How to Run Cable Between Rooms

If you want cable television in your bedroom or an Internet router in your study, you may need to run cable from room to room. Thankfully, you don't need to call the cable guy. Running cable between rooms on your own is easy with a few simple tips.

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Автор Abdullah Hamzi (2 года)

Автор volim volim (11 месяцев)
Its ridiculous that most of us have to deal with cheap landlords who hardly
want to fix anything in need of fixing and they are going to look at little
things like tiny holes made by nails etc..ridiculous... i've never
encountered that landlord and in general they are happy when someone moves
out after a while because they can increase the rent (speaking of NYC
rules). They ahve to paint and have the apt in presentable order anyway
before renting what is few tiny nicks and holes?

Автор Mr Skull Top (1 год)
Ouch...but funny!

Автор blanch8349 (3 года)
just break out the duct tape too

Автор Robijash (2 года)
good walls .. to much practice cable ahahaha

Автор Jerzy S (2 года)
realy bad info...sad video,..stay with your day job or not...

Автор fraser4691 (1 год)
Nice job, looks fantastic, you should be proud of yourself.

Автор xWhyNotDotCom (2 года)
D.I.Y....... FROM A WOMEN..........

Автор SeeDzNutts (2 года)
I agree. A staple gun is all you need. Wire it along the perimeter of your
place on the ground by or beneath the carpet lining. Doesn't create the
kind of hole-age that nailing would.

Автор smssuper (1 год)
i had once an a/c drill hole for the pipes and i knew i had to fix them to
get my deposit.. but trust me a lot of landlords would find anything just
so he could take ur money.. what u do is simple.. in the last months pile
up those unpaid bills then just leave the house... he'd pay them from the
deposit and u don't even have to fix shit ;)

Автор durableventures (2 года)
Those are dual male connectors for connecting female to female. Simply
saying female to female or male to male leaves it ambiguous. It is always
best to be clear on gender roles to avoid confusing the children. 8-)

Автор scarflyr02 (2 года)
shouldnt she be cooking instead?

Автор JBDragon1 (1 год)
This should be called how NOT to do your wiring!!! Talking about not only
looking like CRAP, I mean really? That's the solution? Secondly, Hooking
cables together with a bunch of connectors also will cause a lot of issues
with Picture Quality. It much better to run one single long cable then
hooking together a bunch of small cables. In fact making your own cables is
pretty simple! With a couple cheap enough tools and some RG-6 compression
F-Connectors, make any length you want!

Автор JC Paint | Paracord Workz (2 года)
Drill hole run wire through wall get a wall plate screw on.. When you move
get blank wall plate cover hole you drilled and now you dont have to patch
900 nail holes and looks 100% better

Автор Vicente Caro (2 года)
ghetto rig

Автор joessmax (2 года)
a girl! :D

Автор james allen (1 год)
holy shit woman.......thats why you should always get a man to do jobs like
this......or a professional!

Автор Kade A (3 года)
How do I use a hammer?

Автор joeyc850 (1 год)

Автор christofer128 (1 год)
cheap and ugly solution...sorry

Автор Daren Harrison (1 год)
Yo.... In the wall, under the trim, through the wall to the other side...

Автор docdub23 (2 года)
Hazardous electrical conditions in home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont think so since
the cable is extra low voltage. And your work looks dirt. Back to the
kitchen where you belong

Автор MrDreadfu1 (1 год)
Great vid. It's simple but informative.

Автор Claudio Martinez (2 года)
you should call the cable guy for this. What you have coming thru the
window is direct tv not cable tv that's why you see dell on the tv at the
end of the video. This is a joke do not try this at home.

Автор w0mblemania (2 года)
You need to get a girlfriend. And some manners.

Автор David W. Johnson (1 год)
THAT'S GHETTO !! She could use a power drill to run it to the other room
and save about 40 feet of wire. In an apartment, when you get ready to
move, just spakle the hole. No need to paint needed.

Автор simdude2u (2 года)
just use masking tape.

Автор John Rambo (11 месяцев)
WOW! White trash cable trick!

Автор simdude2u (2 года)
each time you go through a connector you loose signal.

Автор smoggyben (2 года)
wow id never run a cable like that. looks like a cowboy job. and buy a
cable long enough for the job not multiple cables with joints in it ffs.

Автор jkljkljkljkljkljkl (2 года)
I'd rather scissor.

Автор TommyV_OG (1 год)
Nice video but imo its not worth it by the time you've done all of this you
might as well have just paid the cable guy to install a jack in the desired
room. Unless of course that isnt possible for your location.

Автор Larrythelabrat (2 года)
Now listen here bitch ... get back on your horse and fuck off, there's no
place for cowboys here !

Автор AUUnboxer (1 год)
It is an okay job for an amateur but like others have mentioned why not
spend a few hundred dollars and get a registered cabler in to make it look

Автор mark vazquez (1 год)
r u a crack head ? n want ur cable to look like shit? watch this video n do
this exact set up lmao

Автор Scotty Harshman (2 года)
Ha one moment please caused by ingress

Автор Muddy A (2 года)
Nice vid thank you very much!

Автор TechAndTipsGamer (1 год)
Should Have Stayed In The Kitchen

Автор bigjim10011 (2 года)
I'm in love!

Автор John Redden (2 года)
id have finished watching it if she were topless

Автор MercedesBMWPorsche (1 год)
I'll bet as the camera guy was filming this he was laughing his ass off.

Автор 99Optima (2 года)
If they are showing you how to do this wrong... What else are they showing.
Next show is probably a hot water heater DIY? Haha

Автор Luketheduke58 (1 год)
u are right

Автор David Kopenhoff (3 года)
Every connector you lose 1 to 2db depends on how many you use. Also going
around corners damages the dielectric of the cord and you'll have
tv/internet issues later on. Best way to do is run the damn wire from the
attic or below where the wire is coming out. Usually when it comes through
the window.. also damages the cord. This is false "customer" based
install... no wonder cable guys bitch about their customers LOL

Автор HALI HALAO (1 год)
This is a How NOT to Run Cable Between Rooms. Very good presentation.

Автор Sean Lundgren (2 года)
I know this was well intended, BUT should have talked to a REAL cable TV
employee before you made more work for the rest of us. First you should
tell people to NOT buy this junk from a store, second you did not tighten
your splice with wrenches, (and people wonder why they have issues all the
time, plus backfeeding return noise, and leaks back into our cable plant).
Also you don't just split a line whereever you feel like it then wine at us
like it's our fault when it does not work right.

Автор Baios Okanenas (2 года)
all those comments...not one better advice or link on how to do it
properly. niceeeeeeeeeee

Автор downsouth187 (3 года)
LADY DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT RF! this is why dumb people call with 'One moment
please' and pixelation problems!

Автор Elite (1 год)
Why so many dislikes? It seemed pretty neatly done to me.

Автор john funman (3 года)
I wouldn't use to many connectors because you could degrade the signal, or
even a really long cable run will also degrade the signal.

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