The Great Wall of China in 4k - DJI Phantom 4

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Filmed entirely on the DJI Phantom 4

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Длительность: 5:41
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Автор and cos ( назад)
Absolutely beautiful.

Автор HYDROPHILIK ( назад)
Great stuff! Well done

Автор Handsome 高富帅QQ138131458 ( назад)

Автор Sky eyes ( назад)
dji is a Chinese company

Автор zhizhao chen ( назад)
That's amazing!

Автор Erhan Deniz ( назад)
Film in Istanbul :)

Автор DerPanzerFahrer1 ( назад)
Which Programm can i use for easy Edit ? Or Automatic Edit the Videos ? :)

Автор Run&Tech Channel ( назад)
come to my channel to see a lot of nothern italy footage!!

Автор Dhurba Shrestha ( назад)
Nepal,kathmandu for your next video

Автор AllenM10 ( назад)
So Beautiful - Thank You! Did you manage to recover the lost ones???

Автор Harmen ( назад)
Great shooting, great music with it!

Автор danny mahaffey ( назад)

Автор George Monteiro ( назад)
Gorgeous footage. Good luck getting the rest of it back. What settings did
you use on the camera especially in the low light areas?

Автор Clay Shentrup ( назад)
To "try to be recovered" not "try and be recovered".

Автор Kevin Cheng ( назад)

Автор oen ang ( назад)

Автор CM Chen ( назад)
Beautiful filming

Автор mogor kto ( назад)

Автор Bent Pin ( назад)
Lesson learned flash bro flash. 1TB SSDs now $100

Автор Houston's Worst Drivers ( назад)
This was EPIC!

Автор Lenylyn Nabatilan ( назад)
I want to come in Beijing someday.... I'll do my best to came that

... I'll promised

Автор dm gen ( назад)
谁有便宜好用的ss 推荐

Автор Ajololz ( назад)

Автор Alico Karatatar ( назад)
göt korkusu neler yaptırıyor,türkler bu kadarmı korkuttu,HUNS=turks

Автор Jagdish Singh Bassi ( назад)
Beautiful filming

Автор dolan_trump ( назад)
trump can totally learn from this

Автор antony forever ( назад)
genial :)

Автор L I G H T - D E F E C T ( назад)
You are supremely talented. Outstanding work!!!

Автор JESTER`S QUEST ( назад)
Awesome filming!

Автор Lena Oxton ( назад)
song is come form movie name "the last samurai" ?

Автор Xiaoyuan Yan ( назад)

Автор jack june ( назад)
很庄严,长城的气势与这个BGM很像 translating:Very solemn, the Great Wall momentum is
similar to the BGM

Автор Utpal Ray ( назад)
what does the word '4k' mean???

Автор Sangi Gunasekara ( назад)
perfect, Sawyerhartman .....Very attractive,, I fell in love with your
filming.after watching your video I'wanted to find out what DJI Phantom 4
means.your work is much appreciated......Sri lanka my country ..perhaps you
might want to film "SIGIRIYA "a fortress built on top of a huge rock....

Автор Timothy Kelley ( назад)
I have to know the title and artist performing the background music,
please? Thanking you in advance. :0)

Автор 荆楚襄情 ( назад)

Автор Stephen Silvers ( назад)
Awesome video

Автор roger federer ( назад)
china is underrated

Автор Jack Quinn Dennis ( назад)
I learned a long time ago on a trip, TWO COPIES of everything I take when

Автор AzamBading ( назад)
so nice footage...I give 5 stars.

Автор Gary Lazo ( назад)
I love your footage but the score for most of them seems a little
depressing and maybe some creative narration might help just footage is
going to be the norm and people are going to get bored .We need to keep
this new art form interesting and unique

Автор Alfred Sun ( назад)
Great Fire Wall

Автор Mark Eskey ( назад)
Absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to visit China. Thank you for filming
and sharing.

Автор SucDa D ( назад)
wow this is amazing!

Автор Darshan Kamble ( назад)

Автор Mountain Flyer ( назад)

Автор Julian Song ( назад)
good job

Автор Richard Hicks ( назад)

Автор Ayush Meena ( назад)

Автор m3h5l5 ( назад)
This is beautiful

Автор Kenneth Kay ( назад)
For a major project like this I'd take along two external hard drives as

Автор Savage Rice Cake ( назад)
I love your work, Sawyer... amazing.

Автор zeng huang ( назад)

Автор Mark Dymek ( назад)
did you get back the rest of the video?

Автор Felipe Cacio ( назад)
Hi, buddy ! amazing job ! Congrats !!!
Can I use this footage ?
Greetings from Brazil !

Автор Jarvis Wu ( назад)
I wanna work for DJI in China !!!

Автор Jason Hunter ( назад)
shoot in 60p, so that we don't get all this jagginess

Автор Patricio Mansilla ( назад)
esos muros son nivel 9. los destruido con mi terremoto al 4

Автор David King ( назад)
come film in Lima Peru

Автор zhe zhou ( назад)
very nice 雾霾 哪里去了?

Автор Robert Haney ( назад)
Can I get some information on how you filmed it? What was your settings at?
24 frames, 30, 60, or 120? Did you color grade this at all? Some of your
footage looks slightly over saturated but the rest looks great. Just
wondering how much work was done in post.

Автор Hayoooo ( назад)
Did you fly out of sight? if yes how far did you go in meters?

Автор Carl Hopkinson ( назад)
Chinese NSA backdoor.

Автор China Holiday Centre ( назад)
Beautiful! <3

Автор Munnaan Khan ( назад)
fucking stunning

Автор Алексей Батищев ( назад)
Какая-то незавершёнка...

Автор Maxime Emixam ( назад)
Oh Dude , you nailed it !!
Stunning footage !!!
keep up the good work!!

Автор Jermel Codrington ( назад)
Yet another awesome video. Keep it up!

Автор antonio gonzalez ( назад)
Espectacular la milenaria Gran Muralla China, su grandesa impacta!

Автор wu zener ( назад)
I love my country,I am a Chinese!

Автор Pananda Mao ( назад)
Dji is also a Chinese company

Автор 龙战于野 ( назад)

Well done Sir
Great adventure
Thanks for sharing
Greetings from Germany

Автор QuestTech ( назад)
Another GREAT Video...Thanks---never seen the wall like that

Автор brian penner ( назад)
Bro this was some movie quality steez.

Автор Steven Jiang ( назад)
So good! Thanks for sharing.

Автор Nora Liew ( назад)
north pole ;)

Автор kator_278 ( назад)
404 Country Not Found

Автор jim parsit ( назад)

Автор Fischer Heisenberg ( назад)
my homeland,i have homesick,good job,dji is the best, a chinese company

Автор Sai Kelly ( назад)
oK RANDOMLY, i saw this video while trying to play an episode of Modern
Family on Kodi. For some reason, your video played before the episode like
an ad. No idea what the deal is there but it was a great watch. Had to find
it, had to see it again, had to know if the hard drive was recovered, etc
SO, found you, subscribing. Keep it up.

Автор MyMomSaysIAmASpecialSnowflake ( назад)
Anyone else notice the other drone at the start of the video

Автор Jiawei Hsu ( назад)
You are awesome!!!

Автор Studiokukila ( назад)

Автор David Capriles ( назад)
what kind of camera is it?

Автор bambibul ( назад)

Автор Kaitlyn Everly ( назад)
Why does the beginning feel like It's the start of a movie

Автор Thilo Gambichler (TG-TONEWORKS) ( назад)
hi there, may i use some sequences of your footage for a rock Music Video
Trailer -of course with full credits for your work! best thilo

Автор Flying Dream ( назад)
Excellent shots.

Автор Rob H ( назад)

Автор Tlc jack ( назад)
Outstanding images, Great

Автор Ömer Saridas (Gezelim Görelim) ( назад)

Автор Mark & Tae ( назад)
Very professional feel to the film....except for the people walking
backward in the village shot! The unveiling feel of the shot was great
however. Footage seems to stutter quite a bit though when watching on my
4k monitor. Not sure if it is framerate or compression or something else.

Автор geamtoon ( назад)
Trump's favorite video....

Автор Rhafael França ( назад)
Perfeito! Parabéns

Автор Slowico ( назад)
Sehr gute Aufnahmen mit der Phantom 4. Daumen hoch sendet Dir Dietmar

Автор HeeyItsErik ( назад)
Was this filmed with the camera on the drone

Автор Andrew kift ( назад)
good footage mate

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