The Great Wall of China in 4k - DJI Phantom 4

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Автор zHizU C. ( назад)
Trump got a erection while watching this

Автор divedeepinside ( назад)
The video is fantastic, thank you for sharing it with us, in the beginning there is another drone flying , it is inevitable and an excellent way of filming something around us . I was on the great wall it is quite a great adventure to walk a section :) extreem steep path ways -several km ters to go till able to come down or of the wall :) . One section of the video is back words :) nice touch man. All in all superb . Good luck and hope that you can get the rest of the footage!

Автор niccolo paganini ( назад)
The trump wall will be greater then the china great wall .

Автор Askprojekt ( назад)
Cinemascope, Hollywood like, awesome footage

Автор Meire Martins Cida Meire Martins ( назад)

Автор Meire Martins Cida Meire Martins ( назад)
Cida Meire Martins 😘

Автор Karam Ali sundrani ( назад)
my favourite palace

Автор Karam Ali sundrani ( назад)
So beautiful

Автор simon gentry ( назад)
beautiful - how long did it take to get clearance ?!? #peace #coffee

Автор Sharon Hunter ( назад)
Beautiful! Love the Score you chose for the video. Very beautiful!

Автор Fi Ka ( назад)
Wowooow AweSome Amazing Bro Keep Going *_* <3

Автор bishnu karki ( назад)
I like to travel someday I will travel whole whorld

Автор Momenul Islam ( назад)
I want to see the greatest jangle of Africa (Amazon). Is it possible ?

Автор Mi Zhou ( назад)

Автор Wellington Ignácio ( назад)
Simply fantastic, congratulations on the work!

Автор Prakash Khadka ( назад)
This is the great wall.beauty of the natural.no words.

Автор 郑戈 ( назад)

Автор Krishna Dhakal ( назад)
amazing Chinese culture and natural beauty

Автор joyswizz ( назад)
After watching more drone footage lately, i feel to have one of this drone cam. Hope my wish will come soon realize....

Автор Tom Heller ( назад)
Gorgeous work and superb execution!

Автор K X ( назад)
The major Great Wall was built during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) with a total length of 8852 km. All remained Chinese Great Walls total more than 21200 km. All Great Walls ever built in Chinese history total more than 50000 km.

Автор Sorin Sim ( назад)
Amazing! Sydney, Australia would be awesome!

Автор Srikar K ( назад)

Автор Mahendra Thakur ( назад)
beautiful video .. clearity, angle.. really wonderful to see the grate wall of china..

Автор Jeffrey Friedman ( назад)

Автор Janry Vidal ( назад)
how i wish i could buy drone like this.. very nice capture.. God Bless...

Автор Janry Vidal ( назад)

Автор Sivan E ( назад)
my dream is to one day travel the world filming my adventures with my drone :) it will also be awesome if can share some tips on drone filming.

Автор Hu ArcherLeo ( назад)

Автор Flippean Flaming Gaming ( назад)
And out of nowhere Air china 666 slammed into the drone sucking it into the engine, it banked to the right and slammed into he Great Wall of China exposing a massive Sweatshop

Автор 朱桂林 ( назад)

Автор 朱桂林 ( назад)

Автор Zeus Almighty ( назад)
Has the rest been recovered?

Автор Tim O'Dell ( назад)
Great video of the Great Wall. I was there 7 years ago.

Автор Віра Буртрник ( назад)
Трохи музичний супровід мені не подобається, но цікавий відеоролик. Непогано.

Автор Yixiao Xuan ( назад)
This is awesome! Just curious, there are lots of tourists in all the places you film, how did you avoid filming them in?

Автор Daniel Filippus ( назад)
You should always have backups

Автор Drew Goh ( назад)
Did anyone spot that other drone in the video at the start? 0:25 til 0:28...

Автор samjhana stha ( назад)

Автор talab121 ( назад)
Good worked , Thank you

Автор 林蛋大 ( назад)

Автор Saeed Khan Mohmand ( назад)
Great Wall was built by Great people of China .....!!

Автор K2Trekker ( назад)
South Korea : Clean, Safe, Calm, and No Chinese.

Автор Anas Anas ( назад)

Автор DKT Edits ( назад)
so sick!!

Автор Jose Jose Menchaca Cruz ( назад)

Автор 张夏南 ( назад)

Автор cesar varela ( назад)
I would like to have that beautifull wall around our states which includ texas newmexico colorado utah arizona nevada and califoria

Автор RobinPM100 ( назад)
I would be shitting my pants to not crash this thing - or lose it somewhere, so expensive and that is the problem, you must be shitting your pants constantly

Автор Drone Tube ( назад)
Very cool!

Автор Marcela Bartikova ( назад)
To je krasa

Автор Amitava roy choudhury ( назад)
just learn how to make documentary film....good footage is not good documentary .

Автор Daniel Vazquez ( назад)
That's an awesome film there bro.
All thumbs up!!!

Автор KEITH KUHN ( назад)

Автор Jesus K. M ( назад)
MACHU PCCHU love you <3

Автор Diya Com ( назад)

Автор Zongyang Li ( назад)
Great music, make me homesick.

Автор Rayneika Hunter ( назад)
Wow... I'v e never been to the Wall of China, but after this video, it felt like I did !!

Автор ken masters ( назад)
Curious if the government allows drones near the great wall...

Автор George Mastenbroek ( назад)
beautiful video!

Автор Gunter Behrens ( назад)

Автор jeff lo ( назад)
拍的真美 good job

Автор jose luis paco Laime ( назад)
the audio name please

Автор Emma B ( назад)
Are the rules for droneflying in china strict?

Автор Viral One ( назад)
Thumb down.

Автор Daniel Handojo ( назад)
check out my cinematic videos on my channel!! thankyou guyss

Автор Sachin Sathe ( назад)
Mumbai and Ladhakh (India)

Автор Steyrshrek1 ( назад)
Man this 4K drone footage is amazing DJI should be paying you for it. This looks like big budget Hollywood aerial photography. Great work.

Автор KC T ( назад)
The great wall does not belong to the chinese, it belongs to those who built it and those that commissioned the task, the chinese living today have nothing to do with it, and do nothing about the preservation of the historic heritage

Автор Steve Lee ( назад)
Thanks for sharing...

Автор Mihail Lupu ( назад)

Автор Kit Emett ( назад)
So beautiful

Автор Jj Li ( назад)
whats the chance of getting mugged carrying one of these for filming in china?

Автор JOHN RAMBO ( назад)
welcome to china

Автор Junn Kit Wong ( назад)
What game engine is this ? it looks so real, just the frame rate a bit low.

Автор NandaKumar Patil ( назад)
wow,,This is AMAZING

Автор Just try and remember the good times... ( назад)
you gotta start adding music info in the description box man this should be an intergalactic YouTube crime.. thousands of viewers probably now wracking their brains over this right now

Автор Иван Лещинский ( назад)
Thank you, very beautiful footage.
why is it about 20fps? I watched other 4k videos in YouTube on my MacBook Pro and all of them are fine(30fps or more)

Автор Brian Sudbrink ( назад)
Nice video

Автор Joyce L. ( назад)
Beautiful China ... my home land !!

Автор hong Wang ( назад)
very beautiful view.l like it

Автор Domain Rocker ( назад)

Автор Paolo Milan ( назад)

Автор Amy & Bob Walker ( назад)

Автор Damien Huc ( назад)
In my opinion, this is one of the best drone vids on YT.
The result of the alchemy between those gorgeous landscapes/human patrimony and your esthetic vision is stunning! Keep it going bro! :)

Автор Oliver Chu ( назад)
Thousands of years ago, the Great Wall was built for defending

Автор Glenn Curran ( назад)
Astonishing video. Congratulations.

Автор Yasin Sonu ( назад)
Extraordinary, Really cool.

Автор Audio 9999 ( назад)
wow amazing

Автор xin tang ( назад)
crossing the finger for that, really hope people know more about my country

Автор Logan Zou ( назад)
lol I still feel Canada is better

Автор Rosan Thapa ( назад)
wonderful, thanks

Автор Early Salter ( назад)
eastern north Carolina is beautiful.....................

Автор craccky ( назад)
Why shoot it in cinemascope?

Автор Lucas Boccheciampe ( назад)

Автор Csodálatos világunk ( назад)
So Great

Автор Sahaj Kuldeep ( назад)
The fact that India and China have no good relations upsets me very much. Both of them have such great histories... I wish we become friends in the future...

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