10 Games That SUCKED in 2016

Not every game is great, but these games in particular totally sucked. Let's take a look at 2016's worst games.
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Автор dominick abbott ( назад)
dude fuck you homefront 2 is fucking awesome

Автор Cade Rester ( назад)
Street Fighter V has nearly no content I was done playing in 30 minutes and
never picked it up again

Автор the european bros ( назад)
I think minecraft ruined no man's sky in the fact that minecraft died and
no mans sky came right after, they are like the same game

Автор gamerooner ( назад)
The person voicing his complaints and what he wanted about the game came
off as uncertain of himself and whiny. Half of the critical review was what
a twelve year a old could do.

Finally, some of the games are bad but the fact that he came off so unsure
of himself makes me want to try them out.

Автор Redant23 ( назад)
So is Street Fighter V only online or can you still play 2 player VS

Автор DiGiTAL griZZle PlaYS ( назад)
no mans sky is on here and i didnt even watch the video yet

Автор Ernest Wu ( назад)
among technique little defeat collective minute soldier crash.

Автор Dylshockk Game plays reviews and such ( назад)
Ugh now I want Duke Nukem as a class in Diablo

Автор That Guy ( назад)
one game that i was hyped for was galaxy on fire three and when i started
playing it it was like ya this is cool but then you realize it is just
pirate hunt after pirate hunt which sucked

Автор Sam Holloway ( назад)
You should of put in Rollercoaster Tycoon World

Автор martyparty52 ( назад)
Where's dat thumbnail from. That a trailer or something? Wanna see more of
that thiccc Latina from the thumbnail know what I'm sayin

Автор Finley Jenkins ( назад)
Killing wheel controversy emission talk district fault slide local.

Автор MonsterJJ ( назад)
What about mighty no.9's voice acting....

Автор GTA1-Raper ( назад)
where is fucking mafia 3?

Автор Mathew Godard (Mat) ( назад)
anybody think this guy is a faulty promise?

Автор Polymath Digest ( назад)
I hope you don't know any very important people that have failed as
horribly as these games. Eh, we all do... But that doesn't make it any less

Автор Nour Imam ( назад)
Dafuq, street fighter 5 always online, that's bullshit

Автор Shut up Nerd ( назад)
Its the first time I played Mighty No.9 I dont know if its a series but its
freakin' cool man... I don't know what you're talking about but maybe
because its just your own personal preference

Автор Aarron Ewart ( назад)

Автор NitroCorn ( назад)
5:11 - Hold up.. What? The original was an absolute blast to play! I loved
that game! And the newest Homefront is actually decent now (after many

But yeah, leave the original alone.. it was good.

Автор Brutal “Adv Brutal C” Carnage ( назад)
Street Fighter didn't suck you are just not a competetive player. I still
have yet to buy it because I'm just not that into fighting games,
especially street fighter, but it is far from a bad game. lol

Автор koko pariz ( назад)
then u try to make it idiot

Автор Centipede 47 ( назад)
You liked the new ghost busters?!?! I'm speechless.

Автор mosssider ( назад)
When you're too scared to say that Ghostbusters was complete garbage.

Автор Jordan Price ( назад)
I'm surprised NFS 2015 wasn't on here... Cringy story, terrible servers,
and ALWAYS ONLINE bullshit...

Автор Bruno Metzger ( назад)
Slain was shit.
they fixed some time ago an relaunched as "Slain: Back From Hell" it's
kinda of a decent to good game now, i have it here myself

Автор Ganz The Skeleton ( назад)
Maybe your the one who dosent need to get invested in

Автор Josh White ( назад)
How could you forget to put battle born on this list?

Автор stephen smitty ( назад)
I hyped up no mans sky to so many people i knew from school and work and
then bought it to realize that all the shit they said was gonna be in game
isn't, and still isn't, and will never be there cause developers like to
make big promises to make money. none of my friends ever bought it cause
they asked me if it was good and i told them the truth.

Автор Sir Lumino (SunshinEggs42) ( назад)
I wouldn't say SFV is a bad game, but you can bet your ass it was
disappointing at launch. What we have NOW should've been what we got when
it was released.

Автор evion223 ( назад)
lol its not easy to make good games, otherwise we wouldn't be seeing the
big game giants make revolutionary game mechanics or gimmicks that others
are copying.

Автор Donald Pokerpop ( назад)
Aww man all of them sucked IMO

Автор AquaticSoldier ( назад)
No man's sky I had such high hopes for... they made it look like god....
then.... this stupid thing

Автор Lukas Raymond ( назад)
people are so hard to please, in no man's sky, you can explore entire
freaking planets for God's sake. people are unthankful.

Автор Nick Clark ( назад)
SFV had a rocky launch but ever since the huge December update I've had no
problems concerning the net code.

Автор nirvanaisdeshit ( назад)
Do they still suck now that it's 2017?

Автор Ovidiu Mihai ( назад)
where is mafia 3 ?

Автор alloy159 ( назад)
like it like sucks and like it doesnt suck. allrighty then

Автор Fae Aisa (Bainwen) ( назад)
. . . You must have a very simple seance of humor and not be a fan of the
original Ghost Busters movies. The most recent Ghost Busters movie was
insulting to most fans of the original and for good reasons.

Автор Celestiabellebethabelle ( назад)
I felt Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 the exact same way you felt about
Mighty No. 9.

Автор FRISHR ( назад)
No Man's Sky ''not the worst game on the planet'' pun intended?

Автор Shub Niggurath ( назад)
...you... like the new ghostbusters movie?... the one that swaps the
genders and personalities of the main characters for no apparent reason and
was juts unfunny?

Автор Chris Wilson ( назад)
Far Cry Primal? Infinite Warfare?

Автор Krisisforyou ( назад)
Star Fox is by far the best game on this list. If you learn the wacky BS,
it's actually a really good game. They tried new things that they shouldn't
have, frankly, but it's way more star fox then anything post 64

Автор Doomsealer ( назад)
League of Legends? Anyone?

Автор ChainsawBunny ( назад)
the level of disdain in your voice is over 9000.

Автор HERES JAWNiE ( назад)
sfv? you're drunk

Автор killer 360 ( назад)
am i the only one that rented home front rev and LOVED IT

Автор carbonated lizard ( назад)
i already watched ProJared's top 10 worst games of 2016 so why am i
watching this ive seen almost all of it already

Автор Jerrius Tate ( назад)
Somebody please explain the thumbnail?

Автор DigitalBerserk ( назад)
No genitallia jousting?

Автор Niels De Moor ( назад)
really hoping no man's Sky Will get decent after some time

Автор nolaz010 ( назад)
...I thought slain was pretty good...

Автор I'm Not A PRO ( назад)
where the fuck is mafia 3

Автор super mario ( назад)
no man's sky should be the number one

Автор 0030 ( назад)
🌬 *#0030films* ✅

Автор WhisperoftheNight ( назад)
You didn't really explain why No Man's sky was bad.. aside from it being a
'cashgrab' in your opinion. Was the game play bad? Or was it laggy? I've
seen game play of it and it seemed pretty cool!

Автор Sarcasshole ( назад)
So how do I make it stop telling me when people reply to this because idc

Автор iKillborn2kilNOE ( назад)
Star Wars Battlefront is the biggest ripoff

Автор Johnconnor Bridges ( назад)
HOLY FUCK, so true about home front revolution it had so much potential but
it is so bugggggggggy. Soo it sucked.

Автор ganjaman59650 ( назад)
No Liar Sky: because of sony or the hype? You mean because of fucking SEAN
MURRAY! he is a fucking liar, lying in the face of everyone with a
disgusting hypocrite smile on his face, just look at his interviews,
because of the hype? sony stepped back months before the launch+ after 6
month of hype it was obvious the game was going to be empty EXCEPT if you
listened to sean murray, this guy is worse than randy pitchford...glad i
realize the game was shit months before launch...He used the fact that some
peoples(a lot) just "judge by the cover" or by the trailers, falses
trailers.(i dont get why he is not already sued by anyone, even by sony
since he never showed the true game, and the e3 files are left in the game
because they are lazy)

Also Sean the liar just evaporate in the (no man) sky the launch day where
no one can found this rat.He destroyed his future in gaming industrie for
easy money, let's burn him on the stake if he get the balls to make another
game !! (sorry for my aproximative english) also good video.

Автор ganjaman59650 ( назад)
if you dont like digital homicide, dont talk about them, they only want
this kind of publicity, litteraly don't feed the troll. I am sure even the
jim sterling debacle was overacted because he never see his game selling
like this before...

Автор Paul Nong ( назад)
This commentator is not very good at giving vocal reviews for games,
regardless of how obviously bad they are. He just gave some very vague and
general gripes that could be made by anyone, as well as the fact that all
he could say for Homefront 2 was "Really, was it that hard to make a game
about a WW3 type scenario?" Right, because you know all about making WW3
video games.

Seriously, work on your reviewing skill and your ability to educate people
on what exactly makes certain games bad. This whole video was more of an
amateurish whine-fest than anything actually substantial.

Автор Gershom Ben Dovid ( назад)
There is a little known fact about the gaming industry: They KNOW that they
can foist a buggy piece of garbage on the public because most gamers are in
the 12-18 year old category. We need a game that is a thinking man's game.
I would design a Cold War Game that has no shooting in it but a lot of
dialouges that can lead you to treasures and of course, Soviet information!

Автор FullMetal372 ( назад)
Alright, I'm just gonna say it. I liked No Man's Sky's, because everyone
seems to be taking a swing at it.

Автор Anthony Stoll ( назад)
It's basically a before you buy on those bad games

Автор Gamer Room W83 ( назад)
Osiris: New Dawn
seem to be better? don't had way to try.

Автор Gengar Phantom ( назад)
AngryJoeshow have a better review of worst gamez.

Автор VARice22 ( назад)
For those of you who got jipt on mighty 9 try out gunvolt, made by the same
people but this one didn't have prodution issues. It just got a second game
and I love it to death, I see the resemblance to magaman 2 and 0. They are
short, but cheap. Also, if your not on board yet, there is a demo, at least
for 3DS

Автор MAGinthe AK_47 ( назад)
i would play all of these games WTF you have THE WORST OPINION!

Автор WWEphenomenalfacts Italian wwe facts ( назад)
You forgot WWE 2k17

Автор David Emory ( назад)
what is that game in the thumbtag

Автор Gabriel Leonardo ( назад)
How to get likes

1: comment something about how bad no man's sky was
2: profit

Автор Mario monstergaming ( назад)
I like mighty number 9 and no mans sky and star fox 0

Автор EricTheEpic13 ( назад)
I don't get how people say the No Man's Sky update made the game
'playable'. Its idea was exploration, yet the majority of the update
(excluding minor patching) was centered around settling down on a planet
and staying there for a long time... But hey, I guess it's better than
nothing, 'cause getting to the center of the universe does fuck all for
anyone except leave the game devs rolling in their company's fast
approaching grave.

Автор Bro Boy ( назад)
Where's CoD Infinite Warfare and Mafia III?

Автор Organized Chaos ( назад)
FUCK Digital Homicide

Автор Oka Osu ( назад)
No man's sky, more like No man buys

Автор Matt C ( назад)
This guy is so funny

Автор a_guy ( назад)
what about warframe it takes 12345678908765432345678909876543 hours to load
up and it took that long i didnt eaven play it

Автор PinBallReviewer ( назад)
I like the Bus Simulator and know that most stuff that has "Simulator" in
it will suck.
But I am addicted to Bus Simulator even if it is pretty bad. xD
And for No Man's Sky they have done some patching which I think they need
to do more of but it has a bit more added to it now.

Автор Adam Pearson ( назад)
clicked on this video knowing there was a 125% chance of No Man's Sky being

Автор Mr Copycat ( назад)
Well, other than reminding me that these games suck because they "just
suck", I'd like to have some sort of explanation on why are they so bad.

Автор Bacon Street ( назад)
The reasons you gave about No Man's Sky at Number 2 was a lesson in how to
use weasel words. You didn't want to call it out for being an obvious
sandbox demo and gave no reason or explanation behind how it's "kinda good"
or how the update improved its "kinda good" status. You then blame the hype
around "unfulfilled expectations." Why not just say the developer LIED
about content and misrepresented 95% of everything the game was supposed to
do? Bullshit like this is why I can't take you seriously.

Автор Randomzzz ( назад)
Why wasn't elder scrolls online on this list

Автор Keeno ( назад)
overwatch is fucking shit, a copy of tf2

Автор GuvernorDave ( назад)
Why do gameranx guys always say "i'll see you in the comments" then
literally never comment other than their opening thread comment.

Автор Ares Sermek Marcec ( назад)
I hate you. Those games are awesome and you suck

Автор supahshadow9 ( назад)
About Starfox Zero, I think they were in the right direction, just on the
wrong console.

Автор larry not an alien ( назад)
if you gonna say its not that hard to make a good game

Автор Bronson Van Den Broeck (Adapt AnGeL) ( назад)
infinite warfare ?

Автор Haylei chocolateraisinlookinass ( назад)
I hate clicked this vid cause of the thumbnail then immediately realized I
kind of agree. Shame I didn't see the before you buy vid before I did... If
a game isn't good enough for me to play it AT LEAST once a week, I consider
it bad... I barely play SFV :/
Edit: Btw, before you reply, I don't think it's horrible or anything, just
not good enough for me...
Another edit: (keep in mind it's 2 am rn for me) MKX is so much better imo
and when I got SFV it wasn't there where I got it, so my fault... just keep
in mind that you should most likely not get SFV and get/keep playing MKX

Автор dwld jon ( назад)
no man's shit wasn't so bad....

Автор Pyroblowout ( назад)
Anyone remember We Happy Few? The "We are going to be Bioshock" and it

Автор Chipper Gaming ( назад)
I like homefront revolution honestly

Автор endorbr ( назад)
No Man's Sky does not suck. I get hating on it for not fulfilling
expectations and hating the developer for not helping that. But it doesn't
belong on a top 10 list when there are games that truly really sucked and
are utter garbage that came out in 2016. It certainly isn't number 2 even
in this list of games.

Автор Infection .T ( назад)
Bus simulator 2016 is just a basic bus simulator. I mean, what did you
think it's going to be? EVE online with busses instead of spaceships or
what? Like, come one, it's a economical simulator from Germany/Austria,
most of these kinds of games are a bit bad...

Автор Dark Wolf ( назад)
your voice-over on this video sucked even more than the crappy games in
this video

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