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Автор niliah (6 лет)
Great! Thank you!

Автор Amy Zero (3 года)
2:37 sounds like whisper. some of you may call me stupid probably becauase
it probably was whisper. but either way...

Автор Ruth Soul (1 год)
Hmmm...This music quality is bad...Sowwy.

Автор Alisa Wilson (2 года)
Ok the karoke is scary. Im going back to the instrumental

Автор IvyQ100 (5 лет)
Awesome guitar solo =) HAHAHAHA I'm good at singing this, not as good as
Amy tho ;)

Автор SGT Crowbar (6 лет)
Beautiful! nice job!

Автор Kittisama (4 года)
it scared the hell out of me at 0:53 when there was someone else singing so
thanxfor the minor heart attack and this is an awesome video anyway

Автор cassandsambesties (3 года)
yd i even bother ._.

Автор kewayzey (6 лет)
oh man, that's the second Evanescence song i've heard for the first time
today! and to think i'm a fan..

Автор Skylar Moon (2 года)
what the fuck

Автор Amy Fallen (5 лет)
it's true...people die but the real love is forever.... :)

Автор Mitka06 (5 лет)
cool <3

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