying or racing cars where skill is crucially involved
not cool at all

Автор XxhockeybladerxX (1 год)
What's the car at 22 seconds?

Автор 8gunnerz (1 год)
Ford turbos sound shit and don't last!! Lol don't get mad now, this is
Holden's game! 

Автор jlcohns (1 год)
Can someone tell me what kind of car the second one was??

Автор Yagami Fukiyochi (1 год)
i like dat pink burnout

Автор Starleybags (3 года)
Yeaahh big lump of iron

Автор Timo567217 (2 года)
blower whine baby

Автор BbXh0BbIes (2 года)
1:12 only Chevy badge on a Holden i approve of

Автор 11Anti11 (3 года)
that orange truck with the supercharger sounds down right evil!

Автор Blowing Fed (1 год)
1:37 my brothers ;)

Автор Josh Allgood (2 года)
OMG DID YOU SEE THAT!.... It's a Holden badge on a holden :O 2:15

Автор 27five (1 год)
Australians build cars to be driven hard, the same goes for us kiwis. How
can you not understand what a power skid is? Full fucking throttle big HP
loss of traction for the purpose of doing the longest skid possible!

Автор franksurfie987 (1 год)
Evil xa and the green 1000hp xr6turbo for sure the best. Rest of the
Holden's can fuck off

Автор Slaleh Sarhan (2 года)
2:33 GAY !!

Автор Downcut (2 года)
Please post up your powerskid effort for us all to judge!

Автор xDecks (2 года)
that Awesome supercharger sound at 4:55

Автор xrayracer1 (3 года)
just imagine taking off at the lights like that every time!!!!

Автор falcoongt (2 года)

Автор dimensionalyspeaking (2 года)
people are so shallow. risking their the heath for a few hours of watching
their own destruction. and people enjoy it.... sad

Автор Dean Blacktop (2 года)
this is australia for yah

Автор xDecks (2 года)
Yeah Boii

Автор Morgan (2 года)

Автор CoconutsHD (2 года)
I don't understand why you would spend all that money just to do a burnout
and maybe go down the track a few times. This is dumb....

Автор JakesHW99 (1 год)

Автор adzzi1 (2 года)
Sorry mate u said ford, its a bf ute!

Автор wes steenrod (1 год)
Love what u guys are doing...but why all the animosity against Americans?
Cant you just say this is what we do,you guys can do whatever you want.
Fact is we just like to drive/race differently than you...so that makes us
idiots or pussies? Do you really think we cant build cars for this if we
wanted to...cmon man I think you guys just need to chill on all the trash
talk and just enjoy YOUR hobbies,and we will enjoy ours

Автор jazzspazz98 (3 года)
bloody oath

Автор coreybruh (2 года)

Автор progresivebass (2 года)

Автор nooki1102 (2 года)
haha well lets all stop what is fun for us and live life your way shall

Автор jarrod hill (2 года)
died tyres

Автор BAwithBALLS (3 года)
haha Luke clifton taught u the wrong path to follow my yankee fucker

Автор P0lybun (2 года)
I think some of those cars might be running a little bit of boost. No idea
why though.

Автор emanon86 (2 года)
That we are and 3:20 is why we've the worlds best chicks ;)

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