How to Run Cable Between Rooms

If you want cable television in your bedroom or an Internet router in your study, you may need to run cable from room to room. Thankfully, you don't need to call the cable guy. Running cable between rooms on your own is easy with a few simple tips.

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Автор ZenomixHD ( назад)
the cringe

Автор Jean Cadet ( назад)
Customers be like I saw this on YouTube. And as a technician, this is
crappy work misleading and if you don't know ur signal through the cable,
don't use female to female barrels on you cable. It's like a turn off for
cable guys.

Автор Rage Machine ( назад)
sooo much losss! there goes my attenuation/signal quality

Автор Simon Commons ( назад)
shit video, shit title, fuck you!!

Автор hardkore360 ( назад)
This is not going to help going between walls, misleading title...

Автор andyisthebestest ( назад)
What a mess

Автор junglemage666 ( назад)
or you could just feed it through the wall so you don't see a cable running
along the baseboards lol. how to turn your house into your grandmother's
house from the 60's

Автор Jacob Greene ( назад)
I don't think you should be running coax more than 20m or so...

Автор Dave Pardy ( назад)
Notice the camel toe @1:27

Автор Dave Pardy ( назад)
Best video EVER. 

Автор Eden B ( назад)
This doesn't seem to explain how to run cable between rooms. It just shows
how to run a cable along the door frame and skirting board. Nothing about
going between rooms/through doors or walls.

Автор WutDaFunkBro ( назад)
I'm 15 why in the fuck am I watching this

Автор derek gray ( назад)
You can never go wrong with female to female lol 

Автор Riley Baker ( назад)
what about doorways?

Автор John Ho ( назад)
I'll just call cox lol

Автор Paul Birks ( назад)
More connectors = more resistance. One piece too long is better than
several too short.

Автор sabresfan1934 ( назад)
Sloppy just by one cable not 20 little ones

Автор ItsJohnv ( назад)
Running cable over a baseboard looks ugly. Just put it inside the wall.

Автор willdav713 ( назад)
Get a drywall saw they are only $10 at Home Depot. I am sure there is
already an indoor outlet in that home, punch the drywall saw into the
drywall and jimmy the coax through. Seriously running a Coax through the
window? SERVICE CALL. Nail through the RJ11 telco wire? SERVICE CALL.
This video should be relabeled "Lady seeking handsome Cable Television
Installer on Match" lol. I charge less than the Mexicans to hook up cable
tv and internet. 

Автор THATCRAZYGUY ( назад)
Noo, run it through the wall

Автор JD Winty ( назад)
AOs...Additional Outlets are typically not that expensive for one (around
$50 typically). There are some problems with what she does in this video.
The female adapters are really bad quality and you really should tighten
and minimize those connections as much as possible. You also have to be
very careful about going around corners and not going past the bending
radius of cable or you can affect it's impedence. Many people don't
realize they can go to their local cable office and just ask for a length
of cable with ends a barrel and most Cable companies will give it to your
for free as a customer. 

Автор R ( назад)
That how black people do it

Автор hawaiidispenser ( назад)
So many experts here... and yet they are watching this video?

Автор Tec 9 ( назад)
WOW! White trash cable trick! 

Автор gamerkid 612 ( назад)
that house looks nasty 

Автор bmark0610 ( назад)
lmao wtf that is shit!

Автор volim volim ( назад)
Its ridiculous that most of us have to deal with cheap landlords who hardly
want to fix anything in need of fixing and they are going to look at little
things like tiny holes made by nails etc..ridiculous... i've never
encountered that landlord and in general they are happy when someone moves
out after a while because they can increase the rent (speaking of NYC
rules). They ahve to paint and have the apt in presentable order anyway
before renting what is few tiny nicks and holes?

Автор MrDreadfu1 ( назад)
Great vid. It's simple but informative.

Автор AUUnboxer ( назад)
It is an okay job for an amateur but like others have mentioned why not
spend a few hundred dollars and get a registered cabler in to make it look

Автор samysam1313 ( назад)
Do people really need a video like this to do this job? Kind of common
sense. Not what I expected to see.

Автор Mr Skull Top ( назад)
Ouch...but funny!

Автор TechAndTipsGamer ( назад)
Should Have Stayed In The Kitchen

Автор dawgp0und ( назад)
Lol. You just read my mind. I know that feeling of not getting your
security deposit back because the landlord came up with some ridiculous
excuse that I messed up the apartment even though it was cleaned even with
a pro cleaning company.

Автор Brad Huberty ( назад)
Ahhh, homeowner special. First off, Digicon fittings known to cause issues.
Never use anything brass colored. PERIOD! and would it not be easier just
to run it through baseboard heat? You may end up calling the cable guy
after all, unless you like the tiling feature during your favorite show.

Автор TommyV_OG ( назад)
Nice video but imo its not worth it by the time you've done all of this you
might as well have just paid the cable guy to install a jack in the desired
room. Unless of course that isnt possible for your location.

Автор Jamael Jaffree ( назад)
Thank you Miss. Your instructions were spot on. Having done this work
myself I found no error in what you were saying. I want to apologize for
the unfair criticisms you got. It's fair to take issue with your methods if
someone has a better way, but this criticism you got is way off the mark. 

Автор Walter Tur ( назад)
you should stick to something you know. Like laying on your back

Автор fraser4691 ( назад)
Nice job, looks fantastic, you should be proud of yourself.

Автор Joshua Walls ( назад)

Автор Daren Harrison ( назад)
Yo.... In the wall, under the trim, through the wall to the other side...

Автор Kevin Scott ( назад)
that looks so tacky though :-(

Автор MercedesBMWPorsche ( назад)
I'll bet as the camera guy was filming this he was laughing his ass off. 

Автор himakgam ( назад)
Love the way you hold the hammer

Автор LiftOrGTFO ( назад)
Why so many dislikes? It seemed pretty neatly done to me. 

Автор usynn stradler ( назад)
i have this crap in my home ¬.¬ not for ethernet but phone line. my homes
around 17 years old...

Автор boltuprightmaui ( назад)
Why are you connecting a TV (coaxial) cable into a phone jack?? Ha! That
was a good one!! 

Автор Brandon Geekabit ( назад)
You minus well just leave the cable on the floor... 

Автор james allen ( назад)
holy shit woman.......thats why you should always get a man to do jobs like
this......or a professional!

Автор joeyc850 ( назад)

Автор David W. Johnson ( назад)
THAT'S GHETTO !! She could use a power drill to run it to the other room
and save about 40 feet of wire. In an apartment, when you get ready to
move, just spakle the hole. No need to paint needed.

Автор NC Imson ( назад)
what a shame

Автор christofer128 ( назад)
cheap and ugly solution...sorry

Автор The Republican Nuke ( назад)
u are right 

Автор mark vazquez ( назад)
r u a crack head ? n want ur cable to look like shit? watch this video n do
this exact set up lmao 

This is a How NOT to Run Cable Between Rooms. Very good presentation.

Автор Graves Technologies ( назад)
I must say as a DirecTV Technician this is probably the worst advice I have
seen in a very long time. The signal quality drops with every barrel
connection that gets installed. By the time you reach where you are going
you will have wasted all that time and money because its not going to work
well if at all. Plus as others have said it looks like crap. Ask your
landlord and call a professional. Its in the long run because it will
actually work when all is said and done.

Автор smoggyben ( назад)
1:52 or how about you just buy a roll of the cable you need, measure it off
properly and terminate the end of it once its all fixed up. This video
should be renamed cowboys guide to running cable. Clipping cable like that
around door frames is fucking shit.

Автор SeeDzNutts ( назад)
I agree. A staple gun is all you need. Wire it along the perimeter of your
place on the ground by or beneath the carpet lining. Doesn't create the
kind of hole-age that nailing would.

Автор ThisMyMemeAccount ( назад)
some of you must work for Monster cable, digital is digital. while length
does affect signal, the cable price has NOTHING to do with signal quality.
its been tested on numerous tech sites... Monster cable and others like it
are a huge scam! especially when it comes to HDMI cables, look for
specifications and whether it carries audio. gold plated, doesn't make any
difference, of course always try to keep cables away from interference. 

Автор jkljkljkljkljkljkl ( назад)
I'd rather scissor.

Автор Jacob Canuck ( назад)
just tape it on instead

Автор BALLOON!!! ( назад)
She said at the end "we're all hooked up". Yeah i can see. Crack cocaine is

Автор JC Paint | Paracord Workz ( назад)
Drill hole run wire through wall get a wall plate screw on.. When you move
get blank wall plate cover hole you drilled and now you dont have to patch
900 nail holes and looks 100% better

Автор Vicente Caro ( назад)
ghetto rig

Автор docdub23 ( назад)
Hazardous electrical conditions in home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont think so since
the cable is extra low voltage. And your work looks dirt. Back to the
kitchen where you belong

Автор Jerzy S ( назад)
realy bad info...sad video,..stay with your day job or not...

Автор Vaios Bartsokas ( назад)
all those comments...not one better advice or link on how to do it
properly. niceeeeeeeeeee

Автор Scotty Harshman ( назад)
Ha one moment please caused by ingress

Автор docdub23 ( назад)
Shes best off going back to the kitchen to make the dinner!!

Автор Sean Lundgren ( назад)
I know this was well intended, BUT should have talked to a REAL cable TV
employee before you made more work for the rest of us. First you should
tell people to NOT buy this junk from a store, second you did not tighten
your splice with wrenches, (and people wonder why they have issues all the
time, plus backfeeding return noise, and leaks back into our cable plant).
Also you don't just split a line whereever you feel like it then wine at us
like it's our fault when it does not work right.

Автор xWhyNotDotCom ( назад)
D.I.Y....... FROM A WOMEN..........

Автор Carne De Lagarto ( назад)
How do you know she's educated? And beautiful? And I don't have a mom me
and my dad shared YOURS. My left forearm is more "real man" than you. You
little fragile, mangina having bastard...now go prep your wife for me so I
can go put you in a skirt and fuck her in front of you. You have any
daughters faggot? Wtf would you do? What could you do? Had to be a Cal.
liberal faggot. 

Автор Brian Peterson ( назад)
@ PinkyWontWork She's a beautiful and educated woman. Just because your
mother is a whore doesn't mean every woman out there is one. Go and take
your anger out on your mom and leave decent women alone! Your lack of
respect for women was also formed because your father or whatever role
models you had didn't respect women either. It's like a disease, spreads to
coming generations. That's why this world has no respectable people
anymore, because of people like you. Get a grip dude! be a REAL man! 

Автор simdude2u ( назад)
just use masking tape.

Автор Shawn Watchorn ( назад)
Max of 1.5 DbmV not a big deal.Just don't use anymore than absolutely

Автор w0mbles ( назад)
You need to get a girlfriend. And some manners.

Автор John Redden ( назад)
id have finished watching it if she were topless

Автор Wokkelp ( назад)
"when running out of cable use female to female cable connectors to extend
your cables" She forgot to mention that such connectors or any type of
connector can result in a loss of 7 to 9 db of your signal strength. (a
loss of 3db is a 50% signal loss) Also, those connectors look ugly on my
walls, I rather use the crawlspace or floorspace between the floors. (not
all homes have hollow walls)

Автор joessmax ( назад)
a girl! :D

Автор Muddy A ( назад)
Nice vid thank you very much!

Автор Carne De Lagarto ( назад)
Why the fuck do they have women doing these sort of things..that whole
"eqUAliTiEz" bullshit has gotten out of hand. Look at the garbage work and
what she's suggesting...when will women and the media learn a woman's place
and a man's place? Put this bitch in a fucking kitchen..then again the dumb
whore probably doesn't know how to cook because she's caught up in the
"woMEnZ liB m0vEMenT" then they wonder why they can't keep a man or why we
cheat. Amazing! 

Автор r0ckt3hc4sb4h ( назад)
Female to female connectors... giggity.

Автор simdude2u ( назад)
each time you go through a connector you loose signal. 

Автор scarflyr02 ( назад)
shouldnt she be cooking instead?

Автор bigjim10011 ( назад)
I'm in love!

Автор smoggyben ( назад)
wow id never run a cable like that. looks like a cowboy job. and buy a
cable long enough for the job not multiple cables with joints in it ffs.

Автор jaypee1313 ( назад)
is she going to the next door neighbor's room?

Автор Abdullah Hamzi ( назад)

Автор Chaz042TFC ( назад)
1.) I'm 16 and I can do a better job. 2.) "Between Rooms" implies going
through the wall.

Автор Claudio Martinez ( назад)
you should call the cable guy for this. What you have coming thru the
window is direct tv not cable tv that's why you see dell on the tv at the
end of the video. This is a joke do not try this at home. 

Автор Robijash ( назад)
good walls .. to much practice cable ahahaha

Автор gtrfurby ( назад)
part 2 how to fix 300 nail holes in order to get back your security

Автор halffaceshow ( назад)
Those are male to male connectors

Автор POV Reviews ( назад)
Every connector you lose 1 to 2db depends on how many you use. Also going
around corners damages the dielectric of the cord and you'll have
tv/internet issues later on. Best way to do is run the damn wire from the
attic or below where the wire is coming out. Usually when it comes through
the window.. also damages the cord. This is false "customer" based
install... no wonder cable guys bitch about their customers LOL 

Автор Kade A ( назад)
How do I use a hammer?

Автор fabio40 ( назад)
First and biggest error in this video... Don't purchase crap cable and
connectors from the electronics store! In today's digital world you have to
use good quality material or you will have nothing but trouble. 

Автор john funman (1727 лет назад)
I wouldn't use to many connectors because you could degrade the signal, or
even a really long cable run will also degrade the signal.

Автор v12tommy ( назад)
@swanner12 I agree to a point. If you own your home, than I would take the
extra expense (longer cable, supplies) and go through the wall to your
destination. It really isn't as hard as most people think. On the other
hand, if you rent your house, I would probably suggest going this route.
Not only does it not cut holes in the wall, but you could also take your
new longer cable with you when you move out if you choose, and install it
at your new place when you move in.

Автор blanch8349 (1415 лет назад)
just break out the duct tape too 

Автор swanner12 ( назад)
looks like shit...

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