10 Games That SUCKED in 2016

Not every game is great, but these games in particular totally sucked. Let's take a look at 2016's worst games.
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Автор gameranx ( назад)
Maybe not YOUR worst games, but definitely ours.

Автор KORERAWR ( назад)

Автор Level Nine Drow ( назад)
Obviously not a fighting gamer. SF is a huge tournament fighting game, while all the other fighters don't tough it with notoriety or endorsements. CLEARLY not familiar with the fighting game world.

Автор SpyWilliam123 ( назад)
Don't know about you guys, but I liked No Man's Sky, a lot. Don't give me shit either, it's just an opinion.

Автор EastSide180 ( назад)
Street Fighter V sucked when they forgot to add a Player vs CPU mode. Also there is no character selection menu for online so you have to pick your own main character to play through online.

Автор William Clauwers ( назад)
Whitetail challenge....

Автор liam nn ( назад)
Gameranx, play Freedom Fighters

Автор FrankZito29 ( назад)
4:35 - LOL, it's a wad of $1 bills with a single $100 at the top. The 1's are so poorly concealed; my eyes were drawn to them immediately!

Автор bbbob18 Mine ( назад)
I honestly like No Man's Sky, I love the exploration of it

Автор michaelbuddy ( назад)
This reviewer is trying to be Louis CK. But is a shit Louis CK. So him criticizing games while doing a shit Louis CK impression doesn't work. I bet I'll play all these games and they'll be ok.

Автор Dean Krol ( назад)
Waheyy! Someone else who enjoyed the Ghostbusters movie, and here I was thinking I was the only person on earth with any love for it lol

Автор FireLord 696 ( назад)
I like the movie to

Автор Suprememe ( назад)
No Man's Sky was absolute garbo.

Автор Jasperger ( назад)
"total garbage like Star Fox Zero & Mighty No. 9..."

annnd there goes the credibility of your opinion and any further interest I ever may have had in watching content from this channel.

Later loser.

Автор The Gaming Norwegian ( назад)
that last "hitman wannabe" game, why didnt the guys that made hitman sue them? like i would be fooled to believe that was hitman the first 20 seconds of gameplay... until i realized its to bad to be hitman...

Автор Trevor Brule ( назад)
disliked because you said you liked the new Ghostbusters movie

Автор MysticVoid ( назад)
Why can't we get an open world ghostbusters

Автор fumomo fumosarum ( назад)
I know, different people have different sense of humour but -
please.... Ghostbusters 2016? how low is your bar?

Автор BornDepressed ( назад)
Actually, if you look up accursed farms, there's a game dungeon review of Bombshell game, and guess what? :Y I do believe it was meant to be a duke nukem game.

Автор Channel Jany ( назад)
Most of games in 2016 sucked.

Автор P Wade ( назад)
.... Mafia 3 could have been better...

Автор David Copperfield ( назад)
So, wheres the chick with the ass that you clickbait me with ?!

Автор Master of the dark art ( назад)

Автор Dirty Dan ( назад)
The title says that those games sucked in 2016, so does that mean now they're good? lol

Автор Michael Baca ( назад)
in order to try and mix heavy metal and castlevania you need to up the speed of the game as the music will reflect that but if you just have epic music but slow gameplay that doesn't suit it......well then just play the NES emulater with heavy metal playing in the background

Автор lonelyboy21 ( назад)
The amount of times he says 'like' and 'literally' is, like, literally.... like...

Автор Verzaak Mon ( назад)
Okay, so ALL of these games are WORSE than rollercoaster world? God they're bad then....

Автор Cheezus Crust ( назад)
Battlefield hardline sucked

Автор Takiowns Poker ( назад)
Forgot to put FFXV with the four fags.

Автор Darkhorse Productions ( назад)
64 / 64 is 1.

Автор C ( назад)
He liked the new GB movie, his opinion is not valid.

Автор Bacons Strip ( назад)
It's like Starfox 64 if you subtracted 64... I lol'ed.

Автор dotexe Black ( назад)
Homefront: The Revolution really wasnt a bad gun it was pretty much a WW3 far cry, what killed it for most people was the bugs it had on release

Автор LuBu4u ( назад)
"I liked the new ghost busters movie"
Sounds like someone doesn't want to be banned from twitter and Youtube. You can be honest friend, no one likes the new ghostbusters.

Автор Lord Hawkridge ( назад)
Prewatch: if No Man's Sky isn't on here I will shoot myself with a bullet of bleach

Автор MyNameIsMatt ( назад)
i liked the movie too! high 5 ^_^

Автор Zion Campbell ( назад)
the ghost busters movie sucks and you know it

Автор Nickle Guy ( назад)
You're the only other person I've seen that doesn't immediately bash the new ghostbusters movie! You're not alone!

Автор Caleb Guidry ( назад)
so like I just sit back and watch these videos just to see the bullets I need to doge cause I don't even have a ps4 yet😂😂😂

Автор Abel Lewis 27 ( назад)
Alekhine's Gun deserves to be at number 1. That game is a piece of trash!

Автор Eyjolfur Kari ( назад)
Frontlines was a much better game and IP then Homefront. They should do Frontlines 2 instead of this stupid unrealistic scenerio where KPA takes over the USA...

Автор Frosty. ( назад)
Hitman absolution was a good game. the next one was teh suck though..

Always online for a singleplayer game = instant hate

Автор Curtis Liddicoat ( назад)
dude said he liked ghostbusters 2016, all of his opinions are invalid. fuck you, idiot.

Автор Jay M ( назад)
I don't always trust people's opinions. Like the way SO many people bashes Paper Mario: Color Splash. I've been playing Color Splash lately, and I've really been enjoying it. Even though I still prefer the past RPG Paper Mario games. And some people on YouTube have even said that they liked Mighty No. 9 and Star Fox Zero.

Автор Jay M ( назад)
I despise the exaggerated body parts in the Street Fighter games.

Автор EPM 101 ( назад)
Star Fox Zero isn't a bad game, just not a great one.

Автор Jack Tom ( назад)
you are dumb

Автор Affirmative Negative ( назад)
Mafia 3 should be on here.

Автор NoFootprints27 ( назад)
Drink every time he says, "like."

Автор The Casual Subculturist ( назад)
it only takes less than 20 second to thumb down

Автор Fire Hedgehog ( назад)
Not trying to say No Man's Sky is good, but I will justify Sean Murray by saying that he was too excited for his own game, his own excitement got so bad that it overhyped the game because Sony's PR department didn't do SHIT! to reduce that hype, so no the game wasn't a cash grab, it was just a result of developer overhype

Автор Fire Hedgehog ( назад)
Hmm, Starfox Zero was developed by Platinum and they like so many other companies feel into the trap of trying to use the gamepad with no idea how to do it? I'm surprised that didn't happen with Bayonetta 2, I mean sure it's got touch pad control but that's actually handled pretty well

Автор Angelo Gopaul ( назад)
I wish you had went into why they sucked. You just said it was bad a couple of times. Not much details.

Автор ThatOneCarrot ( назад)
To be honest, I had no problem with Street Fighter V. The game ran fine and I had no problems with the servers, but that is just me.

Автор supercooled ( назад)
10:23 lol

Автор Let's play with Jai ( назад)

Автор Roy Mustang ( назад)
I know this is an opinionated video about your worst games of 2016. I do not disagree and will not argue that any of these games deserve to be on a better list. However, saying that it can't be "that hard" to make a good game in "x" genre and write a "decent story" and develop "decent characters" is just arrogant of you. It is incredibly difficult to please an audience, especially one as fickle as Gamers.

Автор Von H ( назад)
It sucks because it's fucked up?

Автор Bodhi X-V ( назад)
Street Fighter 5: "The mechanics of this game are really good..." Ummm, compared to what? Mortal Kombat? SF5 is the worst street fighter ever

Автор polaris23 ( назад)
Dislike for not disliking the PC, SJW, feminist Ghostbusters.

Автор Razeluxe01 ( назад)
Was the mention of Slain before the update or after?

Автор So Luxx ( назад)
Please game companies, tell great stories, you cant make a great game without a great story to go with it, we want the experience to be rewarding when we complete the story, not some generic half assed bland story line that is lazy or uninspired, even with a low budget, you can still tell a great story, even low budget graphics on the cut scenes are fine, just as long as the plot holes are filled, every game needs to have a world of its own

Автор TLMYC ( назад)
Guys, he only said he liked the Ghost Busters Movie because he didn't want to be labelled a misogynist by the SJW lunatics. That or he is one.

Автор Potato Mindedness ( назад)
didn't he say in the bombshell part that "bombshell tries to look cool"?!? (MANDELA EFFEVTTTTC)

Автор x Zombiefied ( назад)
infinite warfare lol

Автор jerry henderson ( назад)
Fallout 4 better be on this list !

Автор black ninja ( назад)
Mighty No.9? Uh oh, watch out mega man! Here come a bootleg!

Автор That Ginger ( назад)
No mans sky is a good game but the stuff they said they were going to do they didn't

Автор Greg da gamer ( назад)
gameranx I've made games simple ones but it was hard BTW if u are up for the challenge go on scratch program

Автор Greg da gamer ( назад)
hey gameranx

Автор rabidGopher ( назад)
Never even heard of half of these.

Автор Pok3Devil101 ( назад)
Infinite warfare is the worst game I have ever played

Автор PEPSIFLAME ( назад)
I liked No Man's Sky. I would still be into it if Ark wasn't a thing.

Автор ham4fun ( назад)
seriously? you put Homefront Revolutions on here? that is a very fun game. 1000000000 times better than the original game

Автор Tyrell sease ( назад)
Am i the only one that remember Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City? Because everyone saying Umbrella Corp is a fresh idea.... they did it already.. Operation Raccoon City

Автор LiTTleGaBi21 ( назад)
Mafia 3. It's not bad but it's not good either. Just a massive disappointement.

Автор thesaltiest gamer ( назад)
when the car drove out side the school on the Ghostbusters slide I thought the car had the soviet union symbol on the side

Автор Roonifer ( назад)
Mafia 3.

Автор Jason Salvatore ( назад)
i agree with all of the games in your list except the order 1886
I would personally replace it with NFS 2015

Автор Alex and the monsters ( назад)
i liked bombshell. i dont think it was that bad. i had fun playing it

Автор Timothy Piper ( назад)
great video but try not to say "LIKE" so much as I'm typing this you said it 4 times please stop

Автор jon moore ( назад)
overwatch and destiny should been on here

Автор joshgreat 2574 ( назад)
No mans sky does not SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор FURY ( назад)
This list is a joke.

Автор Snow ( назад)
Homefront was #1. I was surprised to see it at 5....

Автор Monster ( назад)
That's sad. a lot of these games I had I hope for them. specially street fighter 5. but oh will.

Автор Lam Hinson ( назад)
where is infinite warfare?😂

Автор Sonja Raab ( назад)
Sorry but Street Fighter 5 ist now a good Game !
But early Buyers Hate it i understand !

Автор Droopy Wiener ( назад)
He doesn't dislike the new Ghostbusters.

oh boy...

Автор Christopher Gibbs ( назад)
where is League of shit, or over-wanker? those should be top #1 & #2

Автор Bora Brian Üçüncü ( назад)
How about GTA 5 just kidding!

Автор Sherry Birkin ( назад)

Автор EVFM666 ( назад)
if you DARE say DOOM I WILL END YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Llama Dan ( назад)
umbrella corps was a big let down for me

Автор NotSoGood ( назад)
I think homefront: revolution is a Love it or hate it game. Like I know a lot of people who think this game is amazing, I personally dislike it but out of the people I know who own the game 40% love it 60% dislike it.

Автор Nero Tamu ( назад)
I brought mafia 3 and watch dogs 2 at 130usd but the game was so horrible and had to sell them at only 65

Автор Ashton Healy ( назад)
hey can i get a like

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