how to make homemade ink

fast easy way to make yer own ink. very cheap. household shytt

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Plz comment
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Can't really hear
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Автор barneygrumble (1 месяц)
how many gel pens

Автор Roblox Madness (3 месяца)
Does this work in a printer?

Автор Lorena Vera (10 месяцев)

Автор Melissa Mathew (1 год)
yoooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu suck

Автор agapito davila (1 год)
Wtf your gonna die dude you really wanna put brake fluid in that shit XD

Автор jesse romero (1 год)
can you use it to refill cartridge for printer pg-240 canon

Автор MixFingerboards (5 лет)
when u say rak do you mean steal

Автор Laurie Branham (5 лет)
@unkmo167 no if you add a small amount it slows the drying time to let the
ink seep in you probly added too much

Автор Rio (3 года)
I love his method of measuring. You put the alcohol... uh... to right here.
Then put the brake fluid to... uh.... right here, just a little bit. Also,
your using ink to dye ink, thats a problem. You can use soot to dye it as
well. Best way to gather soot is to put paper, plastic, (or the safest way)
glass over several candles and the soot with adhere to the surface above
it. Then you scrape it off and mix it with your ink mixture.

Автор spooky3341 (2 года)
Anticlock wise g

Автор Cameron Davis (2 года)
thanx this video helped

Автор kidken123 (5 лет)
were do u get the brake fluid

Автор Shanza Choudhary (2 года)
Him not home

Автор unkmo167 (5 лет)
brake fluid sucks makes your ink weaker and less buff proof

Автор Christopher Grant (2 года)
Turn clockwise the cap

Автор venom1218 (4 года)
@rynaldo08 you mad?

Автор Salem Clark (3 года)
leave it to the Jewish kid to make cheap ink lol

Автор kuroryuu010 (4 года)
hey, he may be a toy but we all gotta start somewhere.

Автор phillip hagaman (2 года)
is it safe to use in a homemade tattoo gun or is it posinest sorry I cant
spell good

Автор AK GMB GMB (5 лет)

Автор Vforceboy (4 года)
@BEAML0KZ that is really true. But i make my own ink formula ADDED to this.
Its insainly hard to get off any thing and if you do it takes TONS of
scrubbing. Iv used ink ramovers and all sorts of things to get it off. And
YEs it does come off but its hard as heck and isnt worth time doing it.

Автор dizcon5000 (5 лет)
can u use 50% alcohol

Автор leny diaz (3 года)
do you have to use brake fluid ?

Автор Gustav Ilchav (2 года)
Put the marker under boiling water for 1 minute then unscrew anti clokwise

Автор Judge (2 года)
twist the zig to the left! it will come off vary easy lol

Автор greg bum (4 года)
use pilers or vice grips to unscrew the top cause they put glue on the
thread to stop from possible leakage

Автор apelles01 (5 лет)
@xJazzieCakesx STFU.

Автор powrr (4 года)
kudos to u boy, you may be a toy, but at least ur tryna help out otha kids,
thts somthin these other h8rs aint doing

Автор sephora estes (1 год)
You can get ink poisoning from this

Автор goget55555 (3 года)
And what is racking

Автор hippielokster (5 лет)
twist it side to side then twist the cap off !! and make the magnum into a
mop!! just remove all the shit it has on it and put ur own nib!! but is
this shit permanent????

Автор Will Moore (2 года)
its for tagging, not tattooing :P

Автор jinxed420 (3 года)
first youngster, the mag 44 is gangsta. just wear in the nib. rub it on the
sidewalk, or other ruff surface. Pen ink...... ugh. what you want to do is
make pigment. easy way to get a black is burn the pen cases, and collect
the soot, with a paper plate by putting it over the black smoke don't catch
it on fire. scrape it with a razor.

Автор thomas scott (1 год)
It's not tatoo ink it's for the marker idiots

Автор Rio (3 года)
@goget55555 buy the other stuff XD

Автор you23cef (5 лет)
u could use gel pens matterfact they stain better, just that its tricky on
how to cut it nd wat to add (secret recipe)

Автор Maxolie (4 года)
Dude u sound like mort from family guy D:

Автор jazminbby7 (4 года)

Автор 1hcmoneys (4 года)
i aint killing my self with that shidd

Автор Joshua Wong (2 года)
Use rubber gloves and turn it and it should open with an ease

Can it posin yu

Автор goget55555 (3 года)
What if you don't have brake fluid or wd 40 but you do have rubbing alcohol

Автор Alagamoorti7 (4 года)
U know it's very cheap for an ink pen with no inside . U just have to take
a dropper and fill it ( u can get them for 10 rupees to 40 rupees

Автор nirvana2295 (4 года)
turn it right really hard twist it and pop it off but like wear an old
shirt cuz it explodes like a god dam gernade and it get everywere so do it

Автор 25Malachi (3 года)
Does your mamma know you have sissors?

Автор CRAZY0DASHER (4 года)
yo you stupid toy i dont want anymore toys in ma turf homie if your gonna
teach sumthin teach um ho t tagg!!!

Автор cyberdude2570 (5 лет)
jus twist the cap counter clock wises

Автор nobodyhavethisname (5 лет)
Twist the Zig marker to the left, use somting to hold it like your teeth or
a tool, only bad thing is that it never is going to be as tight again

Автор eric cone (1 год)
hell yea he crazy as hell man that shit is not safe at al my mom is a
doctor and she said you can get skin poison from that shit and it aint
gonna get pretty so I prefer nobody should do what this kid is doing you
will get sick and wtf y brake fluid wtf

Автор MaxxTheKid777 (4 года)
can you just poor oil in ther for stain

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