The Great Wall of China in 4k - DJI Phantom 4

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Filmed entirely on the DJI Phantom 4

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Автор Mihail Lupu ( назад)

Автор Kit Emett ( назад)
So beautiful

Автор Jj Li ( назад)
whats the chance of getting mugged carrying one of these for filming in china?

Автор JOHN RAMBO ( назад)
welcome to china

Автор Junn Kit Wong ( назад)
What game engine is this ? it looks so real, just the frame rate a bit low.

Автор NandaKumar Patil ( назад)
wow,,This is AMAZING

Автор Just try and remember the good times... ( назад)
you gotta start adding music info in the description box man this should be an intergalactic YouTube crime.. thousands of viewers probably now wracking their brains over this right now

Автор Иван Лещинский ( назад)
Thank you, very beautiful footage.
why is it about 20fps? I watched other 4k videos in YouTube on my MacBook Pro and all of them are fine(30fps or more)

Автор Brian Sudbrink ( назад)
Nice video

Автор Somii Production ( назад)
wakan valley oman

Автор Joyce L. ( назад)
Beautiful China ... my home land !!

Автор hong Wang ( назад)
very beautiful view.l like it

Автор Domain Rocker ( назад)

Автор Paolo Milan ( назад)

Автор Amy & Bob Walker ( назад)

Автор Damien Huc ( назад)
In my opinion, this is one of the best drone vids on YT.
The result of the alchemy between those gorgeous landscapes/human patrimony and your esthetic vision is stunning! Keep it going bro! :)

Автор Oliver Chu ( назад)
Thousands of years ago, the Great Wall was built for defending

Автор Glenn Curran ( назад)
Astonishing video. Congratulations.

Автор Yasin Sonu ( назад)
Extraordinary, Really cool.

Автор Audio 9999 ( назад)
wow amazing

Автор xin tang ( назад)
crossing the finger for that, really hope people know more about my country

Автор Logan Zou ( назад)
lol I still feel Canada is better

Автор Rosan Thapa ( назад)
wonderful, thanks

Автор Early Salter ( назад)
eastern north Carolina is beautiful.....................

Автор craccky ( назад)
Why shoot it in cinemascope?

Автор Lucas Boccheciampe ( назад)

Автор Csodálatos világunk ( назад)
So Great

Автор Sahaj Kuldeep ( назад)
The fact that India and China have no good relations upsets me very much. Both of them have such great histories... I wish we become friends in the future...

Автор Jianye Li ( назад)
proud of this

Автор InFlight History 4K ( назад)
I'm going to Beijing next week end . Do I need Any permission or authorization for flying Over the Great Wall ? Answer please

Автор 4k demo channel ( назад)
good flycam good wonder

Автор Dead Prepper ( назад)
Has anyone ever traveled the entire length of the wall on foot?

Автор Gundagoni Akhil ( назад)
sheer scale is mind blowing,great visuals anna

Автор Raphael Anchieta ( назад)
Trump and russians trash of the world!

Автор Peter Fritz Walter ( назад)
Fantastic footage obviously shot in 4k and with a Drone! I hope you can recover your hard drive. It is not smart these days any longer to trust hard drive technology. Flash card technology is much more reliable: see that even the new Mac Pro only has flash drives, no more hard drives.

If you spent already so much in travel cost and equipment, why do you copy content from the flash drives to a hard drive? Copy it to internal flash drives or leave it on the cards as a backup.

Admittedly, this is expensive still as you need to buy many cards. But wait only about six months, and the price of the faster cards will drop. Alternatively, and in the meantime, if you do not want to invest that much, shoot in 1080p instead of 4k.

Автор Rubin Oussoren ( назад)
you are obe hell of a drone flyer bro, nice video!!!

Автор African drug lord ( назад)
Trump nutted to this

Автор Steve Benson ( назад)

Автор طوبى للغرباء ( назад)
سبحان الله من خلق وصو وابدع ، سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك وكل ماعلى الأرض يسبح لك ولكن لا يفقهون تسبيحه

Автор Emericj2245 ( назад)
That fucking music just ads the mhm that makes it way better

Автор George Lee ( назад)
I went back to Beijing in 2015 after 20 years living in America. The city changed beyond recognition. I went to see Great Wall for the second time in my life. I was in awe by its magnificent structure and really proud of Chinese. I do not have words to describe how it feels. You have to be there

Автор Julia Ametyst ( назад)
Piękny widok :)

Автор Ève Bouffard ( назад)
This is really inspiring! Amazing job

Автор PsychoPat ( назад)
the construction last over 2000years , started in 450bc to 1644

Автор Psyop Factory ( назад)
Thanks for doing this. You really deserve a good blowjob for this. I'd even go as far as saying you deserve a blowjob by a beautiful woman while another slightly less attractive woman licks your ball sack.

Автор non yobussiness ( назад)
I believe a Mongolian China is a better chin. Bring down that wall.

Автор kkong332 ( назад)
What kind of camera you used ? The footages most are in 3D. A sport cam?

Автор KK Fung ( назад)
Aerial videos are boring if longer than several seconds. Once everybody has a drone, the novelty will wear off. The best use of aerial shots is to be part of a longer scripted video with ground shots. These aerial shots should be post as creative commons clips for other video creators or licensed for a nominal fee.

Автор Rafael Petines II ( назад)
Wow,,,fantastic great one hartman

Автор James benn ( назад)
How long is the range on your drone

Автор Charles M ( назад)
do you need to get a special kind of permit to run drones abroad?

Автор Uzair Hayat ( назад)
+sawyerhartman Its so nice to see people walking backwards after 4:15 😂

Автор G.F.D T.V ( назад)

Автор Johnny Han ( назад)
HAHAHA I like the part when people walk backwards....

Автор My Liked Youtube Videos: Mostly Amazing Music ( назад)
where are u from dude

Автор FRAG's ( назад)

Автор Leoncio Rodriguez ( назад)
Awesome Video Amigo, Come to " El Tajín " Veracruz, México, Believe me , You're Gonna Love it...

Автор Hermann493 ( назад)

Автор Tlc jack ( назад)
Amazingly awesome lov it dude, thanks 4 the upload

Автор Little Fish ( назад)

Автор and cos ( назад)
Absolutely beautiful.

Автор HYDROPHILIK ( назад)
Great stuff! Well done

Автор Handsome 高富帅QQ138131458 ( назад)

Автор Sky eyes ( назад)
dji is a Chinese company

Автор zhizhao chen ( назад)
That's amazing!

Автор Erhan Deniz ( назад)
Film in Istanbul :)

Автор DerPanzerFahrer1 ( назад)
Which Programm can i use for easy Edit ? Or Automatic Edit the Videos ? :)

Автор Run&Tech Channel ( назад)
come to my channel to see a lot of nothern italy footage!!

Автор Dhurba Shrestha ( назад)
Nepal,kathmandu for your next video

Автор AllenM10 ( назад)
So Beautiful - Thank You! Did you manage to recover the lost ones???

Автор Harmen ( назад)
Great shooting, great music with it!

Автор danny mahaffey ( назад)

Автор George Monteiro ( назад)
Gorgeous footage. Good luck getting the rest of it back. What settings did you use on the camera especially in the low light areas?

Автор Clay Shentrup ( назад)
To "try to be recovered" not "try and be recovered".

Автор Kevin Cheng ( назад)

Автор oen ang ( назад)

Автор CM Chen ( назад)
Beautiful filming

Автор mogor kto ( назад)

Автор Bent Pin ( назад)
Lesson learned flash bro flash. 1TB SSDs now $100

Автор Houston's Worst Drivers ( назад)
This was EPIC!

Автор Lenylyn Nabatilan ( назад)
I want to come in Beijing someday.... I'll do my best to came that country....

... I'll promised

Автор dm gen ( назад)
谁有便宜好用的ss 推荐

Автор NoPe AARoN ( назад)

Автор Aliço Karatatar ( назад)
göt korkusu neler yaptırıyor,türkler bu kadarmı korkuttu,HUNS=turks

Автор Jagdish Singh Bassi ( назад)
Beautiful filming

Автор dolan_trump ( назад)
trump can totally learn from this

Автор antony forever ( назад)
genial :)

Автор L I G H T - D E F E C T ( назад)
You are supremely talented. Outstanding work!!!

Автор JESTER`S QUEST ( назад)
Awesome filming!

Автор Lena Oxton ( назад)
song is come form movie name "the last samurai" ?

Автор Xiaoyuan Yan ( назад)

Автор jack june ( назад)
很庄严,长城的气势与这个BGM很像 translating:Very solemn, the Great Wall momentum is similar to the BGM

Автор HD VIDEOS ( назад)
what does the word '4k' mean???

Автор Sangi Gunasekara ( назад)
perfect, Sawyerhartman .....Very attractive,, I fell in love with your filming.after watching your video I'wanted to find out what DJI Phantom 4 means.your work is much appreciated......Sri lanka my country ..perhaps you might want to film "SIGIRIYA "a fortress built on top of a huge rock....

Автор Timothy Kelley ( назад)
I have to know the title and artist performing the background music, please? Thanking you in advance. :0)

Автор 荆楚襄情 ( назад)

Автор Stephen Silvers ( назад)
Awesome video

Автор roger federer ( назад)
china is underrated

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