Oil hunting in Somalia part 1

Somalia has lot of Natural resources like iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt, natural gas,uranium and largely unexploited reserves of oil.

the last few years lot of rumours about lot of oil being find in all four corners of the country was circulating and rumours of companies giving money to somali warlords. this video showcases one such company call "range resources" which claims to have Exclusive rights to all minerals in semi-autonomous Somali state known as puntLand.



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Автор abunas2008 (7 лет)
He, who is his own lawyer... has a foul for a client...

Автор bilqayr3 (2 года)
PLEASE READ THIS! hi! i have school project about Ethiopia and Somalia, i'm
suppose to talk about conflicts between Somalia and Ethiopia that isn't
about war, but about natural recourses, such as territories or something
else, please help me!

Автор abdidk7 (4 года)
why do most muslim countries have oil in them?

Автор Omar Hashirama (3 года)
@uurbunshe are you seriously mentaly stable?... u can take the donkey to
the river but u cant force it to drink... we can only tell the Hawiye that
we forgive you all for the near genocide that they caused.. and lets have
peace and rebuild the country... but rather Nay !! they join the TFG and
now the Both shariifs are taking the hold country down.. besides fux yall..
once we start getting the only and the petrodollors comes running in.. we
will ( for the sake of ALLAH) build refugee camps!!

Автор abunas2008 (7 лет)
future beef: TFG vs Puntland TFG has signed a oil contract with Chinese
state-owned oil company (CNOOC)in north Mudug region..includin Puntland?
But Punt/gov also signed oil & minerals contracts to Range
Resources......this could spark a dispute with Punt/gov TFG is preparing a
new national oil law...but they do not control no land...

Автор knulladig (7 лет)
Lol. Jews our not our enemy. They even where jews at the asmara meeting
with the ARS. Ethiopia is our enemy. And i agree with you. The courts will
make our land florish.

Автор C13glass (7 лет)
The official website of the Puntland State of Somalia is
puntlandgovt(dot)com and has an English version. Range Resources Limited is
both an ASX listed (ASX: RRS RRSO) and AIM listed (AIM: RRL) exploration
company, with its principal activity directed towards finding and
delineating natural resources in the oil, gas and mineral sectors in
Puntland, Somalia. Puntland is believed to have all the geological
requirements to become a commercial oil-producing region.

Автор Mel Li (8 лет)
well we do have oil in all around somali but, you are right its matter of
time and finding a partner to produce it and gave us good share of it...

Автор Omar Hashirama (3 года)
@salaan21 of course they came for the oil, did they came for the caano
geel? starving ppl? PL is taking care of its own. there is no starving
people unless your talkin about the south of the state boundary. dont
compare nigeria to somalia, those westies are stupid, and i doubt ( with
scrutiny and no corupt govt ministers) it will happen the same, PL wudnt hv
come this far if we were thick headed with the little money that comes in
from the govt, we care bt PL and dats it, form a govt den we talk

Автор MAllen HowdyDoody (7 лет)
Clearly, the need is for a khilafah again. Unity behind the imam. Then the
resources of the Muslim world can be managed by Muslims for Muslims.

Автор cheyyene (7 лет)
Earlier I sa'id any damage causes this cheap selling contract to the
somalis should be punished by those somalis who brought this company and
signed this contract and I'm still saying that. Me foul for which
client's..what's going on here ?..u (bloodmoney) who brought these video's
and abunas2008 sounds for me that u have connections with Rangers, nothing
is wrong with that but it would be beter if we know that.

Автор bloodmoney (7 лет)
i know bro, they sign better contract than last one "51 per cent of oil
revenues" in the next 10 or 20 years. PS fuck TFG and long live Islamic
courts union...

Автор MrXfromPlanetX (5 лет)
Read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" The US government will and the
corporations who actually rule the country will send in an EHM to bribe the
leader of the country. He will become vastly wealthy and his people will
become lethally poor because they won't receive a dime for their natural
resources. If the leader can not be corrupted, the CIA will kill him.

Автор Power2Somalia (8 лет)
aaahmmmm.. :-)

Автор ayanabdihaji (6 лет)
hell noo .. ogaden is part of somalia no ethiopia..

Автор cheyyene (8 лет)
my comment to the sattelite images is wrong, I forjudged and i give my
apollogy to mike, we somalis were and still disagree with the contract's
principe's that caused the conflict with locals which are also caused by
great puntland admin corruption and general somalia political affairs.

Автор brondes (7 лет)
First of all, I have read any of your messages here, so you should not
think I'm responding to anyone. Secondly no white man would go to dangerous
place like ours to help any Somali.

Автор MOW00007 (6 лет)
Is to bad, having all those resources and getting robed by company so
called "Range resources" what kind of stupid name is that, to me is sounds
like a banditos gang members who wants to steal from pore people and then
gives it to rich, good job Robin

Автор fpvshitsonhsv (5 лет)
just bomb them up!!! They got lots of diamond too.

Автор watchme100times (6 лет)
fuccccck this they wanna make us puppy state they wanna take our oil

Автор ahmedgureyII (1 год)
go ahead and grab it,feel free to do so.in fact as asomali i want ethiopia
to do that because as soon as it does that it would give somalia a perfect
justification to reclaim Ogaden and there is no way you can steal somalis
oil without somalis ever finding out about it.any rash attempt of ethiopia
towards somalia will backfire on ethiopia in theUN,hell we might even
reclaimOgaden without a War.ultimately somalis would unite against u and
the dwindling fire within our hearts would ignite wildly

Автор kravez16 (6 лет)
Ogaden Own u all u heard, dont hate silly fool

Автор Majarteen23 (7 лет)
Mj pads back!!! its good and thats game lil homie Majarteen the back bone
of, "mighty Darood" whatever yall have planned 4 the Darood people,yall
have 2 deal with us. Majarteen a president now!!lol shit you gotta make an

Автор lovepeaceNislam (7 лет)
what is this??? subhanallah the somali ummah have 2 unite n become 1
again...may allah unite us if somalians could follow the quran we would b
united cuz the quran unite black n white,rich n poor,big or small n so on,
n it will unite us inshallah:) may allah keep the hunters away from our
land so we(somalians all 5) can control it our selfs with allahs guidens n
the quran as our book 2 follow amiiiiin ya allah

Автор somila40 (5 лет)
Puntland National Petroleum Company

Автор 54spiritedwill54 (6 лет)
me allah ley our eyes rest on the defeat of the spitefull jews

Автор Jama07Prince (7 лет)
i hope they dont fight, i hope they seat down and talk if they hav future
problems. stop thinkin like that

Автор comedianhakim (7 лет)
Isaq came to know Majerten's sellout nature and separated, however, Hawiye
said 'why can't we get along', but wow! to the Majerten they rodded every
Somali hero including Sayid Abdule, Ahmed gure,SYL and finely they sold our
land. Those responsible for this treachery & their supporter will pay it
dearly sooner.

Автор MOW00007 (6 лет)
when you have a president who is a scam artist you don't expect les from
him, if he is doing this for the people, how come he is committing genocide
in front of international community, this is not right, I say let use have
a proper government that is recognizant equally within internal and
external, you can have one and say, hey, Banditos lets do business, that is
not the way of peace

Автор leatho56 (6 лет)
nope puntland have no rite to sell anything with out the rest yep the rest
and that include somaliland too, yeas i m darood yeas mj. whatever beneath
puntland is own by somalis. THE NATION WILL GET UP FROM ITS WOUND.

Автор Mohamed Ali (1 год)
My Somalian People please ignore this devious creature that goes by the
name Yeshet Eddie, Her main agenda is to spread her ignorance and retarded
mentality over here, Her BS should stay with her and her alone.

Автор Ahmed Mohamed (7 лет)
Abunas, Range Resources and Consort Pvt Ltd Co, are different in work,
Range Resource is mining company while Consorrt PLC is marketting
company... However, you know Somalis never exceed the limit of 10 million,
therefore, only Conoco oil well near Growe can fit their needs...
Puntlanders never worked for only themselves, but all those gather under
the "Somali" umbrella...

Автор bloodmoney (7 лет)
the facts is puntland administration and Range Resources sign contract
giving Range Resources "50.1% interest in all mineral, oil and gas
development in Puntland" unquote. the rumour now, is puntland
administration and people will receive 10% (profit) of the royalty
revenue..... so go and get soft tissue paper and cry like a baby. is okay
one to cry,i did too!lol

Автор samana1fromsomalia (6 лет)
your oil? it is puntlanders oil they do what ever they want to it. unless
the oil is digged in your backyard fuck off.

Автор suleydaman (6 лет)
Somalian people should be uniting, not fallin apart. It is the somali on
somali figting that has stopped us from developing and this is exactly what
america and ethiopia wnat. Divide and conquer. Distract us while they
manipulate our resouces. And all this i am seeing about puntland better
that somaliland or whatever is crap. The war isn't a south somali problem,
it is an attack on somalia.

Автор BoqorKing (7 лет)
Puntland is rich with Oil and Gold

Автор logomti (6 лет)
U think ONLF is a threat to ETH!!! NOT!!but extreemists! those who have the
slogan "Kill Christians and Get Heaven!!!hahhahahah!wow!!! U said only ONLF
is in Ogaden,what about Al Ithad Al Islamia? do you remember all those arab
militia killed in1987 EC in Deghabour area all
pakistans,Irans,Afganistans... ONLF is the beach of Alkaida ,Al Ithad Al
Islamia!,ErtrianShabeiya,Egypt,ONLF,Shebab,no for Ogaden Peopole!! Ethiopia
Iyo Ogaden Wa Skumit Weyan!! Welalo/Welashey Nebed Gelio

Автор pan4man (7 лет)
Under Barre regime in late 80's Barre gave 99 year concession rights-oil
blocks to ConocoPhillips in North Easten Somalia, which is now so-called
'Puntland'...in july 89 Conoco includin other supermajors Cheveron,
Amoco-now part of BP, was forced to declare force majeure....& to this day
they are the legal companies to search & drill oil in WHOLE of SOMALIA

Автор geel22 (6 лет)
logomti..die slow

Автор shanklinmike (6 лет)
What are you going to do? Nationalize the oil? That will only drain the
country even greater! What they should've done was allow more economic
freedom attracting investors, but no....Somalia is big government run! They
want control and they will sell their people out just like any other big
government leader! You really need to research my page!

Автор prototype Jay (7 лет)
we can never say nothin if ur serious y dont we european or american
educated go back n make a different lets unite n go back

Автор suspendedb4 (6 лет)
am a proud Somali and Puntlander couldnt u just stick with the somali name?
theresimply no puntland
Автор TheSomalia154 (3 года)
@uurbunshe yaa adiga wax ku weeydiinaya horti,, yurub baad jogta ceeyr ku
qadaneysa..... anagu somali wax lama qeeybsaneyno,,, wixii aan helno
khyraad dhulkeena anaga kaliya ayaa cuneyna,,, iyo shacabkeena kaliya......
dhulkaan aad arkeysid dhiig ayaan usoo daadiney sxb.... adigane waxad
rabtaa in aad been been ku cuntey hey haato ayey ka tahey ,,,,, bastardo
fuck somali intaad qadatid jeedbka gasho. VIVA OUR LAND

Автор abunas2008 (7 лет)
p3 Punt gov would only recieve 10% (profit) royalty revenue.....? p4
'Range's Melbourne-based executive director Jim Marinis said he knew little
about Consort Private and could not explain why it ýhad chosen to approach
a small and virtually unknown company such as Range Resources, which has a
market value of just $20 million'...? who is foulin who...?

Автор FreshKilla (5 лет)
Somalia should kick out all foreign countries to keep it stable, those
including: Ethiopia, France, USA,UK, England, Britain, Italy, and also
Saudi Arabia

Автор uurbunshe (7 лет)
there should be no exploring or drilling till we get the whole country
UNITED.....plus any money that comes from our resources belongs to everyone

Автор BoqorKing (7 лет)
Great State of Puntland of Somalia. Puntland is the Biggest State of
Federal Republic of Somalia. The State of Puntland has 1,000km of
Coastland,Richo of Minearal and Oil. The Puntland state is Rising Star of
the East. Long Live My Home State of Puntland of Somalia.

Автор bloodmoney (7 лет)
plus according to Range Resources the area inhabited by hawiye caln is full
of Natural resources. i just hope hawiye wake up and stop dumb assess from
puntland handing over all Natural resources in Somalia. for just 10%
(profit) of royalty revenue!!!

Автор bloodmoney (7 лет)
the hypocritical leaders from puntland will fighting each others soon. adde
musse Vs abdullahi yusuf= very interesting fight.

Автор Jama07Prince (7 лет)
yo hakim u need stop sayin that type of shit, we all need stop talkin like
that wat we need to do is unite, we've been fightin 4 how long? its
embrazin, fightin wont get us any where.

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