The Great Wall of China in 4k - DJI Phantom 4

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Автор MANYCAMS ( назад)
03:10 - 03:35 - 04:11 - Where are these places ? BEAUTIFUL VIEWS Thanks XOXO

Автор Wing Alice ( назад)
awesome film, pity what happened to your hard drive.
btw, this BGM is so sad remind me some misery back to those days

Автор CookerWins ( назад)
China is a great country with such amazing history, love it sooo much

Автор Darryl Hetherington ( назад)
Love the music..Go Yandex cloud next trip - Russian -

Автор Yuhong Liu ( назад)
这就是中国的魅力所在!👍👍and so many jealous!

Автор 小草 1024 ( назад)
I have visited the Great Wall twice. Thanks for your video, i am a chinese ,welcome to China my friends

Автор X X ( назад)

Автор suresh babu suresh babu ( назад)
great wall, great. Nice video thanks a lot.

Автор thulasi aunty ( назад)
wonderful video.
it looks like im watching hollywood movie.
thanx for sharing....

Автор Faiza Hussein ( назад)

Автор Jitendra jitu ( назад)
its amazing to see 4k experience

Автор Рустам Пулатов ( назад)

Автор 0TheSailor0 ( назад)
Are these footage taken by normal or professional guy, as if watching national giographic introduction or a Hollywood movie waiting for Jacky chan .

Автор Martina Braun ( назад)
wunderschön und einfach einzigartige Aufnahmen ! Vielen dank dafür es ist ein Erlebnis dieses Video anzuschauen !,

Автор Pastor Mungi Amos ( назад)

Автор Pastor Mungi Amos ( назад)

Автор samspace81 ( назад)

Автор 刘兵 ( назад)

Автор Gray Yip ( назад)

Автор Johnny Mars ( назад)
Nice. It was a magnificent structure and they don't call it great wall for nothing. I was amazed by how high the wall was built on the mountains. Just building the staircase from the bottom to the top was no easy task, not to say the wall itself over 2000 years ago.

Автор Hit News ( назад)
great work!

Автор VAZEE MAYN ( назад)
Awesome piece of photography, loved the video...

Автор TEST ( назад)
Amazing, it look like a film.

Автор habrass ( назад)
Hi there.  I am working on a kickstarter promotional video and I was wondering if it would be possible to use a small segment of this video with your permission and a credit?  Thanks:)

Автор unknown Liang ( назад)
The place where my heart belongs . Thank you for the shooting, it is amazing!

Автор om lalu ( назад)
woow one million

Автор GamerLet'sPlay ( назад)
music Name?

Автор photoguy73 ( назад)
Were they able to recover the data from your hard drive? I hope so.

Автор Knox Su Cow ( назад)
Beautiful China. I've always been fascinated by that country's land and the Great Wall. Outstanding.

Автор zoji rushi ( назад)
Considering the wall is slowly disintegrating under the intensity of tourist movement, I propose to the government to limit direct contact for extensive lengths of the wall and to appreciate the wall from afar. I think it's a stupid idea to let people come into direct contact of an antique, however sturdy it supposedly is. Really really stupid. Thanks for the video.

Автор brumbloke ( назад)
america's wall gonna be greater #MAGA

Автор ThePrelude976 ( назад)
soooooooooooo good... thank you sir... great coloring... 😁

Автор Homan Santoko ( назад)

Автор Frank z ( назад)
trump should outsouce the american wall to china

Автор 蔡醒醒 ( назад)

Автор ninnie1943 ( назад)
what is this fabulous music???????????????????????

Автор Fly Greece ( назад)
Wow! You did an amazing job! I really enjoyed your video! The movement at 2:40 is absolute perfection !

Автор Aftab Hussain ( назад)
Great. My dream came true after watching the Great China Wall, Because I cant be there. Thanks for Uploading.

Автор theone2be33 ( назад)
awesome video. thanx. Drone on!

Автор Naveed Ahmad ( назад)
Just because of this video, I'm gonna visit China

Автор Lenny Online ( назад)
Excellent filming. Very nice music too. I didn't know a substantial fortress wall can be so long.

Автор Ju Raven ( назад)
This is an epic video!

Автор kadek sudarwika ( назад)
incredible view! nice shot & and best cinematic i thing. i have a drone video channel too (but not as good as your works) plz checkout if you have a chance

Автор PORTOCALA ( назад)

Автор Bharath Kumar ( назад)
next video plz share this Glass Bridge it is near china, n wonderful capturing

Автор Davender Singh ( назад)
there is very night

Автор Davender Singh ( назад)
oh my god what's that

Автор Carr And Drone ( назад)
How did I only just find this now? This footage is incredible!

Автор RAGHUNATHH ( назад)
wow, what an amazing picturesque? Spectacular, Heavenly.. Thanks

Автор Alfonso Gerardo Martinez ( назад)

Автор Gyula Tóth ( назад)
I read one entrance. not the Chinese, who did not go to the big wall. I went four times favored by tourists Different places, and I'm not Chinese. Someone made a mistake.

Автор bluewind gau ( назад)
what's so great about this video ...shitty video

Автор manoj kale ( назад)

Автор zHizU C. ( назад)
Trump got a erection while watching this

Автор divedeepinside ( назад)
The video is fantastic, thank you for sharing it with us, in the beginning there is another drone flying , it is inevitable and an excellent way of filming something around us . I was on the great wall it is quite a great adventure to walk a section :) extreem steep path ways -several km ters to go till able to come down or of the wall :) . One section of the video is back words :) nice touch man. All in all superb . Good luck and hope that you can get the rest of the footage!

Автор Askprojekt ( назад)
Cinemascope, Hollywood like, awesome footage

Автор Meire Martins Cida Meire Martins ( назад)

Автор Meire Martins Cida Meire Martins ( назад)
Cida Meire Martins 😘

Автор Karam Ali sundrani ( назад)
my favourite palace

Автор Karam Ali sundrani ( назад)
So beautiful

Автор simon gentry ( назад)
beautiful - how long did it take to get clearance ?!? #peace #coffee

Автор Sharon Hunter ( назад)
Beautiful! Love the Score you chose for the video. Very beautiful!

Автор Fi Ka ( назад)
Wowooow AweSome Amazing Bro Keep Going *_* <3

Автор bishnu karki ( назад)
I like to travel someday I will travel whole whorld

Автор Momenul Islam ( назад)
I want to see the greatest jangle of Africa (Amazon). Is it possible ?

Автор Mi Zhou ( назад)

Автор Wellington Ignácio ( назад)
Simply fantastic, congratulations on the work!

Автор Prakash Khadka ( назад)
This is the great wall.beauty of the natural.no words.

Автор 郑戈 ( назад)

Автор Krishna Dhakal ( назад)
amazing Chinese culture and natural beauty

Автор joyswizz ( назад)
After watching more drone footage lately, i feel to have one of this drone cam. Hope my wish will come soon realize....

Автор Tom Heller ( назад)
Gorgeous work and superb execution!

Автор K X ( назад)
The major Great Wall was built during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) with a total length of 8852 km. All remained Chinese Great Walls total more than 21200 km. All Great Walls ever built in Chinese history total more than 50000 km.

Автор Sorin Sim ( назад)
Amazing! Sydney, Australia would be awesome!

Автор Srikar K ( назад)

Автор Mahendra Thakur ( назад)
beautiful video .. clearity, angle.. really wonderful to see the grate wall of china..

Автор Jeffrey Friedman ( назад)

Автор Janry Vidal ( назад)
how i wish i could buy drone like this.. very nice capture.. God Bless...

Автор Janry Vidal ( назад)

Автор Sivan E ( назад)
my dream is to one day travel the world filming my adventures with my drone :) it will also be awesome if can share some tips on drone filming.

Автор Hu ArcherLeo ( назад)

Автор Flippean Flaming Gaming ( назад)
And out of nowhere Air china 666 slammed into the drone sucking it into the engine, it banked to the right and slammed into he Great Wall of China exposing a massive Sweatshop

Автор 朱桂林 ( назад)

Автор 朱桂林 ( назад)

Автор Zeus Almighty ( назад)
Has the rest been recovered?

Автор Tim O'Dell ( назад)
Great video of the Great Wall. I was there 7 years ago.

Автор Віра Буртрник ( назад)
Трохи музичний супровід мені не подобається, но цікавий відеоролик. Непогано.

Автор Yixiao Xuan ( назад)
This is awesome! Just curious, there are lots of tourists in all the places you film, how did you avoid filming them in?

Автор Daniel Filippus ( назад)
You should always have backups

Автор Drew Goh ( назад)
Did anyone spot that other drone in the video at the start? 0:25 til 0:28...

Автор samjhana stha ( назад)

Автор talab121 ( назад)
Good worked , Thank you

Автор 林蛋大 ( назад)

Автор Saeed Khan Mohmand ( назад)
Great Wall was built by Great people of China .....!!

Автор K2Trekker ( назад)
South Korea : Clean, Safe, Calm, and No Chinese.

Автор Anas Anas ( назад)

Автор DKT Edits ( назад)
so sick!!

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