The Ultimate display of POWER - Best powerskids of 2010

Powerskids were started by Gup in his Powercruise events and have fast become one of the most popular events for both spectators and entrants. It's certainly one of the more spectacular driving events to watch.

It is also the ultimate display of horsepower. Anyone can rattle off numbers, however powerskids require cars to have big horsepower and to be setup right.

We have selected the best Powerskids from the events below(all we attended that had a powerskid comp) :

- Gazza Nationals
- Winton Performance Car Mania
- Queensland Powercruise
- Sydney Powercruise
- Summer SKidfest


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Автор brayan garcia ( назад)
si esta chido

Автор Darron Mecak ( назад)
that black xe was the best

Автор Fadi Dubstep, gaming, and more ( назад)
5:55 rip Nathan Allen. It ain't weak to speak

Автор ucnhtmenow1 ( назад)
that was the first 60's mustang (a lot of those cars actually) I've seen
right hand drive

Автор Jayy's Daily ( назад)
Cotton Candy

Автор Bossman Texas ( назад)
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

Автор William Hobza ( назад)
is the orange car at 1:56 a 66 dodge dart? or some aussie off breed.

Автор Gene Still ( назад)
This is awesome. 

Автор aztec455 ( назад)
Burning out just to go nowhere. 

Автор jittychitty ( назад)
You blokes sure get them running good down-under, but they are sure ugly

Автор lambodp ( назад)
Of all the sporting events I've seen, this is by far the most interesting
and best to watch. I don't think any football game or baseball or whatever
is better than blazing tires all day. In the end, its not a competition of
speed, but finesse and craftsmanship!

Автор chefo280 ( назад)
how to reduce emissions ? stop events like those and stop starting 50 year
old engines ... haters gonna hate 

Автор Ted better than the best (1642 года назад)
You Aussies never heard of drifting? We can do that shit around a whole
track not just in a line

Автор Lexi McRoberts ( назад)
i gotta admit, the aussies do no how to lay down some rubber

Автор Andrew Goertzen ( назад)
God damn that's gitn er done, fuckn sweet. Two thumbs up from me, peace
from canada

Автор MaRshall ( назад)
Americans are peasants compared to us Aussies

Автор JIMMY JIMMY ( назад)

Автор JIMMY JIMMY ( назад)
This video made me so happy

Автор Bera Betta ( назад)
2:26 nice :P

Автор Razor Blade ( назад)
Yo dick head go look up burnout fails then u will see it does take skill
because without skill u will crash and burn u must be a American who does
stand still burnouts and is all talk about "skill"

Автор jlcohns ( назад)
Can someone tell me what kind of car the second one was??

Автор moto rider yz250 ( назад)
fucken Americans because they cant do a good skid so they have to complain

Автор Albert Zion ( назад)
what a bloody waste of resources

Автор MIKEY PARISO ( назад)
What's the car at 22 seconds?

Автор LV prime ( назад)
Ford turbos sound shit and don't last!! Lol don't get mad now, this is
Holden's game! 

Автор quadraphonic hans ( назад)
seriuosly what is the point in all this powerskids there is no real skill
whatsoever try rallying or racing cars where skill is crucially involved
not cool at all

Автор Sydney Baumgarten ( назад)

Автор Yagami Fukiyochi (Yukio) ( назад)
i like dat pink burnout

Автор Pappy Smear ( назад)
The thing is we have been building our cars to actually hook up and run
fast and not just blow the tires off. But thanks to videos like this some
of us are getting inspired to build burn out cars and try this out because
it looks fun as hell. Look how fast we picked up drifting after finding out
about it from the Japanese. Side note Holden is owned by General Motors of
the United States using our LS series motors. So given that you can forgive
us for dumping the junk Fords on you guys too. 

Автор Jacob Nicholas ( назад)
Limiter king at 5:50

Автор Raaieed2002@gmail. com Raaieed2002 ( назад)
زق انت ويه كذب

Автор Rory Stoesz ( назад)
amazing what a lil bleech does for a burn out...

Автор UnleashedJames ( назад)
Hate to break it to you but that "vast majority of american cars" was only
in fact 2 cars. The rest were not built in the US, let alone ever been near
the states. No matter what motor is in them we still seem to put on a
better show for the crowds than Americans do. That's why Gup is trying to
bring powercruise into the states cause all of you over there love it so
much. Which is actually nice to see, I'm sure with time you all will be
pulling skids just as good as us!

Автор wes steenrod ( назад)
ok milky...didnt want to take it here but i didnt even know there was a
usa/aussie rivalry...u know why? nobody here gives a rats ass what u do.
all the one sided shit talking is just proof of your inferiority
complex.......and not a single capitol letter,just for you toss

Автор Milky ( назад)
Says the toss who uses a capital letter for each single fucking word.

Автор wes steenrod ( назад)
not to mention the fact that the vast majority of the cars I just seen that
video where American or had American Motors

Автор wes steenrod ( назад)
Love what u guys are doing...but why all the animosity against Americans?
Cant you just say this is what we do,you guys can do whatever you want.
Fact is we just like to drive/race differently than you...so that makes us
idiots or pussies? Do you really think we cant build cars for this if we
wanted to...cmon man I think you guys just need to chill on all the trash
talk and just enjoy YOUR hobbies,and we will enjoy ours

Автор JakesHW99 ( назад)

Автор mike smith ( назад)
Bad ass 

Автор ReaLzEdits ( назад)
any one else agree we win the best country in the world award. bad luck
americans try again next millennium 

Автор john page ( назад)
best of show at 2:34 but all of them were bad ass

Автор James Kuis ( назад)
Americans were doing this way back in the late 60`s ,dude...tis nothing
new...keep up the good work men...jungle jim

Автор Blowing Fed ( назад)
1:37 my brothers ;)

Автор Timsmo0th ( назад)
That first green car killed it!

Автор 27five ( назад)
Australians build cars to be driven hard, the same goes for us kiwis. How
can you not understand what a power skid is? Full fucking throttle big HP
loss of traction for the purpose of doing the longest skid possible!

Автор Barkin Inci ( назад)
Spinning ain't winning.. I don't know where you got it from but Drag Racing
and actually getting such cars to hook up is a huge challenge... So don't
think this is racing. "Anyone can rattle off numbers," pfft.. such a false
statement (If by numbers you mean 1/4 times?)

Автор Twinfire ( назад)
Fuck us Australians...? If that does it for you. I'm not fully up to speed
about the whole internal combustion genealogy BUT I do appreciate
engineering and these people here have built their machines to perform in a
way they like. There are far worse things we can do to kill ozone or aid
global warming etc... The whine of a roots style 8/71 bolted to a methanol
guzzling 403 or the turbo whistle of a boosted 632 it's all music to my
ears. and don't say fuck us, some of us aint pretty 

Автор riquelme duarte ( назад)

Автор Psycho Von Cunt ( назад)
Americans haven't done shit.

Автор Marcus Thompson ( назад)
It may "Blow the doors off them" but different people are into different
things so who cares if they do this. Also it says best powerskids so that
kinda makes one think it will be burnouts so if you dislike them so much
then why are you here?

Автор franksurfie987 ( назад)
Evil xa and the green 1000hp xr6turbo for sure the best. Rest of the
Holden's can fuck off

Автор Eric Foreman ( назад)
some of these cars must have a water injection system to spray the back

Автор BF MC ( назад)
THUMBS UP FOR SUPERCHARGERS :) wicked belt noise.

Автор 73chargerman ( назад)
Well exxxxccccuuuuuussseee me you need to learn some social graces and work
on your character flaws

Автор Ikkey678 ( назад)
That's cause it's fucking straya cunt!

Автор hardwire ( назад)
1000lbs cars with blow 500ci blocks aw yes what a challenge now do it in a
57 sled then ill be impressed 

Автор Dallas White ( назад)
ute its a ute buddy to be specific its a 1 tonner

Автор Dallas White ( назад)
Why thank you my good man.

Автор 420metalguy ( назад)
those half el camino half mustang cars have got to be the shittiest looking
things ive ever seen man

Автор Christopher Watson ( назад)
the truck at 2:56 the rest of the clip is at the biggest crashes, blowups,
flames and close calls of 2010 lol

Автор Struggle Street ( назад)

Автор emanon86 ( назад)
That we are and 3:20 is why we've the worlds best chicks ;)

Автор Marcelo Maricate ( назад)
Holy shit!

Автор 2491cc ( назад)
Flames are gay as fuck. What are you, 8?

Автор CheapCarMods ( назад)
4:19 - 4:26 That is one nice looking mustang

Автор jarrod hill ( назад)
died tyres 

Автор veksu9 ( назад)
How did he pink smoke? 

Автор AndreH5656 ( назад)
sou brasileiro e achei que aki ninguem faria isso.. tudo é mais caro haha

Автор otávio de paulo ( назад)
Sou brasileiro e achei demais 

Автор Josh Allgood ( назад)
OMG DID YOU SEE THAT!.... It's a Holden badge on a holden :O 2:15

Автор falcoongt ( назад)

Автор falcoongt ( назад)
Hsv front on vy ss body 

Автор falcoongt ( назад)

Автор CoconutsHD ( назад)
I don't understand why you would spend all that money just to do a burnout
and maybe go down the track a few times. This is dumb....

Автор Downcut ( назад)
Please post up your powerskid effort for us all to judge!

Автор matthew mckenzie ( назад)
3:27 looks like he was heading for the wall just as the clip ended

Автор Kloseqq ( назад)
You have a beautiful cities, beaches etc and you are bored? :o

Автор Matheus CaKi (2015 лет назад)
I think it is a Holden Maloo

Автор TNTProductions ( назад)
Power ? Where ? All I see is good brake feet.

Автор Sinema4De ( назад)
No we are just awesome! :D

Автор v8luver64 (405 лет назад)
0:04 is that gups car with the turbo named elvis?

Автор coreybruh ( назад)

Автор Morgan ( назад)

Автор xDecks ( назад)
Yeah Boii

Автор CarGuyFromBerlin Jerome ( назад)
blower whine baby

Автор xDecks ( назад)
that Awesome supercharger sound at 4:55

Автор adzzi1 ( назад)
Sorry mate u said ford, its a bf ute!

Автор adzzi1 ( назад)
vz Holden Commodore and they're called ute's!!!

Автор progresivebass ( назад)

Автор Peter Kondouras ( назад)
6:38 take your rice burner home!

Автор kyle fowler ( назад)
1:05-1:08 pissed off hornet

Автор Hardscript ( назад)
certainly is 

Автор yourfacelookslikebut ( назад)
my civic can do better....

Автор Tim Kidane ( назад)
ford falcon 

Автор Alex Abdallah ( назад)
yep :) 

Автор Florian Osmani ( назад)
The Holden at 1:50 has a Good Sound

Автор RicersRUs ( назад)

Автор Kloseqq ( назад)
You Aussies are crazy...

Автор PhantomWires ( назад)
I havent done burnout with car ever. But i liked this video. That just
means... Your argument is invalid..

Автор semtex84 ( назад)
How many cars have you been in that have the power to spin the wheels while
moving, using no brake at all, for hundreds of meters?

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